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May 2021 Archive

    1. Necromunda: Hired Gun review - a brilliant shooter whose lack of polish stops it from reaching greatness
    2. Biomutant's first update to address dialogue, narrator, difficulty and combat
    3. Knockout City is now free to play until level 25
    4. Two Point Hospital follow-up Two Point Campus leaked
    5. Ubisoft will show Far Cry 6 on PS4 and Xbox One to avoid a Cyberpunk 2077 situation
    6. Horizon Forbidden West release date news is close
    7. Saints Row and Metro publisher Koch Media reveals E3 showcase
    1. Microsoft Flight Simulator update nearly halves download size
    2. A New Nintendo Switch Pro listing has been spotted on Amazon
    3. PlayStation 5's Destruction AllStars will add online bots soon
    1. What are you playing this weekend?
    2. Little Nightmares is currently free to keep on Steam
    3. Far Cry 6 is coming in October and these videos introduce you to Dani Rojas and the guerrillas
    4. Where to go fast and pre-order Sonic Colours Ultimate
    5. Genshin Impact's next update includes a new playable character from Inazuma
    6. Omori Emotions Chart | How to inflict emotions and which to use
    7. Far Cry 6 gameplay preview | Weapons, pets, outposts, and more
    8. Watch the Far Cry 6 gameplay reveal here
    9. Actor who portrayed Marlene in The Last of Us games will reprise the role in HBO's series
    10. Biomutant Ultimate Weapons Guide: Where to find the best weapons
    11. Is Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 the best looking game of all time?
    12. The Sims 4: Likes and Dislikes | What's new in the latest base game update
    13. Ghostrunner is getting assist and wave-based modes
    14. Biomutant Crafting Guide | How to craft guns
    15. MLB: The Show 21 dominates sales in April after going multiplatform - NPD
    16. Cargo Trucks should no longer dominate Warzone Solos thanks to new patch
    17. Biomutant Microwave Puzzles | Where to find all the Fry-Sparkers
    18. Ultimate Team made EA $1.62 billion last year, 29% of its revenue
    19. Modern Warfare's narrative and design director leave Infinity Ward
    1. Horizon Forbidden West video features 14 minutes of gameplay footage
    2. Grab Ring Fit Adventure at a discount and forgo the gym membership for now
    3. Steam's Open World Sale is live, runs through May 31
    4. You'll be able to play Sonic the Fighters in Lost Judgment
    5. New Sonic the Hedgehog game coming in 2022
    6. Sonic Origins is a collection of retro Sonic games coming next year
    7. Sonic Colors Ultimate is a remaster coming this September
    8. Among Us is free this week on the Epic Games Store
    9. Borderlands 3 cross-play is being blocked on PlayStation consoles
    10. Niantic outlines what to expect during Pokemon Go Fest 2021
    11. Watch the Sonic Central livestream here
    12. Biomutant Toilet Puzzle | Where to find all the Flush-Stools
    13. Total War: Three Kingdoms team moves over to new project based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel
    14. Sony's Jim Ryan says PS5 standard edition will break even from June
    15. Nintendo's Game Builder Garage won't have an online creation browser - it's all about word of mouth
    16. Game Builder Garage teaches the Nintendo way of making games in a clever, deceptively simple way
    17. Days Gone's first big PC patch takes care of clunky mouse feel
    18. Creative Assembly shares first tease from its in-development sci-fi FPS
    19. Steam's downloads page will look a little nicer in a future update
    20. Watch the Horizon Forbidden West State of Play gameplay livestream here today
    21. Resident Evil Village has shipped over 4 million units
    22. Watch today's Dying Light 2 livestream here
    23. BlizzCon 2021 cancelled, replaced with digital and physical 2022 event
    24. Dragon Quest 12, and everything else announced at today's 35th anniversary celebration
    25. Nintendo Switch Pro may arrive by September, will cost over $299 – report
    26. Looks like Uncharted 4 will be Sony's next big PC game
    27. Far Cry 6 gameplay to be revealed this Friday
    28. 90-minute Xbox and Bethesda showcase set for June 13
    29. Battlefield 6's supposed reveal trailer leaks in full
    1. Where to pre-order Pokemon Legends: Arceus
    2. Biomutant Jagni or Myriad | Who should you ally with?
    3. Biomutant Rotation Puzzles | How to match rotation puzzles
    4. Biomutant Best Breed and Class | Which starting character build should you pick?
    5. PlayStation Plus games for June include Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, Star Wars: Squadrons
    6. Xbox Games with Gold June: Shadows: Awakening, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, more
    7. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin trailer provides fresh details on gameplay
    8. Monster Hunter Rise update 3.0.0 brings a new story ending to the game May 27
    9. Fortnite Season 7 Rumours | Aliens and everything else we know so far
    10. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be released for Switch in January
    11. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl release date set for November
    12. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 expansion Chaos Wastes hits consoles next month
    13. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: watch new PS5 performance mode gameplay here
    14. Overwatch 2 will get a beta, and maybe even a ping system
    15. Fortnite Spooky TV Set locations | Where to use destroy spooky TV sets, use CB radios, and more
    16. PUBG is getting two 8x8 maps this year, one of which will introduce respawning
    17. Bungie's new IP may be a multiplayer character action game
    18. That big Cyberpunk 2077 combined lawsuit will be filed next month
    19. Biomutant's day one Steam numbers already impressive
    20. SteamPal prototype is larger than Nintendo Switch, will run Linux - report
    1. Dead by Daylight's Resident Evil chapter will star Leon, Jill and Nemesis
    2. Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne HD Remaster is a decent re-release of a stone-cold JRPG classic
    3. Sega will host a livestream devoted to Sonic on May 27
    4. Valve possibly working on a handheld Steam console called "SteamPal"
    5. Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown announced as a PS4 console exclusive
    6. Final Fantasy 14 releases today for PS5 alongside final story patch for Shadowbringers
    7. Dying Light 2 teaser points to Twitch stream this week
    8. Next State of Play to focus on Horizon Forbidden West with first look at gameplay
    9. Sylveon arrives in Pokemon Go today
    10. Despite strong sales, Days Gone Steam numbers half those of Horizon Zero Dawn
    11. New update turns Microsoft's Surface Duo into a handheld Xbox
    12. Here's when you can play Biomutant in your region today
    13. PS Plus June 2021 reportedly includes new version of Virtua Fighter 5
    1. Rockstar Games has created its own record label, CircoLoco Records
    2. Check out Wasteland 3's ‘The Battle of Steeltown’ DLC trailer here
    3. Final Fantasy Origin is Team Ninja's PS5 timed exclusive action-RPG – report
    4. Rust | How to get cloth on Console and PC
    5. Rust | How to get stone on Console and PC
    6. No God of War film or TV series in the works, says Sony
    7. Rust | How to demolish walls on Console and PC
    8. Biomutant reviews round-up, all the scores
    9. Should you buy Biomutant? Review impressions
    10. Here's your first look at Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart PS5 trophies
    11. Raven may be planning to reduce lens flare in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk 84 map
    12. Fighting Game Glossary is an elegant guide to fighting game terminology
    13. If you’ve ever loved a visual novel game, you owe it to yourself to play Famicom Detective Club
    14. Rainbow Six Siege's new defender has a gadget that can heal and revive
    15. Inside the Driver game that died so that Watch Dogs could live
    16. PS5-exclusive Final Fantasy to be revealed at E3 - report
    17. Battlefield 6 leaks bring us actual in-game footage, another look at the reveal trailer
    1. Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition gets DualSense haptic feedback support on PC
    2. It looks like Activision may be working on a new Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game
    3. Retailer lists Sonic Collection ahead of the compilation game's official reveal
    1. Crysis Twitter account is teasing something to do with Crysis 2
    2. Sony temporarily disables LittleBigPlanet servers due to offensive messages
    3. It sounds like Netflix wants to get into the video game business - report
    4. The next Prison Architect expansion gives your prisoners a second chance
    5. Roblox boss says PlayStation and Switch "make perfect sense" for the game builder
    6. Watch Dogs: Legion getting 60 FPS “performance mode" on consoles with update 4.5
    7. What are you playing this weekend?
    1. Cities: Skylines has new bridges, train stations, and radio options available today
    2. Paradox finally announces Victoria 3
    3. Empire of Sin's first expansion Make It Count is coming later this year
    4. Crusader Kings 3 gets its first major expansion with Royal Court
    5. This Shadow Warrior 3 video showcases some of the weapons you'll be wielding
    6. Pre-order your Skyward Sword Loftwing Amiibo and make sure you can fast travel
    7. Mass Effect Best Weapons | Best weapons in the Legendary Edition
    8. Both of these tactical shooters are free to play this weekend on Steam
    9. Mass Effect's Normandy SR1 can be yours in No Man's Sky until May 31
    10. Scarlet Nexus demo now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
    11. PS5 console sales double that of Xbox Series X/S in Q1 - report
    12. Destiny 2 cross-play beta coming next week
    13. PS3 prototype of Gears of War 3 pops up online
    14. Red Dead Redemption 2 VR mod is here from the creator of GTA 5's VR
    15. Where to pre-order Mario Golf: Super Rush
    16. Overwatch 2 makes huge changes to PvP - 5v5 instead of 6v6, and one tank per team
    1. Save $50 on the Go XLR Mini and get the perfect audio for your streams and videos
    2. Show off your decorating skills with The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Pack
    3. Here's a look at Biomutant running on PS5 and Xbox Series X
    4. Overwatch 2 PvP reveal stream - watch it right here
    5. Bethesda and Microsoft will host a joint conference at E3 2021
    6. NBA 2K21 is free on the Epic Games Store this week
    7. The Epic Games Store MEGA Sale 2021 is live, so it's time to save on some great PC titles
    8. Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is coming to Switch this September
    9. Make no mistake, Nintendo’s Zelda: Skyward Sword amiibo unlock is a dirty play
    10. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart video focuses on exploring the various planets
    11. Valheim has sold over 6.8 million copies since February
    12. Where to pre-order Deathloop, Arkane Studio's latest title
    13. Back 4 Blood's colourful cast of characters (and monsters) take centre stage in new trailer
    14. Help those affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict
    15. Returnal patch once again targets deceased scouts problem
    16. Borderlands maker Gearbox's new franchise to launch before April 2022
    17. The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film seems to be following the events of Sonic 3
    18. Call of Duty: Warzone massively reduces Stopping Power drop rate
    19. New TimeSplitters in the works from reformed Free Radical studio
    20. Our Battlefield 6 wishlist
    21. New EA studio will focus on open world action-adventure games, lead by ex-Monolith head
    1. Outriders saw over 3.5 million players during its first month
    2. The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes teaser released ahead of full reveal
    3. Super Bomberman R Online is coming to consoles and Steam
    4. The Last of Us Part 2 performance patch for PS5 targets 60 FPS
    5. Mass Effect 2 Kestrel Armor | Where to find Kestrel Armor in the Legendary Edition
    6. Summer Game Fest 2021 kicks off June 10
    7. If you skip the original Mass Effect in Legendary Edition, you’re a fool
    8. Ubisoft responds to damning report about changes made following last year's toxic management allegations
    9. Fall Guys is getting some rather cute Tron skins
    10. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness trailer shows Claire and Leon looking into the latest outbreak
    11. The Falconeer is coming to PS4, PS5 and Switch this summer
    12. DLSS is causing your aim to be off in Warzone - report
    13. Cyberpunk 2077 class action lawsuits consolidated by the court
    14. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War patch finally adds sniper flinch
    15. Microsoft closes loophole that let you get Xbox Game Pass cheaper
    16. PS5 launch games Demon’s Souls, Miles Morales and Sackboy on sale for first time next week
    17. More Battlefield 6 reveal trailer screenshots have leaked
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone video gives you a look at Rambo and Nakatomi Plaza
    2. Ghost Recon Breakpoint's all-new AI teammate experience lands next week
    3. Total War: Warhammer 3 video introduces you to the realm of the Ice Queen
    4. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart video shows off weapons and traversal
    5. Saints Row The Third Remastered comes to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S next week
    6. This Biomutant video shows the game running on PC
    7. Red Dead Online getting new "criminal underworld" missions this summer
    8. GTA 5 and GTA Online coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S on November 11
    9. SnowRunner, The Wild at Heart, Knockout City, more coming to Xbox Game Pass
    10. DLSS is coming to No Man's Sky, Everspace 2, Scavengers and five other games
    11. Co-op shooter RPG The Ascent gets July 29 release date
    12. Hotline Miami and Fall Guys publisher Devolver looking to go public - report
    13. EA will leave Codemasters to its own devices like it has with Respawn
    14. WB Games to be broken up in WarnerMedia and Discovery merger
    15. Starfield won't be coming to PS5 – report
    16. Mass Effect Legendary Edition patch adds visual improvements, fixes Xbox headset bug, more
    17. PS5 stock expected this week at Amazon UK, Very and more
    1. Take a look at the Guilty Gear Strive story trailer here
    2. Mario Golf: Super Rush trailer shows off Speed Golf, Battle Golf and more
    3. Mass Effect Legendary Edition sets new BioWare concurrent player record on Steam
    4. Samurai Shodown comes to Steam in June, new DLC character announced
    5. Mass Effect face codes | How to import your Shepherd into the Legendary Edition
    6. Twitch reducing the price of subscriptions in some countries
    7. Chivalry 2 cross-play open beta kicks off next week
    8. Mass Effect Legendary Edition gets FOV mod
    9. EA patent aims to let you choose your own battle pass rewards
    10. Destiny 2's transmog really is pretty bad
    11. Resident Evil Village Varcolac | And two other optional bosses you might have missed
    12. If Ubisoft wants to go big on free-to-play, it should bring back HAWX
    13. Genshin Impact Windtrace | How to earn Windtrace Coins in the prop hunt event
    14. The Orda is coming to Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak alongside a new main quest and weapon buffs
    15. Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes Tali's photo in Mass Effect 3
    16. The Division: Heartland gameplay leaked
    1. Warzone developer Raven has now banned over 500,000 players
    2. Looks like Hades might be coming to PS4 soon
    3. Final Fantasy 14 launches for PS5 later this month, Endwalker coming in November
    1. The Xbox Wireless Headset is restocked at Walmart, so grab one now
    2. What are you playing this weekend?
    3. Resident Evil Village Food Locations | Where to find Fish, Juicy game
    4. Resident Evil Village Necklace with Two Holes | Where to find the pigeon blood ruby
    5. Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Rewards | How to get SS Rank
    6. Celebrate Xbox's 20th anniversary with nice merch and Game Pass Ultimate deals
    7. Assassin's Creed Valhalla | Should you kill or spare Ciara?
    8. A look at all the overdrive moves in Guilty Gear Strive
    9. Discord changed its logo, font and colour - and many want the old look back
    10. Mass Effect & Dragon Age's cast members on how BioWare builds dynamics
    11. I don’t get Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s new Level Scaling setting
    12. Resident Evil Village Mercenaries | How to unlock Magic Magazine and other abilities
    13. Ghostrunner sequel in development with double the budget
    14. Co-op brawler Dark Alliance joins Game Pass for PC, Xbox and mobile at launch
    15. Where to pre-order Lost Judgment, the latest Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio title
    16. Returnal dev hasn't yet figured out how to implement saves
    17. Total War: Warhammer 3 gameplay debut shows off tower defence-inspired Survival Battles
    1. Where to pre-order the new PS5 DualSense controller colours
    2. Assassin's Creed Valhalla Children of Danu locations | Where to find every hidden druid
    3. Assassin's Creed Valhalla Trade Post locations | How to complete every trade quest
    4. Destiny 2: Ignition Code, Exotics, and more | Best new weapons in Season of the Splicer
    5. E3 2021's virtual experience and app detailed
    6. Sony is finally giving people what they want with two new DualSense colours
    7. Sega examining its back catalogue to see which games can be remastered/remade
    8. The Mass Effect Remaster in Legendary Edition is excellent, but showy visuals overshadow some of the original’s mood and tone
    9. It looks like inXile's next game is going to be an FPS RPG
    10. PS5 owners played and bought more games compared to PS4 at launch
    11. PlayStation Studios has 25 games in development, half of which are new IP
    12. Microsoft's Console Purchase Pilot might help you get an Xbox Series X/S and avoid scalpers
    1. Destiny 2: Synthweave | How to create Ornaments using Armor Synthesis
    2. Destiny 2 cross-play turned on by accident with Season of the Splicer launch
    3. Remedy almost done with Crossfire X's campaign, closed testing for multiplayer project Vanguard to begin soon
    4. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart really feels like the first ‘true’ PS5 game
    5. Scarlet Nexus hand-on video preview - There's a lot of depth in this anime action RPG
    6. We all loved Resident Evil Village baby Chris Redfield, gasp in horror at Chris Redfield baby
    7. Destiny 2: Aspects of Interference | How to get Glacial Harvest and other Stasis Aspects
    8. Blizzard is showing off 2 hours of Overwatch 2 PvP next week
    9. Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Quarantine, The Division Heartland and Prince of Persia all set to arrive before April 2022
    10. EA wouldn't say if Battlefield 6 is getting a battle royale mode
    11. Gabe Newell offers vague hint about Steam coming to consoles
    12. EA proclaims Battlefield 6 a "definitive next-gen experience" the same day it's announced for last-gen consoles
    13. Ubisoft will rely less on AAA releases as it expands into free-to-play
    1. EA's summer showcase, EA Play Live, set for July
    2. HTC Vive Pro 2 announced, coming June 4 for $749
    3. Resident Evil Village | What are the Cadou?
    4. QuakeCon is also a digital-only event this year
    5. GTA 3 and Vice City reverse-engineered code back online
    6. The Switch’s printer partnership with Instax is silly - but in that most wonderful Nintendo way
    7. Fortnite's Daybreak sounds a lot like a PvE mode
    8. Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer | Override, Armor Synthesis, and more explained
    9. Days Gone PC won't support DLSS or ray tracing
    10. PSVR 2 includes 4K panel, foveated rendering, gaze tracking, haptic motors – report
    11. Battlefield Twitter breaks silence to tease June reveal
    12. Resident Evil Village has shipped over 3 million units in under one week
    13. Call of Duty: Warzone teases Rambo skin, coming May 20
    1. Over 37 million players have downloaded Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    2. Check out the Shadow Warrior 3 'That Damn Dam' mission trailer here
    3. Dirt 5 gets cross-platform matchmaking, Red Bull content and more tomorrow
    4. Resident Evil Village Part 17 | Mother Miranda Boss Fight
    5. Resident Evil Village Part 16 | Finding Chris Redfield
    6. Gears of War developer The Coalition working on 'multiple new projects'
    7. New Pokemon Snap secrets | How to access all secret and alternate routes
    8. Resident Evil Village Part 15 | Heisenberg's Factory and Boss Fight
    9. Four years later, the Nier: Automata mod that upgrades over 300 HD textures is out
    10. Resident Evil Village Part 14 | Well Puzzle, Otto’s Mill, Stronghold, and Urias Boss Fight
    11. Hitman 3 Season of Pride roadmap revealed, watch the trailer here
    12. Ubisoft will brand all its first-party titles as Ubisoft Originals from now on
    13. PS5 stock issues expected to last into 2022, according to Sony
    14. Activision is teasing Rambo and John McClane for Warzone
    15. Resident Evil Village Part 13 | Moreau Boss, Sluice Gate puzzle and boat key location
    16. Warzone patch nerfs AMAX, FARA, Streetsweeper and buffs the PPSh-41
    17. Epic reportedly offered Sony $200 million for PlayStation exclusives
    18. The home arcade scene is enjoying a lockdown-driven surge
    19. Someone replaced baby Rose with Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Village and it's horrifying
    1. SEGA has no plans to bring Lost Judgment to PC "at this time"
    2. Remnant: From the Ashes free upgrade coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
    3. Mass Effect Legendary Edition's Mako has been improved, but you can disable the new handling
    4. Gible is getting its own Pokemon Go Community Day in June
    5. Resident Evil Village had the best Steam launch for a Resident Evil game
    6. What are you playing this weekend?
    1. Hideo Kojima's book The Creative Gene is up to 20% off at Amazon before its October release
    2. Returnal patch fixes issue with corrupted save files
    3. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 PS5 version delayed due to "unforeseen technical issues"
    4. Yakuza to remain a turn-based RPG series
    5. Resident Evil Village Beneviento Dollhouse | Beneviento's Treasure, Door Code, Music Box Puzzle Solutions
    6. New Pokemon Snap: all locations | How to unlock the Research Camp, Lental Seafloor, and more
    7. Resident Evil Village Part 11 | Finding the House with the Red Chimney
    8. Lost Judgment revealed, coming to PlayStation and Xbox in September
    9. Resident Evil Village | Lady Dimitrescu Boss Fight Strategy
    10. Mobile game Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier will have a closed beta test in June
    11. Resident Evil Village Part 9 | Treasure map, Rooftops, and Third Daughter Fight
    12. Check out the final trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade
    13. New Pokemon Snap: Park Requests | How to complete Meganium's Pal and more
    14. Resident Evil Village 5 Bells | How to ring the bells in the Atelier
    15. Resident Evil Village Part 7 | Library Second Daughter Boss Fight
    16. Battlerite dev is back with V Rising, a vampire survival game
    17. Resident Evil Village Piano Puzzle | How to play the music notes in the Opera House
    18. Resident Evil Village Part 5 | Wine Cellar, Terrace, and Courtyard
    19. The Witcher 3's PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade could be using some PC mods
    20. Resident Evil Village Hall of Ablution Statues puzzle solution
    21. Resident Evil Village Part 3 | Hall of War, Dungeon, Bela Dimitrescu First Daughter Boss
    22. Resident Evil Village Prioress Door | Where to use the Maroon Eye Ring
    23. New Borderlands spin-off is in development - reports
    24. Lost Judgment leaked ahead of today's reveal
    1. World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic release date set for June 1
    2. Save on some great Switch games at Amazon US today, including Mario and Xenoblade
    3. Observer: System Redux is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in July
    4. Metro Exodus enhanced upgrade coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in June
    5. More companies have been announced for this year's digital E3 event
    6. Have a look at the opening animation for Scarlet Nexus
    7. Outriders character and inventory restoration is underway
    8. The Division: Heartland is a standalone, free-to-play game coming from Ubisoft
    9. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is coming to PS4, Switch, and Xbox One tomorrow
    10. New PS5 hardware redesign entering production in 2022 - report
    11. New Pokemon Snap | How to get behind the waterfall in Founja Jungle
    12. Microsoft never turned a profit on Xbox hardware
    13. Sony sued for locking digital game sales to the PlayStation Store
    14. Here's what to do if your Returnal save file has been corrupted
    15. Black Ops Cold War gets a new weapon, fresh playlists today
    16. Xbox Series X is the only console that will run Mass Effect Legendary Edition at 120fps
    17. Switch sales top 84 million as Nintendo reports record profits
    18. Returnal patch 1.3.3 pulled for corrupting save files, affected players need to re-download the whole game
    1. Blizzard lost around 2 million players during the last financial quarter
    2. Shadow Warrior 3 is also coming to PS4 and Xbox One
    3. The Season of Pride kicks off in Hitman 3 next week
    4. Destiny 2 video shows what you'll be up to during Season of the Splicer
    5. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 is coming to Switch in June
    6. Resident Evil Village reviews round-up, all the scores
    7. Resident Evil Village review: a strong RE7 sequel that trades scares for action
    8. Gamescom 2021 switches from hybrid event to online only
    9. Returnal FAQs | Reconstructors & Reclaimers, Datacubes, and more
    10. Back 4 Blood trailer details the game's rogue-like card system that will allow for different experiences
    11. Returnal actually has a few cheats, if you plug in a keyboard
    12. Resident Evil Village won't always be as scary as RE7 thanks to player feedback
    13. Returnal dev asks players to turn off PS5 auto updates to avoid losing their in-progress runs
    14. Call of Duty 2021 lead by Sledgehammer, will take advantage of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S across all modes
    15. Activision to hire 2,000 developers over the next two years as it aims to triple franchise team sizes
    1. The Witcher 3's director resigns from CD Projekt
    2. Wreckfest brings you more DLC with the Super Truck Showdown tournament and the Off-Road Car Pack
    3. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, others join Stadia Pro
    4. Watch Dogs: Legion update adds new playable hero, new missions, and free content
    5. Nioh, Streets of Rage 4 and Jump Force come to PlayStation Now
    6. Take advantage of all sorts of Star Wars Day deals this May 4th
    7. Animated League of Legends series coming to Netflix this fall
    8. Walmart’s unannounced cloud gaming service surfaces in Epic vs Apple dispute
    9. Fortnite plans included Lady Gaga concert, The Rock, and a Metroid cross-over
    10. Sony registers trademark for Xbox and PC exclusive Sunset Overdrive
    11. Epic spent $11.6 million on EGS freebies in its first nine months alone, according to court documents
    12. Borderlands 3 EGS exclusivity deal cost Epic $115 million, court documents reveal
    13. Epic vs. Apple court documents reveal why Sony was against cross-play for so long, and how this changed
    14. The Epic Games vs. Apple trial opened with kids screaming 'free Fortnite'
    15. Discord comes to PlayStation early next year
    1. Here's how to reset the Resident Evil Village demo timer on Steam
    2. Dragon Quest Builders 2, Red Dead Online, Outlast 2 and more coming to Xbox Game Pass this month
    3. Microsoft considered also dropping its revenue cut to 12% on Xbox, according to legal documents
    4. Elden Ring may not be released before April 2022
    5. Warzone players all get the Adler event skin after a bug prevented most from earning it
    6. Leaked Battlefield 6 screens suggest reveal trailer is imminent
    7. Returnal dev aware of players' need for mid-run saves, but has "nothing to announce"
    1. The King of Fighters 15 shows off Chris in latest trailer
    2. Dragon Age 4 concept art teases the Grey Wardens
    3. Rainbow Six Siege cheater accused of having Ubisoft Montreal swatted
    4. Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom rated for Switch by the ESRB
    5. Valorant voice chat will be recorded to combat "disruptive or offensive behavior"
    6. Titanfall 2 is free to play on Steam until Monday
    7. Konami won't attend E3 2021 but is "in deep development" on a number of projects
    8. What are you playing this weekend?