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Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose Walkthrough Part 2: How to complete the dolls puzzle and beat each boss

Things are going to get strange, fast.

The Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village has arrived, and it's safe to say that this conclusion to the Winters' family story arc is brilliant. Whatever your expectations were when starting the DLC, cast them aside, because I can assure you that things are about to get much weirder... and scarier.

Watch the story trailer once more, and get ready for some scary surprises.

During Part 1 of our walkthrough for Shadows of Rose, we guided you through the prologue, and across Castle Dimitrescu where the Duke and various Face Eaters are relentlessly after you. Up next, however, is something I certainly did not see coming: the Beneviento House. That's right, it's time to play with dolls again.

With that in mind, here's Part 2 of our walkthrough for Resident Evil Village's Shadow of Rose DLC, which will guide you through Beneviento House, have you solve the dolls puzzle, and help you get through two significant boss fights.

It's also worth noting that there's spoilers ahead, so tread carefully. I have provided images to help with puzzle solutions and navigation, but I have ommitted any unnecessary plot details or images of key moments, so that you can have the pleasure of discovering these things for yourself. Have fun!

Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose Walkthrough Part 2

Shadows of Rose: Explore the Beneviento House, and crack the Wardrobe Lock

Following the cutscene, you’ll awake in the village. If you keep forward, you’ll end up in an elevator, and then the Beneviento House. Explore away until you reach the workshop; all other doors along the way will be locked or rusted shut.

After a brief blackout, a monkey toy with his stomach stitched shut will appear on the workshop table. Now, it’s time to find something to undo these stitches with!

Leave the workshop via the medicine room in the back left, and follow the corridor round until you reach the study. On the way, you’ll find a drawing you can interact with which notes three points of interest in the study that we should look at on the back of it: the stuffed locker, the picture on the bookshelf, and the desk covered in stuff.

In the study, you’ll also find a wardrobe with a combination lock on it. Now, interact with the three points of interest noted above, in order. As a result, we’ll end up with a six-digit long number that can be used on the wardrobe’s lock: 024466.

A combination lock in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

In here, you’ll find scissors. Head back to the workshop, and perform surgery on that monkey toy, where you’ll be able to collect the Relief of a Child item.

Shadows of Rose: How to complete the Doll’s puzzle in the Beneviento House

After another short blackout, it’s time to play with some dolls. The table in front of you will have room for four different figures to be placed on it; and you can find the first doll, Lucy, on the table directly to your left.

Following this, go through the double doors directly behind you, and head to the door with the woman on front of it in the corridor here. You can use the Relief of a Child item to then unlock this door.

In this room, you can grab a second doll, Catherine, from the table in here. Then, head back through the workshop and into the medicine room. There are more places on the table here for dolls to be placed, and both are labelled ‘Catherine’ and ‘Lucy’; place the two dolls in your possession down on this table.

Dolls on the medicine room table in the Beneviento House are shown in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

After placing the dolls, you’ll retrieve the key to Jimmy’s Room. Also, remember to pick up the two dolls again, as you’ll need them later. You’ll find the entrance to Jimmy’s Room is accessible from the workshop, and in the location marked on the map below.

The map of Beneviento House in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Destroy the core you find down by the old well, and take the ladder down. You’ll find a third doll down here, meaning that you know have three dolls. Now, make your way back to the storage room where you retrieved the second doll.

You’ll want to place all three dolls on this table, but their positions are not labelled. Place the Jimmy’s Room doll so that it is holding the gift, position the Catherine doll at the base of the stepladder, and then the Lucy doll at the top of the stepladder.

Dolls are placed on the storage room table of Beneviento House in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Your reward for playing with dolls this time is… another doll. Now, return to the workshop, and you’ve four dolls to position on the table here.

On the unlabelled platform, place the new Black-haired doll. There will be a platform to the left labelled ‘Lucy’, so place the Lucy doll here. Place the Jimmy’s Room doll so that he is in the remaining platform that faces the doll who’s on the stake here, and place Catherine in the remaining spot.

Dolls are placed on the workshop table in Beneviento House in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

You’ll then be able to collect the breaker box key, and will also need to answer the phone that appears in front of you.

Shadows of Rose: Find the Fuse in the Beneviento House

Following the phone call, make your way back to the elevator and use the key on the breaker box beside it. You’ll find a hand drawn map inside the box that details where to find a fuse for the elevator, which is in the bedroom.

Use the typewriter in this area, and you’ll notice the previously rusted shut door to the study beside it is now open. Notice how the sign above the typewriter says, ‘don’t look away’? Well, when you enter the study, don’t make the same mistake I did, and do not look away from that mannequin. All I’m saying is that this ‘mommy’ is a hell of a lot more terrifying than Lady Dimitrescu, that’s for sure.

Manoeuvre through the study and into the hall, then, we’ll want to run to the kitchen and clear the core there before running into the bedroom and collecting the fuse. This new mommy (sorry, Lady D), is going to be hot on your tail as soon as you avert your eyes, so simply keep running.

If, like me, you’ve just discovered you’re terrified of mannequins (especially one’s that function like Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels), I’ve outlined the route you need to take on the map below.

A route is drawn on a map of Beneviento House in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

Grab the fuse, and now we want to run back to the elevator and use it. This time, however, there’s more than one weeping angel of a mannequin following you. Head back the way you came, and when you reach the study, another mannequin will block the door to the elevator.

Turn away from this mannequin to coax them away from the door, taking caution of the mannequins that were following you. With them all frozen in place (hopefully), back towards the study door that’ll lead you out to the elevator and make your escape.

Pop the fuse into the breaker box and get in the elevator.

Shadows of Rose: Hide and Seek in the Beneviento House

You’ll now find yourself in a room full of dolls, with Rose also shrunk down to doll size. There’s a typewriter in the room, as well as a note asking for a game of hide and seek. Donna Beneviento can be heard saying she’ll meet you in the bedroom.

Head into the hall by crouching under the boxes ahead, and the dolls will follow suit. You’ll then see them monitoring the halls with flashlights, trying to seek you out; it’s now your job to make it to the bedroom again without them catching you.

There’s no strategy to use here, just stealth it out. My only other advice is to look out for cores where you can and use your power on them!

After reaching the bedroom, you’ll then need to escape. When leaving the bedroom, keep forward and go up the ramp. Destroy the core above the door here, and continue on until you reach a cutscene.

Shadows of Rose: Exploring the Winter’s Home

You’ll find yourself in the Winter’s home, reliving the memories of Rose’s parents. Explore the house freely and interact with the items you find to trigger more memories. You’re safe here, so take your time!

Specifically look for items related to Rose’s childhood: a crib, baby clothing, photographs. Don’t forget to also look inside wardrobes and along all surfaces.

There isn’t a map available for this house, but upstairs and beyond the master bedroom is a study. On the wall in the study is a photo of baby Rose; pick it up and turn it over to find a key.

In the same room, you can use the key on the green chest of drawers beside the laptop.

Rose Winters looks at a chest of drawers in the Winters home in Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC

After the following cutscene, you’ll find yourself back in the Beneviento House, and you’ll be in a rush to escape.

Shadows of Rose: How to beat Eveline and escape the Beneviento House

There are no images from this point onwards from a spoiler perspective, as a lot of interesting things happen, and because it’s relatively easy to advise where to go from this point onwards without images!

Run down the corridors until you reach a core, outside the entrance to the bedroom (which you won’t be able to go in). Destroy it, and then U-turn and head back down the corridor.

The route is straight forward from here, and you’ll wind up at the lift again, where a small cutscene occurs. When that ends, hop into the lift and interact with it to escape.

Except, this obviously won’t be your escape, sadly. You’ll be back in the Beneviento House again, and this time, head straight to the living room. Your guardian angel will advise you to use your powers on Eveline, so keep this in mind.

In the living room, retrieve the first aid meds and RW Variant Flask 4. Then, go through the open door to your left, and good luck.

In the next room, you’ll face a boss fight with Eveline. What a surprise. The tactic here is to use your powers on her after she’s attacked, when her head is down. She’ll move around the room a lot as she tries to attack, and you can protect yourself from her by crouching behind the various furniture in the room for protection.

While all this is happening, goop will spread across the floor. You can use your powers on the cores around the room when in a safe spot to clear more floor space throughout the fight, and later into the fight, you’ll need to go up the stairs in the room.

Shadows of Rose: How to beat Miranda

You’ll wake up in the village again with your weapons and inventory from Castle Dimitrescu, and if you advance ahead, you’ll eventually run into another apparition of Rose.

Follow the apparition, being mindful of the molded Lycans that’ll appear along the way, You’ll soon come to a large core; use your power on it, and continue ahead into a cave.

Continue into the cave, freely exploring and reading the notes down here. There’s also lots of ammo and white sage to gather, and then keep heading forward.

You’ll come to an altar for the Black God. Read the note here, and continue heading forward, where you’ll finally reach the purifying crystal.

However, this is Resident Evil, so you’re not going to be escaping with that crystal without a fight. Just as expected, Mother Miranda reveals herself again, and she really wants Rose. After the cutscene, simply run until the next cutscene, where you leave the cave.

After yet another cutscene, it’s time to fight Miranda. Like Eveline, use your powers against Miranda whenever there is an opening, which is usually immediately following two of her swooping attacks; you’ll know when to attack, as it’ll be whenever Miranda is closer to the ground. Keep doing this, while also using your new dodge ability when Miranda swoops in to attack to avoid incoming damage, and this fight is easy.

Halfway through the fight, Miranda will begin to fire projectiles. Continue fighting as you are, and dodging, but don’t forget to also use your other new ability to stop incoming projectiles from hitting you. After stopping a couple of projectiles, you’ll betold that you’re able to use a huge megamycete attack on Miranda; utilise this rather than your standard power.

You’ll notice that for each incoming projectile you stop, you regain more of your megamycete power. You’ll need at least three (out of five) of the orbs in the megamycete bar to be full to use the devastating alternate attack on Miranda. Keep dodging, keep catching projectiles, and keep using that alternate attack when Miranda gets close. Following alternate attacks, when Miranda is stunned, be sure to use your handgun or shotgun on her and deal extra damage.

There’ll also be some moments during the fight in which your vision is obscured, as Miranda leaps from pile of goop to pile of goop across the arena you’re fighting in. She’ll try to catch you off guard and attack, so your best bet here is to spam dodge while retrieving bullets.

Towards the end of the fight, and during a mini-cutscene, you’ll need to craft and use a first aid med. Then, the fight continues, but the next steps are straight-forward.

After this, congratulations is due. Not only have you finished Shadows of Rose, but also the Winter’s family arc in Resident Evil. I don’t know about you, but I found it all quite sad, albeit the perfect way to round off the story of the family.

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