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It may not be a new Crysis, but Crytek's latest is a free ray tracing benchmark tool

It's been a while since a Crytek game pushed PC hardware to its limits, so the developer came up with the next best thing.

Crytek, developer of the Crysis series, and more recently Hunt Showdown, has released a free new benchmark designed to assess your PC's ray tracing performance.

The tool is built on the developer's Neon Noir Cryengine tech demo, which showed off ray tracing running on non-Nvidia RTX GPUs. Because of this, the tool works with most GPUs - assuming they meet or exceed its minimum requirements, of course.

Neon Noir - by design - doesn't rely on DXR or Vulkan's ray tracing tech, which is how it's able to run on a wide range of hardware and API. This also means it won't necessarily take advantage of recent updates to these popular APIs, which could skewer the results a bit.

The benchmark can be downloaded from the Cryengine Marketplace, which means you'll have to create an account. You'll also need to install the Cryengine launcher, which is how you'll be able to access the demo.

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