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What's Your Favorite Game to Play With Family?


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We're about to head out to enjoy a nice long weekend and eat a bunch of turkey, but before we scramble, it's time for an uncharacteristically early Community Question!

To everyone driving and flying home to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones, let us know what games you plan on bringing home to share with your family for the holiday! Or better yet: What's your favorite game to play with family?

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Nadia Oxford, Staff Writer

I somehow wound up being the only devout gamer in our family, so I didn't often play with my brothers or my parents. That's not to say we never played together, of course; I did enjoy playing Mario games with them from time to time. I always wound up as Luigi, but that's OK. Luigi is the best.

It was more common for me to play games while my older brother watched over my shoulder and made cracks about whatever was on-screen. One of the more memorable examples was the time he watched me get Guile's ending in Super Street Fighter 2. He said it was the dumbest thing he'd ever seen, and that Guile should have Sonic Boomed his dog or Flash Kicked his wife.

Caty McCarthy, Senior Editor

I'm heading out of state for the weekend, so I'm bringing my Switch and… Heave Ho! Heave Ho's my new go-to couch co-op game, and I think my family will love it because it's easy to pick up and play. It's a game where up to four players each control a weird blob with two very long arms, and have to work together to get across a map with giant chasms. You can hold hands to make a great chain and swing across a gap, or you can work solely by yourself to get across. It's always hilarious to play, and very easy to sabotage your teammates just to make them mad. Usually, we play something like Mario Kart or a Jackbox game, but Heave Ho will dominate the couch this year.

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