January 2018 Archive

    1. Destiny 2: 6v6 Iron Banner set for March, Private Matches, more Vault space, Eater of Worlds Prestige coming in May
    2. Xbox hardware revenue up 14% due to Xbox One X launch - Microsoft Q2
    3. EA mentions PUBG's success noting the Battlefield team is looking at "new and innovative ways to play"
    4. Parody game based on YouTuber Logan Paul's Aokigahara Forest video pulled from Xbox Store
    5. Star Wars Battlefront 2 was a "learning opportunity," according to EA
    6. Knack and Rime lead the PS Plus lineup for February
    7. Why PUBG players are seemingly sick of Miramar
    8. Controversy erupts over GDC Pioneer Award as PUBG, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, others receive GOTY nods [Update]
    9. PUBG made $712 million in 8 months, dominating the premium PC market
    10. Here's the latest Destiny 2: Gods of Mars "leak" that's totally fake
    11. Switch overtakes Wii U lifetime sales as Super Mario Odyssey hits 9 million units sold
    12. PUBG's new anti-cheat solution will block Reshade and similar programs
    13. PUBG PC patch that adds new roads, pieces of cover to Miramar goes live tomorrow
    14. Monster Hunter World: free Celebration Pack given to all players
    15. New Overwatch patch adds 4K support on Xbox One X, nerfs Mercy's ult
    16. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth releases this summer, pre-ordering unlocks Allied Races early
    17. EA hasn't decided when Star Wars Battlefront 3 will be released, Respawn's Star Wars game coming by March 2020
    18. News from Japan: Final Fantasy meets Everybody’s Golf, Persona 3 & 5 dance games get social links, New Gundam Breaker drops SD Gundam
    19. Fortnite players handed compensation following extended downtime
    20. This rather great Rockstar Humble Bundle comes with Bully, GTA titles, Max Payne, LA Noire, Manhunt
    21. Star Wars Battlefront 2 sold below expectations due to loot boxes which will return "in the coming months"
    1. EA confirms Anthem for early 2019 release, new Battlefield game coming in October
    2. Battlefield 1's big January patch with the North Sea update for Turning Tides is live
    3. Destiny 2 weekly reset for January 30 – Nightfall, Iron Banner, Challenges, and more
    4. Destiny 2 update 1.1.2 with changes to Raid armor is live - get the full patch notes here
    5. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is out today which means it's time to watch the launch trailer
    6. Insurgency: Sandstorm gameplay teaser shows off weapons, vehicles, tense situations
    7. Xbox Live deals: Forza Horizon 3, FIFA 18, This is the Police, Mordheim: City of the Damned
    8. Famitsu review scores round-up: Dynasty Warriors 9, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, Gal Metal, more
    9. PUBG PC test patch makes first changes to Miramar, adds new anti-cheat tech
    10. Episode 2 of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus DLC, Freedom Chronicles, is out now
    11. Fallout 4 is free to play this weekend on PC
    12. Call of Duty WW2: win a Season Pass for PS4 to celebrate The Resistance DLC
    13. PUBG Xbox One patch changes up vehicle gameplay again
    14. Microsoft could be looking to acquire EA, Valve, PUBG maker Bluehole - rumour
    15. "They'll kill the second hand market": Xbox Games Pass alienates more game retailers
    1. Shadow of the Colossus reviews round-up, all the scores
    2. Metal Gear Survive PC specs revealed
    3. Fortnite Battle Royale: Sniper Shootout mode goes live for a limited time
    4. Street Fighter's Ryu and Sakura are coming to Monster Hunter World
    5. Monster Hunter World: most of the online features are unavailable on Xbox One
    6. Monster Hunter World could add an option to redo character creation if enough people want it
    7. Until map selection is added, PUBG players are taking it upon themselves to remove Miramar from the rotation
    8. Monster Hunter World claims series highest ever spot in UK charts
    9. Monster Hunter World ships 5 million copies worldwide
    10. Monster Hunter World: the fastest ways to make money - bandit mantle, farm might seeds and investigations
    11. Sea of Thieves datamine reveals ship customisation, kraken, new weapons, more
    12. Assassin's Creed: Origins will get a new game+ mode
    1. Facebook launches pilot program for game streamers similar to Twitch, YouTube
    2. Fortnite patch fixes issues attached to latest update, but party services are currently down
    3. PUBG forums now have a known issues thread to help "improve the level of transparency"
    4. Ubisoft rolls back price of Rainbow Six Siege standard edition after customer feedback
    5. Overwatch player toxicity "not solved but getting better," Blizzard takes the fight to YouTube
    6. Take up to 60% off through the US PS Store's "Essentials Sale" plus 10% off your entire cart
    1. Epic Games to take Paragon offline in April - full refunds offered to players
    2. PlayStation Network is down - sorry Monster Hunter World players [Update]
    3. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory for January 26-29
    4. Monster Hunter World launch trailer suggests you gather a hunting party
    5. Switch is the fastest-selling console in Spain's history, has already surpassed Xbox One in sales
    6. Take one last look at Call of Duty: WW2's The Resistance DLC before next week's release
    7. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire releases in April - here's information on available editions and preorders
    8. This week’s best gaming deals: Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Theme Hospital, PS Plus, and more
    9. Fortnite guide to new map locations and all gold chests
    10. New Soulcalibur 6 trailer introduces Groh, the return of Nightmare
    11. Steam Big Picture mode is getting a new interface - report
    12. You'll now need to spend double the money at GAME to earn the same Reward points
    13. Battlefield 1 January patch, second half of Turning Tides DLC coming next week
    14. Xbox One exclusives coming to Game Pass will remain part of the lineup permanently
    15. PS4 FAQ - Your Questions Answered: Is PlayStation 4 backwards compatible, blu ray, region free?
    16. Big Destiny 2 patch coming next week, find out exactly when
    17. Sea of Thieves is an antidote to the turgid open world game
    18. Destiny 2: Iron Banner returns next week with a few changes
    19. Destiny 2 is improving raid rewards with next week's patch
    20. Rainbow Six Siege will get Xbox One X and PS4 Pro support at some point
    21. After hours of downtime, Fortnite is left with ADS and building bugs
    22. Sea of Thieves beta extended by 2 days
    1. Fallout 4 is free to play this weekend for Xbox Live Gold members
    2. For Honor dedicated servers coming with Season Five: The Age of Wolves which kicks off next month
    3. The Amnesia Collection is free right now on the Humble Store
    4. South Park: The Stick of Truth standalone version coming to PS4, Xbox One
    5. Fortnite downtime extended to scale backend systems and resolve a database issue
    6. Rainbow Six Siege getting three new editions to kick off Year 3 and Outbreak event
    7. Austrian retailer drops Xbox One because it's cheesed off over Xbox Game Pass
    8. Games with Gold for February include Crazy Taxi, Shadow Warrior, more
    9. Nintendo's first foray into mobile will go offline after only two years
    10. PUBG hits 4M players on Xbox One, celebrates by handing out 30,000 Battle Points
    11. The Sea of Thieves beta is a bit of a disaster
    12. 11% of devs working on games with loot boxes according to GDC State of the Game Industry survey
    13. Fortnite gets the Chug Jug and Mutant Storm Event - all patch notes for V2.3.0
    14. Sea of Thieves tips: how to start your first quest The Stash of Captain Bones
    15. Here's the first hour of Monster Hunter World on PS4 Pro
    16. Is Xbox Game Pass really turning into the video games version of Netflix?
    17. Monster Hunter themed costumes are coming to Street Fighter 5 - and they're free
    18. Monster Hunter: World review - a more approachable, smartly tweaked series best
    19. Monster Hunter World reviews round-up, all the scores
    1. Star Wars Battlefront 2 players can expect "significant changes to progression" in the coming months
    2. Anthem pushed to early 2019, next Dragon Age was to have “live” elements, SWTOR's future "up in the air" - report
    3. Underwater, open-world adventure game Subnautica has been released for PC
    4. Sam is a virtual gaming assistant in development at Ubisoft
    5. The Banner Saga 3 released date moved forward to summer 2018
    6. Humble Paradox Bundle comes with Stellaris, Pillars of Eternity, Crusader Kings 2
    7. Visceral, Sledgehammer and Monolith vets join The Avengers dev team
    8. Monster Hunter World trophy list revealed - is it a difficult platinum?
    9. Take a break from all those other boring open-world games and get Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen while it's on sale
    10. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 announced, includes all 12 factions from the tabletop game
    11. You can now buy and stream the PUBG theme
    12. The Division's latest Global Event, Ambush, is now live
    13. Expand your Switch storage space with a 128GB Micro SD for £30 / $38 today
    14. Ghost Recon: Wildlands is getting loot boxes
    15. Xbox Game Pass first-party release day availability also works on PC
    16. PUBG PC test patch adds new anti-cheat measure, more than one pre-match starting location
    17. Dragon Ball FighterZ gets one last beta on Xbox One
    18. Sea of Thieves closed beta: start time, pre-load details, content and everything else you need to set sail
    1. PUBG Corp. doesn't have a "clear roadmap" for PUBG 2.0 or beyond
    2. Ubisoft announces changes to Rainbow Six Pro League and all Rainbow Six Siege worldwide competitions
    3. Overwatch patch that adds Blizzard World map, Cosmetics Update is now live
    4. Destiny 2 weekly reset for January 23 – Nightfall, Challenges, Flashpoint, more detailed
    5. UFC 3 roster - every confirmed fighter coming to EA UFC 3
    6. Lost Sphear reviews round up – see all the scores here
    7. 23 Pokemon from the Hoenn region will start appearing today in Pokemon GO, second community event features Dratini
    8. God of War set for April release, Collector's Edition has 9 inches of Kratos
    9. Minecraft has sold over 144 million copies and has 75 million monthly active users
    10. Xbox Live deals: Battlefield 1, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Titanfall 2
    11. Sea of Thieves and other Microsoft Studios-developed games will be added to Xbox Game Pass on release day
    12. Someone made a PUBG Crazy Taxi mashup and we can't stop watching it
    13. PUBG Xbox One patch expands controls, fixes more bugs
    14. John Cena in talks to play Duke Nukem in a movie
    15. GTA Online: expensive sports car Revolter now available with fitted machine guns, but...
    16. Rust is leaving Steam Early Access after over 4 years, but it's not done yet
    17. Assassin's Creed Origins The Hidden Ones expansion is out today - watch the launch trailer
    1. Overwatch: all the new skins, emotes, highlight intros, sprays and player icons coming with the cosmetics update
    2. Modders get PS2 games running on PS4
    3. You can play Silent Hills teaser P.T. on PC thanks to 2 new prototypes
    4. Gran Turismo Sport is getting 10 new cars in a free update this week
    5. Top Destiny 2 YouTubers and Twitch streamers are moving away from regular Destiny content
    6. PUBG cheats have advanced to instant revives and instant heals
    7. Dragon Ball FighterZ review round-up - all the scores
    8. Sonic creator Yuji Naka joins Square Enix
    9. Monster Hunter World will recieve an 815MB day one patch which opens multiplayer, fixes bugs, and adds Poogie the pet pig
    10. Watch 15 minutes of the glorious Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake
    11. Rainbow Six Siege hates new players
    1. GLL kicks off season one with $50,000 league for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    2. Final Fantasy 7 Remake concept art from Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition makes its way online
    3. Latest Xbox One Preview update adds additional inactivity shutdown options, fixes various issues, more
    4. Call of Duty: WW2 players can join the Resistance Division during five-week, free in-game event
    5. Urgency and aggression have been cranked up for Far Cry 5
    1. We Happy Few's release has been delayed into summer
    2. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory for January 19-22
    3. Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition review: updated, expanded and finally a must-play
    4. Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood patch 4.2 trailer teases Final Fantasy 6 bosses
    5. This Metal Gear Survive co-op video is like lightning and everybody is fighting
    6. Fortnite tips: how to guarantee a finishing spot in the top 5
    7. Fortnite: old map vs new map - where is the underground mine and other new locations?
    8. New EU PSN sale has many games, big and small, under €20
    9. New House of the Dead arcade game could be getting a console port - report
    10. Monster Hunter World third beta: start time, content, bonuses and everything else you need to know
    11. This week’s best gaming deals: Nintendo Labo, Monster Hunter World, Yakuza 6, and more
    12. Eric Hirshberg, Activision Publishing CEO and the face of the company, is leaving in March
    13. PUBG developer identifies a new cheating pattern, looking into new cheat detecting measure
    14. Fortnite devs reveal design secrets of the new map hotspots: Shifty Shafts, Tilted Towers, Junk Junction and Snobby Shores
    15. Call of Duty: WW2 was the best selling game of 2017, PS4 the best selling console, NPD reports
    16. PS4 firmware update 5.05 is out now
    17. PUBG PC test patch brings first big change to the blue zone since 1.0 launch
    18. Fortnite's new map pushes battle royale to new heights
    1. Overwatch - here's a look at some of the Legendary Skins dropping with next week's update
    2. Vampyr webseries kicks off today with Episode 1: Making Monsters
    3. Pokemon Sun and Moon: Legendary Pokemon will be distributed to players monthly February - November
    4. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition out in February, multiplayer beta will open up to more players
    5. Boxed Vinyl and Limited Editions of Life is Strange: Before the Storm arrive in March
    6. Battlefield 1: Apocalypse out next month - here's details plus gameplay footage of the new maps
    7. Facebook announced as CS:GO Pro League and ESL One exclusive broadcasting platform, internet isn't impressed
    8. Closed Alpha for Hunt: Showdown will kick off later this month
    9. Here's some gameplay footage of Metal Gear Survive's opening mission taken from the beta
    10. Switch moved 1.5 million units last month, and it was the best December for 3DS since 2014
    11. Minecraft boss to oversee first-party development and publishing at Xbox
    12. Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition reviews round-up, all the scores
    13. As Fortnite's popularity explodes, Epic struggles to find a way forward for Paragon
    14. Metal Gear Survive is always online, has microtransactions
    15. Nintendo Labo: here's every good, bad and asshole opinion about Nintendo's new cardboard toys you'll see today
    16. Destiny 2 Faction Rally tokens being severely throttled, Bungie promises adjustments
    17. Nintendo Labo is a DIY cardboard toy line for Switch, price starts from $70
    18. Fortnite servers are back online - go enjoy the new map update
    1. Former Cryptic Studios devs working on a PC, console shooter set in the Alien universe
    2. Max: Curse of the Brotherhood and Night in the Woods dated for Nintendo Switch
    3. Driver: San Francisco, Far Cry 2, and Sniper Elite V2 added to Xbox One backward compatibility
    4. Overwatch League drew over 10 million viewers last week
    5. GTA Online players can grab the Grotti GT500 from today, take to the skies in new Adversary Mode
    6. New Fable to be open-world, Microsoft planning significant investment - report
    7. Watch new Assassin's Creed Origins mission Incoming Threat, which sets the game up for the Hidden Ones DLC expansion
    8. Nintendo is revealing a "new interactive experience" for Switch today
    9. Watch a blatant PUBG hacker demonstrate their powers on stream
    10. Fortnite new map update 2.2.0 released: full patch notes detail new locations, biomes, bug fixes and more
    11. New PUBG PC patch brings a few minor fixes
    12. Overwatch Blizzard World map is coming next week
    13. Leaked images reveal a new version of the Xbox Elite Controller
    14. Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta back for 24 hours after server problems
    1. Metal Gear Survive thrives in multiplayer but stumbles when playing solo
    2. Destiny 2 weekly reset for January 16 – Nightfall, Challenges, Flashpoint, Call to Arms and more detailed
    3. Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro bundle out next week, is exclusive to GameStop in the US
    4. Assassin's Creed Origins DLC The Hidden Ones, Discovery Tour, Curse of the Pharaohs dated
    5. Dynasty Warriors 9 crafting, riding, open-world details and release date announced
    6. Menu tweaks mean Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition gets you fighting quicker than its predecessor
    7. Robot Cache is a Steam competitor that allows players to sell back unwanted games for cryptocurrencies
    8. Two Point Hospital is a sim game in the works from Theme Hospital developers
    9. Star Wars Battlefront 2 patch adds new map, TIE fighter, nerfs Boba Fett
    10. Xbox Live Deals: GTA 5, Far Cry, Rime, more
    11. Forza Horizon 3 Xbox One X graphics comparable to PC's highest settings in almost all areas
    12. Steam games that launch with a discount can't be part of another sale within 30 days - report
    13. Top-down shooter The Red Solstice is free on the Humble Store
    14. Tencent helped Chinese police arrest 120 PUBG cheat makers
    15. Cyberpunk 2077 is getting a trailer at E3 2018, behind closed doors demo - report
    16. Final Fantasy 15 PC version gets March release date, Royal Edition announced for PS4, Xbox One
    1. Stardew Valley creator teases multiplayer
    2. Assassin's Creed Origins patch adds support for The Hidden Ones expansion
    3. Battlefield 1 Prise de Tahure map free for all, Turning Tides trial coming this week
    4. Destiny 2 Faction Rally: January event kicks off this week, check out the hot new armour Ornaments
    5. Forza Horizon 3 now supports native 4K thanks to Xbox One X patch
    6. PS4 firmware 5.50 begins testing soon, and Sony is taking sign-ups
    7. Destiny 2 servers down for 4 hours today for scheduled maintenance
    8. Dark Souls Remastered PC, PS4 and Xbox One ports developed by QLOC - report
    9. PUBG Xbox One patch brings control changes, rubber banding fixes
    10. Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta is great when it actually works
    11. Fortnite Fatal Fields glitch fixed ahead of map update that adds new city
    12. When is it OK to stop patching a game?
    13. Quantic Dream denies reports of inappropriate behavior and toxic working culture at studio
    14. Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta may be extended after weekend of network errors
    1. Xbox outsold PS4 in December but Switch sold the most units overall
    2. Fortnite Battle Royale map update to include new biomes, points of interest
    3. Monster Hunter World commercial in Japan confirms inclusion of the Elder Dragon Kirin
    4. First day sales of Super Meat Boy on Switch are "shockingly close" to debut numbers on Xbox 360
    5. First Pokemon GO Community Day takes place in January, Legendary Pokemon Kyogre has appeared
    6. Horizon Zero Dawn leads nominations in ten categories for 21st annual D.I.C.E. Awards
    1. Destiny 2 Xur update: should you buy The Colony?
    2. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory for January 12-16
    3. Detective Pikachu lands on the Nintendo eShop and at retail in March
    4. Dark Souls Remastered doesn't need to be another Modern Warfare Remastered
    5. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT open beta kicks off with online and offline battles, different characters for each phase
    6. New Star Wars Battlefront 2 patch will nerf Wookies and fix bugs, dodging and rolling
    7. Why the London Spitfire Overwatch team could never have had a British lineup
    8. Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta download: PS4 and Xbox One beta client now available
    9. GTA Online had more players in December than at any other time since release
    10. Expect another Nintendo Direct soon - every Direct Mini so far has been followed by a full one a few weeks later
    11. This week’s best gaming deals: Humble's Winter Sale, Nintendo Switch bundles, Dishonored 2, more
    12. Dark Souls Remastered priced $40, owners of the original on PC not getting a discount [Update]
    13. The ESA denounces Donald Trump's "shithole countries" comments
    14. Here's a look at how Dragon Quest Builders runs on Nintendo Switch
    15. Life is Strange: Before the Storm review - an inessential choice ends an essential addition to a complex story
    16. Mystic Messenger: Jaehee route tips and resources (Casual Story)
    17. Mystic Messenger: 707 route tips and resources (Deep Story)
    18. Mystic Messenger: V route tips and resources (Another Story mode)
    19. Mystic Messenger V route walkthrough and endings – Day 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 (Another Story mode)
    20. Destiny 2: microtransactions to be toned down, XP to be tweaked again, and all Season content free to everyone
    21. Destiny 2: private Crucible matches, ranked PvP, better Raid rewards and masterwork armour highlight nine month road map
    1. Humble Store Winter Sale: here's a random list of cheap games that caught our eye
    2. PUBG has over 3 million players on Xbox One
    3. Halo 5: Guardians is free to play this weekend with Xbox Live Gold
    4. This Dark Souls Trilogy Box Set announced for Japan is rather cool
    5. Donkey Kong coming to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle as playable character with new story and world
    6. Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered out in March with all content plus Assassin’s Creed Origins legacy outfit
    7. Vampyr four-part webseries kicks off next week, will feature new gameplay footage
    8. Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age hits PC next month with 60fps gameplay, ultra-wide support and other new features
    9. Overwatch League attracted over 400,000 viewers on the first day
    10. PayDay 2 on Switch features timed-exclusive character, CRIME.NET Local Play
    11. Demos for Dragon Quest Builders and Kirby: Battle Royale have landed on the Nintendo eShop
    12. The World Ends with You: Final Remix brings rhythmic battles to Switch sometime this year
    13. Overwatch League: teams, skins, tokens, schedule and everything you need to watch the action
    14. Dark Souls Remastered announced for PC, PS4, Xbox One with 4K and 60fps
    15. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze announced for May release on Switch
    16. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition coming to Switch this spring with all previously available content
    17. Mario Tennis Aces arrives on Switch this spring
    18. Dark Souls Remastered announced for Nintendo Switch, coming this May
    19. Nintendo Direct January 2018: watch all the Switch announcements here - Dark Souls, Kirby, Mario Tennis Aces, more
    20. Prince of Persia creator is "doing his best" to bring back the series
    21. Dark Souls remaster in the works for Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One, to be announced today - rumour [Update]
    22. Monster Hunter World PC was delayed because it's the team's first PC game and wanted to get it right
    23. Rainbow Six Siege Operation White Noise mid-season patch nerfs Ela, Ash, concussion effects
    24. Nintendo Direct 2018: if it doesn't happen today there's going to be more than the Chibi-Robo on fire
    25. PUBG patch that adds 2 new crates is now live, players with missing BP compensated
    26. Despite loot box controversy, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was still the most downloaded game on PlayStation Store in December
    1. Sting is going to be in a video game, but we're not sure you actually know who Sting is to be honest
    2. Get a quick look at Hit in this Dragon Ball FighterZ video
    3. Fortnite update nerfs Boogie Bomb, adds a cozy campfire - all the 2.1.0 patch notes
    4. Battlefield 1 Operations to be playable outside of Premium going forward
    5. Total War: Three Kingdoms announced, takes the battle to ancient China
    6. Dragon Ball FighterZ PS4 and Xbox-only beta: start time, modes, stages and everything else you need to know
    7. Xbox Career feature in the works with levels and loot crate rewards may tie into revamped achievement system - report
    8. Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account wakes after 4 years, internet shits the bed
    9. Street Fighter 5's latest patch notes reveal the final changes for Arcade Edition
    10. WW2 shooter Battalion 1944 hits Steam Early Access next month
    11. PlayStation dominates Pornhub console traffic in 2017, and the Nintendo 3DS finds its niche
    12. Pokemon Go will stop working on older iPhones and iPads
    13. Monster Hunter World fansite aims to connect series veterans with newcomers
    14. Puzzle Fighter strategy: tips and tricks for battle in the iOS and Android release
    15. Twitch paid more than $90 million for exclusive Overwatch League distribution rights
    16. Overwatch's latest patch is full of bug fixes, ahead of Overwatch League start
    17. Homefront: the Revolution is the biggest but also the least popular game in the new Humble Bundle
    18. Destiny 2: Bungie confirms Valentine-themed event Crimson Days coming back this year
    1. GTA Online players can now grab the Lampadati Viseris and earn double goodies on Lester Contact Missions
    2. This Call of Duty: WW2 Nazi Zombies trailer shows a foggy island crawling with the undead
    3. PS4 and Xbox One version of de Blob 2 announced for February
    4. Injustice 2 players can wield Enchantress’ dark magic from today
    5. GTA Online has a new fastest car - and it's not going to break your bank
    6. Puzzle Fighter tips: character list, unlocks and how to win in the mobile version
    7. The rarest items in new PUBG crates have a 0.01% to 0.16% chance of dropping, well below even Destiny 2
    8. Xbox One 'Do not Disturb' feature now in testing
    9. Xbox Live Deals: This week's Deals with Gold and Spotlight sales are live, discounts on Farming Simulator 17, Blood Bowl 2, more
    10. New PUBG PC test patch brings updated player reporting, 2 new cosmetic crates
    11. Blizzard launches companion app for the $3.5 million Overwatch League that starts tomorrow
    12. Dragon Ball FighterZ minimum and recommended PC specs revealed
    13. Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition rated by ESRB, rumours suggest it's a leak of unannounced complete edition
    14. Monster Hunter World PS4 install size is very manageable
    15. PUBG Xbox One: first-person support now includes Duo, Squad
    16. Mystic Messenger: how to get on V’s route walkthrough – Prologue, Day 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Another Story mode)
    17. Now that there are 2M PlayStation VR units in the wild, Sony expects to almost double game releases this year
    18. Here's some footage of Goku Black, one of three Gokus in Dragon Ball FighterZ
    19. PS4 sales top 6M over holiday period, so there's plenty of life in the old girl yet
    20. HTC Vive takes VR wireless with new adaptor, and also there's a fancy pants new Pro version
    1. Assassin's Creed Origins gets new quest, Heka chest items and more free content alongside The Hidden Ones expansion
    2. Valve is still working on that Steam UI overhaul
    3. The Steven Spielberg Halo TV series is still in development, just like it was when we last checked 3 years ago
    4. Ubisoft servers going offline for several hours tomorrow
    5. Call of Duty: WW2, FIFA 18, Destiny 2 top PlayStation Store download charts for 2017
    6. PUBG Xbox One patch adds first-person mode, fixes crashes
    7. Nvidia is making 65-inch gaming monitors with 4K, HDR, 120Hz and G-Sync
    8. GeForce Now: Stream the most demanding games to your potato PC with Nvidia GeForce Now beta
    9. New Metal Gear Survive gameplay shows base-building, crafting, and slip-n-slide zombies
    10. This glow-in-the-dark Sea of Thieves Xbox controller comes with its own stash of booty in the form of DLC
    11. For the second year in a row, Star Citizen raised more cash than the whole of gaming Kickstarter combined
    12. Steam breaks yet another concurrent user record to top out at 18.5 million
    13. Call of Duty WW2 tease probably gives us a look at The Resistance DLC content
    1. Holy shit, is that open world RPG the Forza Horizon team is working on actually Fable 4?
    1. Destiny 2: Xur location and inventory for January 5-9
    2. Monster Hunter World News: Here's everything you missed from today's Japanese live stream
    3. Ubisoft is finally fixing a weeks-old Rainbow Six Siege exploit
    4. Monster Hunter World is getting another beta, early post-launch plans revealed
    5. PUBG-style Battle Royale games are so popular, someone made a game to train you to be good at them
    6. Future God of War games could be based on Egyptian and Mayan mythology
    7. New Overwatch PTR patch nerfs Mercy's ult, Junkrat's Concussion Mine
    8. Retro sci-fi shoot 'em up Furi gets a Nintendo Switch release date - and it's next week
    9. Burnout Paradise HD Remaster spotted, out in March in Japan - report
    10. Latest Destiny 2 expansion rumour calls it Gods of Mars, mentions Charlemagne and Clovis Bray
    1. Paladins is also getting a Battle Royale mode, continuing the slow evolution of every game into Battlegrounds
    2. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 mods let you play as pink Darth Vader, Matt the radar technician from that SNL skit
    3. Nintendo Switch is the fastest-selling home console ever in the US, surpassing even the Wii - Nintendo
    4. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon QR codes list: All QR scanner codes for Island Scan and Pokedex filling
    5. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy co-director joins Crystal Dynamics to work on The Avengers Project
    6. Reminder: There are only a few hours left of the Steam Winter Sale
    7. Microsoft details how it's issuing refunds after Marvel Heroes Omega debacle
    8. Insurgency: Sandstorm cancels story mode to focus on multiplayer, alpha signups now open
    9. New Ni no Kuni 2 gameplay video shows RTS-inspired skirmish mode, combat and questing
    10. PUBG's most recent Xbox One patch stabilises performance somewhat, but Xbox One X still has the advantage
    11. Destiny 2's first hotfix of 2018 allows non-Curse of Osiris owners access to Iron Banner, Faction Rally
    12. Here's the big list of indie games you "should" have played last year
    13. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Cuphead and The Witcher 3 among Steam Award winners
    14. Monster Hunter World will arrive on PC this year, but you'll be waiting a good 7 months after the console release, at least
    1. PUBG gets small PC patch to fix hit registration issue
    2. Pokemon Go is coming to China
    3. Xbox Live Deals: This week's Deals with Gold and Spotlight sales are live, discounts on Diablo 3, Shantae, more
    4. LawBreakers publisher writes the game off, partially blaming PUBG for its poor sales
    5. Fortnite Battle Royale gets silenced pistol, new Sneaky Silencers limited-time mode
    6. Watch this explosive 20-minute Splinter Cell fan film
    7. Psychonauts 2 is not coming out in 2018
    8. Destiny 2 servers going down today for maintenance
    9. Platinum Games wants to publish its own new IP, staffers have pitched about 70 design documents
    10. Valve says it's not banning Team Fortress 2 players for having "catbot" in their names
    11. Latest Humble Bundle selection chosen by a crayon dog, includes BioShock Infinite and Beholder on the cheap
    12. The Kinect is now even deader than before, as Microsoft shelves adapters for Xbox One S and X
    1. Overwatch: "very awesome, very needed" new hero in internal testing, non-event loot box refresh inbound
    2. Before Star Wars: Battlefront 2, an indie dev pitched a Star Wars space combat game to EA
    3. PUBG CEO wants the game on every platform, says Sony is "very strict" about quality
    4. Games with Gold: Zombi and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3 join Xbox Games with Gold for January 2018
    5. Years later, DLCs for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 are finally available on Origin
    6. Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram event has returned
    7. Shenmue 3 developer teases 2018 release, "other surprises"
    8. PS Plus games for January 2018 available to download today, features Deus EX: Mankind Divided and Telltale Batman
    9. PUBG breaks 3 million concurrent players on Steam, bans 1.5 million cheaters
    10. Overwatch: Season 8 of Competitive Play has begun, with a couple of changes
    11. The Last Guardian studio posts New Year's teaser image maybe hinting at Ueda's fourth game
    1. Need for Speed Payback is getting online free roam, although we still don't understand why it didn't ship with it last year
    2. One year later, Devil May Cry and Dragon's Dogma director is still promising to reveal his new game
    3. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds among just 3 new releases in Steam's top 12 sellers of 2017