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Resident Evil Village Part 15 | Heisenberg's Factory and Boss Fight

After surviving the trap set for him at the ruins north of the village, Ethan finally has all 4 flasks in his possession. But Resident Evil Village isn't done yet.

An invitation to Heisenberg's mysterious factory beckons, and you'll need everything at your disposal to make it through.

To get to the Factory, slot all 4 flasks into the altar next to the Duke. This makes the Giant’s Chalice.

Follow the flames through the Lone Road to the Ceremony Site and Stone Dias.

Use the Giant’s Chalice on the Stone Dias to advance. The pedestal will then lower and a new bridge will appear.

At the bottom, there’s a save point on the right, then go across the bridge to Heisenberg’s factory.

Heisenberg's Factory

Go through the gate, then the door that opens. The next door in front of you doesn’t work, so go through the door on the left, collecting the gunpowder as you pass, then down the stairs.

Go left at the bottom, then around to the right.

In this next room there’s some chem fluid in front of you, then approach the table over on the right.

When you regain control, run forward, then take a right and go through the hole in the wall.

Run right and crouch under the pipes, then go left and take a right into the trapdoor.

At the bottom, climb up the trash path, taking the scrap and gunpowder as you go, then when there’s a fork, take the right way down for some scrap, then the left path to the ladder.

Up the ladder, you have to defeat three armoured ghouls, then crawl through the grate on the far wall.

After the grate, climb the ladder and at the top look left for a crate filled with explosive rounds. Then go right towards the elevator to advance.

Here you’ll find the Duke, who’ll have new items, including an inventory upgrade and all-new weapons.

How to use the Casting Machine

Go through the door next to the Duke and you’re in the materials section.

Walk down the red lit corridor, then take a left. Grab the gunpowder from the table then shoot the red light on the door.

This unlocks it, so defeat the two waiting ghouls and continue past them.

There’s no power to the bridge in the next room, so continue down and around the stairs to the door below. Deal with the two ghouls, then you’ll find yourself in the Foundry.

You need an item for the hole in the wall on the right, so examine the casting machine in front of you and you’ll find you need a mould.

Go up the stairs to your left, then defeat the three ghouls at the top. Go through the door on the right on the other side of the room then take the rusted scrap from the bench.

On the other side of the screen, go past the chainsaw armed guy and open the trunk in the storage roof to get the relief mould.

When you walk back past him, the chainsaw guy will reanimate, and you have to shoot his red heart about 8 times to down him. In this instance, I’d recommend just running away back to the casting machine.

Use the relief mould on the casting machine and it gives you the relief of a horse. Use it with the hole in the wall and it opens a secret door.

Go up the stairs behind it, defeat the ghoul, then go around the corner.

You need Heisenberg’s key here, which you get later, so unlock the nearby lockpick drawer if you have one, then go down the ladder on the left.

After you’ve dropped down, look behind you for a box of money, then make your way to the other end of the engine room - avoiding the machine blades as you do.

There’s about 5 ghouls to deal with as you make your way through - three after the second blade, then a couple more.

On the other side, climb the ladder then at the top push through the grate.

Go through the corridor on your left, and you can unlock the door back to the casting machine at the other end.

Continue down the stairs, then throw a pipe bomb at the yellow-crossed wall at the bottom to blow it up.

Inside there’s some ammo and a mechanical cylinder.

In the main room the backup generator is missing a cog, so go around to the right, then up the stairs on the other side of the room.

At the top, break the red locks with your knife, then grab the cog mould from the trunk on the left.

There’s also a full map of the factory in this storage room, as well as some gunpowder.

Now return to the casting machine. As you do, a chainsaw guy will come alive. To actually beat this one, I recommend waiting until he gets close and raises his arm, then firing your shotgun at this heart. It takes five shots.

Back at the casting machine, make a cog then take it back to the generator. This turns on the power, but locks you in the room with a load of chainsaw guys.

To escape, look in front of you from the generator lever. There’s a new path open where you can see a yellow box, and next to it a path off to the left.

Take the next right, then go left into a new room through the blue door then up the stairs in the middle of the room.

Go around to the left and another metal man will spawn. Your goal is to get through the door on the right with all the red lights and there will then be three terminators in here with you.

You can either try and run away from them and crack through the door without defeating them, or methodically take them out using the bait and shotgun method of waiting until they’re close enough to swing and then shoot them.

On the lower lever, there’s an exposed electrical pylon which you can shoot to stun any mech guys. Use this to your advantage and they go down quickly.

You can also blow their visor off with a sniper rifle to make them more erratic and easier to hit, or go for the explosive method and grenade, bomb or mine them.

Either way, through the door there are three ghouls in another factory room. Past them, there’s some sniper ammo to the left, but you need to go around to the right and up the stairs to continue.

Follow the path around and a double chainsaw guy with no exposed heart on his front will drop down. Either use headshots or explosives on him, then when he gets close, sprint around the back and you can see his exposed heart there, on his back.

Grab some shotgun ammo from the cupboard at the end of the galley, then break the lights on the door to the left.

You find yourself back at the button, ready and waiting to be pushed.

On the other side, collect the gunpowder and shotgun ammo from the drawer in the hallway and continue around to the right.

At the top, walk forward and another terminator will spawn. Let him walk towards you then use the power line in the top right to stun him.

Headshot his visor off, then use the cabinets as cover to get behind him and shoot his exposed back.

In the room behind him is another light door to smash.

On the other side, go left, then crouch under the pipes, then up the stairs.

Slide open the blue door, then grab the items from your left and right. Push out of the next set of doors and to the left there’s a console which turns the elevator power on to the next floor.

Climb up the ladder to the right, go up the ramp at the top, then down the ladder on the right and through the pipe to your left.

Duck out of the pipe at the light, then follow the cavern. When there’s a fork off to the right you can beat up the two ghouls to grab some pipe bombs and supplies.

Return to the main passage and it opens to a larger drilling chamber at the end.

You can either defeat the three ghouls or run past them and into the grate on the other side to conserve ammo.

On the other side of the grate, climb down the ladder and throw a pipe bomb at the yellow painted wall behind you to open it up for some loot.

At the other end, go through the gate to the grinder hall and head up the stairs around to the left - but not before nipping around to the right to collect some scrap and ammo.

When you go up the stairs, there are two terminator-looking dudes who attack you that are ridiculously strong.

The best way I’ve found to kill them is to stun them with a flashbang from the grenade launcher and sniper rifle their heart, but they still take a lot of shots.

Honestly, if you can, run past them up the stairs, otherwise you have to pump all sorts of resources into killing them.

Either way, your ultimate goal is the ladder at the top of the grinder, but you first need to stop the blades.

To stop them, look up as you approach and shoot the four red lights around its base.

Climb the ladder, run up the grinder and push through the doors on its rim. In this next room is a map of the upper floors, which you can pocket before taking the stairs up.

Before you do though, if you push the cart in front of you it opens a hole to a secret area with some ammo and the ball mould in.

You can use this ball mould with the casting machine later to make the ball for the final Labyrinth Machine.

Return to the last room, and go up the stairs to the ventilation shaft.

Shoot the red light before you get squished, then before you go through the hole created, look behind you for a shining yellow quartz to shoot down from the railing, then some scrap at the other end of the shaft.

Past when the fan was, drop onto the pipes around the outside. Make your way to the other side, climb up the yellow ladder, then turn the wheel.

Through the trapdoor, grab the chem fluid on the right then take the elevator up. Then at the top follow the hallway through the metal door.

In this room there are some explosives, a birdcage to shoot down, then a key mould in another trunk.

Push through the next doors, climb the ladder, then go up the ramp and pull the lever on the right.

Your way is blocked by a door that needs Heisenberg’s key.

Wait for the Duke’s elevator to come up now you’ve pulled the lever, then take it back down to B4.

Your destination is the casting machine back in the foundry, so at the bottom of your elevator ride, take the door on the left.

The lights are off now, so it’s extra spooky. Go forward, take a left around the corner, then a right at the end.

Go through the door and in the next room there’s an enraged terminator to deal with.

Then go down the stairs and around the lower floor to the foundry. Another terminator will burst out of the room, so shoot his heart in the same way.

Inside the foundry, use the ball mould, then the key mould.

The ball mould gives you the final playing piece for the labyrinth puzzles, the iron horse ball. Then the key mould gives you Heisenberg’s key.

Now take the staircase up to the left, then press the button on the left-hand wall.

Run through the operating room, towards Heisenberg’s Quarters, and deal with the terminator that breaks the door down.

Go through the now open door, and there’s a long barrel for your magnum, alongside an audio log.

Now return to the foundry where the casting machine was and go through the secret door that you opened with the horse relief.

At the top of the stairs is a room you open with Heisenberg’s key.

Inside are 4 ghouls, lots of scrap and gunpowder, and a case with a mechanical part inside.

Combine the mechanical cylinder and shaft and it makes Heisenberg’s Hammer, which you can sell.

Return to the Duke, take the elevator up to B1, then use your new key on the door.

On your way there’s not one, but two really difficult armoured dudes. Blast their armour off with grenades, then shoot their hearts as usual. But if you can get around them, it's always an option to run away back to the elevator.

Back at the Heisenberg door on B1, unlock it then go forward through the door at the end of the hall. You’ll learn from a note that the fan man, Sturm, is invincible head on, but suffers from overheating if you run him around after he charges.

Collect the rest of the ammo from this room, then continue through the rest of the corridor around towards the maze-like room.

Sturm, Fan Man, Boss Fight

When Sturm appears, backpedal and let him charge at you, but dodge to the left. When he hits the wall the rest will fall, giving you room to manoeuvre behind him.

You can see his fan glow red hot after a charge, so just let him run, use the walls as cover then shoot his behind when he’s recovering.

Eventually he’ll set on fire and shoot it out at you, but you can step to the side to dodge. The more difficult bit is that the fire left behind will also damage you.

Stay healthy with first aid kits, continue to lure him into charging and continue hitting his rear fan and he’ll go down.

In the next room, look around, taking the cigar and reading the notes.

Then go through the low vent on the far wall for some supplies in a secret side room, before heading into the cargo bay.

There are a couple of crates to scavenge, but when you’re done, climb the short yellow ladder ahead.

Walk across the beam and pull the lever and the lift plonks you back in the garage where you started this whole mess.

When you regain control, go through the vent on your right, then move the plank.

There’s a save point on the left, then some ammo and a health kit on the right, but when you’re ready, hold the prompt on the vehicle.

Heisenberg Boss Fight

This is the point of no return, so make sure you make a save if you want one.

Drive out of the door, then onto the elevator. At the top, blast open the gate with the cannon, then move out onto the field.

To defeat Heisenberg, you need to be on top of your guarding. The simple strategy is to press L1 when he attacks, and shoot the glowing red parts of his body whenever you can with either, the machine gun or cannon.

When he raises the pieces of metal as a shield, shoot his glowing red head, then guard when they pop out.

Eventually he’ll set on fire and start to limp around, when that happens, he’ll launch you into the air and you need to cannon his face when you’re above him.

When you’re on foot, shoot his face with the best firepower you’ve got to stun him.

After a few shots, he’ll armour up with another magnetic blast. But the fight’s done and you're ready to find an old acquaintance in the next part.

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