October 2021 Archive

    1. Outriders arrives on Xbox Game Pass for PC tomorrow
    2. Miss the Xbox 360’s blades? Well they’re back… on the Xbox website
    3. Salt and Sacrifice will be exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC
    4. Ash is Apex Legends' next playable hero, Season 11 trailer coming later this week
    5. Genshin Impact Wishes - How to unlock Tuned to the World's Sounds
    6. Tales Of Arise breaks series records, Madden NFL 22 2nd highest-selling game of 2021 - NPD
    7. Video game release dates 2021
    8. Genshin Impact Star Shaped Gems and where to find Electro Seelies
    9. Elden Ring delayed to February
    10. Elden Ring gets free closed network test, coming to consoles in November
    11. Square Enix once again hints that Final Fantasy 14 could come to Xbox
    12. Guardians of the Galaxy PC specs revealed, needs 150GB disc space
    13. New World best builds — The best New World PvP builds and PvE builds
    14. Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard's Ricochet anti-cheat leak was planned
    15. Gotham Knights trailer reminds us it's about the Court of Owls
    16. 30 seconds of terrible quality Elden Ring gameplay have leaked
    1. Ubisoft may have leaked the Rainbow Six Extraction release date
    2. FIFA issues statement taking shots at EA's dominance of football games
    3. Minecraft Dungeons is getting seasons, a battle pass and more
    1. Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs: Part 2 coming soon, The Wild update and Allay mob coming in 2022
    2. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League trailer released out of DC FanDome
    3. Minecraft coming to Game Pass PC in a bundle that includes both the Java and Bedrock Editions
    4. Steam has banned games based on blockchain tech with NFTs, but Epic seems down with adding them to its store
    5. Epic Games will give you a $10 Epic Coupon if you sign up for its emails
    6. What are you playing this weekend?
    1. The Invincible teaser gives us a look at the upcoming sci-fi thriller where your choices have consequences
    2. Far Cry 6 Best Weapons: Where to find Unique Weapons
    3. Far Cry 6 Seeds of Love - All Lorenzo's children locations
    4. The Froggy Chair is finally coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons
    5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise is paid DLC coming in November
    6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons free update lands on November 5
    7. The Xbox Series X replica mini fridge goes on pre-sale next week
    8. GTA Online UFO Event: All UFO locations
    9. Back 4 Blood review - modern co-op done right
    10. Sony brings back the PS5 register to buy program
    11. New World XP farm - The fastest way to level up in New World
    12. Watch the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct here
    13. Lego review rejects sets based on Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, and Among Us - they won't be released
    14. Back 4 Blood's first hotfix makes it so you're not running into special zombies constantly
    15. Dungeon Encounters is interesting, deep, and probably the most mechanically rich Square Enix game in years
    16. Progress-blocking bug found in Metroid Dread, but you can avoid it
    17. Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard anti-cheat Ricochet seemingly leaked and is being reverse-engineered
    18. Crysis Remastered Trilogy review - defying time
    19. Crysis Remastered Trilogy - Three classic shooters now better than ever
    1. Call of Duty: Vanguard's Zombies mode revealed in new trailer
    2. Should you kill McKay or let him live in Far Cry 6?
    3. Baldur's Gate 3 update overhauls visuals, adds Sorcerer class and new area to explore
    4. Far Cry 6 High Supply - How to find the military supply drop
    5. FIFA 22 Best Pre-Contract and Free Agent Signings: Where to find the best free transfers
    6. Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone finally detailed – Tarkov meets The Division’s Dark Zone
    7. Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Borderlands 3, and Dirt 5 are free to play with Xbox Gold and Ultimate
    8. Far Cry 6 Paint the Town - All Paint the Town statues locations
    9. Solar Ash delayed to December
    10. Genshin Impact Childe build guide - The best Childe weapons, Artifacts, and F2P build
    11. Monster Hunter Rise PC demo now available on Steam
    12. New Saints Row footage shows off vehicles and car combat
    13. Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard get kernel-level anti-cheat dubbed Ricochet
    14. ResetEra gaming forum sold for $4.5 million
    1. Skyrim Anniversary Edition could leave many mods behind
    2. Disney teases new Star Wars video game reveal for December 14
    3. Final Fantasy 14 becomes most profitable entry in the series thanks to exceeding 24 million players
    4. EA and FIFA renewal talks stall over football organization asking $1 billion for the license - report
    5. Genshin Impact Aloy build guide - How to get Aloy, best weapon, Artifacts, and more
    6. Ubisoft delays Ghost Recon Frontline closed tester which was set to kick off tomorrow
    7. Genshin Impact a Particularly Particular Author, Find your way through the mist, and Shirikoro Peak puzzle
    8. World War 3 closed beta test kicks off on November 25
    9. Sony giving away free games to PS Plus members to celebrate PlayStation VR's fifth anniversary
    10. 7 Best Switch OLED games that will pop on your new OLED screen
    11. A Little Golf Journey is the relaxing Switch game I didn't know I wanted
    12. Undead Labs and ArenaNet founder Jeff Strain's new studio hires an abundance of talent
    13. Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Hands-on | Another promising expansion awaits
    14. Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies reveal happening tomorrow
    15. Avowed is an action RPG that borrows from Skyrim and The Outer Worlds - report
    16. The VG247 Gear List: the best gaming hardware used by the team
    17. Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone is finally being revealed tomorrow
    1. Epic finally admits Fortnite's Imposters mode was inspired by Among Us
    2. Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost kicks off today with dino-inspired duds
    3. Far Cry 6 best Supremo - The best Supremos to use for stealth, support, and offense
    4. Nvidia DLSS being added to 10 more titles including Back 4 Blood and Baldur’s Gate 3
    5. Hearthstone Mercenaries List: All abilities and characters
    6. Check out the action-packed Guardians of the Galaxy launch trailer
    7. Far Cry 6 Cache Money Treasure Hunt - How to get in Bunker 2 for Cache Money
    8. New World Legendary weapon quests - How to get Legendary weapons
    9. Back 4 Blood tips: unlocking Prepper Stash doors, sharing ammo, Supply Point farming and healing trauma
    10. 42 new names for FIFA that EA can use free of charge
    11. Pokemon Go Halloween 2021 event tasks you with sizing up your pumpkins
    12. FIFA 23 may end up being called EA Sports FC, per new EA trademarks
    13. Take a look at some of the rebooted Saints Row gameplay here
    14. Monster Hunter Rise cross-play and cross-save between PC and Switch not possible, says Capcom
    1. Far Cry 6 Criptograma chests - How to do Criptograma chests and what's inside
    2. There's a SpongeBob Squarepants Xbox Series X now, because of course there is
    3. Evil Genius 2 plots to take over consoles in November
    4. Epic Games eyes Fortnite movie as it begins expansion into wider entertainment media
    5. Check out the Call of Duty: Vanguard story trailer here
    6. Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits - How to get Monedas and alpha animal meat
    7. PETA calls for Ubisoft to take the cockfighting mini-game out of Far Cry 6
    8. Shareholders have pressured Microsoft into re-thinking its approach to right to repair
    9. New World Sliver of Adderstone - How to find and farm Sliver of Adderstone
    10. GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition will cost $70, physical versions coming December – report
    11. PlayStation 4 copies of Far Cry 6 not upgrading to PS5 versions for some UK customers
    12. New World players are getting opponents banned to win PvP wars
    13. Riders Republic is free to play for 24 hours starting tomorrow
    14. New World backtracks on region transfers, screwing players
    1. Sony's Jim Ryan wants "hundreds of millions" of people to have access to PlayStation titles
    2. Metroid Dread proves that Samus is cooler than Master Chief
    3. Codemasters is hiring staff for its “most ambitious and biggest game” yet
    4. California issues formal objection to Activision Blizzard’s $18 million settlement
    1. Apex Legends is getting into the Halloween spirit with the Monsters Within event
    2. Back 4 Blood players a bit miffed over lack of single-player progression, but changes may be coming
    3. Pokemon Legends: Arceus isn't an open-world game after all
    4. What are you playing this weekend?
    1. Sony's Play at Home Initiative saw 60 million games redeemed
    2. By cycling GTA Online Jobs and Adversary modes, Rockstar is freeing up space for new missions and modes
    3. Call of Duty Warzone Best loadouts : New Season 6 meta loadouts
    4. The soundtrack to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has some really great 80s tunes
    5. Far Cry 6 rare materials - Where to find uranium, gunpowder, and durable plastic
    6. Far Cry 6 camp facilities - The best Far Cry 6 camp facilities and how to upgrade them
    7. Far Cry 6: Where to use Chorizo's Mysterious Key on Isla Santuario
    8. Far Cry 6: A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Puzzle Solution and Lever Order
    9. Switch OLED model features improved Joy-Con controllers, but drift could still become an issue
    10. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition officially announced
    11. Back 4 Blood is the best feeling FPS on console I've played in ages
    12. Genshin Impact Thoma build guide - The best Thoma weapon, Artifacts, and more
    13. Resident Evil 7 has sold over 10 million copies
    14. Marvel’s Avengers is breaking promises and angering fans with paid boosts - but what really matters is balance
    15. Twitch resets stream keys following major hack, just to be cautious
    16. Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi confirms his departure from Sega
    17. Let’s Play Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl - more than a hit of nostalgia?
    18. Destiny 2's Forsaken campaign and the Tangled Shore are going away
    19. Battlefield 2042 open beta delayed slightly
    1. Xbox is celebrating its 20th Anniversary by releasing a new controller and headset
    2. Gearbox Software gets a new president as Randy Pitchford moves to head up Gearbox Studios team
    3. Far Cry 6 Amigos Locations: How to get Chorizo, Oluso, Boom Boom, more
    4. Resident Evil movie trailer welcomes you to Raccoon City
    5. Riders Republic Year 1 roadmap contains all sorts of free and paid content
    6. Watch Cosmo the space dog fetch and chase his tail in this Guardians of the Galaxy cutscene
    7. Battlefield 2042 has frustratingly done away with some of Battlefield 5's best gameplay mechanics
    8. EA is considering renaming the FIFA franchise
    9. New World Relics of the Tower and how to beat Taskmaster Holm
    10. New PS5 firmware update does the you know what
    11. VG247 is at EGX 2021 with a test of retro gaming knowledge - watch it live at 3:30 PM BST
    12. Babylon's Fall updates visuals so they're no longer a blurry mess
    13. Steam Deck teardown shows the hardware's insides, begs you not to do it yourself
    14. Twitch confirms massive leak is real as it scrambles to understand its extent
    15. Universal Studios' Japanese theme park is getting Pokemon attractions in 2022
    1. The first major patch for FIFA 22 has been released and it's a big one
    2. Here's a look at The Witcher 3 running on Steam Deck
    3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct is coming October 15
    4. Monster Hunter Rise shipments now total 7.5 million units
    5. Metroid Dread reviews round-up, all the scores
    6. New World Thick Hide - Where to find Thick Hide and how to level Tracking and Skinning
    7. Switch OLED review: a far more impressive upgrade than I’d imagined
    8. Metroid Dread review: a strong adventure that’ll delight fans
    9. Far Cry 6 reviews round-up, all the scores
    10. Everything we learned from playing the Battlefield 2042 beta early
    11. Matchmaking, VOIP, PS5 adaptive triggers and all other Battlefield 2042 open beta known issues
    12. We still have plenty of unanswered questions about Battlefield 2042
    13. Far Cry 6 review - Chaos in paradise
    14. Twitch source code, streamer earning information leaked – report
    15. Sony is halting card and PayPal payments on the PS3 and Vita stores later this month
    16. GTA Trilogy remaster references appear in Rockstar Launcher as new achievements and artwork surface
    1. Kingdom Hearts collections coming to Nintendo Switch via Cloud
    2. Ghost Recon Frontline, is a new free-to-play, massive PvP shooter set in the Ghost Recon universe
    3. Battlefield 2042 open beta pre-load is live, but a couple of issues have cropped up
    4. Back 4 Blood, Destiny 2: Beyond Light for PC, and more coming to Xbox Game Pass
    5. Dead by Daylight codes October 2021 - How to get free Bloodpoints and more
    6. AFK Arena Promo Codes for October 2021
    7. Blox Fruits codes: How to get free XP and stat refunds [October 2021]
    8. Battlefield 2042's $70 standard edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S now includes last-gen version
    9. The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character is Sora from Kingdom Hearts
    10. Ro Ghoul codes for free RC Cells and more [October 2021]
    11. All Star Tower Defense Codes List [October 2021]
    12. Warframe codes for free Glyphs and more [October 2021]
    13. Meep City Codes - Free Jet Pack and Cosmetic Codes for October 2021
    14. Slither IO codes | How to get special skins in Slither IO [October 2021]
    15. Shindo Life codes for free spins and more [October 2021]
    16. New World trials - Trial of the Gladiator and Trial of the Scrivener
    17. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC - watch the final character reveal here
    18. Jett: The Far Shore reviews round-up, all the scores
    19. New World is implementing new measures to crack down on players going AFK
    20. Elden Ring producer shares more details about the game’s “unusual map”
    21. BPM: Bullets Per Minute PS5 gameplay - the innovative FPS hits consoles
    22. Forza Horizon 5 improves its character customization, changes progression for the better
    1. Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires comes West in February 2022
    2. Microsoft is using information tags to make the Xbox Game Store more accessible
    3. New World Overseer Zane - Overseer Zane spawn rate and location
    4. Genshin Impact update 2.2 brings a new location, a new character and more later this month
    5. New World Void Metal - Where to find Void Metal and what it does
    6. EGX 2021 kicks off later this week – check out the schedule and get your tickets here
    7. FIFA 22 Wonderkids : The highest potential young players to sign in Career Mode
    8. Achievements are finally coming to Epic Games Store next week
    9. Genshin Impact codes for October 2021 - Free Primogems and more
    10. Rocket League codes: How to get free stuff in Rocket League [October 2021]
    11. King Legacy codes and how to get free Beli and Gems [October 2021]
    12. All Destiny 2 Emblem codes and Shader codes for October 2021
    13. All working Pokemon GO codes for berries, clothing, and more [October 2021]
    14. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC
    15. Marvel Future Revolution Coupon Codes for Gold, Potential Reports, and more
    16. Sakurai encourages everyone to watch Smash Bros.' final character reveal 'even if you don't play'
    17. All working Bubble Gum Simulator codes for free luck and hatch speed [October 2021]
    18. All Castle Clash codes and Magic Lab codes for free Gems and more [October 2021]
    19. Jett: The Far Shore review impressions - This game really doesn't want me to like it
    20. Alan Wake Remastered review - It's made me realise I was right to love the original so much
    21. Roblox promo codes for October 2021 - All active Roblox codes
    22. NBA 2K22 locker codes for free players, banners, markers, and more
    23. Wanted: Dead is a stylish action game from ex-Ninja Gaiden devs with a lot of limb-chopping
    24. New World's full servers won't accept new character creations, as game sets new Steam record
    1. Here's your first look at River City Girls 2
    2. Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier arrives on iOS and Android in November
    3. Final Fantasy 16's main scenario is complete, ‘only has a few quality improvements left’
    1. A Game Trials feature has been added to PlayStation 5, but there's one drawback
    2. EA adds Battlefield 1, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and more titles to GeForce Now
    3. The Haul is new online marketplace for pop culture enthusiasts and convention-goers
    4. Bloober Team teases next entry in the Layers of Fear universe
    5. Steam Next Fest: October Edition - here's just sampling of the demos available
    6. What are you playing this weekend?
    1. New World bags - How to craft bags and where to find New World Rune of Holding
    2. Castlevania reimagining and Metal Gear 3 remake in the works at Konami - report
    3. New World Boatswain Ambrose - Where to find Boatswain Ambrose
    4. FIFA 22: Best Midfielders, CAMs, CDMs, and CMs to sign in Career Mode
    5. Let’s play Lemnis Gate, a new type of FPS on Game Pass that'll mess with your mind
    6. New World server transfer feature in the works as developers work to combat queue times
    7. FIFA 22: Best Strikers and Wingers to sign in Career Mode
    8. New World gems - How to get gems in New World and what each gem does
    9. Twitch will soon let viewers pay to advertise streamer channels
    10. FIFA 22: Best Goalkeepers to sign in Career Mode
    11. FIFA 22: Best Defenders, Centre-backs, left-backs, and right-backs to sign in Career Mode
    12. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin looks a lot better in TGS trailer, coming March 18
    13. Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin brings a little FF13 to its world - hands-on
    14. Capcom is asking players about PC-Switch cross-play and cross-save in Monster Hunter Rise
    15. Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 turns Verdansk upside down, brings last Zombies map to Black Ops Cold War
    16. Life is Strange Wavelengths is the ending Before the Storm needed