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Shenmue 3 - how to make money fast, get loads of yuan quick

Make money fast in Shenmue 3 in these easy steps - bankers hate me!

One of the biggest barriers in Shenmue 3 is your lack of cash. Whether you need Snake Power to battle, garlic to top up your health between battles, you need to make money for a quest, or you just want to spend all your money in the arcade, you’re gonna need some serious yuan.

Here’s the quickest way to make loads of dough in Shenmue 3.

Shenmue 3 - make money fast in Bailu Village

In the first location, money seems hard to come by. Chopping wood will only net you around 70 yuan each time, but that’s the foundation you need to build off to get some proper capital behind you.

Speak to Tao Guanzhong at the Tao Get Store, just over the Verdant Bridge, and agree to chop some wood. It’s the first shop you see if you head towards the town square from Shenhua’s house.

Ideally you want to get at least 350 yuan to start you off.

Next go past the cow paddock, keeping it on your right, and follow it round to where there are some gambling games. Spend 300 yuan on gambling tokens at Zhong Ziliu’s stand, getting 3,000 tokens. Keep the other 50 yuan on you.

Next, run through the village square, past the old man and take a left to the street sign. Follow to sign towards the Panda Market until you reach another sign. At the next sign, take a left and go to Sunset Hill.

Shenmue 3 fast money

Look out for the yin and yang sign and go into the shop there. Head inside to speak to Zhu Tianwen, the fortune teller. Pay her to give you a colour fortune.

Now head past the fortune teller to the gambling area just beyond her shop and to the right.

There’s a man there offering a range of games. You want to play Flower, Bird, Wind & Moon.

Shenmue 3 cheat

When the betting screen comes up, make the max bet of 1,000 tokens.

Now, remember your lucky colour? You need to bet on it here. Bird is green, moon is yellow, wind is blue, and flower is red.

Then drop the ball and hopefully you should win 4x your bet. Usually the odds are 1/4, but getting your lucky colour pretty much doubles your odds, sometimes a little more. You will occasionally lose, but keep going and you will earn much more than you put down.

Colour effects only last around two hours, so make sure you head back and get a new reading every couple of hours. If you lose three in a row, it’s time for a new reading.

Shenmue 3 infinite yuan

Once you’ve got at least 20,000 tokens, take them to the Panda Market and buy stuff like gems from the prize exchange. Don’t buy things you can equip, like T-shirts, since you can’t sell these on for yuan.

Next to the Prize Exchange there’s a pawnbroker - sell your goods there and you’ll get a bunch of yuan for your trouble.

Shenmue 3 - make money fast in Niaowu

Shenmue 3 - money glitch

In the second location, take the Main Street up towards the big neon GAME sign. Head past it to the right. Go up the stairs, then up the next set of stairs. There’s an alley with a colour fortune teller on your left.

Head back down the stairs and head left into New Paradise and into the Golden Goose where you can buy tokens and play Flower, Bird, Wind & Moon.

Shenmue 3 rich quick

At the end of the walkway here, there’s also a Prize Exchange in the white Prize Cafe, up the stairs. Buy gems there and head to the pawnbroker back down the stairs and next door to the left, at the end of the walkway.

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