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Austrian retailer drops Xbox One because it's cheesed off over Xbox Game Pass

One retailer in Austria isn't too pleased over new releases coming to Xbox Game Pass, it seems.

Austrian game retailer Gameware will no longer sell Xbox One consoles due to Xbox Game Pass offering Microsoft Studios titles on release day.

The Innsbruck-based retailer told GamesMarkt (thanks, resetera) all Microsoft consoles have been discontinued through the store.

Gameware told the site it had no reason to continue selling Microsoft consoles, as doing so "brings zero merit and only expenditure, if Microsoft afterwards wants to profit from the marketing of the software only".

"Who wants to do business alone, should do the work alone," the retailer added.

If the quotes seem a bit disjointed, it's due to Google Translate.


Microsoft announced earlier this week all new Xbox One first-party games would be added to Xbox Game Pass on release day. This, of course, also includes any Xbox Play Anywhere title playable on PC.

The Xbox One games subscription service Xbox Game Pass launched in June 2017, allowing subscribers to play any Xbox Game Pass title as long as they wish. The caveat is the subscription must remain active.

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