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Skyrim: Anniversary Edition features some Morrowind content and a new Mythic Dawn encounter

Nothing like a nice bit of nostalgia.

Bethesda has provided details on some of the new content coming with the Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, which it calls the “most comprehensive edition” of the game released to date.

As previously reported, it comes will 500 Creation Club mods along with new quests and fishing.

One of the new quests added with this edition is Saints & Seducers which includes an additional storyline across two quests complete with side quests. It also contains additional armor sets, weapons, enemies, and much more. Basically, it features some of the largest amounts of content included in a single creation.

As part of Saints & Seducers, the Rare Curios creation brings additional goods imported from Tamriel to Skyrim’s Khajiit Caravans. These kitty-like suppliers will be more than happy to sell you these wares which range from arrows to special potions.

There’s also Survival Mode where you will need to wear some warm clothing and seek shelter in the colder areas of the game to keep from freezing to death. You will also need to keep an eye on your hunger and exhaustion levels while still having to contend with bandits, dragons dropping from the sky, and general annoyances like Skeevers. This sounds like a rather interesting creation, and one we will likely try out.

Fishing also comes to the game allowing you to catch over 20 different species of fish in the various bodies of water located throughout the land. It’s up to you to decide what to do with your catch. Do you cook it, sell it, or get it taxidermied? If those options sound boring, you could always toss them in your own home aquarium.

The aforementioned creations will be made free for all owners of Skyrim Special Edition alongside all previously released Creation Club creations.

One of these is Ghosts of the Tribunal which contains a dozen new weapons and armor previously featured in Morrowind. There’s also The Cause which features the Mythic Dawn trying to form a new Oblivion gate. It also features new enemies, locations, and weapons, and a conjurable Daedric horse which sounds super cool.

If you already own Skyrim Special Edition, you can purchase the Anniversary Upgrade or purchase the creations individually upon release.

Alongside the release, Bethesda is adjusting all Creation Club quests to bring them in line with the rest of the game. This means that Creations, both old and new, no longer initialize on startup making it much easier to encounter Creations organically while adventuring. If you want to pursue a specific Creation, just read over the instructions that are included within its store description.

Luckily, there are plenty of Creations included with Skyrim: Anniversary Edition because other mods, such as those available on Nexus Mods, will likely not be compatible with the release thanks to the new updates.

This is because the Anniversary Edition is an update instead of a new release, and with it comes changes to the Skyrim Script Extender,a plug-in that makes mods work with the game.

In layman’s terms, the Anniversary release updates the compiler from Visual Studio 2015 to the 2019 edition, which changes how code is generated. This basically forces mod creators to start from scratch finding functions and writing hooks. This means that many mods will no longer work unless the creator decides to update their creation. So, it’s quite possible your favorite mod may never work with the game again if you choose to upgrade.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition releases November 11, ten years to the day it was released in 2011 on November 11. Alongside PC, it will be made available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

For those with next-gen systems, Bethesda said it has more details to share soon regarding optimizations.

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