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Death Stranding Director's Cut brings enhanced experience to Mac later this year

Mac users can soon step into the shoes of Sam Porter Bridges.

Mac users rejoice: Death Stranding Director's Cut is coming to your system of choice later this year.

Available to pre-order now on the Mac App for $39.99, the game will run natively on Apple silicon and supports features like MetalFX Upscaling for graphical fidelity and amazing performance.

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"I have been a die-hard Apple fan since I bought my first Mac back in 1994," said Hideo Kojima," and it has been a dream of mine to see my team's best work come to life on the Mac."

Kojima went on to say the team at Kojima Productions is working to bring future titles to Apple platforms.

If you have yet to play the definitive version of Death Stranding, it includes the addition of the Ruined Factory location, an underground compound with new dangers. It also includes a wealth of new delivery assists, from cargo catapults and ramps to a stabilizer function.

Expect amplified melee combat with enhanced moves such as the drop kick, and the new Maser Gun pacifies enemies with electricity. There is a new firing range location, and you can race vehicles on the new racetrack minigame. Sam can even ride Buddy Bots to traverse the wastelands with greater ease.

Announced in 2016, the game was initially released on PS4 in 2019 and hit PS5 in 2020, followed by PC in 2021. It received generally favorable reviews, and as of July 2021, the game has sold 5 million copies worldwide. The Director's Cut was released for PS5 in September 2021, followed by a release for PC in March 2022.

In late-2022, a film adaptation of Death Stranding was announced with Kojima Productions partnered with Alex Lebovici and Hammerstone Studios to produce the film alongside Allan Ungar as executive producer.

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