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One of the year's best games headlines October Game Pass titles

The remainder of Xbox's Game Pass line-up for October is looking very hot.

Microsoft has revealed a strong line-up of games coming to Xbox Game Pass over the remainder of October. As always, first-party Microsoft projects will launch into the service, as well as the usual assortment of indie and AAA projects.

The releases begin today, with Outriders arriving on PC Game Pass, alongside indie retro FPS Into the Pit, which arrives on PC, console and Cloud.

October 21 sees the release of three games. Dragon Ball FighterZ arrives on console and Cloud Game Pass. Indie turn-based adventure Echo Generation launches into Game Pass on PC, console and Cloud. The excellent space shooter Everspace 2 also drops on PC Game Pass on the same day.

October 28 sees the launch of Age of Empires 4, which drops on the service (PC) simultaneously with its release on digital stores. Five other games will also arrive on Game Pass on the same day, starting with time loop mystery The Forgotten City (PC, console and Cloud), which spawned out of a Skyrim mod.

Backbone (console), Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition (PC, console and Cloud), and Bassmaster Fishing 2022 (PC, console and Cloud) all release on October 28. Finally, you have Alan Wake’s American Nightmare to look forward to on PC and console Game Pass.

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