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Sony giving away free games to PS Plus members to celebrate PlayStation VR's fifth anniversary

No idea what they are just yet, but a heads up is always nice.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of PlayStation VR, and to celebrate, Sony will be handing out three free PS VR games to PlayStation Plus members starting in November.

Details on the games will be announced in the next few weeks.

Sony said that over the past five years, more than 500 games and experiences have been made available on PS VR, and there have been some absolute favorites among the crowd of users, some of which vary by region.

Globally, the most played PS VR titles are Rec Room, Beat Saber, PlayStation VR Worlds, Resident Evil 7, and Skyrim VR.

The most popular PS VR games in Europe are the aforementioned games, while in North America, Resident Evil 7 was replaced by Firewall: Zero Hour and PlayStation VR Worlds with Job Simulator. Over in Japan, Rec Room was replaced by Gran Turismo Sport.

When PS VR hit the streets on October 12, 2016, we said at the time that even as a novelty, the headset and VR can be “great fun with some genuinely unique experiences, and as a glimpse of what could be in five year’s time, it's mouth-watering.”

Speaking of “in five years’ time”, Sony announced in February of this year it is working on a new PlayStation VR headset designed to work with PlayStation 5.

The new VR headset will feature a sharper resolution, have a wider field of view, feature enhanced tracking, and it will connect to the console using a single cord.

Sony is also working on a new VR controller which will borrow some of DualSense's features.

While the company has yet to provide details on the in-development headset, patents filed by Sony seems to suggest the next PS VR will offer inside-out tracking, and as far as the controller is concerned, the patent’s design showed what appears to be controllers similar in form to those used with Vive and Index headsets.

The headset is not expected to be released this year, but we expect to hear more about it after the start of 2022.

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