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Shenmue 3 bell tower puzzle - where to find the tokens and complete the puzzle

Struggling to complete the Shenmue 3 bell tower puzzle? Come here and we’ll sort you out.

At one point during Shenmue 3’s story you have to speak to Elder Yeh about the Verdant Bridge. During the conversation, she tells you must find six tokens in her house and climb the bell tower. Here’s what you need to do.

Shenmue 3 bell tower tokens

First, the locations of those tokens:

  • The first token is in a sliding cabinet opposite where Elder Yeh sits.
  • Behind that is a shelf that you need to push. Focus on it with L2 and push it.
  • It will open up a gap where you need to push another piece of furniture.
  • Before you go through that gap, go into the right corner and open a sliding cupboard door there on the right for another token.
  • Now head through the gap and open the glass fronted cabinet immediately on your right for a token.
  • To the left of that, third drawer down, is the next token.
  • Two cabinets to the left of that is another token in the small drawer on the left.
  • There’s one in the sliding door to the left of that as well.

Now you’ll go to bed. In the morning, head to the bell tower. You can’t go back once you do this, so finish up everything you need to do in Bailu Village first.

Shenmue 3 bell tower symbols

In the bell tower there are symbols on the pillars. You need to put the token in each that means the opposite of what you see.

The shield needs a sword, the sun needs a moon, the steamed buns need some wine, the open palm needs a fist, the Phoenix needs a dragon, and the turtle needs the crane.

When you get upstairs, focus with L2 and look at each of the symbols. This triggers a cutscene.

Now you must turn the centerpiece.

The sequence you need to turn is, if you’re using a PS4 controller, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Circle Circle. That’s left, left, left, right, right, right, left, left.

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