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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Tomb of Eilram walkthrough - Ball Puzzle solutions

Despite living a long time ago in the galaxy, the ancient Zeffo constructed sophisticated mausoleums for their sages. The first example in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the Tomb of Eilram.

As fictional ancient civilizations seem wont to do, the Tomb of Eilram is filled with tricky ball puzzles which use physics and the Force in new ways that haven’t come up in the game so far.

On the instructions of Jedi master Eno Cordova, Cal Kestis and the Mantis crew are searching for ancient relics of the mysterious Zeffo civilization. After clashes with the Empire on the Zeffo homeworld, they track down the long sealed Tomb of Eilram and venture inside.

Here’s how to complete all of the ball puzzles in the Tomb of Eilram in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Tomb of Eilram solutions

Tomb of Eilram Ball puzzle 1

As you enter the Tomb of Eilram from the Windswept ruins on Zeffo, Cal squeezes through the narrow gap and into the ancient chamble, swirling with wind.

Use Force Slow on the debris to clear a safe path, then step on the glowing floor switch to the left of the giant ball to descend into the temple.

At the bottom, head right up the stairs out of the elevator and squeeze through the small passage.

On the other side, follow the path past the spiky bois and wall run over to the ice slide at the other end.

You’ll find yourself in the first puzzle chamber.

Over on the far side of the room you’ll see switches that you can interact with on the wall.

These release jets of wind that push the giant ball around the room.

Open the vent in the right hand corner of the room, and it should crack open a secret cubby containing a force echo.

Then turn off that vent and open the vent on the left-hand side of the room and it will open another cracked wall over on the right-hand side of the room.

Inside that new opening is another vent to open. Turn it on.

Finally, there’s another vent in the middle of the room - turn it on. With these three vents turned on, the ball will go into the receptacle in the centre of the room.

Underneath the ball slot, you’ll find a Force Essence. Now you can continue out of the right-hand side of the room further into the Tomb of Eilram.

Defeat the enemies, then jump up to the next ledge. Slash through the stalagmites, and you’re into the next puzzle room.

Tomb of Eilram Ball puzzle 2 - swinging ball puzzle

Although this puzzle requires more motion, it has fewer moving parts.

As you come into the room, you’ll see a climbable wall on your right.

At the top is a wind switch - turn it on. Leave it on for a few seconds, then turn it off again.

This will make the ball pendulum swing.

Use your Force Slow on the ball when it swings towards you, then jump and grab onto the side of it.

You can then jump off on the other side.

Wall run over to the meditation point, and you’re in the next room.

Tomb of Eilram Ball puzzle 3

In this room, you’ll see a ball below you. Jump down and you’ll see a wind switch behind it. Turn it on and it will go into the slot, releasing some pillars to the left of it.

Jump across these pillars and there’s a climbable wall to your left. Go up it and slice through the stalagmites.

Slide down the slope on the other side, grab the rope, then wall run over to the ledge.

Turn left up the hill, then slice some more stalagmites on the right at the top.

In the next room, jump across the gap - allowing for the force of the wind to push you to the left.

On the other side, turn left and do the same thing to clear the next two gaps.

Then climb up and wall run to reach the higher platform.

Here, look to your left and there’s a wind switch that will clear the path of enemies, as well as give you a boost to make the jump.

Run up the incline on the other side, then turn right, facing off against a new type of enemy.

Once it’s down, use the air vent on the other side of the room to get onto the second level, then turn on the wind switch to your right.

Use the boost to float to the other side and slash the stalagmites to progress through the narrow gap.

Turn left in the next corridor and interact with the door at the end.

With your new power, crumble the door in front of you and walk forward into the burial chamber.

Following the cutscene and ensuing battle, Force Push the door on the far side of the room and you’ll come back around to the third ball puzzle.

Tomb of Eilram Ball puzzle 4

Now you have to get out of the Tomb. Run to the far side of the room and there’s another guardian you have to defeat to clear the way to the crumbled wall behind it.

Now use your new Force Push on the ball that you wind-switched into the slot earlier and it’ll roll down the slope. There’s another slot for it on your left, so Force Push it into there.

Now go through the gap that opened up and follow the path around to the left.

Climb around the side of the ledge using the netting, then squeeze through the narrow gap.

Here you’ll find another ball - Force Push it out.

From this ledge you can see another ball slot on the left, which is where you’re trying to get the second ball.

Jump down and Force Push the second ball into the tunnel behind the first ball, so it’s thrown by the wind jet to the other level.

Then jump up after the ball and Force Push it into the slot.

This retracts a large section of wall next to you.

Go through this new hole, then Force Push the glowing piece of wall to break it.

This leads back into the room with the swinging ball puzzle.

Turn on the wind vent on the second level to make it swing, then use Force Push to knock the pendulum into the breakable gate on the right. This frees a third ball.

With the third ball in play, Force Push it into the same tunnel as the second ball and it’ll be carried through two wind jets around in a circle.

To finish the puzzle, you need to climb up to the platform where the ball is thrown by the second vent and Force Push it into the ball slot as it flies past.

This lifts the platform up and creates a pathway to the elevator that takes you back to the surface.

All you need to do is Force Push your way in, then push the ball in the centre down the slope to the slot at the bottom.

Now stand on the lit up floor switch and you’re done with the Tomb of Eilram!

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