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Witcher 3 dev says talking about resolution before a game's finished is "pointless"

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer Michał Krzemiński has poured cold water on the often heated debates surrounding resolution and framerates before a game is complete, calling it "pointless."

It comes from an interview with gamesTM, in which the CD Projekt RED employee responded to a question regarding Witcher 3 resolution differences between formats.

He replied, "If you're asking me to throw a rock in the PS4 vs. Xbox One resolution war, I won't. The game is not finished and talking about resolutions [and framerates] is, I think, pointless."

Resolution and frame-rate parity across formats has become a regular fixture on gaming sites lately, with a polarising effect on gamers. Some claim these figures directly impact their enjoyment of a game, while others argue its just window dressing.

On which side of the fence do you sit?

Via Kotaku.

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