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Oh wow, the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake might not be totally dead after all

Please let us off this ride, we can’t take it any more…

A character in the Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Remake.
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If you’ve been waiting to play The Knights of the Old Republic remake for a long time, strap yourself in. It now looks like the project isn’t at a total standstill, but the question of whether it’ll ever actually come out remains up in the air.

This comes after Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb claimed last week that the highly-anticipated remake was “not being worked on right now, full stop”. Now, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has reported that, according to their sources, the KOTOR remake hasn’t been totally abandoned, though how it’s shaping up and whether it’ll ever actually come out aren’t currently clear.

"'Is it alive?' and 'Will it ever actually come out?' are two very different questions," Schreier wrote in response to a commenter on ResetEra asking the former question, "A third is 'If it does ever come out, what will it actually look like?'"


"That said, I've talked to two people at Saber who both say they're still currently working on it," he continued, "so I don't believe that the comment that it isn't being worked on 'in any way' right now is true."

Schreier has since reiterated his stance by tweeting: "Can't say whether the KOTOR remake will ever actually *come out*, but yes, two people from Saber Interactive tell me they're still on it, despite recent rumours that nobody is working on the game. Saber took the project from Aspyr last year, as Bloomberg reported then.”

As alluded to, the game’s development has been a full-on saga at this point. Since it was announced during a 2021 PlayStation showcase as a collaboration between Aspyr, Lucasfilm Games and Sony, we’ve had various and regular rumblings that’ve seemed to swing back and forth between 'it's dead' and 'it's not quite dead' in their potential implications about the remake's status.

So, even if it is still in the works, with development having shifted over to Saber as Bloomberg reports, who knows what we could be getting if the KOTOR remake ever sees the light of day. Especially if Grubb’s assertion that Sony, which has recently made the original showcase video that mentioned the game private and taken down tweets about it, is no longer on board with the project turns out to be accurate.

So yeah, if you’re a long-suffering Star Wars fan desperate to get your hands on the game, you might not want to get too excited.

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