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Got a spare £46,000? You can now buy a Star Citizen DLC pack containing lots of virtual spaceships

Ah yes, let me just check how much I have in my savings account…

Some spaceships in Star Citizen.
Image credit: VG247/Roberts Space Industries

Good news, people with cash to burn and a love of the final frontier, you can now purchase a Star Citizen DLC that gives you every ship in the game for the very reasonable price of just over £46,000.

Yes, this is an actual thing and it’s not actually that out of the ordinary in terms of pricing for Star Citizen, the interstellar sandbox which has been gradually taking shape for what feels like about as long as it’d take you to walk from your house to the surface of Mars. After all, when you’ve already possibly paid the likes of $675 for a single spacefaring vessel over the years, how much more is 40 big ones.

As spotted by PC Gamer, £46,080 - or $48,000 if you’re over in the US - is the amount of cash you’ll currently have to fork over if you want to own the “Legatus 2953” bundle that’s on sale via the Roberts Space Industries website.

What do you get for that incredibly tiny and insignificant investment? Well, the answer, as outlined in the pack’s description, is “over 175 vessels from every manufacturer of note”, an armada designed to “match to the noble title of Legatus Navium”. That’s every virtual ship “released and concepted through 2953”, all at your disposal as you try to “forge a lasting legacy” and “[lead] humanity towards a brighter future.”

Also, the description notes that “The Karna ‘Ascension’ Rifle”, which is one of the many non-ship things included in the pack, “will be available in-game in Q1 2024”, just in case you were wondering.

Oh and by the way, in order to actually buy this bundle, you’ll already need to have become a member of the game’s Chairman's Club, which you can achieve by - wait for it - spending $1,000 on Star Citizen.

Personally, I think it’s worth it, mainly due to the fact you look to get up to five or so marginally different variants of some ships - such as the Fury and Aurora - and a bunch of weird little extra things like posters featuring some of the ships you've bought.

Disclaimer: The above is a gag, a joke, a jape - we do not recommend spending £46k on not real spaceships.

If you’re not in the mood to blow every last penny you have on becoming the king of Star Citizen, you might be interested in learning about the work a modder has been putting in to bring pilotable mechs to Starfield.

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