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Outriders' Worldslayer expansion adds a new campaign, new subclasses, and a new endgame

Outriders' big expansion is not far off, and it promises a hefty chunk of new content.

As part of a special presentation earlier today, People Can Fly, and Square Enix unenvied Worldslayer, the new expansion coming to Outriders on June 30.

Worldslayer was teased towards the end of last year when People Can Fly released the free New Horizon update. Unlike that one, however, Worldslayer is a paid expansion, releasing on all platforms where Outriders is currently available.

Worldslayer's main addition is the new campaign chapter, which will take us to entirely new locations, debut new enemies and variants, and explore what's happened to the world of Enoch following the events of the main game. While the new campaign is intended for players at level 30, owners of Worldslayer will receive a free level boost should they want to skip straight to the new content.

Equally as exciting is the arrival of a new skill tree, which unlocks two new subclasses (paths) for each of Outriders' existing character archetypes. The new skill tree lets you tap into the power of Enoch’s natives, the PAX. You'll earn those skill points by playing the new content.

Worldslayer is a very endgame-focused expansion, as it introduces a number of new features that should bring a tonne of replayability to players who quickly exhausted the original release's (flawed) Expeditions.

For one, there's an entirely new repeatable endgame activity: the Trial of Tarya Gratar. People Can Fly didn't reveal much about it today, but promised to share more closer to Worldslayer's launch. Then there's the new Ascension levelling, which is similar to Diablo 3's Paragon levels in that it offers minor stat increases across the board as part of a post-game, long-term progression system made up of 200 levels.

Finally, you can look forward to the new Apocalypse Tiers, which sort of meld World Tiers, and Challenge Tiers from the main game into something new for Worldslayer. Apocalypse Tiers will replace Challenge Tiers for Expeditions, but you can still switch back to World Tiers for the main game's original campaign. In effect, Apocalypse Tiers will act as the original campaign's New Game Plus.

The new tiers unlock access to their own, Apocalypse-exclusive gear, too, which notably has three mod slots. You can also expect plenty of new armour sets, weapons and mods to earn throughout your story progression.

Existing owners of Outriders will be able to purchase Worldslayer, but new players can get both in a bundle.

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