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Disney teases new Star Wars video game reveal for December 14

No details on what the game will be, however.

Disney kicked off a new Star Wars product reveal campaign that encompasses multiple products and media. Dubbed “Bring Home the Bounty”, it’s made up of twelve weeks of reveals running to the end of the year, the first of which is a swath of action figures and clothing. Each week of reveals is hinted at with an icon of some sort. Some are characters from the Star Wars universe, while others are more abstract concepts, like a logo for the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilms, or a pair of lightsabers.

Most interesting is Week 10, which is represented by a game controller, suggesting a game announcement is imminent. No other info is offered as to what that game would be, though. We already know about the Knights of the Old Republic remake in the works for PC and PS5, and the port of the original game for Switch. And there’s a new expansion for The Old Republic on the way. Beyond that, there’s only rumors and barely announced threads of upcoming games to go on.

And there’s plenty to glean from out there. We know about an Ubisoft open world game set in the Star Wars universe, and then there’s the rumors of a David Cage-directed Star Wars game. Or it could be the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. We didn’t see it at EA Play, but we might see it here. And then there’s the possibility of something entirely unexpected. There’s plenty to speculate on.

At any rate, we’ll all find out what Disney has in store for us the week of December 14.

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