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Resident Evil Village Part 16 | Finding Chris Redfield

If Resident Evil Village so far has been about fighting tooth and nail to survive, then enlisting the help of a trained agent, Chris Redfield, is about to even the odds.

When you regain control after the previous boss fight and subsequent cutscene, all you need to do is walk forward and acquaint yourself with your new equipment.

Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield

Next, drop down the cliff edge to your right. In this next section, you don't need to worry about conserving ammo and supplies. You'll be given plenty more periodically, so feel free to use your powerful arsenal liberally.

As you descend towards the village, take out the lycans as they approach on the path, then climb through the crumbling wall into Luiza’s house.

Grab the supplies from the box, then walk past the flare and open the gate.

Fight your way down the Fallow Plot through the large beasts, then bear left through the village.

Look left for some more supplies on the left in the workshop, then drop down past the well into and through the house.

Go right, then right again, back towards the castle.

When you reach the tractor, get a frag grenade ready to lob into the gang of armoured lycan that appear, then dispatch the second wave that rush you.

There are yet more lycans to defeat as you push on around the corner towards the Maiden of War statue. Then mark the target as prompted.

After this, you'll have to fight off massive amounts of attacking lycans, both armoured and regular, in organised waves. If you need more ammo or grenades at any point, there’s more through the blue gate next to the Maiden of War statue.

Two huge hoards drop in almost immediately, which you can disperse with frag grenades and then mop up with your machine gun.

When they’re down, hit the same spot with your marker again and buckle up for the next waves.

Deal with the armoured lycans first, but make use of all of your weapons, or you’ll get swamped as you reload.

Deploy your marker a third time, then jump into the waiting hole.

There’s more supplies by the green flare, then drop down into the underground caverns below.

In this next area, you'll have to fight the big man, Urias, again. When he leaps into the air, sprint underneath him to dodge as he hits behind you. Alternatively, you can also stagger him with grenades.

Hold out for as long as possible, shooting the opening on his back where possible to slow him down. Eventually you'll get the prompt to call in an air strike with the marker on him.

To successfully do this, I found it easiest running anti-clockwise around the outside of the arena, shooting his back when it was convenient, then calling in airstrikes while he was recovering from attack animations.

After two strikes for me he died, dropping the giant crystal mace.

Go deeper into the caves and approach the Megamycete.

Now climb the staircase to confront Miranda at the ceremony site, making your way through her lab as you do. There’s lots of lore here to digest about the characters you’ve fought up to this point, so don't feel

When you’re done, smash the lock on the gate on the other side of the lab - and so begins the last part!

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