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Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose Walkthrough Part 1: Where to find the three masks

Here's how to escape Castle Dimitrescu... again.

The Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village is finally here, finally inviting us back into the Dimitrescu Castle once more. Of course, things around the castle are a little different this time around, and our protagonist is no longer Ethan Winters.

Catch the story trailer for the Shadows of Rose DLC here, to bring you up to speed!

Instead, we’re playing as Rose Winters; the baby that was once divided up into four parts across the village. After her time in the village as an infant, she’s been afflicted with strange powers thanks to the megamycete. Understandably, Rose doesn’t want them.

Powers are cool and all, but after witnessing most of your family succumb to the megamycete or whatever was grown from it, I can get behind why Rose doesn’t want that noise anymore. So, without further ado, it’s time to take another trip to Castle Dimitrescu, and retrieve that purifying crystal for Rose.

Additionally, I’ve kept some details and images to a minimum as to avoid any significant spoilers; so, you’ll know when a boss is coming or if you’re in a new place, but I won’t be showing you what the enemies look like or dishing out unnecessary plot details. You’ll be able to discover these for yourself.

Shadows of Rose Walkthrough

It’s a hard life being Rose Winters, with the unwanted powers of the megamycete coursing through your blood. At the beginning of Shadows of Rose, you’ve one task: find the purifying crystal.

This crystal lives somewhere in that village, the one which we carried Ethan through on the search for Rose, and now Rose must go there on a mission of her own.

When you first gain control of Rose, you’ll be in the lab. By all means explore to your heart's content to find resources or notes to read, but for the majority of this walkthrough, I’ll simply guide you on where to go and what to do to get you through to the end of the Shadows of Rose.

Exit the lab and follow the corridor. You’ll eventually come to a cell with someone inside asking for help, and you’ll need to find the cell key.

Rose Winters looks toward a cell in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Shadows of Rose: Find the Cell Key

In typical Resident Evil fashion, finding this first key isn’t too difficult. Head downstairs until you reach a small room with books, pots, and a chandelier. You’ll also find Rose’s name smeared in what appears to be blood down here, so you know you’re in the right spot.

If you continue to follow the room round and go through the only available exit here, the cell key will simply hang on a shelf, as shown below. Retrieve it, and head back to the cell.

Rose Winters looks toward where a Cell Key sits in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Unlock the cell, and meet your clone. Your only option next is to follow them wherever they’re going.

Shadows of Rose: Find the Switch Handle

You’ll arrive at a room with more cells, and more clones of Rose. The gate to exit the room is shut, and the switch handle for it is missing.

There will be one cell in this room that’s unlocked. Head inside, and prepare to crouch. You’ll eventually reach another small room where you can find a switch handle.

Rose Winters looks at a switch handle in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Grab it, and take the door on your left to make your way back to the gate easily. Upon returning, you’ll be met with a new Moulded-like enemy known as Face Eaters. At this point, you’ve no way of attacking.

Equip the new switch handle as soon as possible and the gate will begin to open, albeit slowly. During this time, you’ll have to run circles around the Face Eaters until the gate finally opens, and you can flee.

After this point, just keep running. Even after you reach a dead end and experience a cut scene, keep running, You’ll eventually find temporary safety as you enter Castle Dimitrescu.

Shadows of Rose: Explore Castle Dimitrescu

Once finally inside the castle, save your game using the nearby typewriter and exit through the brown door beside it. You can go and explore Lady D’s bedroom through the white and gold double doors, and read a note there, but that’s all.

In the next corridor, there’s a First Aid Med on the drawers to your right.

Follow the corridor around to the main hall, and after the cutscene here with a familiar face, more Face Eaters will appear. You’ll want to run downstairs and through the exit to the left of the room where the Duke’s shop used to be.

You’ll then soon come to the castle’s exit, but it’ll be immediately blocked off and another cutscene will be triggered. Following this, you’ll have access to a handgun and will be taught how to shoot.

Kill the Face Eater that appears in front of you, and retrieve the handgun ammo from the drawers behind them. Then, go back into the corridor you just came from, and take a left into the main hall again.

Rose Winters looks toward a door and some ammo in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

There’ll be another typewriter in the main hall for you to save at. You also won’t be able to go upstairs just yet, so advance through the brown double doors at the end of the main hall and into the dining room. From here, it appears that if you want to go outside, you’ll need to find some bolt cutters.

Shadows of Rose: Find the Bolt Cutters

There’s more handgun ammo on the dining room table. Go through the single door in this room and make your way to the kitchen. A Face Eater will appear. Take care of him, and in the cubby at the very back of the room will be some bolt cutters.

Rose Winters looks at some bolt cutters in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Head back to the dining room and use the bolt cutters to break the chain on the door leading to the courtyard outside. Just outside this door is a herb for you to grab.

Shadows of Rose: How to find the Bronze Mask and the Power Amplifier

After the cutscene, go through the single brown door straight ahead and into the hall. You can find gunpowder on the table directly ahead of you, and then go upstairs. You’ll find some chem fluid up here, and a note telling you how to craft both ammo and first aid meds.

From here, head into the library. The other door in this hallway will be locked. There will be two Face Eaters and some gunpowder in the library. Exit via the waiting room to find more chem fluid, then continue on until you find yourself in the Arelier.

In here, head up the stairs and platform your way past all the goop that covers the floor.

Rose Winters platforms across the Arelier room in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

If you then follow the only available route, you’ll wind up in the attic, and then the workshop. Here, you’ll find RW Variant Flask 1: a power amplifier. Next, we need to find the bronze mask. There will also be a herb and a typewriter in this room.

With the power amplifier, Rose can now use her powers to blast the various megamycete cores around the castle and clear new routes. In the attic, clear the two core here (which looks like a flower bud and is pictured below) to retrieve some handgun ammo and gunpowder.

This core isn’t in the attic, because I got too trigger-happy with Rose’s powers and cleaned up the attic before thinking to screenshot it. Oops, but you get the idea!

Now, you can return downstairs. Use your powers on the core in the waiting room and open the briefcase here. Then, go to the library. Prepare to face three Face Eaters, but if you clear them and the cores in the room, you can retrieve some crafting resources.

When you’re done in the library, head back to the courtyard. Make your way to the centre of the courtyard, and clear the core here (pictured below). The bust at the top holds the bronze mask, and you’ll now be able to grab it.

Rose Winters looks up at a bust wearing the bronze mask in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Return to the dining room, speak with your guardian angel, and then, make your way to the main hall.

There is a statue here beside the typewriter which is in need of three masks. Place the first mask, the bronze one you just retrieved, on the left-most figure.

Rose looks at the statue where all three masks must be placed in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

With the first mask placed, clear the core on the door to the antechamber. Then, head upstairs and clear the cores blocking your path here. You’ll find a hand drawn map at the top of the stairs detailing where a monocular key is.

Shadows of Rose: Find the Monocular Key

Based off the hand drawn map, we now know that the monocular key we need is in the Dressing Room.

Make your way to the entrance to the hall that leads to both the dressing room and drawing room up here (which, when looking at the in-game map, is at the very bottom as shown below).

An annotated map of floor 2 of Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Clear the core here to be able to enter the hall, and flee the monster that spawns by running straight through the hall and into the drawing room. From here, head under the fireplace and into the armory where you’ll find RW Variant Flask 2, another power amplifier.

There’s also plenty of handgun ammo and some gunpowder in this room to collect. Head back into the drawing room and collect the sprig of white sage; this can be used to restore Rose’s powers.

Finally, leave the drawing room and take a right to make your way to the dressing room. In the dressing room will be two Face Eaters, some handgun ammo, a note, and of course, the monocular key.

Shadows of Rose: How to find the Silver Mask and solve the Hall of Ablution puzzle

With the monocular key in our possession, make your way back to the courtyard. We want to take the key to that creepy looking door in the corner of the courtyard that has a red eye on it.

Rose Winters looks at the door for the monocular key in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Use the key on the door and head inside. Go upstairs, and along the corridor, there will be three doors. The first and third doors will be locked, but the second (the one with the glass panel), will take you into the Hall of Ablution.

Rose Winters looks at the Hall of Ablution entrance in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

In the Hall of Ablution, you’ll need to interact with the four busts around the room in a specific order to complete the puzzle and retrieve the second mask. At the top of the room is a riddle, which will give you an idea of what the correct order is.

To solve the Hall of Ablution puzzle, interact with the statues in this order:

  • The Hanged Statue
  • The Bladed Statue
  • The Drowned Statue
  • The Arrows Statue

An opening leading downstairs will appear. Head downstairs and follow the route round. You’ll encounter a note saying that the silver mask is somewhere in the back room, but you’ve got company.

Here, I recommend running to the backroom as quickly as possible to retrieve the mask, clearing any cores and collecting any resources you find along the way. Once you have the mask, I’d again flee and head back upstairs as quickly as possible rather than taking a fight.

Rose Winters looks at the bust that is wearing the silver mask in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

That said, you will find pipe bombs down here that come in handy if you find yourself in a pinch.

Once upstairs, leave the Hall of Ablution and go right. The door here, which leads to the guest room, will now be open. In here you can grab some more resources, and use the typewriter.

This room also has two exits; first, go through the single door and head outside.

Take a right, hopping over the stone walls here, and into the terrace where you’ll find some rusted scrap and gunpowder. You can then unlock another door, and all doors in the hallway where the Hall of Ablution is are now unlocked.

With that taken care of, take some time to craft whatever you’re in need of, and go back into the guest room. This time, exit via the double doors and retrieve the snake painting directly in front of you. Then, exit to the left and make your way back down to the main hall to place the second, silver mask.

I’ve provided a very badly drawn route below to help!

A route through Castle Dimistrescu is drawn on the map in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

In the main hall, the silver mask goes on the right-most figure that is a part of the statue. Don’t forget to use the typewriter here, too.

Shadows of Rose: How to find the Golden Mask and solve the Paintings puzzle

With the second mask having been placed, go upstairs from the main hall and into the door at the top where the gallery is located. There are five paintings in here, and one empty frame, which looks like a perfect fit for the snake painting you just collected.

Place the painting. Now, the puzzle here needs solving. Given the riddle in this room about the predators staring down their prey, and that both the butterfly and wolf paintings are fixed in place, it appears that each animal in the painting has to be placed in order depending on who is prey to whom.

So, we have wolves last being at the top of the food chain, and butterflies first with them being at the bottom.

To solve the paintings puzzle, place the paintings in this order:

  • Butterfly Painting is facing the Spider Painting
  • Wolves Painting is facing the Sheep Painting
  • Place the Snake Painting between the Wolves and Snake Painting, and have this facing the Frog Painting

From the box revealed at the end of the room after solving the puzzle, you will get the triocular key.

Now, make your way back down to the dining room again. We can use the triocular key here to get one of those fun weapons we love unlocking at the start of any Resident Evil title: a shotgun.

Rose looks at the shotgun locked away by the triocular key in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Once in the dining room, use the triocular key here and retrieve the M1897. Now, it’s time to have some fun blasting Face Eaters across the room rather than struggling with the handgun.

From the dining room, head into the courtyard and go through the door on the left. In this room, there’ll be a door for the triocular key to the right. This’ll lead you into the Opera Hall, and there’s another badly drawn route for you below in case you get lost.

A route is drawn on the Castle Dimitrescu map in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

In the Opera Hall, you’ll see a bust with the final, gold mask attached. However, the floor is covered in goop again. You’ll need to go around the room clearing cores, and use the furniture on the floor as a path. While this is happening, you’ll have to fend off Face Eaters.

It’s one elaborate game of the floor is lava, really. That said, not all the cores can be accessed from the Opera Hall alone, and you’ll need to go upstairs to take care of some too.

Once the cores upstairs are cleared, more furniture falls, creating a path for you as shown below. Hop along and retrieve the golden mask, and as you might’ve expected, that isn’t all that happens here.

Rose looks toward a bust wearing the golden mask in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Shadows of Rose: Guess the correct Sclerotia

You’ll now find that you’ve awoken in a cell, trapped by no other than the Duke himself, and he wants to play a game. He’ll present you with dozens of sclerotia (what we’ve been calling cores), and you’re to figure out which are fake, and which might actually grant you freedom.

Fortunately, your guardian angel appears to point you in the right direction. They suggest that the correct sclerotia is lower than the barrel in the room, and give you an idea of just where it might be. If you’re stuck, we’ve marked the correct sclerotia on the below image.

Rose Winters looks at multiple sclerotia in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Next up, your guardian angel’s clues consist of ‘broken wall’ and ‘deep shadow’. Now, I accidentally got ahead of myself (and was also rushing against time), so I cleared this next one, but it’s easy enough to find.

Turn around, and the broken wall on your right will be filled with sclerotia, and a Face Eater. Kill the Face Eater, and then target the large core in the centre here. Fortunately for you, it sticks out like a sore thumb when you know where to look, and the image below displays the general area it is in!

Rose Winters looks toward a broken wall in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Finally, the third sclerotia is even easier to find. The guardian angel’s clues are ‘here’ and ‘up’, so look to the ceiling for the sclerotia in the very centre.

Rose Winters looks at a sclerotia on the ceiling in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

The gate trapping you will finally drop. Commence forward to catch up with your guardian angel and gather some resources.

Shadows of Rose: How to escape Castle Dimitrescu

Navigate the basement and head upstairs to find yourself in the kitchen again. We’ve still got a mask to deal with, so we’re aiming to return to the grand hall now and place it.

Once you’ve placed the mask, interact with the lantern by the statue to retrieve the purifying crystal… except, it isn’t quite what it seems. You’re going to be greeted by a very unwelcomed visitor, and will once again wake up somewhere unfamiliar. Now, it’s time for a boss fight... sorta!

My strategy with this boss was barely a strategy at all. I simply made the enemy run laps around the room, and I turned to shoot the glowing spot on his chest whenever there was a safe distance. That, and don’t forget to use your Mold Counter if this guy does happen to catch up to you and grab you.

Once he’s taken care of, you’re then going to be facing a bunch of Face Eaters, and even another boss. Make your way through the gate in this room that dropped to let the Face Eaters in, and you’ll find another gate after following the corridor round.

You’ll need to take out this second boss to open the next gate, and his weak point is on his leg this time. Take the same approach as before, or just go wild with the shotgun if you find yourself overrun by both the boss and Face Eaters. Eventually, the second gate will drop, and you can retrieve the RW Variant Flask 3.

Then, of course, a third big dude will spawn that needs taking care of, and his weak spot will be on his back. Once defeated, there’ll be a cutscene, and you'll then awake in the village.

This is the end of the first part that there is to Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC, and I can assure you, you're not at all ready for what's going to unfold in Part 2.

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