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Outriders arrives on Xbox Game Pass for PC tomorrow

People Can Fly's looter-shooter is coming to Microsoft's subscription service this week, and you can carry on where you left off on console.

Square Enix and Microsoft have announced that Outriders is on the way to Xbox Game Pass for PC, and it's due to arrive on the service tomorrow (October 19). And, if you've been playing People Can Fly’s action game on Steam, you can download a new patch that'll let you enjoy cross-play with anyone progressing via the Microsoft Store.

Remember Outriders? You know, the peculiar Square Enix title that saw over 3.5 million players worldwide during its first month of release? Well, it's likely to attract a few more players now, as Microsoft has announced the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC tomorrow.

If you're unfamiliar with the title, the game is set in a sci-fi world and is a third-person shooter featuring a progression system and itemization options to create a variety of class builds.

If you are playing on Steam, you can download a new 4.8GB patch for the game that'll let you match the game with the Microsoft Store version, allowing you to cross-play with anyone playing the game on Microsoft's launcher.

There is also a push to get the game in-line with other platforms over on Stadia, so that players across all platforms can enjoy the game together.

The game originally launched on April 1 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Maybe now the game is available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, developer People Can Fly might finally start getting some royalties for the project.

If you're intending to pick the game up now that it'll be available at no extra cost on Xbox Game Pass for PC, you may want to cast an eye over our myriad Outriders guides. For a quick hit of hint, check out our list of the best Outriders tips that are actually helpful.

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