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There's a new campaign trailer for Halo Infinite, and it looks awesome

343 Industries has dropped a new trailer showing off the campaign in Halo Infinite, and frankly, we're excited.

In case you missed it, a brand new campaign trailer for Halo Infinite has been released and it's getting fans worldwide - and us if we’re being honest - very excited. This trailer establishes the premise behind the highly anticipated entry into the Halo franchise, and provides sneak peeks at the drastic ways in which this campaign differs from the campaigns of old.

Let's start with the juicy story information we find out. We’re told that by the start of Halo Infinite both Master Chief and the UNSC are on the back foot, having been decimated by the forces of The Banished. This army of Nrutes has taken control of the Zeta Halo - the forerunner installation that acts as the setting for the game - and are up to all sorts of nefarious hyjinx that Master Chief has to stop.

To help you do so, Master Chiefs finds a brand new AI companion called “The Weapon” that’ll act as Cortana’s replacement now she’s become a tragic baddie. Together, you’ll venture across the Zeta Halo, stop The Banished, and figure out the secrets behind why Cortano went rogue.

Alongside story details, we're presented with a comprehensive explainer of the ins and outs of the Halo Infinite campaign. Called “the biggest campaign to date” and “the most wide-open and adventure-filled Halo experience yet” by Jen Taylor as Cortana, the trailer showcases a campaign map that is far more open to exploration than what would normally be expected from the series.

We see the tactical map (or tacmap) that’ll help you navigate the open-ended campaign. We get a quick glimpse of forward operating bases on the map, that when controlled act as fast travel points and provide vehicle and weapon drops from UNSC allies. We also see a Banished stronghold that you as Master Chief can destroy with reckless abandon.

At one such forward operating base Master Chief climbs on a new vehicle called the Wasp - an UNSC airborne vehicle that allows you to soar over the environment, acting like mankind's version of the classic Banshee.

Then there’s the upgrades tab, which allows you to improve and alter aspects of Master Chief’s armour and abilities through Spartan Cores. The trailer shows an especially cool looking upgrade to Chief’s thrusters, that allows him to quickly boost out of the way of an incoming rocket.

Leaving the best to last, the campaign trailer gives small peaks at new enemies present in Halo Infinite. First are the Skimmers - small airborne enemies that fly around on thruster propelled wings, packing laser rifles. Then there’s Jega Rdomnai, an Elite who appears to act as a nemesis of sorts to Master Chief in his travels.

Finally, there’s what appears to be the big bad of Halo Infinite. This hovering antagonist who refers to themselves as “the Harbinger of the Truth” is shown briefly blowing Master Chief away. No clue who this character is quite yet, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough!

If this trailer has gotten you excited for the next arc in the Halo series, you can grab yourself a copy of Halo Infinite December 8 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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