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Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Campaign Walkthrough

Break into Camp Omega, rescue the two captives, and call in chopper extractions from a safe Landing Zone with our guide.


As the game begins, you'll be encouraged to bring up your binoculars to scout the area. There are at least three enemies spotted immediately: one on a watchtower ahead, the other two are standing by a gate. You'll need to take out the guard in the tower first to have any chance of getting into the facility undetected.

There's a climbable pathway to your right that'll lead to an easy tranquilliser headshot to the guard in the watchtower. Be careful to not get spotted by the light beforehand. The path will eventually lead into the main area of the facility.

Once inside, hide behind cover to avoid the oncoming jeep driving down the road before turning right and heading east towards where the prisoners are being held.

Just before the facility, there's a guard settlement. There will be at least three guards patrolling the area - two inside the building and one patrolling the outer area - so take them out with tranqs, hide the bodies and pick your spots for ducking and weaving between the spotlights.

Continue heading east towards the camp. There's an additional guard at this entrance. Again, take it out with the tranquilizer and hide its body in the booth. Further down is the camp where Chico is held. There are two guards posted in the area: one outside the gate, one inside it. Take them both out with a tranq to the head. Done this right and you won't alert anyone else to your presence.


Once you've rescued Chico, there's a coastal pathway that leads down towards a beach. Call in a helicopter to extract Chico (note: if you don't want to alert your enemies to the helicopter's presence, don't select any helicopter music for it to fly in on).

After listening to a tape given to you by Chico, head back in to try and rescue Paz. As you go back the way you came, you'll see there's a truck parked in front at the security booth. Hop into the back and you'll be taken inside the heavily gated admin section of the fortress where Paz is being held.

Get out just before it stops reversing into its spot and hide from the guard. You can then either tranq him, close quarter combat (CQC) him or leave him be - the choice is yours.

There are less watchtowers around the admin buildings, but there are plenty of security cameras. Sneak around the back of the building the truck parked against to avoid having to face the cameras and take them out with the rifle (which in itself makes the guards suspicious).

There's at least one guard standing in front of the smaller buildings: grab him with CQC, pull him back into the shadows away from the cameras, interrogate him and knock him out - or kill him. There are two other soldiers out in the main area to deal with.

Next, take the yellow stairs to the lower ground and you'll start to get closer to where Paz is. At the entrance, there'll be one guard and two more as you get inside. Use the boilers to flank them and take them down with tranqs. Once you're past them, you'll have no more guards to take out. At the end of the hallway, go right then left. That'll lead you to Paz's cell.

Once you get Paz, be careful: at least three guards will be on the route back from where you came from. Put down Paz in the corner somewhere then take out the first guard just ahead, then sneak around the boilers again to take out the other two at the exit.


You won't be able to take the stealthy route undertaken to get into the main building with Paz on your back, so you'll have to take the main courtyard out: avoiding security cameras, taking down guards with your tranquilliser gun and Paz on your back as you go.

Once out of the gate, call in a helicopter extraction. Calling a Landing Zone (LZ) in a highly exposed area means there's a bigger the chance the chopper could be shot down, so it's best to pick the LZ with a low danger rating. You can find these LZs at the point where you started the game or where you dropped off Chico. How you get there is entirely dependent on whether you're spotted or not so take your time.

Once you extract Paz, you'll provide some cover fire (though if you're in a low danger LZ, it won't provide much of a fight) for about 15 seconds.

Congratulations, soldier, you just completed Ground Zeroes. Now sit back and enjoy as the rest of the game leads into cut-scenes and the game's dramatic finale.

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