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Pokemon Sword and Shield New Pokemon: every new addition, Galarian Form and evolution listed

It's that time again - a new Pokemon game means a bunch of new Pokemon. Here's all the new Pokedex additions in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

As it stands right now, this isn't an exhaustive list, of course. Pokemon Sword and Shield take place in The Galar Region, which is an expansive land that hints from the Pokemon company have hinted is at least partially based on the United Kingdom. As always a new region brings with it a bunch of all new Pokemon creatures to discover, catch, bond and battle with - but exactly how many remains unclear.

In the past, Pokemon games have varied greatly. The first games introduced 151, of course, but every generation since then we've had newcomers - sometimes a handful, sometimes over a hundred. We don't know exactly where Pokemon Sword and Shield will fall in that grand scheme just yet - but we do know the identities and temperaments of some of the new Pokemon you'll meet across the Galar Region. It's worth noting that while many classic Pokemon will appear in Galar, you won't be able to trade non-Galar native Pokemon from older games this time around - resulting in a smaller overall Pokedex.

Here on this page we'll list them all, complete with their type, evolutions (where known), descriptions and of course pictures so you can get a feel for how Galar Pokemon look. As well as listing the all-new Galar region Pokemon, we're also listing the new Galarian forms of classic Pokemon that are exclusive to this region - so you'll find three different handy list tables below.

We'll keep updating these lists as we get closer the game's November launch - and if you want to know even more about what's new in this generation, check out our pre-release Pokemon Sword and Shield guide.

New PokemonTypeNotes
Grookey GrassStarter
Thwackey GrassEvolves from Grookey Lvl 16
Rillaboom GrassEvolves from Thwackey Lvl 35
Scorbunny FireStarter
Raboot FireEvolves from Scorbunny Lvl 16
Cinderace FireEvolves from Raboot Lvl 35
Sobble WaterStarter
Drizzile WaterEvolves from Sobble Lvl 16
Inteleon WaterEvolves from Drizzile Lvl 35
Skwovet Normal
Greedent NormalEvolves from Skwovet Lvl 24
Rookidee Flying
Corvisquire FlyingEvolves from Rookidee Lvl 18
Corviknight Flying / SteelEvolves from Corvisquire Lvl 38
Blipbug Bug
Dottler BugEvolves from Blipbug Lvl 10
Orbeetle Bug / PsychicEvolves from Dottler Lvl 30
Nickit Dark
Thievul DarkEvolves from Nickit Lvl 18
Gossifleur Grass
Eldegoss GrassEvolves from Gossifleur Lvl 20
Wooloo Normal
Dubwool NormalEvolves from Dubwool Lvl 24
Chewtle Water
Drednaw Rock / WaterEvolves from Chewtle Lvl 22
Yamper Electric
Boltund ElectricEvolves from Yamper Lvl 25
Rolycoly Rock
Carkol Rock / FireEvolves from Rolycoly Lvl 18
Coalossal Rock / FireEvolves from Carkol Lvl 34
Applin Grass / Dragon
Flapple Grass / DragonEvolves from Applin with Tart Apple Sword Exclusive
Appletun Grass / DragonEvolves from Applin with Sweet Apple Shield Exclusive
Silicobra Ground
Sandaconda GroundEvolves from Silicobra Lvl 36
Cramorant Flying / Water
Arrokuda Water
Barraskewda WaterEvolves from Arrokuda
Toxel Electric / Poison
Toxtricity Electric / PoisonEvolves from Toxel Lvl 30 Has two forms
Sizzlipede Fire / Bug
Centiskorch Fire / BugEvolves from Sizzlipede Lvl 28
Clobbopus Fighting
Grapploct FightingEvolves from Clobbopus - Lvl Up with Taunt Move
Sinistea Ghost
Polteageist GhostEvolves from Sinistea with Pot item
Hatenna Psychic
Hattrem PsychicEvolves from Hatenna Lvl 32
Hatterene PsychicEvolves from Hattrem Lvl 42
Impidimp Dark / Fairy
Morgrem Dark / FairyEvolves from Impidimp Lvl 32
Grimmsnarl Dark / FairyEvolves from Morgrem Lvl 42
Obstagoon Dark / NormalEvolves from Galarian Linoone - Lvl 35 at night
Perrserker SteelEvolves from Galarian Meowth Lvl 28
Cursola GhostEvolves from Galarian Corsola Lvl 38
Sirfetch'd FightingEvolves from Galarian Farfetch'd after 3 Critical Hits in a battle
Mr. Rime Ice / PsychicEvolves from Galarian Mr. Mime Lvl 42
Runegeris Ground / GhostEvolves from Galarian Yamask
Milcery Fairy
Alcremie FairyEvolves from Milcery
Falinks Fighting
Pincurchin Electric
Snom Ice / Bug
Frosmoth Ice / BugEvolves from Snom - Lvl up at night while happy
Stonjourner Rock
Eiscue IceHas Two Forms
Indeedee Psychic / NormalMale Sword only, Female Shield only
Morpeko Electric / Dark
Cufant Steel
Copperjah SteelEvolves from Cufant Lvl 34
Dracozolt Electric / DragonFossil Pokemon
Arctozolt Electric / IceFossil Pokemon
Dracovish Water / DragonFossil Pokemon
Arctovish Water / IceFossil Pokemon
Duraludon Steel / Dragon
Dreepy Dragon / Ghost
Drakloak Dragon / GhostEvolves from Dreepy Lvl 50
Dragapult Dragon / GhostEvolves from Drakloak Lvl 60
Zacian Fairy / SteelSword version Legendary
Zamazenta Fighting / SteelShield version Legendary
Eternatus Poison / Dragon

Galarian Meowth SteelLiving with a savage, seafaring people has toughened this Pokémon's body so much that parts of it have turned to iron.
Galarian Ponyta PsychicGalarian Ponyta can absorb the life energy of the surrounding atmosphere and store it in its mane. It seems that Ponyta’s mane will become more colorful, and even emit a sparkling glow, if there is a lot of energy around.
Galarian Rapidash Psychic / FairyBrave and prideful, this Pokémon dashes airily through the forest, its steps aided by the psychic power stored in the fur on its fetlocks.
Galarian Farfetch'd FightingThe stalks of leeks are thicker and longer in the Galar region. Farfetch'd that adapted to these stalks took on a unique form.
Galarian Weezing Poison / FairyGalarian Weezing consumes polluted air and poisonous gases for sustenance. The air and gases absorbed will have toxins removed before being spewed out again from the tops of Weezing's heads.
Galarian Mr. Mime Ice / PsychicIts talent is tap-dancing. It can also manipulate temperatures to create a floor of ice, which this Pokémon can kick up to use as a barrier.
Galarian Corsola GhostWatch your step when wandering areas oceans once covered. What looks like a stone could be this Pokémon, and it will curse you if you kick it.
Galarian Zigzagoon Dark / NormalThe Zigzagoon of the Galar region move about however they like and never settle down. They’re known to inhabit all areas of the region, including fields, forests, and even towns! There is some speculation that the zigzag movements of the Zigzagoon in other regions stem from the restless nature of Galarian Zigzagoon, which is considered to be the oldest branch of the species.
Galarian Linoone Dark / NormalGalarian Linoone are rash and fearless, and they will recklessly pick fights even with opponents stronger than themselves. Their fearlessness, as well as their tendency to attack opponents head on, make Galarian Linoone very popular among the disaffected youths of the Galar region, who have nowhere to direct their frustration and anger.
Galarian Darumaka IceIt lived in snowy areas for so long that its fire sac cooled off and atrophied. It now has an organ that generates cold instead.
Galarian Darmanitan IceOn days when blizzards blow through, it comes down to where people live. It stashes food in the snowball on its head, taking it home for later.
Galarian Yamask Ground / GhostA clay slab with cursed engravings took possession of a Yamask. The slab is said to be absorbing the Yamask's dark power.
Galarian Stunfisk Ground / SteelIts conspicuous lips lure prey in as it lies in wait in the mud. When prey gets close, Stunfisk clamps its jagged steel fins down on them.

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