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Final Fantasy 14 becomes most profitable entry in the series thanks to exceeding 24 million players

The game has a rather long tail, it seems.

Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida revealed that the popular MMO has passed the 24 million player mark, making it the most profitable game in the Final Fantasy series. And with Endwalker, the next expansion, set to release very soon, that number seems poised to continue to go up.

In a press briefing at a preview event for Endwalker, Yoshida showed off the steady progression of players over the game’s lifespan, starting with four million at the launch of A Realm Reborn, the reboot to the game that changed its fortunes after an extremely troubled initial launch. By the time the third expansion, Stormblood, came out, it hit ten million. That number doubled over the next four years, and now, with the release of Endwalker looming, Final Fantasy 14 has reached its latest milestone of 24 million.

"It's perhaps unbecoming of me to say but in terms of our business, we've been able to achieve great success. Moving forward, we're going to spare no expense with our investments to ensure that this game continues to be one which our players can enjoy," said Yoshida.

The team deserves to be proud at this point, as they all were a part of bringing the game back from the brink and making it one of the premiere MMOs on the market. And given how much of a success Shadowbringers was, there’s high hopes for Endwalker. Judging from our preview, the newest expansion looks to meet and even exceed those lofty hopes. And thanks to the game’s launch on the PS5, it can reach even more people.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will release on November 23 for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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