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New World players are getting opponents banned to win PvP wars

Some New World players are resorting to some unscrupulous means to force their enemies to lose.

It seems the story of any big MMO is one where developers are always trying to keep up with players' antics, as many are happy to take advantage of broken systems to scam and frustrate others. New World's latest problem is one that combines lack of foresight, miscommunication, and good ol' fashioned automation.

New World's massive-scale PvP, war, is a mode where companies (clans) fight each other over territory. Naturally, most are willing to use every advantage they get to sabotage the other team, even if it means abusing helpful systems.

In this case, plenty of players are reporting that they got banned just ahead of a big battle. In some cases, half of an entire company has been banned in one go, making it much easier for the other team to win when they go up against much fewer opponents.

Players believe the culprit is mass-reporting. Once a player gets a certain number of reports filed against them, they seemingly get automatically banned. This system was likely implemented to weed out the worst offenders: bots, scammers etc., but it's being used for something else entirely.

In Amazon Game Studios' now-standard flip-flop style of communication, the developer initially confirmed on the game's official forums that New World does, in fact, use an automated system that bans players when they receive too many reports against them.

This was stated by a forum moderator. However, shortly after, a New World community manager denied that the game uses bots to ban players, and a different customer service rep added that all reports are reviewed by a human before a ban is issued.

These conflicting answers haven't made it any better for players who believe they were mass-reported, conviently just ahead of a big war.

Perhaps it's best to hold off on gearing up for PvP in New World while this problem is sorted. Until then, our PvE build recommendations will get you started. For more specific guides, like how to beat Taskmaster Holm, farm Thick Hide and navigate the game's trials see those links.

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