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Here’s an exclusive look at Whimsicott VSTAR, a new card from the Brilliant Stars Pokemon TCG expansion

An exclusive look at one of the powered-up VSTAR Pokemon that appears in the new TCG expansion launching this month.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is ever-growing and keeps on adding new expansions and cards – and this month sees the western release of Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield - Brilliant Stars, the latest expansion based on the Sword & Shield era of Pokemon games.

This is the ninth of the Sword & Shield themed expansions, and is the first of those to introduce a new VSTAR mechanic, which builds on the existing V-type Pokemon with a new variant. VSTAR Pokemon are evolved from their standard V variants and are extremely powerful, with heavy-hitting attacks and lots of HP.

Today we can reveal one of those cards – Whimsicott VSTAR – new for this expansion. Here it is; it’s a beauty:

Here’s what the official TCG description says of the card:

“There's mischief in the air when Whimsicott VSTAR floats onto the battlefield! The Windveiled Pokémon is renowned for its pranks, and none more so than its Trick Wind attack which prevents your opponent from playing either Special Energy cards or Pokémon Tools! If trickery is not enough, the Fluffball Star VSTAR Power can deal 60 damage for each Energy attached to Whimsitcott, to any one of your opponent's Pokémon!”

Whimsicott made its debut in the fifth generation of Pokemon games, but it appeared in Sword & Shield and had a prominent role as a great support Pokemon for teams in that game - making it an appropriate high-tier card in the TCG expansions themed on those games.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game continues to grow alongside the main series, though a huge collector’s boom has meant that actually getting your hands on some of the cards has gotten rather difficult. Those more video game inclined will soon be able to enjoy a new and improved digital version of the game, too - the launch of Pokemon Trading Card Game Live, an online variant, coming pretty soon.

For physical cards, this next drop isn’t far off: the Brilliant Stars expansion, which contains a shed load of all-new cards, launches on February 25th.

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