March 2014 Archive

    1. Mega Man games coming to 3DS Virtual Console during "Mega May"
    2. Hearthstone, Diablo 3, other Blizzard games affected by broad-spectrum DDOS attacks
    3. Puzzle & Dragons reaches 32 million downloads globally
    4. Warface registered users hit 25 million, more content on the way
    5. Smartphone gaming spend accounts for about half of entire Japanese market - report
    6. Battlefield 4 Squads in beta testing - rumour
    7. Disney Magical World trailer shows fishing, dungeon crawling, cafe management
    8. GOG offers all three Rollercoaster Tycoon games for just over $8
    9. No Watch Dogs demo before launch, says creative director
    10. PAX East Indie Megabooth line-up revealed, 102 games on display
    11. Games with Gold on Xbox One: "It might not look exactly the way things have looked in the past," says Spencer
    12. Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey received death threats over Facebook deal
    13. Metro: Redux is real, full reveal promised before E3 as Deep Silver issues statement
    14. Hitman: Absolution, Deadlight confirmed to be April's free Games with Gold titles
    15. Star Citizen passes $41 million in funding, next stretch goal will add a new fighter
    16. Phil Spencer named new head of Xbox division
    17. Battlefield 4 gets the Naval Strike PC patch treatment, all the notes inside
    18. Draugen gets a first look trailer out of EGX Rezzed - watch
    19. Ubisoft will support last-gen consoles for another few years
    20. Bungie teases a Destiny collector's edition reveal for next week
    21. Tomodachi Collection trailer leak suggests a western release is imminent - watch
    22. Mickey Mouse 3DS console coming to North America April 11, releasing alongside Disney Magical World
    23. Minecraft PS3 update 14 adds Uncharted, Killzone, Sly & Heavy Rain content
    24. Gang Beasts: watch us engage in physics-based ragdoll battles of sheer insanity
    25. Paperbound is "Smash Bros. on crack," lets you become a scribbled gravity ninja - trailer
    26. Square Enix president Matsuda wants company to focus on core gamers and "heavy JRPGs" again
    27. Amazon sends invites to April 2 event, reports suggest it's to do with rumoured console
    28. Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance releases April 3 with launch DLC
    29. Call of Duty Championship winners listed, team CompLexity walks away with $400,000
    30. Battlefield 4: Naval Strike rolling out now on PC
    31. UK game tax breaks will yield "£35m of support a year," says Vaizey
    32. Shelter 2 announced: coming to Steam, GOG & other platforms this autumn - trailer
    33. How Bioshock 2 spawned Faster Than Light, Gone Home and Eldritch
    34. Titanfall figure line announced by Threezero
    35. UK game charts: inFamous holds at first, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls debuts at six - full chart
    36. Nintendo eShop Europe: Advance Wars GBA & Metroid Fusion lead the week
    37. Caffeine is Unreal Engine 4 sci-fi horror title, funding on IndieGoGo now
    38. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil demo hits PS3 on April 1
    39. Capcom cuts net profit forecast by 50%
    40. Metro 2033 Redux outed for PS4 & Xbox One, leaked images emerge
    41. This game could save your life one day: Genes in Space vs Cancer
    42. Call of Duty: Ghosts patch could buff all SMGs - video
    43. Killer Instinct: Fulgore's move-set showcased in Microsoft stream - watch
    44. Call of Duty: Ghosts - Devastation gameplay trailer reveals Predator, new maps & Extinction campaign
    45. Splinter Cell: Blacklist game director now at Warner Bros. Montreal
    46. The Pirate Bay Bundle offers 100 lesser-known free games
    47. Jet Car Stunts headed to PSN, Steam, XBLA this quarter
    48. Atari teams up with social casino company FlowPlay
    49. Carmack "wasn't expecting Facebook" to buy Oculus, but social network gets the "Big Picture"
    50. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea offers three original tracks for free download
    51. Tiny Brains update adds cross-buy and more, price dropped to $10
    52. Anti-social gamers are "outliers, not the norm", study suggests
    1. Forza 5 Top Gear pack now available, race The Stig's 'digital cousin' in online event
    2. Shards Online player-driven MMO has multiverse setting governed by same rule-set
    3. Final Fantasy 14 producer believes subscription and F2P MMO models can coexist
    4. Earthlock: Festival of Magic video shows gameplay, Kickstarter has 13 days left
    5. Camelot Unchained concept art and animation test show the Helbound class
    6. 2014 Call of Duty Championship enters day two with double-elimination Playoff Bracket
    7. EA's Origin service will no longer sell physical games starting next month
    8. Stronghold Crusader 2 video shows the return of Saladin
    9. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha out on PSN next week
    10. Alien: Isolation release date is October 7
    11. EA Sports UFC copyright issues won't allow sharing of created fighters
    12. Microsoft doesn't plan on releasing more Halo titles on Steam "at this time"
    13. Demon Gaze screens and trailer feature some of the RPG's bosses
    14. Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming video is fittingly almost half a minute long
    1. Forza 5 players can now add purchased cars to garage at "no additional in-game cost"
    2. Brenda Romero awarded Fulbright Fellowship to work with Ireland's game industry
    3. Mind Zero to release in the west on Vita during late May
    4. WildStar hosting a pre-order bonus weekend - servers are live now
    5. Microsoft pays up to $150 million for Osterhout's augmented reality IP assets - report
    6. EA PSN Flash Sale contains Battlefield 4, Crysis 3, FIFA 14, more
    7. 2014 Call of Duty Championship kicks off today
    8. Valve’s Michael Abrash joins Oculus as its new chief scientist
    9. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Thief are 50% off on PSN this weekend
    10. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trademarked by Square Enix in Europe
    11. "We would be very stupid" to ignore fans' need for annual Assassin's Creed, says Ubisoft
    12. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition "really close" to being finished, says Spencer
    13. World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is free for all XBL players this weekend
    14. ID@Xbox program video features developers discussing the incentive
    15. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms to receive major updates at launch
    16. The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked Mile first artwork released
    17. Live Twitch Q&A with Dean Hall from EGX Rezzed, re-watch here
    18. Relic reveals Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies
    19. Sony has over 1,000 self-publishers licensed to create games on PlayStation platforms
    20. Raven's Cry provided with October release date
    21. 2DS in peachy-pink available for pre-order exclusively at GameStop
    22. Auto Club Revolution closed alpha stage launched in China
    23. MXGP launch trailer contains racing bikes and lots of wub-wub
    24. Galactic Civilizations 3 released through Steam Early Access, Founder's edition costs $100
    25. LEGO Minifigures Online trailer takes you to the land of pirates
    26. Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online throws open its servers this weekend
    27. Swords & Soldiers HD announced for Wii U
    28. The9 reports increased year-end revenues thanks to Firefall and PlanetSide 2
    29. DayZ roadmap revealed: crossbows, fireplaces, vehicles, ragdoll physics and more
    30. Twitch expands in Europe with infrastructure upgrade in Paris
    31. PS Plus April: Mercenary Kings, Arkham City, PES 14, Hotline Miami, more
    32. OlliOlli developer Roll7 reveals first screens & details of 2D cover shooter Not a Hero
    33. Flockers: Team17's new IP gets first details, screens & trailer - watch
    34. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition tops XBLA charts for seventh time this year
    35. Independence could strip Scotland of UK game tax breaks
    36. inFamous: Second Son dominates PSN Europe charts - full list here
    37. Minecraft Oculus was going to be free, Notch responds to CliffyB's defence of Facebook deal
    38. Ghost Recon Phantoms trailer outlines big new changes coming at Steam launch - watch
    39. PlayStation Now: Sony issues another wave of beta invites
    40. Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition is PS4 exclusive, releasing Q2
    41. GameStop will open 400 tech stores in the next year
    42. Betrayer: a new flavour of horror from the former Monolith devs
    43. Persona Q: Shadow of Labyrinth trailers focus on Koromaru And Tatsumi
    44. Future: publishing firm to cut a third of its US staff
    45. Halo 2 Anniversary: "I think the multiplayer would have to be fantastic," Spencer teases
    46. Warframe turns one: free anniversary DLC and infographic released, revealing almost 8 million registrations
    47. Sony appoints new chief financial officer as Kato departs role
    48. Sony lay-offs explained by insider, Hennig left Naughty Dog due to Uncharted 4 creative differences - rumour
    49. Battlefield 4: Naval Strike hits Xbox One after delay, new patch notes here
    50. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition: “The most terrible ideas are sometimes the best”
    51. Kinect for Windows 2 looks a lot like Xbox One's Kinect
    52. Dragon Age: Inquisition has 40 endings, five major areas - rumour
    53. Project Morpheus: indies showing more enthusiasm than publishers, says Yoshida
    54. Dragon Age's Varric and Morrigan discuss voice acting
    55. Bound By Flame combat, enemies shown in new gameplay video
    56. Titanfall matchmaking changes prioritise skill over speed
    57. GameStop confirms Never Walk a Trade program
    58. Until Dawn Morpheus rumour prompts Yoshida to comment on "really good fit"
    59. The Elder Scrolls Online veteran content, PvP campaigns detailed
    1. Xbox One cross-play with PC not allowed, says War Thunder dev
    2. Hand of Fate coming to PS4, Vita
    3. Tomodachi Collection survey suggests Nintendo title may be coming west
    4. FTL: Advanced Edition dated as both free update and iPad launch
    5. Shroud of the Avatar's fourth release hits today, adds combat
    6. Humble Weekly Sale celebrates open source
    7. Fuse character creator 1.0 update adds asset imports
    8. Wipeout team's Table Top Racing hits Vita in northern spring
    9. Kerbal Space Program video walks you through the Asteroid Redirect Mission
    10. Anti-violent games senator Yee charged with campaign fraud, firearms trafficking
    11. Uncharted 3 game director Justin Richmond leaves Naughty Dog for Riot Games
    12. Ukie publishes quick guide to UK tax breaks, TIGA releases breakdown infographics
    13. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD released on Steam
    14. League of Legends Team Builder is out of beta and ready for you to queue
    15. Shadowrun Online will release on Steam Early Access March 31
    16. Call of Duty: Ghosts - Devastation tease hints at Predator inclusion
    17. Nosgoth now available through Steam Early Access
    18. Ludosity Bundle from Indie Royale contains Bob Came in Pieces, four more titles
    19. OlliOlli developer roll7 announces 2D cover-shooter Not a Hero
    20. Dead Space is free through Origin today
    21. Assassin's Creed Comet stars a Templar named Shay, has sailing missions - rumor
    22. GameStop closes Spawn Labs because consumers aren't ready for cloud gaming
    23. Halo: Spartan Assault arrives on Steam in April, sale for W8 and Windows Phone 8 announced
    24. Total War: Rome 2 - Hannibal at the Gates, and free update Seasons & Wonders released
    25. Watch Dogs video welcomes you to Chicago
    26. Hitman GO, Murdered: Soul Suspect and Nosgoth playable at PAX East
    27. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 developer walkthrough video released
    28. SOE drops EverQuest Next from Landmark, it's now just Landmark
    29. DiveKick developer Iron Galaxy Studios takes over Killer Instinct
    30. Trial Fusion closed beta footage shows tricks, jumps, tracks
    31. AIAS offering video game scholarships for both creative and business areas
    32. Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut release date set for April
    33. Nintendo US eShop update, March 27: Dr. Mario, Ubisoft sale, Sonic Lost World DLC
    34. Tales of Zestiria screenshots show Alicia, Edna, Slay and new elements
    35. Prison Architect Alpha 19 video released
    36. Moebius: Empire Rising pre-orders through GoG come with an exclusive demo
    37. Dragon Quest 10 has sold 1 million copies
    38. ReRoll's first playable zone revealed as downtown Montreal - video
    39. VG247 hosting live Q&A with Dean Hall tomorrow on Twitch - submit your questions
    40. Shadow Warrior demo available on Steam along with a 75% discount
    41. Enemy Front video focuses on tactics, box art released
    42. GameStop quarterly report notes 29.7% increase in new hardware sales
    43. Microsoft and Dell to share tech applicable to Xbox, Android , Chrome OS devices
    44. Watch Dogs team's larger ideas have been saved for a possible sequel
    45. Freedom Wars - City-State War Mode detailed, video showcases voice customization system
    46. UK game tax breaks approved by European Commission
    47. Bound By Flame Xbox achievements listed in full - spoilers
    48. Murdered: Soul Suspect Xbox achievements surface, full list - spoilers
    49. Dark Souls 2 journal #4: spiders, windmills and a lot of lava
    50. Smash Bros. Wii U screen shows Andross assist trophy
    51. Devil's Third: Itagaki unveils new logo, teases 2014 re-reveal
    52. PS4: PSone & PS2 emulation has mixed results, disc-based backwards compatibility possible - rumour
    53. Final Fantasy 14: Through the Maelstrom out now on PC & PS3, screens show new areas & bosses
    54. UPDATE: Rainbow Six Patriots redesigned from the ground up three times - rumour
    55. Ryse: Son of Rome images compared with and without various effects, new tech methods revealed
    56. Battlefield 4 Yeti easter egg discovered, new Phantom Program clues found - video
    57. EverQuest Next Landmark beta yields new screens showing Eiffel Tower, other structures
    58. Driveclub making "spectacular" progress says Sony, release date in weeks to come
    59. Pillars of Eternity: exploration, story, and murdering dudes
    60. Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark images show three playable versions of Optimus Prime
    61. The Quest blends Rubik's cubes and a mission from god, out now on iOS & Android
    62. Neverwinter: Shadowmantle infographic reveals creation of over 2 million characters, 405 years-worth of XP earned
    63. Meet Arkham Knight: the new Batman character created by Rocksteady
    64. Warface Xbox 360 beta open to all Gold members
    65. Oculus Rift buyback stretch goal added to Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter
    66. Dungeon of the Endless trailer explains rogue-like with pugs
    67. Oculus Rift acquisition triggers Facebook stock dip
    68. Half-Minute Hero 2 coming west, teaser trailer suggests
    69. Game of Thrones: Ascent out now on iPad
    70. Gears of War: "the world wanted more" but Epic didn't want to make it
    71. Candy Crush Saga maker's IPO one of the worst in recent history
    72. EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil video shows off ten game modes
    73. Mutant Mudds, Moon dev to Kickstart mystery console project
    74. PS4 game upgrade deals expiring soon, get in quick
    75. Titanfall PC cheaters banished to cheater-only servers
    76. Sony VR Project Morpheus reveal, demos released in full
    77. The Last of Us coming to PS4 this year, says Sony Turkey - rumour [UPDATE 2]
    78. Hellraid video shows off skeleton animations, some snippets of gameplay
    1. Epic has over 90 staff on Fortnite and a new game in the works
    2. Console microtransactions account for $352 million in annual sales - Superdata
    3. Dragon Age's Alistair - or at least his voice - to make a return
    4. Torchlight dev co-founders Baldree and Schaefer announce departure
    5. World of Warplanes video introduces aircraft specifications
    6. Goat Simulator launch trailer nods at Dead Island
    7. Battlefield 4 Commander App updated
    8. 3D Realms responds to Gearbox's lawsuit stating owns the rights to Duke Nukem
    9. Mario Golf: World Tour video highlights item shots
    10. Age of Wonders 3 gameplay video introduces the Warlord leader class
    11. Oculus deal closed in three days, some Kickstarter backers want a refund
    12. Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance launches on iOS and Steam in April
    13. Ouya hosting a one-year anniversary sale
    14. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Exquisite Edition contains Swarovski figurine
    15. Mordheim: City of the Damned based on classic board game in the works for PC
    16. Oculus purchase: analysts weigh-in on Facebook's $2 billion acquisition
    17. Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey explains what makes Oculus Rift different - video
    18. Anti-violent games senator Leland Yee arrested by FBI on suspicion of bribery and corruption
    19. Ubisoft is having a sale on Nintendo's North American eShop
    20. Mastertronic announces full indie line-up for EGX Rezzed
    21. New Adventure Time game and title combining Cartoon Network characters announced
    22. Zombies Monsters Robots detailed by En Masse Entertainment
    23. Football Manager Classic 14 Vita releasing in April
    24. Sony lists every PlayStation 4 game announced for 2014 - so far
    25. Flame Over tasks players with rescuing workers and cats before being consumed by fire
    26. Preliminary list of developers for gamescom 2014 revealed - report
    27. EU PS Store update, March 26: FEZ, Deception 4: Blood Ties, MXGP, more
    28. Sonic Lost World free DLC is a Legend of Zelda Zone, out tomorrow
    29. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth beyond the half way point of development
    30. Xbox One reputation system outlined, notifications coming soon
    31. Toukiden: The Age of Demons DLC features cross-over missions with Soul Sacrifice content
    32. Wolfenstein: The New Order Panzerhund Edition announced
    33. EVE: Valkyrie still releasing on Oculus Rift despite the buyout by Facebook
    34. Infinite Crisis video introduces latest champion, Nightmare Superman
    35. Mario Party: Island Tour and PS Vita top Media Create charts
    36. Tropico 5 cinematic trailer is a large nod to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie
    37. Project Cars will be supporting Project Morpheus, says Slightly Mad
    38. Super Mario Bros. 3 , other Game Boy Advance classics releasing throughout April
    39. PS Plus Europe: April gives free Mercenary Kings on PS4, Sly Cooper PS3, more - rumour
    40. God of War: Ascension multiplayer DLC is all free to celebrate game's first birthday
    41. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition update 14 launches today - full patch notes
    42. Watch Dogs: Premium Vigilante Edition is GAME exclusive, contents inside
    43. Future CEO Mark Wood to step down April 1
    44. PSN EU sale discounts Dishonored, Saints Row, Dragon Age & much more - full list
    45. Wii U: GBA Virtual Console titles showcased & dated in Nintendo's latest trailer - watch
    46. Alien: Isolation dev explains how it'll sustain fear through whole experience
    47. Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets live-action fan film, is impressive
    48. Call of Duty: Ghosts - Gold Edition spotted on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam stores
    49. Titanfall: $10 first DLC pack “Not Quite Done Yet,” all new modes will be free - Zampella
    50. Wolfenstein: The New Order release date brought forward in Europe
    51. Razer could be moving into the VR space - rumour
    52. Oculus acquisition: Carmack still coding for VR firm as developers weigh-in on news
    53. Facebook buys Oculus, now where's the dislike button? - opinion
    54. MotorStorm creator and Evolution Studios founder forms Starship Group
    55. Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC delayed on Xbox One with no solid release date
    56. Oculus Rift to be rebranded with Facebook interface and logo [UPDATE]
    57. GTA Online: Rooftop Rumble job pulled offline for fixing
    58. GameStop Technology Institute to research and remove the "complexity" of shopping
    59. Desktop Dungeons PSA: you'll probably regret this
    60. Molyneux: "I love this power. This is what I’ve always dreamt of" - interview
    61. The Witcher: House of Glass issue one out now
    62. Crusader Kings 2: Rajas of India out now with new trailer
    63. Plants vs Zombies 2 Far Future update brings eight plants, ten zombies, map and more
    64. InFamous: Second Son team want you to enjoy your powers
    65. Galactic Civilizations 3 gets gameplay debut
    66. Candy Crush Saga trademark challenged by Cut the Rope dev
    67. Resistance, Ratchet & Clank developer turns 20, releases music video
    1. Linkin Park's latest video is a Project Spark creation
    2. Mercenary Kings out on Mac and PC today, launch trailer is aces
    3. Luftrausers clone "trying to steal money", says original dev
    4. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen gets sixth playable race
    5. US PS Plus update, March 25 - Fez, Deception 4, Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends
    6. Trials Fusion trailer shows off physics system, tricks
    7. Minecraft Oculus Rift deal cancelled because Facebook creeps Notch out
    8. Xbox One digital features like game loaning may return
    9. Oculus Rift bought by Facebook for $2 billion
    10. Xbox Live suffering a variety of issues, Microsoft on the case
    11. Driveclub game director has left Evolution Studios
    12. Game of Thrones from Telltale will not be a prequel, says CEO
    13. 22cans to centralize all of its creativity "on one entity, and that entity is Godus"
    14. Geforce GTX Titan Z announced by Nvida, contains two Kepler GPUs
    15. Diablo 3 producer says launch problems can occur despite "very ambitious projections"
    16. Suda51 wants to "thoroughly demolish" Grasshopper Manufacture's "existing traits"
    17. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd announced for North America and Europe
    18. Assassin's Creed: Unity teased as far back as Brotherhood
    19. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 releasing on Vita in late summer
    20. Portal announced for Nvidia Shield, console marked down to $199 through April
    21. Seth Killian no longer with Sony Santa Monica, confirms Killian and SCEA
    22. Guild Wars 2's April 2014 Feature Pack will include the Wardrobe System
    23. Project Cars development hasn't been held up by World of Speed, says Slightly Mad
    24. Xbox apps MLB.TV, Encore Play and MoviePlex Play now available for XBL users
    25. DUST 514 Uprising update 1.8 releases today
    26. GBA title Advance Wars releases through Wii U Virtual Console next week
    27. Deception 4: Blood Ties launch trailer hails North American release
    28. Fortnite "has evolved" and the team is making "tremendous progress," says Epic
    29. World of Tanks Blitz has entered closed beta on iOS
    30. The Art of Final Fantasy 10/10-2: Live Art Demonstration video released
    31. Dead Synchronicity: hope in a world on borrowed time
    32. Xbox Games Store discounts include CoD: Ghosts, Thief, Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite
    33. Twitch Plays Pokemon stream to keep running "as long as has an active following," says creator
    34. Destiny of Spirits out today in North America, tomorrow in Europe
    35. Total War: Shogun 2 will be released for Mac this spring
    36. Valve may take Steam Greenlight offline within 12 months, according to developer
    37. Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within contains Han Solo one-liners
    38. Smite MOBA released, launch celebrated with weekend tournament
    39. The Forest looks creepier with every set of screenshots released
    40. Molyneux on indie golden age, "enjoy this time, because it won't last"
    41. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea 2 launch trailer marks today's release - watch
    42. Forza 5 DirectX 12 tech demo shows off PC race footage - watch
    43. Betrayer launch trailer celebrates today's Steam release
    44. Diablo 3 seasons and ladder systems coming in first Reaper of Souls patch - Blizzard
    45. Bravely Default could come to other devices, says Terada
    46. OUYA store will be available to download onto other devices within six months, says Phelps
    47. Driveclub dev, Guerrilla Games Cambridge and Sony London Studio lay-offs confirmed
    48. Xbox Live service alert impacts Xbox One, GTA 5 and Call of Duty: Ghosts
    49. Alien: Isolation release date to be announced at EGX Rezzed
    50. Xbox One Titanfall console bundle discounted by $50 on Microsoft store US
    51. Steam game prices may rise in the UK thanks to closed tax loophole
    52. Xbox One has no secondary, hidden GPU stresses Microsoft's Penello
    53. Battlefield 4 gets new Battlelog update ahead of Naval Strike launch - patch notes
    54. Sony's Project Morpheus VR headset is a “Really Bad Idea," says Pachter
    55. Double Fine to offer publishing support to indies
    56. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea 2 requires two downloads on Xbox 360 due to size, says Irrational
    57. Battlefield 4 shipped "with dirt all over it" - Lanning
    58. Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty - "it's not a fucking HD remake"
    59. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - episode 2 reviews drop, get the scores here
    60. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea 2 delivers a scrappy end to the saga - opinion
    61. Titanfall mo-cap trailer shows stunt actors pulling off Pilot moves
    62. PS4 to get PSone and PS2 support with native 1080p rendering, new VR demos inbound - insider
    63. The Rhythm of Fighters trademarked by SNK
    64. Assassin's Creed: Unity ballroom scene recreated by a fan in Unreal Engine 4
    65. Need for Speed movie grossing well in China
    66. Arma 3 console port "basically dismissed", two years of content planned
    67. Lorde, Nicki Minaj sign up for Rock Band dev's new game
    68. Vita system software update 3.10 increases app limit, adds voice messaging, more
    69. Razer's Project Christine modular PC struggling to get off the ground
    1. Bear Simulator savages its Kickstarter goal in a single week
    2. Thomas Was Alone dev: PlayStation boosting indies as Steam importance fades
    3. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Vita free to US PS Plus members this week
    4. Call of Duty: Ghosts next-gen upgrades available for one more week
    5. Escape Goat 2 "made near Double Fine" and out on Linux, Mac and PC today
    6. Lego Ninjago: Nindroids coming to 3DS, Vita
    7. EA voted out of Consumerist's Worst Company in America poll
    8. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls producer outlines new content - video interview
    9. Dragon Age: Inquisition update details Vivienne
    10. PlanetSide 2 to get new vehicle, balance tweaks, mission system in upcoming summer updates - video
    11. Fantasia: Music Evolved gameplay trailer shows interactive discovery realm
    12. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - all the regional launch times
    13. After Reaper of Souls, series' future is "up in the air," says Blizzard
    14. inFamous: Second Son boosts PS4 hardware sales by 106% - report
    15. Square Enix to distribute manga in English-language e-book form in the west
    16. EA to approach Star Wars games similar to how Warner Bros. approached Batman Arkham, says EA CEO
    17. Ouya to drop the free-trial requirement
    18. Joe Danger Infinity updated with daily challenges, controller support
    19. Dota 2 documentary Free to Play has been viewed by over 5.5 Million viewers, Valve says
    20. MLG's 360 app drops today, lets you watch live streams of pro events
    21. Secrets and Treasure trademarked by Microsoft
    22. Full EGX Rezzed line-up confirmed, adds Dying Light and Frozen Endzone sessions
    23. Microsoft announces Kinect Sports Rivals World Championship, grand prize is $10,000
    24. 24,000 people attended GDC this year, next year's event dated
    25. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Square Enix details what you get when you subscribe
    26. OnLive 2.0: is the game streaming service worth your money?
    27. Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition in development for Xbox One, but Blizzard can't confirm a release yet
    28. OlliOlli confirmed for PS3 & PS4, Roll7 working on PS Vita update
    29. Trials Frontier dated April 10, new trailer & screens inside
    30. PES 2014 to hold Virtual UEFA Champions League competition, starting March 26
    31. University study finds that ethnic leads in violent games can lead to racist stereotyping
    32. inFamous: Second Son sequels could take Assassin's Creed approach with different eras & places, says Fox
    33. RollerCoaster Tycoon: new PC title won't be port of recently-announced mobile game
    34. The Division: new screens show night-time squad combat, lots of dead bodies
    35. Assassin's Creed 4 director explains why the game's multiplayer map DLC is free
    36. EA CEO Wilson sees formats & business models as distractions, urges industry to focus on making great games
    37. Xbox One getting "unique exclusive title" by "awesome" Japanese studio, says Microsoft
    38. VG247 launches in Italy with
    39. OutRun is next 3DS Sega classic coming to Japan
    40. Redbox rental service to offer PS4, Xbox One & Wii U games starting March 25 - report
    41. Amazon job post suggests more first-party game teams on the way, lists Unity, Crytek & Unreal experience
    42. Nintendo eShop Europe: Super Mario Kart & Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright lead the week
    43. App Store opens Indie Games Showcase marketplace
    44. Ryse: Son of Rome's tech torn down at GDC session, Marius model initially made of 130,000 polygons
    45. Rain getting limited disc print run with bonuses, courtesy of Sony Japan Studios
    46. UK game charts: inFamous Second Son enters at first - full chart inside
    47. Killzone: Shadow Fall GDC tech tear-down reveals 40,000 polys per character & more
    48. Evolve: Turtle Rock refines the Left 4 Dead co-op formula
    49. Elder Scrolls Online server live times announced for global launch
    50. World of Tanks visual & polygon upgrade detailed in new dev diary video
    51. Xbox One white console appears on eBay at $2,700
    52. Killer Instinct: Spinal classic skin leaked in new footage - watch
    53. The Division: Snowdrop engine designed "to do things better, not bigger," Ubisoft details tech in new blog
    54. Hotline Miami coming to PS4 with cross-buy, existing buyers get it free
    55. Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage shows web-swinging & combat, with insight from Beenox
    56. Dragon Age: Inquisition screens show Varric and friends battling beasts, new environments
    57. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea 2 trophies emerge, spoilers inside
    58. CCP: "Virtual reality isn't just a fad, it is now a movement"
    59. Titanfall server update rebalances, squashes bugs
    60. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call videos show summons, Coreca Crystarium
    61. Samurai Warriors 4 trailers highlight Okuni, Goemon and Musashi
    1. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games now available on Steam
    2. Dungeon of the Endless to have four player co-op
    3. King Oddball coming to PS4 next month
    1. EverQuest Next Landmark closed beta testing starts next week
    2. Phil Spencer's GDC chat spans PC, VR, ID@Xbox, paid-Alphas, Xbox One debug
    3. Adam Orth discusses how "Internet toxicity" has the power to destroy creatives
    4. "EA is not an evil empire," but Bullfrog endured 'love abuse' after acquisition, says Molyneux
    5. Let There Be Life is an interesting puzzle game for PC and slated for Android
    6. The Order: 1886 may be getting a Collector's Edition, according to image of Sony survey
    7. Super Smash Bros. will contain a trophy of Kid Icarus: Uprising boss Phosphora
    8. Guild Wars 2 damage, balancing , rune changes detailed in latest developer blogs
    9. Microsoft's E3 presentation to last 90 minutes with "very few" executives on stage
    10. Atari Graveyard dig to proceed once NMED concerns are addressed
    11. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn given 16-bit treatment in latest video
    12. Terraria mobile surpasses 1.3 million downloads on Android and iOS
    13. Walmart's Xbox One Titanfall Edition discount matched by Amazon and Best Buy
    14. Destiny offers players "nearly limitless" customization options, says Bungie
    15. Project Morpheus: Sony talks advantages of fixed hardware, VR refresh rates
    16. Volition's Zeus was a post-apocalyptic open-world game for PS4 and Xbox One
    17. Xbox One best-selling console in UK for four weeks, but PS4 remains in control - report
    18. Diablo 3 players earning Double XP this weekend
    19. Call of Duty: Strike Team studio to close by the end of March
    1. Robotoki to use CryEngine to develop Human Element
    2. BioShock creator Ken Levine's next project won't be a linear narrative
    3. There are over 50 games coming to Wii U using Unity, says Nintendo
    4. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition - watch this gorgeous unboxing video
    5. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn - partial patch notes for 2.2 update released
    6. Call of Duty Championship 2014 promo shows guys jumping around in excitement
    7. Unreal Engine 4 videos demonstrate toolset, engine running on Nexus 5
    8. Carmageddon: Reincarnation early access footage released
    9. Kingdom Under Fire 2 Cities & Fields trailer shows gathering points
    10. Dragon Age: Inquisition will contain a follower named Vivienne
    11. The Collectables from Crytek now available through the App Store
    12. Witch and the Hundred Knight now available in European shops
    13. Company of Heroes session announced for EGX Rezzed 2014
    14. I Am In The Movie releases in North America next week through Nintendo eShop
    15. Assassin's Creed: Unity announced, set in Paris during the French Revolution
    16. Xbox One Titanfall Edition is $50 off at Walmart
    17. GAME to start selling Gift Cards
    18. SingOn is a streaming singing title releasing on PS3 this spring
    19. Diablo 3 missing item fix coming this weekend, Wings of Valor delivery delayed for some
    20. Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas, out first half of 2015 - report
    21. RaceNet has 1 million members, says Codemasters
    22. Marvel: Avengers Alliance being shuttered on Playdom, Facebook users unaffected
    23. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster trailer celebrates release in Europe and UK
    24. Square's March Mayhem Sale discounts select titles through Online Store
    25. Unepic update released for Wii U in Europe and North America
    26. PlayStation’s Path to Greatness digital series on the pro football draft launches today
    27. Swords & Soldiers 2 will include a third faction, new trailer released
    28. Don't forget: Wii U Sports Club is free this weekend in multiple regions
    29. M0B1US is an multi-directional endless runner with a twist, coming to mobile next week
    30. Mario vs. Donkey Kong Wii U shown at GDC, but only a tech demo says Nintendo
    31. inFamous: Second Son - walkthrough, boss fights, trophy guide
    32. Nvidia, AMD & Intel champion OpenGL at GDC, say it can offer 7-15 times better performance in games
    33. Project Morpheus VR headset specs close to Oculus Rift 2, Sony's display needs work says report
    34. Killer Instinct Fulgore & story mode update still aiming for March, says Microsoft
    35. inFamous: Second Son hits top of Amazon game charts in UK, US & France
    36. inFamous: Second Son smoke & neon gameplay videos
    37. Batman: Arkham Knight villains Two-Face, Riddler & Penguin get screens, details
    38. Battlefield 4 PC security exploit sees players griefed & games crashed
    39. FTL: Advanced Edition devs aiming for $10 price on iPad, is "pretty huge expansion"
    40. It changed the world: a small game jam with big heart
    41. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare update to hit Xbox One tonight, should fix DLC crash issue
    42. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy - Curtain Call gets official intro video
    43. Battlefield 4: Naval Strike maps detailed by DICE, new screens released
    44. EVE: Valkyrie dev champions VR, feels tech could improve human condition as a whole
    45. Phoenix Wright Trilogy screens compare new visuals to original games
    46. Guided Fate Paradox sequel receives new character details & screens
    47. Hands-on with Valve's latest Steam Controller
    48. Oculus praises Sony's Project Morpheus VR strategy
    49. Bit.Trip Runner headlines Humble Weekly Sale's rhythm game collectiom
    50. Luftrausers profitable in just two days
    51. Dota 2 update eliminates duplicate treasures
    52. "We are selling discounts" - Democracy dev on the negative aspects of sales
    53. Deception 4: Blood Ties spawns a boatload of videos
    54. EA Sports UFC games may not be annualised
    55. Titanfall is "blowing the doors off" for Xbox One - Harrison
    56. ID@Xbox video showcases games on tour at GDC
    57. Star Wars forbidden to LucasArts, and other stories from shuttered dev's early days
    58. Steam Greenlight passes 75 new titles
    59. Call of Duty 2014 to be "most ambitious" Sledgehammer game to date
    60. inFamous: Second Son - Augustine final boss battle, Concrete Shrapnel
    61. inFamous: Second Son - Smoke and Mirrors, decide Hank's fate
    62. inFamous: Second Son - Quid Pro Quo, beat boss Augustine
    63. inFamous: Second Son - The Return, chase Hank
    64. inFamous: Second Son - Flight of Angels, land on shipping containers
    65. PS4 Camera and Twitch "much, much more fun" than Sony anticipated, says Yoshida
    66. inFamous: Second Son - Zero to Hero, Bloodthirsty Blades, Video Torrent, Hellfire Swarm
    67. inFamous: Second Son - Heaven's Hellfire, beat boss He Who Dwells
    68. inFamous: Second Son - Reggie Takes Flight, destroy video screens
    69. inFamous: Second Son - The Fan, destroy the support beams, track the signals
    70. inFamous: Second Son - The Test, defeat the D.U.P. agent
    71. inFamous: Second Son - Trash the Stash, tag boats, defeat dealers
    72. inFamous: Second Son - Light It Up, Stasis Bubble, Phosphor Beam, Radiant Sweep
    73. inFamous: Second Son - Go Fetch, Neon & Light Speed power, boss battle
    74. inFamous: Second Son - Chasing the Light, all photo locations
    75. inFamous: Second Son - The Gauntlet, climb the Space Needle, Orbital Drop
    76. inFamous: Second Son - Catching Smoke, Sulfur Bomb, Cinder Missiles, Comet Drop
    77. inFamous: Second Son - Welcome to Seattle, destroy Mobile Command Center
    78. Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer hints at something very nasty
    79. inFamous: Second Son - Parting of the Ways, Collect Blast Shards, Cinder Blast
    80. inFamous: Second Son - Aftermath, explore the Longhouse
    81. inFamous: Second Son - The Visitors, Good Karma & Evil Karma, unlock Sacrifice & Ruthless trophies
    82. inFamous: Second Son - Delsin Rowe, escape the rooftop, get to the Longhouse
    83. Mercenary Ops dev's latest is spiritual sequel Zombies Monsters Robots
    84. InFamous: Second Son dev diary goes behind the scenes at recording studio
    85. NFL mobile game license to be awarded via competition
    86. PS4 stock shortage to continue until northern summer
    1. Bulletstorm pulled from Steam
    2. Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition trailer shows PS4 graphics
    3. Destiny will utilise facial motion capture
    4. Moebius: Empire Rising GDC trailer shows off Jane Jensen's latest
    5. PS4 update will allow users to dim the DualShock 4's lightbar
    6. Diablo 3 Australian servers now available
    7. Bear Simulator: "It's like a mini Skyrim but you're a bear"
    8. Proposed legislation aims to automate some game classifications in Australia
    9. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes midnight launch BTS video stars Hideo Kojima
    10. EverQuest Next - Landmark update brings fast travel, grouping and social
    11. Deep Silver "not among the evil part of the industry", says CEO
    12. Through the Woods gets first trailer, launches Greenlight campaign
    13. Godus lacks a chat function to help foster community
    14. Skyforge trailer shows how a young immortal can become a great god
    15. Warlock 2: The Exiled now available for pre-order in three editions
    16. Final Fantasy 14 director's GDC 2014 session delves into MMO's troubled beginnings
    17. New Toy Soldiers title in the works for PS4 and Xbox One, says Signal Studios
    18. Typing of the Dead: OVERKILL's Dancing with the Dead Lexicon Pack released
    19. One Piece: Unlimited World Red storyline and new characters announced
    20. DC Universe Online DLC: Amazon Fury Part I announced for spring
    21. Karl Stewart announces departure from Square Enix
    22. Nintendo looking into Unity support for 3DS
    23. Ian Livingstone offering creatives placement during Noise Festival
    24. DirectX 12: First DX12 games to hit the market around holiday 2015, says Microsoft
    25. Watch Dogs PlayStation exclusive missions detailed
    26. Evolve originally in development for last-gen, says Turtle Rock boss
    27. Xbox One developers can port Windows 8 games easily onto the console, says Microsoft
    28. Trials Fusion for PC pre-orders net access to closed beta
    29. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls clips show off new class skills
    30. InFamous: Second Son day-one update adds 19 new missions, graphics and performance tweaks
    31. Arma 3: Win - the third and final episode in The East Wind campaign released
    32. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 video shows off Revelations DLC
    33. Infamous: Second Son reviews land - get all the scores here
    34. inFamous: Second Son screens show off bright lights, graffiti bombs
    35. Wolfenstein: The New Order videos feature train sequence gameplay, narrative design interview
    36. inFamous Second Son: the Conduit revolution starts here, but will you care? - opinion
    37. DriveClub wasn't delayed to implement VR support, says Yoshida
    38. WildStar DevSpeak video 'Arenas and Battlegrounds' touches upon PvP
    39. Guild Wars 2 April 2014 Feature Pack includes new gameplay systems, 40 new traits, more
    40. Nintendo US eShop update, March 20: Pokémon Battle Trozei, Conception 2, free Wii Sports Club weekend
    41. MXGP trailer compares gameplay with real motocross tracks
    42. Crytek to offer its CryEngine technology for $9.90 per month, with no royalty fees
    43. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes censored in Japan, Kojima confirms
    44. Titanfall: Heppe discusses pressures of studio & IP independence, team growth, more
    45. Splinter Cell movie to be directed by The Bourne Identity's Doug Liman
    46. Call of Duty: Ghosts - Onslaught gets free trial weekend starting March 21
    47. PS4 game pre-loading to come in April, Sucker Punch suggests
    48. PSN to receive original programming, first show based on comic series Powers - report
    49. Mass Effect gameplay designer urges industry to push back against social injustices in games
    50. Flappy Bird will return as new version, "but not soon," stresses Nguyen
    51. Sony has sold over 900,000 PS4 cameras to date, resulting in stock shortage
    52. Xbox Live users with good rep could be rewarded with gifts, Microsoft suggests
    53. Final Fantasy 14's focus on visuals hurt end product, Yoshida explains how it bounced back
    54. Echo of the Wilds is 2D survival experience, putting you in a forest filled with ghosts - trailer
    55. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth gets Naoto and Ken trailers
    56. Wii U indie darlings get trailers, including Teslagrad & Nihilumbra - watch
    57. FIFA Ultimate Team's birthday celebrated with free pack giveaway, infographic inside
    58. Dear Esther artist Robert Briscoe lands job at Valve
    59. Titanfall PC to receive new visual features in collaboration with Nvidia GameWorks
    60. Cloudbuilt's sadistic parkour gauntlet makes Dark Souls 2 look easy
    61. Armored Warfare is CryEngine tank strategy MMO from Obsidian Entertainment - trailer
    62. The Last Federation video shows an hour of tactical space battle gameplay
    63. Unreal Tournament isn't in development at Epic, Sweeny confirms
    64. Mighty No. 9 alpha gameplay video smells like Mega Man, but in a good way
    65. Borderlands 2 PS Vita footage escapes GDC 2014 - watch
    66. Battlefield 4: Naval Strike dated in new trailer - watch
    67. Never Alone is first game from Native American game studio, based on Alaskan folklore
    68. Titanfall 2 rights go to EA, not exclusive to Microsoft platforms - report
    69. EVE: True Stories graphic novel issue #3 available now
    70. Crusader Kings 2 expands into India
    71. The Last of Us loots the GDC Awards
    72. Planetside 2 players have made thousands selling custom in-game items
    73. Hyperdimension Neptunia Vita remake 11-minute gameplay trailer
    74. Papers, Please makes others wait in line at IGF Awards
    75. Wii U isn't "sexy", but never underestimate Nintendo, says Molyneux
    76. Disgaea 4 director's new Vita game gets first trailer
    77. European Games Award voting has started
    78. Frictional head says narrative and gameplay should develop side by side
    1. Deus Ex fan film, Human Revolution, gets trailer and release date
    2. Skydive: Proximity Flight soars onto Xbox Live
    3. Dragon Fin Soup is an RPG with a roguelike garnish
    4. Indie dev puts his best Word Forward
    5. EA domain server "compromised" with phishing scam, EA takes "immediate steps" to disable threat
    6. Dark Souls 2 players have already died 50,739,203 times
    7. VR needs to sell at least 1 million units to be viable for development, says Ubisoft
    8. The Quest Anniversary is a remastered version of the original, out soon for free
    9. The Forest lands on Steam Early Access in May, new alpha trailer released
    10. Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught Pack 1 is free to try this weekend on XBL
    11. Animal Crossing: New Leaf has moved 7.38 million copies worldwide
    12. Oculus VR believes Sony can help virtual reality become mainstream
    13. EVE: Valkyrie video is short, but shows interesting gameplay
    14. Xbox development director "fully expects" more games to achieve native 1080p on Xbox One
    15. PES 2014 World Challenge mode releasing alongside a patch and free DLC next week
    16. Crytek updates CryEngine with physically based shading, image based lighting
    17. SWTOR: Galactic Strongholds announced for summer release
    18. UKIE still confident of EC decision despite no Budget announcement on tax reliefs
    19. Early Assassin's Creed shots leaked, show one of two games slated for fall - report
    20. Battlefield 4: Naval Strike video focuses on Carrier Assault gameplay
    21. Blizzard investigating missing items, hardcore characters in Diablo 3
    22. Unreal Engine 4 available for $19 per month, 5% royalty fee on published games
    23. Battlefield 4: Naval Strike video shows new gameplay footage
    24. Snowdrop Engine video details Massive's philosophy in creating Tom Clancy’s The Division
    25. This new Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty video is shocking
    26. WildStar is now available for pre-order
    27. Sony to support PS4 indie development with Unity, GameMaker: Studio and MonoGame
    28. Couch Knights is a UE4 developed Oculus Rift title from Epic
    29. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 screenshots star Elizabeth
    30. Oculus opens pre-orders for Rift Dev Kit 2, ships in July priced $350
    31. PS4 firmware update to add share enhancements and HDCP off
    32. EU PS Store update, March 19 - Stealth Inc Ultimate, Steamworld Dig, MGS5: GZ, Second Son
    33. Kinect Sports Rivals features the voice of David Tennant
    34. Sacred 3 video debuts first gameplay
    35. QuakeCon 2014: second round of online pre-registration opens today
    36. Oculus Rift exclusivity deal with EVE: Valkyrie extends only to PC version, says CCP
    37. Dark Souls 2 debut tops Media Create charts, PS4 still best-selling hardware
    38. US PS Store update, March 18 - MGS5: Ground Zeroes, Final Fantasy 10/10-2, sales and more sales
    39. Titanfall Xbox 360 pushed to April 8 in North America, April 11 in Europe
    40. Tekken Card Tournament 2.0 drops in April, Hwoarang & new features incoming
    41. PSN posts Rockstar sale: offers savings on GTA, Manhunt, Max Payne & more
    42. Freedom Wars PS Vita intro video revealed, obvious spoilers inside
    43. Valve's Dota 2 documentary 'Free to Play' hits Steam today, Twitch screening confirmed
    44. Project Spark microtransactions scaled back after beta feedback, Spark Time to be removed
    45. God of War 3 game director leaves Sony Santa Monica Studio
    46. Infamous: Second Son's lead designer has left Sucker Punch
    47. Mojang profits more than doubled last year
    48. Smash Bros. 3DS gets Super Mario 3D Land stage, new screens & details released
    49. Deep Down gets new PS4 gameplay footage with Yoshinori Ono commentary
    50. World of Tanks Blitz beta begins, new trailer shows iPad battles in action
    51. Alien: Isolation - forget everything you think you know about stealth games
    52. Dark Souls 2 visual downgrade claims discussed by From Software
    53. Freedom Wars: City-State War online PvP mode detailed
    54. Activision to pull all Guitar Hero & DJ Hero DLC offline on March 31
    55. Sony's Project Morpheus VR device will "shape the future of games," claims Yoshida
    56. Titanfall player compiles extensive weapon vs Titans damage chart
    57. 343 Industries opens 11 job positions for "future FPS experience in the Halo universe"
    58. Is Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes worth £30? - opinion
    59. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls trailer promises that the end is near, features new gameplay
    60. Kingdom Under Fire 2 GDC trailer shows many character customisation options
    61. Firefly Online: find a crew, find a job, keep flying
    62. Super Action Squad on hold after troubled Kickstarter campaign
    63. Papo & Yo developer announces its next game
    64. Blizzard has four titles to show at PAX East
    65. Paradox will publish Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity
    66. PS3 Sports Pack announced
    67. Xbox One's first 25 indie games listed
    68. Sony announces VR headset Project Morpheus during GDC session
    69. Oculus distances itself from the Immersive Tech Alliance
    70. Forbes lets slip the reveal of Sony's PS4 VR headset
    1. EA nominated once again for Worst Company in America
    2. London tech studio Improbable hire Ubisoft's Kajfa Tam
    3. Asphalt 8 is the first mobile game to support Twitch livestreaming
    4. Amazon’s set-top box will be a dongle, can stream PC games - rumor
    5. Star Trek Online - Season 9: A New Accord releasing in April
    6. Savant – Ascent announced for PS4 by D-Pad Studio
    7. Shin Megami Tensei now available exclusively for iOS worldwide
    8. Luftrausers now available on Linux, Mac, PC and PSN
    9. EA Sports UFC video wants the viewer to "Feel the Fight"
    10. Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition releases this week on PlayStation 4
    11. Little Inferno has sold 1 million units, but studio boss feels some mistakes were made
    12. Octodad: Dadliest Catch "exceeds expectations," moves over 90,000 units
    13. Sony's Authoring Tools Framework goes open source
    14. Unity 5 announced with Geomerics lighting tech integrated into the engine
    15. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood release date announced for PC, Xbox 360
    16. Child of Light's first video diary touches upon gameplay and art
    17. Steam Beta client updated to include Virtual Reality Mode
    18. Codemasters and Bandai Namco announced one year extension to distribution deal
    19. Wargaming League Grand Finals take place April 4-6 in Warsaw
    20. Doki-Doki Universe DLC lands tomorrow complete with a new planet pack and more
    21. Wildstar beta giveaway: 1,250 keys up for grabs
    22. Project Spark now in open beta on Xbox One
    23. Stronghold Kingdoms has attracted over 3 million players since launch
    24. Guild Wars 2: Battle for Lion's Arch finale cinematic shows Scarlet's defeat
    25. Walmart used game trade-ins start next week in select stores
    26. GOG to add Linux support this fall with 100 games available
    27. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes North American launch trailer released
    28. New PlayStation Vita apps releasing today, more coming this spring
    29. Xbox Games Store discounts select Rockstar titles
    30. SimCity finally gets offline mode, walkthrough trailer posted
    31. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster lands in North America on PS3 and Vita
    32. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z reviews hit for North American launch
    33. Xbox One releasing in 26 new markets in September
    34. Deus Ex: The Fall released on PC a week early
    35. Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent DLC released on Xbox One today
    36. Kinect Sports Rivals tech can be used in other games, says Rare
    37. RollerCoaster Tycoon game in the works for PC, says Atari
    38. Diablo 3 says goodbye to the Auction House, remaining bids to end June 24
    39. Witcher 3 studio working on multiplatform mobile title, not necessarily linked to RPG series
    40. Freedom Wars dated for PS Vita in Japan, no online multiplayer at launch
    41. inFamous: Second Son midnight launch confirmed for PSN
    42. inFamous: Second Son 'Heroic' & 'Ruthless' play-styles compared in shared PS4 videos
    43. Castlestorm, KickBeat & Pinball FX 2 coming to PS4 & Xbox One - trailer
    44. PS4 system update 1.62 rolling out now, improves 'operating quality'
    45. Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth DLC to add two-handed ballistic shields
    46. Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 patch to improve stability, add new servers & more - notes
    47. Xbox One April update preview begins, will improve DVR quality, add notifications & more
    48. Titanfall bans have begun as first players get kicked, anti-cheat measures imminent
    49. Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode One hits Android, screens inside
    50. Epic Games working on new IP, new "Samaritan" character art shown [UPDATE]
    51. Microsoft prototyping VR headsets, report claims
    52. Game Expo Scotland 2014: official site open now, first details & ticket prices drop
    53. Tomb Raider, Call of Duty & Spec Ops devs form new studio Tangentlemen
    54. Ultra Street Fighter 4: Decapre art shows early character designs
    55. Need for Speed Movie has made $63.4 million worldwide so far
    56. MGS 5: Ground Zeroes gameplay video: watch us infiltrate the base here
    57. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Campaign and Side Ops Walkthrough
    58. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes proves that size isn’t everything
    59. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Campaign Walkthrough
    60. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Side Ops - Déjà Vu (PlayStation Exclusive)
    61. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Side Ops – Eliminate the Renegade Threat
    62. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Side Ops – Classified Intel Acquisition
    63. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Side Ops – Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Emplacements
    64. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Side Ops - Intel Operative Rescue
    65. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes - all the review scores
    66. Amazon's game and video streaming device is a dongle, due in April
    67. Bears vs Art story and gameplay trailers
    68. Oddworld's future depends on New 'n' Tasty sales
    69. Roundabout's weird new trailer takes you for a spin
    70. Rogue Legacy turned a profit within an hour on sale
    71. Monaco dev describes their attitude to player feedback
    72. South Park: Stick of Truth sequel is possible
    73. iOS and Android cross-platform play soon possible with Google Play
    74. Ether One lets you explore and restore memories
    75. Microsoft announces Marc Whitten's departure
    1. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil gameplay trailer released
    2. Super Smash Bros screenshot shows Smash Ball's design
    3. Atelier Escha and Logy anime series gets first trailer
    4. Battlefield 4 Naval Strike gets a teaser, full trailer on Wednesday
    5. Aztez, a 2-D beat-em-up announced for PS4 & Vita, trailer and screens inside
    6. Duelyst reaches Kickstarter goal with 23 days left
    7. Thomas Was Alone, Unit 13 are free this week for US PS Plus members
    8. Rez and Child of Eden creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi has left Q Entertainment - report
    9. Ultra Street Fighter 4: Tons of Decapre details revealed
    10. Indie horror-adventure title Home comes to PS4 and Vita this year
    11. Thief: AMD Mantle update dated
    12. Ghost Recon Online renamed Ghost Recon Phantoms, out this April
    13. Just Add Water teases some Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty news in 48 hours
    14. Kinect Sports Rivals gets a new developer diary, shows likeness capture, different playable sports
    15. Koji Igarashi leaves Konami to start his own studio
    16. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare first DLC pack, Garden Variety is out tomorrow
    17. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster gets another launch trailer ahead of European launch
    18. Dark Souls 2 video guide: how to beat its version of Blighttown
    19. Oscar: tackling the common problems we all face growing up
    20. Natural Doctrine gets 8-minute gameplay video, watch it here
    21. Asphalt 8: Airborne is first Twitch-compatible mobile title
    22. UPDATED: Wii U Premium bundle halted in Japan, replaced by Sports Club pack - rumour
    23. Gauntlet reboot revealed for Steam by publisher Warner Bros, first trailer here
    24. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes doesn't have a platinum trophy, Kojima explains why
    25. Dead or Alive 5 Arcade newcomer Phase 4 gets teleport-heavy trailer & screens
    26. Video: here's how BAFTA approaches games and its yearly awards process
    27. Angry Birds Epic trailer shows turn-based battles in action
    28. FIFA 14 Xbox One update addresses Ultimate Team glitch
    29. Titanfall dev explains Xbox Live Compute system, addresses scepticism that it's not real
    30. The Forest Project aims to improve quality of life for dementia patients through gaming
    31. Fable Legends art & screen reveals warrior class Rook, Lionhead reveals his background
    32. UK game industry tax relief ‘all but confirmed,' claims culture department source
    33. RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile coming to iOS soon, first trailer drops
    34. Nintendo eShop Europe: Castlevania NES leads the week
    35. Titanfall player claims to have prestiged ten times already, after 72 hours
    36. UK game charts: Titanfall drops in at first, biggest launch of 2014, Xbox One sales up 96%
    37. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain could launch early 2015, according to Konami message
    38. Killer Instinct: Thunder's classic skin DLC leaks in gameplay video
    39. Persona 3 The Movie #2 gets new trailer & Japanese release date
    40. UK publisher Future issues profit warning, sending share prices down 30%
    41. Call of Duty: Ghosts ban wave reportedly hits PS3 & PS4 casual users, Activision responds to complaints
    42. Titanfall anti-cheat measures enabling soon, says Respawn engineer
    43. What really happened to THQ's unfinished games?
    44. Chaos Reborn: XCOM creator Julian Gollop takes his latest project to Kickstarter
    45. The Shining's hedge maze realised as first-person browser game
    46. Watch Dogs story will take 35-40 hours to finish, says creative director
    47. The Division concept art shows fortified church base, new screen shows Snowdrop engine effects
    48. Ultra Street Fighter 4's fifth new character is Decapre
    49. Watch Dogs: Ubisoft confirms new content added during delay
    50. GOG cancels regional pricing plans
    1. Warlock 2: The Exiled release date announced
    2. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes release date pushed back in Australia, New Zealand - report
    3. Pokémon's Pikachu is Japan's 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil mascot
    4. The Blackwell Epiphany gets release date, pre-orders now open
    5. Sins of a Dark Age now available through Steam Early Access
    6. Sonic Boom's early designs were "traumatic" for Sonic Team
    1. Titanfall Xbox 360 will render at sub-720p, output at 30fps - rumor
    2. PayPal adds distinction between crowdfunding and pre-sales
    3. Ouya to show off 12 titles for the console at GDC
    4. inFamous: Second Son gameplay shots show Delsin in various situations
    5. WikiPad 7 price dropped by $50 to $199.99
    6. Proven Lands is a rogue-like, sci-fi sandbox title in need of funding on Kickstarter
    7. PS4, Wii U and Xbox One cater to a more mature audience - analyst
    8. Dragon Quest 10 has 300,000 DAU in Japan, Final Fantasy 14 has 500,000 worldwide
    9. Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist video is a 54 second teaser
    10. Batman: Arkham Knight images show Oracle, Commissioner Gordon, more
    11. ESO feedback results in changes to starting area, combat, sub-discount packs confirmed
    12. Ragnarok Odyssey ACE website launches, day-one DLC detailed
    13. Titanfall given Digital Foundry treatment via Xbox One vs PC comparison report
    14. EverQuest Next Landmark added to SOE All-Access program
    15. Sony Canada confirms price increase for PS4, DualShock 4, games in region
    16. Swordsman MMORPG based off Louis Cha novels announced by Perfect World
    17. Age of Wonders 3 gameplay video introduces the Theocrat leader class
    18. Road Not Taken puzzles and setpieces to be very distinctive, says Spry Fox
    19. Yoshi's New Island US launch trailer released
    20. Hyper Light Drifter video shows detailed environments, combat, exploration
    1. Lord of the Rings Online players can choose a new character class later this year
    2. Titanfall's UK launch was a star-studded, stunt-filled affair
    3. MLG Championship passes now on sale through MLG online store
    4. Valve's latest Steam Controller revealed, will be on display at GDC
    5. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams has sold over 1 million copies
    6. EverQuest celebrates 15th Anniversary with thank you video, infographic
    7. Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition laid bare - video inside
    8. Xbox One Skype app update adds availability filters, larger chat logs, bug fixes
    9. Sunset in development at Tale of Tales for Linux, Mac and PC
    10. Metrico debut trailer released by Digital Dreams
    11. The Last of Us surpasses 6 million copies sold
    12. Dark Souls 2 journal #3: getting dirty in The Gutter and passing level 100
    13. Star Wars: The Old Republic players can earn Double XP this weekend
    14. Race the Sun launches on PS3, PS4 and Vita this summer
    15. MXGP video introduces the MX2 Championship
    16. Grand Theft Auto Online has a new batch Rockstar Verified user created jobs
    17. Final Horizon screenshots show off Eiconic Games' strategic action-puzzler for PS4, Vita
    18. LEGO games franchise moved 1.6 million units in 2013
    19. Elite: Dangerous has been updated to Alpha Phase 3.0
    20. Amazon Bluetooth enabled game controller outed by Brazilian FCC - report
    21. Skylanders: new character Star Strike is GAME UK exclusive, out today
    22. Wii Sports Club will be free to play next weekend
    23. Transformers Universe closed beta weekend sign-ups begin, two new 'bots revealed in trailers
    24. Crazy Taxi: City Rush is F2P sequel from series creator, coming to mobiles this year
    25. Microsoft ends $99 Xbox 360 console deal, "intended as pilot experiment"
    26. Roundtable: Does virtual reality have a commercially viable future?
    27. Bound By Flame dated for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 & PC, new screens released
    28. GOG's "Luck of the Irish" sale discounts over 40 games, saving list here
    29. Steel Diver: Sub Wars gets stability and chat functionality update - patch notes
    30. Persona Q 3DS XL console design revealed, first images inside
    31. Family Guy: first mobile game images do the Simpsons: Tapped Out dance
    32. Xbox One controller will be compatible with PC, Penello debunks "100% wrong" rumours
    33. God of War 3 team members announce indie project Viking Ghost, trailer & details here
    34. Titanfall DLC could include alien monsters, says Heppe
    35. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn gets new Through The Maelstrom trailer, Leviathan battle shown
    36. Satellite Reign: Syndicate Wars successor gets gameplay footage, squad based combat shown
    37. Mighty Quest for Epic Loot passes 1.5 million registered players, new trailer & stats released
    38. Infinite Crisis gets open beta access, new trailer shows Joker slapping Batman around
    39. Resident Evil competition giving fans a chance to be in "upcoming Capcom game"
    40. Smash Bros. Wii U director praises PS4 in latest Famitsu column
    41. Battlefield 4 Platoons now available to all players
    42. inFamous: Second Son: no visual downgrade since E3 reveal, claims Sucker Punch
    43. Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 stability patch weighs in at 1.7GB, features one patch note
    44. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is certainly shiny, but where has the soul gone?
    45. Titanfall Australian servers up and running
    46. Payday 2's next DLC is Election Day
    47. Metal Gear Solid: nobody expected PSOne classic's success, says Kojima
    48. Phoenix Wright creator wanted to end series after three games
    49. Papers, Please has sold over 500,000 copies
    50. PlayStation Store update brings non-functioning rental links, linked to PS Now - report
    51. US PS Store Update, March 13 - Dark Souls 2, Towerfall Ascension
    52. InFamous started out as Animal Crossing, Sucker Punch boss says
    53. That Dragon, Cancer: Joel Green passes away aged five
    54. Superdata February: digital spend up 17% year-on-year, but down QoQ
    1. Dark Souls 2 Australian, New Zealand online play coming later today
    2. NPD February: PS4 still top of US retail chart, hardware sales drive YoY and MoM growth
    3. SimCity offline update in "final testing"
    4. Anomaly team's next project takes a very different view of warfare
    5. EA Sports UFC screens show some new faces (and abs)
    6. InFamous: Second Son playthrough shows evil path
    7. Spec Ops: The Line now available on Mac
    8. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster trailer shows opening cinematic
    9. Need for Speed movie had a $66 million production budget
    10. The Playroom updated with Ninja Bot training course
    11. Sparta: War of Empires brings MMO RTS to Facebook
    12. Class of Heroes 2G NA version supports PSP, Vita as second screen
    13. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon soundtrack releasing as a double vinyl LP in neon pink
    14. Heroes of the Storm character rotation, tech alpha outlined by Blizzard
    15. MLB 14 The Show has been dated for PlayStation 4
    16. League of Legends betting scandal errupts after player attempts suicide
    17. Abyss Odyssey video introduces Judith who is one of your enemies
    18. Soul Calibur: Lost Swords video hails the return of Hilde
    19. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z screenshots feature various boss battles
    20. Firewatch is the first title from Campo Santo
    21. PopCap lays off an undisclosed number of employees
    22. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons creator working on "something that hasn't been done before"
    23. Indie Royale Debut 11 Bundle comes with eight titles
    24. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes discussed in latest Conversations with Creators video series
    25. SEGA Humble Sale includes Total War titles, Company of Heroes, Alpha Protocol, more
    26. Rockstar game titles are on sale this weekend through Steam
    27. Might & Magic 10: Legacy DLC The Falcon & The Unicorn lands in March
    28. Carmageddon: Reincarnation Steam Early Access available today for VIP Backers
    29. Total War: Rome 2's second major expansion Hannibal at the Gates out this month
    30. Alien: Isolation developer video details "Creating the Alien"
    31. Titanfall guide: how to smash the opposition online
    32. Elder Scrolls Online Limited Edition Hero's Guide announced by Bethesda
    33. Metal Gear Solid's Hideo Kojima to appear in live interview on Twitch
    34. Immersive Technology Alliance formed by Oculus VR, EA, Avegant, CastAR others
    35. Yoshi’s New Island reviews land - get all the scores here
    36. Titanfall developers "talking to Aspyr" regarding Mac version of the shooter
    37. Unity to acquire mobile game service provider Applifier, integrate Everyplay into development platform
    38. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD releases on PC later this month
    39. Assassin's Creed team lets history dictate the setting, not game mechanics
    40. Dear Esther developer Robert Briscoe joins Valve Software
    41. Nintendo US eShop update, March 13 - Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Yoshi's New Island, Galaga
    42. CounterSpy announced for PlayStation 4
    43. Titanfall Q4 shipments to hit 2.4 million, 6 million to ship during current year
    44. Xbox One pads compatible with PC thanks to this homebrew driver fix
    45. Steam beta reveals new customer report system for offensive or legally violating games
    46. Titanfall midnight launch events detailed by GAME UK, full store list here
    47. Funcom CEO explains company's financial investigation, "it all blew over very fast"
    48. The Last of Us movie is adaptation of game, Druckmann confirms
    49. Dead Synchronicity: post-apocalyptic adventure game takes to Kickstarter
    50. inFamous: Second Son's first 20 minutes leaked via PS4 share button, hundreds of images appear
    51. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn gets update 2.2 screens, showing bosses, locations & more
    52. Titanfall Xbox One wasn't originally planned, Respawn reveals
    53. Humble Bundle launches game pack to raise funds for Brandon Boyer
    54. Freedom Wars: PS Vita screens show companion customisation, alternative costumes
    55. Kotaku UK is coming, courtesy of Future
    56. Titanfall updates discussed by Respawn: private lobbies, frame-rate increase & more incoming
    57. The Order: 1886 Japanese site yields London underground concept art
    58. Microsoft's Spencer feels fanboys have "unhealthy dislike” for other formats, exec praises Sony
    59. Titanfall already has aimbot cheaters, Respawn is aware & on the case
    60. Oculus Rift user creates mod that allows for free-form FPS gun movement
    61. UPDATE: Titanfall's Australian servers come online Friday
    62. InFamous: Second Son dev says making games is a bit like parenting
    63. Among the Sleep teaser trailer may give you the willies
    64. UDPATE: Xbox Gamerscore champion breaks 1 million points
    65. Samurai Warriors 4 character trailers show Mitsunari, Hideyoshi, Nene, Sakon and more
    66. J-Stars Victory VS boss character is you
    67. Forza concept art raises hopes for Horizon sequel
    68. Majesco Q1: next-gen transition blamed for drop in revenues
    69. Need for Speed: Rivals DLC pack ties in with movie
    70. Neverwinter: Curse of Icewind Dale factions detailed
    71. Invisible, Inc gets new easily viewed gameplay trailer
    72. Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2 turns one, passes 1 million sales, goes on sale
    73. LXP incubating unannounced project "turning science fiction into science fact"
    74. Surgeon Simulator rolling out on iPad today - here's why you should play it
    75. Watch Dogs team "forced" to show at E3 2012
    76. Hobbit SFX crew teaming up with Petroglyph for Grey Goo
    77. Monaco dev's next game is control pad RTS Armada
    78. Mario Golf: World Tour video dives into Cheep Cheep Lagoon
    79. Shovel Knight delayed "by a few weeks"
    1. BAFTA nominees on sale on Steam
    2. The Last Guardian "absolutely in the mix", "really cool" that fans are interested - Rohde
    3. Dark Souls 2 website offers death, clear statistics
    4. BAFTA reactions: The Last of Us, Gone Home, Papers Please devs chat with Sam
    5. Rockstar parent trademarks Hangar 13
    6. Titanfall known issues page offers various workarounds
    7. EVE Online: Rubicon update 1.3 has been released
    8. Pure Chess will release through eShop next week
    9. Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer Robot releases tomorrow on EU eShop
    10. Witcher 3 delay will not impact Cyberpunk 2077 development, says CDP
    11. Constant C now available through Xbox Live and Steam
    12. Dark Souls 2 producer talks PC delay, possibility of world events
    13. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call contains Knights of the Round summons and Chocobos
    14. Kinect Sports Rivals tasks you with becoming a champion
    15. BAFTA Awards: The Last of Us wins Game of the Year and four more awards
    16. Dragon Age Keep beta invites are rolling out today
    17. Unreal Engine 4 video demos the engines running at near-native speeds in Firefox
    18. Candy Crush maker targeting $7.6 billion IPO valuation
    19. Angry Birds Epic is a turn-based RPG with a crafting system
    20. Super Smash Bros. Melee returning to Major League Gaming Pro Circuit in June
    21. Super Smash Bros. Melee included in Evo 2014 lineup with Nintendo's approval
    22. One Piece Unlimited: World Red heading to US, Australia, Europe this year
    23. Mighty No. 9 level concept art and development update posted by Comcept
    24. Star Citizen will contain Moon Collider's AI system Kythera
    25. Nvidia GTX GeForce bundles include a digital copy of Daylight or F2P in-game currency
    26. EU PS Store update, March 12: Dark Souls 2, Vessel, The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 2
    27. Mercenary Kings set for an early April release on PlayStation 4
    28. The Walking Dead: Season 2 accolades trailer released, free credits track download
    29. Dark Souls 2 journal #2: into The Lost Bastille and the trouble with threes
    30. Epoch: Return from former Bioware devs lands on Kickstarter
    31. Godus beta 2.0 now available through Steam
    32. Titanfall handles well in the wild, but those campaigns are a mess - opinion
    33. Soul Sacrifice Delta and PS4 top Media Create charts
    34. Wildstar slated for June release, pre-orders go live next week
    35. Nintendo to showcase various indies, demo using NWF development tool at GDC
    36. Fantasy Zone: Sega's classic shooter coming to Japanese 3DS eShop in March
    37. Tales of Zestiria: new character Edna revealed, first art inside
    38. Space Hulk: Space Wolves expansion out now on PC, Mac & iOS
    39. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes PS3 orders get free Peace Walker HD
    40. Sony to reveal VR headset at GDC, prototype already with developers - report
    41. Titanfall: EA responds to PC connection problems, "unexpected downtime" [UPDATE]
    42. PSN Call of Duty sale is go, discounts full games and DLC packs
    43. Bears vs Art is next game from Jetpack Joyride dev, gameplay video reveals all
    44. If you want to be big in mobile, you have to start on Facebook, says company exec
    45. Mafia 3: rumoured casting call implies Louisiana setting, new character bios listed
    46. MGS 5: Ground Zeroes UAE street date wasn't broken on purpose, producer asks fans to avoid spoilers
    47. Naughty Dog's approach to development explained by lead programmer - video
    48. Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer announces iOS, Android & Windows Phone game for April
    49. Dark Souls 2 gets another launch trailer littered with accolades - watch
    50. Xbox ruled UK software sales in 2013, Sony up, but Nintendo falls sharp
    51. inFamous: Second Son fan Q&A yields new insight, Delsin's appearance changes with karma levels
    52. Need for Speed: 27 observations from Aaron Paul's new movie
    53. Xbox Live digital midnight launches are the future Microsoft is building towards, says Spencer
    54. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls trailer introduces the Crusader class - watch
    55. Battlefield 4: Naval Strike map preview images appear
    56. inFamous: Second Son – Sucker Punch strives to make its mark
    57. Google acquires members and assets of defunct studio Green Throttle
    58. Watch Dogs minimum PC specs released
    59. Skrillex Recess album released in full inside mobile game
    60. US PS Store update delayed
    61. Nippon Ichi's next project is htoL #NiQ: Hotaru no Nikki
    62. Ex-Eidos Montreal boss Stephane D'Astous joins casual developer Hibernum
    63. LXP: Microsoft trademark identified as in-house Kinect team
    1. Burden debut trailer shows off your living, breathing battlefield
    2. Game of Thrones: Ascent coming to mobile in northern spring
    3. Watch Dogs re-classified in Australia as R18+ with new content warnings
    4. Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick awarded a $7.85 million cash bonus
    5. The Elder Scrolls Online content to be "real and significant"
    6. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 30th anniversary remake now online
    7. Home dev's horror dating sim actually happening
    8. Xbox One sign-in issues resolved, reboot may be required
    9. Humble Mobile Bundle 4 adds OLO, Color Sheep and Gunslugs
    10. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is out of beta and unleashed upon the world
    11. Dungeons & Dragon Online Update 21: Legendary Halls has been released
    12. Flappy Bird creator "considering" bringing game back with a warning label
    13. WildStar release date set for early June - report
    14. Yoshi's New Island launch trailer released
    15. Eternal Sonata, Sanctum 2, Foul Play others discounted through Xbox Games Store
    16. Trion Worlds announces Glyph, a DRM-free digital platform for PC
    17. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z developer diary discusses the Style of Slaughter
    18. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt won't release until February 2015
    19. EQN: Landmark closed beta expected on or before March 31, franchise updates detailed
    20. The Elder Scrolls Online: we've got 1,000 beta keys to giveaway
    21. Raptr has reached 22 million members, 1.5 million added per month
    22. Titanfall community manager says on-disc DLC is a "thorny issue" Respawn wanted to avoid
    23. Valve's Atman Binstock named Oculus’ new chief architect
    24. Naughty Dog, Wargaming, Rooster Teeth, more participating in Operation Supply Drop’s 8-Bit Salute
    25. Mount & Blade: Warband now available for Nvidia Sheild on the Play Store
    26. TowerFall: Ascension lands on PS4 today in North America
    27. Puzzle & Dragons downloaded 3 million times in North America, color-blind mode released
    28. Star Trek Online is now available for Mac
    29. Capcom and Twitch form year long Street Fighter league
    30. Citadel Studios to develop multiplayer RPGs for PC
    31. Tropico 5 screenshots will make you yearn for warmer climes
    32. Hitman: Absolution - Elite Edition heading to Mac this spring courtesy of Feral Interactive
    33. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Samurai Outfit Collection DLC available from today
    34. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster launch trailer, battle screens released
    35. Arma 3's third and final episode for The East Wind releases later this month
    36. WindForge from Snowed In Studios launches today on Steam, GOG, other channels
    37. Crytek adds Linux support to CryEngine, will be demoed at GDC
    38. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy: Curtain Call preliminary track list announced
    39. Dark Souls 2 walkthrough: a complete guide to all locations and bosses
    40. Nintendo eShop now has a dedicated indie games hub
    41. MLG and Activision announce the 32 teams headed to $1 million Call of Duty Championship
    42. Titanfall PC's 48GB install size explained by Respawn
    43. Smash Bros. 3DS gets Pokemon X & Y Lumiose City stage - screen
    44. Titanfall Xbox One & PC patch resolves server issues ahead of today's launch
    45. World of Warcraft: level 90 booster available now, costs £40
    46. Dark Souls 2 gameplay video: Dave talks features & get killed by a new boss
    47. Titanfall Twitch livestream: watch Dave get his mech on from 2pm UK
    48. Gran Turismo 6 patch 1.05 changes menu options, adds multi-monitor support & more
    49. Watch Dogs closed beta trial appears on Xbox One store, then disappears
    50. Fable Legends video reveals new gameplay info, possible return of dog companions
    51. Bravely Default studio teases new project with cryptic images
    52. Nintendo eShop Europe: Yoshi's New Island & Double Dragon lead the week
    53. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will see some changes before launch, Blizzard explains all
    54. Watch Dogs PS4 TV spot focuses on console's sharing feature
    55. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare armoured DLC possibly teased on in-game billboard
    56. Turtle Beach posts list of all Xbox One-compatible headsets
    57. Warcraft movie star Dominic Cooper feeling "quite a lot of pressure” to deliver
    58. Xbox One: Phil Spencer teases incoming Japanese games
    59. Yoshi's New Island TV spot is bizarre, features backyard egg destruction
    60. Pokemon X & Y sword-type Honedge forged for real by swordsmith
    61. Fight Club re-imagined as an 8-bit scrolling beat-em-up is wonderful
    62. Duelyst is new turn-based strategy game from ex-Blizzard & Insomniac dev
    63. Dark Souls 2 journal #1: the first ten hours have been painful
    64. Titanfall: 'Free the Frontier' live-action trailer is here, shows plenty of robotic action
    65. PlayStation Home update to add trophies to virtual world
    66. Samurai Warriors 4 cast videos show Ginchiyo Tachibana
    67. Dark Souls 2 reviews - all the scores
    68. Destiny ad shows gameplay, touts PS4 Share features
    69. Hawken now free-to-play on Steam
    70. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 gets release date, pre-orders get beta access
    71. Firefly Online gets first screenshot - trailer and more information coming soon
    72. Frog Fractions 2 takes to Kickstarter, will release in secret
    73. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 team discuss their contributions
    74. Twitch streaming now available on Xbox One
    75. Shark Punch formed by three former Disney staffers, first title is The Masterplan
    76. 999: The Novel coming to iOS next week
    1. Titanfall launch day issues are Microsoft's problem, says Respawn engineer
    2. Hohokum trailer shows off Funfair
    3. Frozen Endzone now on Steam, Frozen Synapse update adds turn notifications
    4. Lone Survivor is this week's US PS Plus bonus
    5. Perfect World Q4 revenues jump thanks to Dota 2 soft launch
    6. Daylight now available for pre-purchase on Steam
    7. Star Citizen crowdfunding passes $40 million milestone
    8. Sony is "going back to the drawing board with Driveclub," says exec
    9. WoW: Warlords of Draenor is available now for pre-purchase, launches this fall
    10. Titanfall: Xbox One resolution confirmed to be 792p, is 'likely' to be increased according to Respawn
    11. Battlefield 4: Xbox One update rolling out now, brings vehicle and weapon tweaks to the platform
    12. MGS 5: Ground Zeroes street date broken in United Arab Emirates - report
    13. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Cities and classes detailed by developer
    14. Dark Souls 2 launch trailer reminds you that you will die
    15. Gone Home will make the jump to consoles this year
    16. Costume Quest 2 announced, coming this Halloween to PC and consoles, trailer inside
    17. Ubisoft announces Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Jackdaw Edition
    18. Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force comes to WiiU eShop this week
    19. Bound by Flame: Spiders Studio details the RPG's crafting system
    20. Titanfall review round-up, get all the scores here
    21. Titanfall in video: new maps, new weapons, new modes
    22. Titanfall: prepare for the revolution
    23. Titanfall's opening cinematic sets the scene for war
    24. Tales from the Borderlands SXSW panel available in full, watch it inside
    25. Geoff Keighley to host an hour-long interview with Hideo Kojima on March 13
    26. MGS 5: The Phantom Pain: "This is the game I really wanted to make," says Kojima
    27. Ubisoft Toronto is working on five unannounced projects, says Raymond
    28. PSN Europe sales charts see Call of Duty: Ghosts topping PS4 list - full charts here
    29. Namco cross-media team ShiftyLook to close after three years, Namco High servers to shut in June
    30. Sony unveils next generation of "Archival" 300GB-1TB Blu-ray discs
    31. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 18: Earthen Peak
    32. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 17: Harvest Valley to Earthen Peak
    33. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 16: Return to Huntsman’s Copse
    34. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 15: Brightstone Cove Tseldora
    35. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 14: Doors of Pharros
    36. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 13: Shaded Woods
    37. Witcher 3 dev says talking about resolution before a game's finished is "pointless"
    38. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 12: Grave of Saints
    39. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 11: Black Gulch
    40. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 11: Black Gulch
    41. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 10: The Gutter
    42. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 9: Undead Purgatory
    43. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 8: Huntsman’s Copse
    44. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 7: Belfry Luna
    45. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 6: Sinner's Rise
    46. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 5: The Lost Bastille
    47. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 4: No-Man's Wharf
    48. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 3: Heide's Tower of Flame
    49. Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition board game revealed, coming Q4 2014
    50. HMV to ditch pre-owned games business, is selling off remaining stock at discount
    51. Obscure 1 & 2 release on Steam, pricing inside
    52. Watch Dogs: Aiden Pearce action figure now available at £29.99
    53. Titanfall Xbox One download availability dates & times confirmed by region
    54. Watch Dogs: seamless multiplayer can be turned off, says Ubisoft
    55. NES Remix 2 screens show more Nintendo minigame mash-ups
    56. ID@Xbox launch parity issues to be discussed on a case-by-case basis, says Microsoft
    57. Nintendo outlines 3DS & Wii U eShop downtime, Pokemon X&Y to go offline for 14 hours
    58. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 2.5: A Shortcut From The Forest of the Fallen Giant to The Lost Bastille
    59. Final Fantasy X HD Remaster artbook reveals early Tidus & Yuna designs
    60. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 2: Forest of Fallen Giants
    61. Final Fantasy Type-0 fan localisation set to release August 8, trailer inside
    62. UK game charts: South Park enters at first, full chart inside
    63. UPDATED: Gaikai site redesign reveals potential PS Now game prices
    64. Crash Team Racing: cancelled sequel footage emerges online
    65. Titanfall: some players have already 'prestiged' into their next Generation
    66. PSN maintenance scheduled for over five hours today, downtime detailed
    67. Titanfall Xbox One resolution hits 792p in final build, claims gamer, PC striving for 60FPS
    68. Crimson Dragon dev unveils Project Life, a Geometry Wars-style shooter with Oculus support
    69. Marvel: Avengers Alliance getting Guardians of the Galaxy & Winter Solider content
    70. Trove: Minecraft copycat or the evolution of a genre? Trion responds
    71. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster review round-up
    72. Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 1: Things Betwixt & Majula
    73. Eets Munchies now available on iOS
    74. Dark Souls PC tool enumerates your many, many deaths
    75. PlayStation 3 covers changing to look more like PS4
    76. InFamous: Second Son trophies, soundtrack list may contain spoilers
    77. Xbox One without "irrelevant" Kinect coming 2015, says Pachter
    78. Titanfall: "good news" coming regarding Australian servers
    79. The Walking Dead: making Clementine the hero was "really challenging"
    80. Strictly Business wins top spot at US Call of Duty Championship
    81. Battlefield 4 sever rentals "coming soon"
    82. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls soundtrack preview available
    83. Microsoft committed to Xbox, Games with Gold to improve
    84. Lollipop Chainsaw sales pass 1 million units
    1. Titanfall promotional site teases live-action content
    2. Nintendo eShop down for maintenance March 13
    3. Tales from the Borderlands protagonists detailed at SXSW
    1. EA CEO considers VR headsets a "fourth modality" in gaming
    2. Video Games Live 2014 announces stops in Europe, Mexico, South America and China
    3. Epoch: Returns from former Bioware developers taking to Kickstarter soon
    4. Betrayer from Blackpowder Games releasing on Steam later this month
    5. Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville releases next week on Steam
    6. Microsoft touts Xbox Live data as source for targeted political ads on consoles
    7. MLG Call of Duty US Championship starts today at noon EST
    8. Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Mario Kart given Oculus Rift treatment
    9. Rovio video teases medieval-themed Angry Birds
    10. Criterion co-founder outlines issues with Need For Speed Wii U release
    11. The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2 - A House Divided out now on iOS
    1. Yoshida, Marks to discuss PlayStation "innovation" and "the future of gaming” at GDC
    2. Composer Jeremy Soule signs exclusivity deal with SOE for EverQuest Next and Landmark
    3. Race To Mars is a space company strategy-sim available on Steam Early Access
    4. Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar Chapter 3 update available through Early Access
    5. MotoGP 14 video teases PlayStation 4 release
    6. Mugen Souls Z release date set for May, limited edition detailed
    7. Super Smash Bros. 3DS includes an Animal Crossing stage
    8. inFamous: Second Son live-action video released, livestream of launch announced
    9. Destiny of Spirits will release on Vita in March
    10. Watch Dogs development team hosting fan Q&A on Twitch this evening
    11. The Witch and the Hundred Knight gameplay trailers are short but sweet
    12. Galak-Z heading to PlayStation Vita this year
    13. SWTOR player housing teased, next Community Cantina takes place in Boulder this month
    14. Xbox One video walks you through broadcasting using Twitch
    15. NBA 2K14 King of the Court Challenge from 2K, MLG and Virgin Gaming starts today
    16. Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile roster expanded with Darkseid
    17. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster commercial takes you down memory lane
    18. Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut video shows the game running on PS4
    19. Dark Souls 2 PC minimum and recommended system requirements announced
    20. SoulCalibur 2 HD Online update improves online matching
    21. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Revelations DLC sees Alucard takes center stage
    22. Swords & Some Magic is a barbarian themed platformer, runner mix
    23. Inafune's latest and two PS4 indies announced at Kyoto indie BitSummit
    24. LEGO Mega Pack bundles announced for PS Vita
    25. Watch Dogs PS4 does 1080p/30FPS, Xbox One at 960p - report
    26. Godus PC Beta 2.0 trailer will drop next week, update expected in March
    27. The Last of Us 2: Baker would come back if asked, series is "not a money grab"
    28. Persona Q gets two new character trailers, focusing on Fuuka and Rise
    29. Ultra Street Fighter 4: Rolento gameplay trailer shows off his full command list
    30. ReRoll: drone-scanning the planet to make the biggest game world ever
    31. The Division & The Crew still slated for 2014 release by Ubisoft
    32. Watch Dogs: 8-player free roam mode confirmed by Ubisoft
    33. Titanfall Xbox One launch day patch available now, weighs in at 840MB
    34. Battlefield 4 launch woes haven't damaged the brand, series "critical" to FY 2015, says Jorgensen
    35. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch passes 1.1 million shipped, new edition revealed
    36. South Park: Stick of Truth censorship "does feel like a double standard," says Matt Stone
    37. inFamous: Second Son pre-orders higher than The Last of Us, Sony confirms
    38. Earthlock is new Xbox One JRPG coming to ID@Xbox & PS4, first details & screens
    39. Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll coming to 3DS Summer 2014 - trailer
    40. Titanfall: branded Xbox One consoles given to Respawn staff, photos inside
    41. inFamous: Second Son pad layout reveals 'Karmic Powers' button, dev explains system
    42. THQ: where are they now?
    43. Titanfall pre-orders cancelled in South Africa due to poor network tests [UPDATE]
    44. Battlefield 4 Carrier Assault mode detailed, coming late March
    45. Final Fantasy 11 'Job Points' system allows level 99 players to overclock characters
    46. Tiny Brains developer unveils competitive eSports title Project Cyber
    47. Early online Titanfall players won't be banned, confirms Zampella
    48. PS3, Xbox 360 price drops unlikely till 2015, says EA's Jorgensen
    49. Uncharted creator not "forced out" of Naughty Dog - co-presidents
    50. Freedom Wars "Accessory" companions detailed
    51. Edge of Space gets online co-op multiplayer, Terraria content
    52. Chain of Souls is a new match-three RPG from Konami
    53. Assassin's Creed: Pirates gets free five-hour content update
    54. Devolver Digital Double Debut bundle includes classic games, a new release and indie movies
    55. Disney Infinity, Fantasia: Music Evolved unaffected by restructuring
    56. Nevermind gets harder as you get scared - bare hours left to pledge
    1. Year Walk now available on Steam
    2. PixelJunk Inc renamed Nom Nom Galaxy, headed to Steam Early Access
    3. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z screens pack in plenty of variety
    4. PS4 camera price hiked by $10 at GameStop
    5. UKIE names Dan Wood as new COO
    6. Xbox One controller update required for stereo headset adapter
    7. The Walking Dead mobile game in the works at Next Games
    8. PopCap analyst Allison Bilas joins GameAnalytics
    9. Killzone: Shadow Fall's 1080p multiplayer isn't upscaled; Guerrilla explains tech
    10. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle dated for North America
    11. Stronghold Kingdoms Fourth Age update adds gunpowder, bombard and more
    12. MLG Call of Duty US Championship takes place this weekend in Florida
    13. PopCap games make up latest Humble Weekly Sale
    14. Jack Tretton stepping down as SCEA president and CEO
    15. Defense Grid 2 coming to PS4 and Xbox One courtesy of 505 Games
    16. The Room and The Room 2 have sold 5.4 million combined in 14 months
    17. The Last of Us film to be distributed by Screen Gems, script penned by Druckmann
    18. Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC lands on Xbox Live first in April
    19. Disney lays off 700 staffers in mobile, social, and web gaming division
    20. Watch Dogs Wii U and initial release delays explained by Ubisoft
    21. Tomb Raider reboot will cross over the 6 million sold mark this month
    22. UPDATE: Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia E3 2014 fact sheet surfaces
    23. Dragon Age: Inquisition video takes you to every corner of the land
    24. Artbooks for The Evil Within, Wolfenstein: The New Order and Dishonored coming soon
    25. Ouya's 680-strong library releases on Mad Catz's MOJO this spring
    26. Enemy Front teaser trailer throws you in the middle of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944
    27. Tropico 5 trailer provides a glimpse at gameplay
    28. Foul Play comes to PS4 and Vita this spring, new video inside
    29. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn takes to Indiegogo
    30. Dark Souls 2 PC release date confirmed for April 25, prologue trailer released
    31. Twitch signs three year deal with E3, becomes official live streaming partner
    32. Forza 5 digital Xbox One bundle arriving in US store next week
    33. LEGO: The Hobbit video shows how to co-op through Middle-earth
    34. Nintendo US eShop update, March 6: NES Open Tournament Golf, BLOK DROP U
    35. Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition out Q2, video and shots released
    36. MGS 5: Ground Zeroes pre-orders include bonus Mother Base staff for Phantom Pain, iDROID app detailed
    37. Mixer 2 Bundle from Indie Royale includes The 39 Steps, Dawn of Fantasy, more
    38. Rust content in the works includes UI update, farming, item editor
    39. Super Mario Kart dated for Wii U Virtual Console
    40. Watch Dogs worldwide May 27 release date announced, new trailer inside
    41. inFamous: Second Son DLC in development now, due in next few months
    42. Serious Sam 4 pegged for Q4 2014 release
    43. Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition comes with blue shell toy - trailer
    44. The Division: more new screens show abandoned bridge, city square
    45. Etherium screens show RTS factions, unit types & cataclysmic weather effects
    46. PS4 GDC session will see Sony discussing "new and exciting features"
    47. The Order: 1886 Japanese site opens, teases March 13 reveal
    48. Need for Speed: Rivals is this week's PSN deal of the week
    49. Gigantic Army is a new 2D mech shooter on Steam today, looks like Contra x Metal Slug
    50. Deus Ex: The Fall and Tomb Raider mobile games are 99p from today
    51. Kerbal Space Program and NASA team up for Asteroid Redirect mission
    52. The Hong Kong Massacre is a stupidly violent take on Hotline Miami's format
    53. Pier Solar HD: Mega Drive RPG licensed for PS4 & Xbox One, coming to some platforms Q2
    54. Killzone: Shadow Fall was 85p on PSN last night after Sony gaffe
    55. Diablo 3 auction house to be taken down March 18, Blizzard explains all in this trailer
    56. Microsoft trademarks Tentacles: Enter the Mind, Ori and the Blind Forest
    57. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes PS4 screens show Psycho Mantis, map device & more
    58. Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC weapon 'The Ripper' gets leaked images & trailer
    59. Banished: a great single-player city builder that brings people together
    60. Hideo Kojima explains why he used the codename 'Snake' in Metal Gear Solid
    61. Final Fantasy 14: Through The Maelstrom gets new images
    62. Resident Evil 6 prequel Manga coming west
    63. Shadow Realms trademark filed by EA
    64. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse delayed "a couple of months"
    65. Valhalla Knights 3 Gold localisation not on the cards
    66. MLB 14: The Show introduces all-new online franchise mode
    67. Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed coming to PS3, Vita in the west
    68. Homeworld Remastered Collection combines multiplayer modes, includes originals
    69. Monaco sales top 750,000 thanks to Humble Bundle
    1. DirectX 12 on show at GDC 2014
    2. BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma "doesn't fit on the disc" for Xbox 360
    3. Skywind trailer shows off journey from Seyda Neen to Balmora
    4. Goat Simulator was "four houses and a Goat on a map in UDK" at reveal
    5. Titanfall Arcade offers classic Atari games with a twist
    6. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes doesn't avoid "sensitive" material, Kojima says
    7. Titanfall Season Pass has three content packs, will run you $24.99
    8. DRAM manufacturers to pay $310 million to PC, console owners
    9. Sniper Elite 3 pre-orders give players the chance to kill Hitler
    10. World of Warplanes Update 1.2 releases in Europe and North America tomorrow
    11. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 players can download the new Personalization Pack
    12. DUST 514 upcoming update 1.8 expands the arsenal
    13. Team 17 to publish Rocket Rainbow's puzzler Hay Ewe on mobile, tablets
    14. World of Tanks developer video dicusses improvements to physics engine
    15. Arma 3 celebrates Alpha anniversary with M2A4 Slammer tank
    16. EVE: Source - visual guide to EVE Online and DUST 514 released today
    17. Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition announced for next-gen, Wii U and Xbox 360
    18. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition's City Texture Pack releases this Friday
    19. Deception 4: Blood Ties pre-orders net players sadistic traps to use in-game
    20. Killzone: Shadow Fall Insurgent Pack multiplayer expansion detailed
    21. Child of Light European pre-orders upgraded to Deluxe Edition on PC and PlayStation
    22. OnLive's CloudLift service will let you play Steam games on any device
    23. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate slated for summer release on PS4 and Vita
    24. Abyss Odyssey announced as latest from ACE Team
    25. Conception 2 turn your children into giant death robots, demo out this month
    26. War of the Vikings set for full release in April
    27. Tiny Brains developer Spearhead Games teases upcoming competitive physics-based game
    28. Three Fields Entertainment formed by Criterion co-founders
    29. Metal Gear Solid 5 on PC is something Kojima would "definitely" like to release
    30. EU PS Store and Plus update, March 5: Dead Nation, Tomb Raider, South Park, Atelier Escha & Logy
    31. QuakeCon 2014: first round of online pre-registration opens today
    32. Star Citizen's Dogfighting Module has a release window, space sim's team is 212 strong
    33. Twitch integration coming to mobile devices
    34. SOMA trailer asks 'Why are they killing themselves?'
    35. Harvest Moon: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi and PS4 top Media Create charts
    36. PS4 PlayStation Plus will get free triple-A games later this year, insider claims
    37. Namco Bandai teams up with indies to distribute three new games - trailers inside
    38. Average of 60 Flappy Bird clones added to Apple's App Store every day - report
    39. Titanfall, Sniper Elite 3 & Transformers Universe among playable games at Gadget Show Live
    40. Battlefield 4: Naval Strike PS4 trophy list appears, see it here
    41. 2014 World Cup Brazil: EA explains why it's not coming to next-gen & isn't DLC - video
    42. Call of Duty: Ghosts Free Fall map available to all as patches hit every platform, notes inside
    43. PSN: Great Value Games sale has over 50 discounts, God of War & Uncharted included
    44. UPDATED: Xbox One to get another system update preview soon, says Microsoft
    45. Lucas Pope: "I'm kind of sick to death of Papers, Please"
    46. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare DLC will be free, says PopCap's Clay
    47. Steam Greenlight passes 50 more games, full list here
    48. Final Fantasy 14: Fat Chocobo mount images appear
    49. Blood Bowl 2 stadium screens appear, stand upgrades and pitch invasions discussed
    50. Walking Dead: Season 2 - A House Divided underlines the stupidity of humankind
    51. Metroid Prime gets unofficial Oculus Rift compatibility - video
    52. South Park: The Stick of Truth delayed in Germany & Austria due to unremoved swastikas
    53. Need for Speed: Rivals gets free car DLC, watch it in action here
    54. Samurai Warriors 4 gets a collection of regional trailers in Japan, watch here
    55. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Linux development happening now, says Newell
    56. Battlefield 4: PS3 & Xbox 360 patches drop, level cap up to 120, other fixes listed here
    57. Titanfall will get free & paid DLC, season pass model confirmed by Zampella
    58. The Division screens show rooftop battles, in-world HUD & more
    59. The Guided Fate Paradox sequel due in Japan this year
    60. Uncharted writer Amy Hennig leaves Naughty Dog
    61. Canadian game RRP increased by $10 - report
    62. Dota 2: The International 2014 moving to July, new venue - report
    63. Funcom Q4: revenues down, but MMOs "cash flow positive"
    64. Xbox One March update out now, adds rumoured Dolby support, Twitch, and more
    65. Steam has "a long way to go" to establish connections between users and creators - Newell
    66. Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed 4 lead Xbox Live weekly deals
    67. AIE devotes $50,000 to incubated studio grants
    68. Goat Simulator gets suspiciously humorous release date
    69. Blackguards Untold Legends DLC out now, trailer introduces new content
    1. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f launch trailer heralds today's launch
    2. Akiba's Trip 2 localisation hot candidate for answer to XSEED tease
    3. Badland, Breach & Clear feature in Humble Mobile Bundle 4
    4. Freedom Wars includes text-to-speech, supports English
    5. God of War Collection supports Vita TV
    6. Tropico 5 gets box art, new screenshots
    7. Valve permitting devs to control pricing on Steam to drive PC game prices to mobile levels - Lovell
    8. Defiance DLC adds better leaderboards, co-op bonuses, more
    9. Neverwinter's third expansion to visit Icewind Dale
    10. Thief developer Eidos Montreal confirms a number of lay-offs
    11. Kojima - MGS5 will prove to younger-gen high-end games are still worth playing
    12. Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction work wouldn't have started had Interceptor not been "100% sure," says CEO
    13. inFamous: Second Son shots show Delsin's neon powers, Seattle
    14. EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil video features gameplay, producer discussing content
    15. One Finger Death Punch now available through Steam
    16. BattleBlock Theater hitting Steam "soon," closed beta sign-ups live
    17. SteamWorld Dig release date announced by Image & Form
    18. Grand Theft Auto Online's Business Update is now available
    19. Titanfall launch trailer shows new maps, mighty mechs
    20. Diablo 3 players on PC and Mac getting 50% extra XP starting today
    21. Xbox Music adds 92,000 music videos to Xbox One
    22. Microsoft to extend Xbox Live functionality to Android, iOS games - report
    23. Murdered: Soul Suspect dated, European pre-order bonuses inbound
    24. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition begins to cannibalise the PS4
    25. Batman: Arkham Knight detailed, watch the debut trailer here
    26. HBO GO will be made available for US PlayStation 3 users later today
    27. Drakengard 3 second pre-order bonus and novella announced, Shiba video interview inside
    28. Peggle 2 releasing on Xbox 360 in May with Duel Mode
    29. Take On Mars' latest content update Expedition One has you exploring the red planet
    30. Guild Wars 2: Battle for Lion's Arch begins today
    31. Project Spark goes into beta on Xbox One
    32. Asheron's Call and Asheron's Call 2 content development ceasing, servers will remain open
    33. Shuuhou Imai set to announce his latest 3DS game this week
    34. Hotline Miami 2, Gods Will Be Watching, other Devolver titles playable at SXSW
    35. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - two key factors of a world to get lost in
    36. Famitsu review round-up: Dark Souls 2 bags 37/40
    37. Legend of Zelda & Pokemon Monopoly sets coming September
    38. Snatcher HD remake in development for Dreamcast, comparison shots posted
    39. GTA 5 PS4: paid pre-orders listed on Portuguese site, claims it "will sell the game in question”
    40. Thief walkthrough - complete all Client Jobs, unlock Working Overtime & solve all puzzles
    41. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax gets 15-minutes of punch happy gameplay
    42. Xbox One Twitch streaming displays at higher resolution than PS4, claims feed test
    43. Heroes of the Storm gameplay footage has Blizzard explaining mechanics
    44. Football Manager 2014 Steam & handheld on sale for one day only - be quick
    45. Citybound looks to remedy mistakes of SimCity's launch, is playable offline
    46. Call of Duty: Ghosts Makarov DLC pack hits Xbox One & 360 today, details
    47. Peggle 2: Xbox One update adds Duels multiplayer mode, weighs in at 2.8GB
    48. Xbox Live sale discounts Call of Duty Ghosts, Castlevania: Mirror of Fate & more
    49. Nintendo eShop Europe: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures leads the week
    50. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters passes 1 million users, free Jann Lee offered to all
    51. UPDATED: Xbox One listed on Amazon Japan
    52. Call of Duty: 2014 is new Modern Warfare, claims Ghosts leaker - video
    53. Raiden 4: Overkill coming to PS3 in April
    54. Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends screenshots show greenthumb madness
    55. Driveclub dated April 9 by official Twitter feed, then deleted - report
    56. Pooping and nut kicks - it can only be more South Park: The Stick of Truth gameplay
    57. South Park: The Stick of Truth launch trailer is go, watch here
    58. South Park: The Stick of Truth review round-up
    59. Here's South Park: The Stick of Truth's censored anal probe scene in full
    60. PS4 sales pass 6 million worldwide, 370k in Japan so far, Sony confirms
    61. South Park: The Stick of Truth is the funniest episode in years
    62. Farmville, Words with Friends and Zynga Poker mobile games coming this year
    63. Alan Wake developer now employs an Oscar winner
    64. WoW: Mists of Pandaria Digital Deluxe Edition to be discontinued
    65. Canabalt creator founds new studio focused on "ethical business models"
    66. Nintendo's history has lessons for Japan, says prime minister
    67. The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 2 dated for iOS, Xbox 360
    68. Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer free on Xbox Live this weekend
    69. Gabe Newell's Reddit AMA rescheduled for tomorrow
    70. Oculus Rift consumer model won't be "a rich person's toy", founder says
    1. PSN Spring Fever sale discounts indie debuts, Need for Speed, Call of Duty, GTA, BioShock
    2. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, Tomb Raider free in this week's US PS Plus update
    3. Konami games boss promoted from EVP to president
    4. Nintendo Quality of Life unit to be separate from console business
    5. Ouya "ready to be embedded in other people's devices"
    6. Naughty Dog hints at 'secrets dropped around the Internet'
    7. Dishonored 2 E3 2014 reveal flagged by mysterious slide
    8. Tokyo Game Show 2014's theme is "Changing Games: The Transformation of Fun"
    9. Titanfall gets a 'life is better with a Titan' live-action trailer
    10. Gabe Newell's promised Reddit AMA will be held today
    11. Heroes of the Storm enters technical alpha, Blizzard will begin inviting players soon
    12. Battlefield 4: DICE outlines upcoming multiplayer fixes
    13. DICE LA to develop Battlefield 4's two final DLC packs, developer says
    14. 'Big week' for Watch Dogs, according to product manager
    15. End of Nations development is "put on hold"
    16. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 pre-order bonuses detailed, game out May 2
    17. Luftrausers is coming to PC, PS3, and PS Vita March 18
    18. Warframe PS4: Update 12 changes HUD, adds new class, new game mode, more
    19. Fez dated for PS3, PS4 and Vita
    20. Kickstarter has received $1 billion in pledges, game funding responsible for over $215 million
    21. Destiny trading cards could grant in-game content, get all the codes inside
    22. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 studio boss: "One must be blind or stupid to give it a 4/10"
    23. Dark Souls 2: From Software explains how it made the game slightly more accessible
    24. Xbox One UK: Zavvi adds one free game to the £399.99 Titanfall bundle
    25. Yoshi 3DS XL console revealed, coming to North America, March 14
    26. Titanfall Xbox achievement list appears, Generations prestige mode confirmed
    27. inFamous: Second Son gets new TV spot, Cole's Legacy DLC detailed
    28. Sonic the Hedgehog's origins lampooned in comedy sketch
    29. Raspberry Pi passes 2.5 million sales, $10,000 Quake 3 contest launched
    30. N++ PS4 gets teaser trailer, includes more of everything, basically
    31. Walking Dead: Season 2, episode 2 trophies appear ahead of tomorrow's launch
    32. Thief Walkthrough - Client Job 6: Heartbroken
    33. Thief Walkthrough Client Job 5: Sideshow Attraction
    34. South Park censor screen leaks ahead of game's launch
    35. Fable Legends art introduces playable nobleman Sterling
    36. Thief Walkthrough Client Job 4: The Carnal Connoisseur
    37. Watch Dogs dated on Sony Entertainment Network store
    38. Thief Walkthrough - Client Job 3: Silence is Golden
    39. Oscar is a new Kickstarter game that focuses on the hardships of growing up
    40. Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past game revealed for Android & iOS
    41. Rockstar founders to receive BAFTA Fellowship
    42. Thief Walkthrough - Client Job 2: Happy Medium
    43. Nintendo will remain committed to first-party hardware, Iwata confirms
    44. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 'Revelations' DLC may introduce playable Alucard - spoilers
    45. UK game charts: Thief debuts in first, Plants vs Zombies in at four - full chart
    46. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls TV spot shows cut-scenes, watch it here
    47. Mass Effect Trilogy PS4 & Xbox One remaster being discussed at BioWare
    48. Thief Walkthrough - Client Job 1: Hand Tailored
    49. Call of Duty 2014: Sledgehammer job ads list weather systems, destruction & more
    50. Chroma: Harmonix explains its music and guns mash-up
    51. The Chainsaw Incident: PS4 & Vita horror-themed 2D brawler announced - trailer
    52. Titanfall: leaked images show Generations prestige menu, zip-lines, new maps & more
    53. Titanfall: all 15 top-down multiplayer map images leaked
    54. Ultra Street Fighter 4 Edition Select lets you choose which Sagat you play as
    55. League of Legends introduces Team Builder queue
    56. Titanfall has 15 maps, five modes, says alleged leaker - rumour
    1. DayZ development team "effectively doubling"
    2. Loadout attracts 2 million sign-ups in first two weeks
    3. Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction dev acquires 3D Realms
    1. Dust: An Elysian Tail has sold 1 million copies
    2. Space Run from "one-man studio" Passtech Games set for May release
    3. Star Lords receives new Alpha update on Steam Early Access
    4. Essential 2K Collection is 70% on Green Man Gaming, PlayFire "paid-to-play" special running
    5. EverQuest Next Landmark's proposed business strategy outlines by SOE
    6. GBA titles Pac-Man Collection and Super Mario Ball rated by Australian Classification Board
    7. Irrational Games job fair supported 75 former staffers, 57 studios attended
    8. Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal trailer released
    9. DDO celebrates turning eight with Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood
    10. Age of Mythology: Extended Edition Steam release teased
    11. Affordable Space Adventures - Wii U game in the works from Knytt and Spin the Bottle devs
    12. Thief gets next-gen face-off treatment from Digital Foundry
    13. Twitch Plays Pokémon ends, "new adventure" begins tomorrow morning
    14. SEGA Cup 2014: Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown tournament sign ups live
    15. Xbox One March Update includes Dolby Digital 5.1, but not friends online notifications
    16. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 dev steps forward to confirm troubled development reports