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Death Stranding Twitch viewership almost double that of League of Legends

While I’m sure it won’t have quite the same sustainability as a spectator sport like League of Legends, Death Stranding is currently sitting pretty at the top of the Twitch charts.

At the time of writing, Death Stranding has 182k viewers on the streaming platform, likely all trying to figure out what the game is all about. With Death Stranding reviews being relatively polarising, there’s probably also a bunch of people trying to see if the game is for them or not.

League of Legends sits in second place with 98k viewers, FIFA 20 in third with 88.4k viewers, Hearthstone in fourth with 53.4k viewers, and Fortnite in fifth with 47.6k viewers. Need For Speed Heat, which also came out today, has 3.7k viewers - check out our Need For Speed Heat review here.

The most popular Death Stranding stream has 28k viewers and you can watch it below:

Watch live video from CohhCarnage on

While anyone who bought the game is free to stream it, media and influencers who got early code are limited to showing until the end of Episode 3 until Monday. There are 14 Episodes in total.

If you’re getting stuck into Kojima’s latest, here’s our Death Stranding tips. You can also read our Death Stranding review here.

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