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Star Citizen crowdfunding passes $40 million milestone

Star Citizen fans have now pledged a whopping $40 million to the Cloud Imperium Games sci-fi sandbox.


At time of writing, Roberts Space Industries showed the current pledge total at $40,014,339. With just 405,399 backers, that's very close to $100 each - well above the usual US RRP for a triple-A game.

By hitting this huge target, backers have ensured two additional star systems will be featured.

Chris Roberts is yet to pen his usual letter from the chairman commemorating the milestone, but the next stretch goal of $41 million has been set.

Star Citizen offers a variety of rewards to encourage backers to pledge, or to increase their pledge, including in-game goods, alpga access and more.

The PC exclusive is expected in 2015.

Thanks, DualShockers.

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