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Resident Evil Village Prioress Door | Where to use the Maroon Eye Ring

Above the main hall in Resident Evil Village’s foreboding castle, Ethan Winters finds a strange carved relief: the Prioress Door.

With no obvious way to open the firmly locked portal, and only a maroon eye ring and a picture of his missing family in his pockets, it’s easy to get stuck.

This is a classic style of puzzle in the modern Resident Evil series, but one that’s easy to lose track of.

Here’s how to open the Prioress Door in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Prioress Door - What to do with the Maroon Eye Ring

When you first entered the castle and had your first up-close-and-personal encounter with the Lady of the house, you found yourself strung up in an opulent sitting room.

After your escape through the ornate fireplace, you found a piece of jewellery on a statue: the maroon eye ring.

From the Main Hall next to the Hall of the Four, go upstairs onto the balcony, then go over to the right. Here you'll find what's marked as the "Prioress Door" on your map.

At the Prioress Door, open your inventory (Triangle on PlayStation) and flip to the “Key Items” tab.

Examine the Maroon Eye Ring (X on PlayStation), and rotate it so the eye faces the front of the screen.

You should now be able to pop it out so you’re just left with the Maroon Eye jewel.

Next, use the Maroon Eye that you got out of the ring on the Prioress Door.

It should now swing open, giving Ethan access to a new wing of the castle.

To continue, on the other side of the Prioress Door, run down the hallway then take a left into the dressing room.

At the far end of the dressing room, look right and there’s some boards you can pull off the wall to advance.

Drop down the hole in this construction area and you’ll end up in the basement, ready to face some fresh horror in part three of the walkthrough.

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