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Skyrim Anniversary Edition brings next-gen upgrades, and fishing

Bethesda has found a new way to re-release Skyrim.

Bethesda has announced a new version of Skyrim at QuakeCon 2021, in celebration of the game's 10-year anniversary. The new version, dubbed Skyrim Anniversary Edition, arrives November 11 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S - with free upgrades on new consoles.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition is the game's "most definitive version". It includes the base game, and all three expansions. But the big news this time is the inclusion of 500 pieces of Creation Club (mods) content. This content brings much to the game, from simple things like weapons and spells, to more meaningful additions like quests and bosses. Among them are also fishing, survival mode and new Saints and Seducers quests.

Alongside Anniversary Edition news, Bethesda also announced that owners of the Skyrim Special Edition on all platforms, including Xbox Game Pass, will get three pieces of Creation Club Content: fishing, survival mode and new Saints and Seducers quests.

The Special Edition will receive a free upgrade on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, including Game Pass, on November 11.

Bethesda will also offer a paid upgrade path from Special Edition to Anniversary Edition, which unlocks all the aforementioned Creation Club content.

By @Jawmuncher's count, Skyrim has now had 14 re-releases, which means it has overtaken Resident Evil 4 (11).

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