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Didn’t like helmet-less Master Chief in Halo? “You don’t like our show” says Pablo Schreiber

That's one way of putting it.

Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief in the Halo TV series.
Image credit: Paramount+

Pablo Schreiber, the actor who portrays the live action version of Master Chief in the Halo series, has some choice words for those that don't like the helmet-less Spartan.

Earlier this month, we got the first full trailer for Halo season 2, and while it's certainly looking pretty atmospheric so far, but it has been subject to some criticisms - one of the top posts on the Halo subreddit honed in on the fact that a lot of the trailer featured the Chief without his helmet, putting the strong-jawed Schreiber on full display. He's a handsome man, so I get it, but obviously one of the things Halo fans love most about Master Chief is his iconic green suit. The removal of the helmet was a point of criticism for the first season too, but in Schrieber's opinion, if you don't like that fact, you don't like the show at all.

Speaking to SFX magazine (via GamesRadar), Schreiber said that "People who don’t feel the helmet was necessary to come off, they’re at such an early conception of what the show could be. In order to examine the discrepancy between these two versions of the character [Chief and John-117], you can’t tell that story without taking the helmet off. If you don’t agree with the helmet coming off in the show, you don’t like our show. So, there’s no point discussing it."

It's a fair point to make - film and TV does have the benefit of being able to capture facial performances much better than games can, even if motion capture tech is very impressive these days, so with the right actor you can of course get some good range of emotions! But hey, maybe people just don't like Schreiber's acting, which is a whole other argument to be made. Either way, Halo season 2 looks to actually feature the titular ring itself, and is set to arrive on February 8 on Paramount Plus.

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