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Humble Store Winter Sale: here's a random list of cheap games that caught our eye

Humble wants your money. You want games. Can some compromise be reached in this eternal battle?

The Humble Store Winter Sale has kicked off so open your wallets and let the cash pour freely into its coffers.

Humble Store is my personal favourite because a tiny slice of the money that digital distributors take from all transactions goes directly to charity, and you can name your preferred fund. I managed to avoid the Steam holiday sale, but I feel a little carefully hazarded spending would not be too naughty at this time.

As usual, there's so much on sale that we have no hope of detailing it all, but here are a couple of things that caught my eye personally.

  • A Hat in Time - $24
    I've heard this described as the game Yooka-Laylee should have been.
  • Furi - $9
    An absolutely gorgeous 3D action boss-rush game, which combines softly Souls-style combat with bullet hell elements. Sherif loves it.
  • GTA 5 - $37.50
    Surely everyone everywhere owns GTA 5 by now? You really should experience it if you haven't yet - there's a reason it's a perennial bestseller so many years later.
  • Undertale - $5
    Fall in love with a skeleton and talk your way out of combat - although you'll want to be good at retro twitch arcade games if you want to take the pure pacifist route in this amazing old-school RPG.
  • Rocket League - $12
    It's soccer with cars! A blast in multiplayer. Don't even worry about it, everyone is terrible at it and only gets goals by accident. It's soccer with cars.
  • Armello - $12
    Australians made this and my local pals who are into arty and indie games never stop banging on about it. It has cute animals.
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order - $10
    I don't have Wolfie 2 yet which makes me really sad, because I love The New Order so, so much. You should play it, it's $10
  • Dishonored: Definitive Edition - $10
    I love this universe so, so much. Start at the beginning and follow the story right through Death of the Outsider before joining me on Tumblr to ship the hell out of it all.
  • Fallout 4 - $15
    I have played hundreds of hours of Fallout 4 and every few months I have to hide the disc or I will play more. I have broken it so thoroughly there is no point even switching it on and yet: I always do.
  • Stardew Valley - $11.24
    Harvest Moon, made by a fan who felt the series had gone off the rails (an accurate assessment). Eats lives, but in such a lovely way nobody minds.
  • Superhot - $15
    Sort of a tactical turn based but also real time live action fight choreography simulator. Also the world's most interesting FPS.
  • SOMA - $7.49
    From the Amnesia team, and not even supposed to be a horror game. Scared me so badly I cried (as usual). Recently patched with a no monsters mode, which they may as well have called Brenna Is A Baby Mode.
  • Desktop Dungeons - $7.49
    A great short-burst rogue like dungeon crawler with persistent progression. Harder than it used to be, which also means it eats fewer lives.
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Complete Edition - $59.37
    One of the finest examples of ongoing live support for a multiplayer game we've ever seen. Seems pricey but includes all the stuff you'd otherwise have to buy as add-ons.
  • Far Cry Complete Collection - $25
    Contrary to title is not actually anywhere near the complete collection but still contains enough Ubisoft open world nonsense to occupy you for the rest of your natural life.

Well, and then I got tired of scrolling. Go check out the full Humble Store Winter Sale for much, much more.

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