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Miss the Xbox 360’s blades? Well they’re back… on the Xbox website

If you're nostalgic for the Xbox 360's original dashboard blades, Microsoft has done something that'll scratch your itch over on the official Xbox site.

Microsoft is closing in on the 20th anniversary of the Xbox at an alarming rate, with the festivities set to occur on November 15, and ahead of whatever the company has planned, the Xbox site has suddenly started paying tribute to the Xbox 360 blades dashboard.

If you head on over to the site right now, you'll see a re-imagining of the old OG Xbox 360 dashboard used to show off various Xbox promotions for October, including Back 4 Blood, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, and Far Cry 6.

The design appears to be limited to the site's homepage, and has been done without much fanfare or attention from the Xbox team, so it could just be a nice little nod to many people's favourite design feature from the Xbox 360 console (before it was unceremoniously taken away from us during the New Xbox Expereince in 2008, RIP).

It remains to be seen what sort of celebrations Xbox will be throwing out in time for the 20th anniversary of the brand – and the original console – but you can likley rest assured that Microsoft won't see it pass by without some sort of commemorative event or announcement. Will we get blades back, somehow? Will Xbox add that lucious little 'whoosh' noise to the UI when you tab between menus? Probably not, but it's nice to reminisce.

In terms of what else we'll get for the 20th anniversary, it's uncertain. Will we see an Xbox Mini? Maybe an announcement about the upcoming Fable game? Perhaps more Xbox games added to Xbox Game Pass? Nothing is certain. We know at least that the company is celebrating its 20th Anniversary by releasing a new controller and headset, but nothing else has been announced at the time of writing.

Watch this space – we may yet be surprised!

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