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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon QR codes list: All QR scanner codes for Island Scan and Pokedex filling

Gotta scan 'em all, right? ...Right, guys?

One major new feature of Pokemon Sun & Moon that proved extremely popular was the ability to scan QR codes and have that pop out little rewards in the world, or have it fill in your Pokedex. That feature makes a return in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, though as in the original game you'll have to unlock the QR code scanning functionality first. Once you're a little way into the game you'll unlock this feature - it'll pop up as a new icon in your Pokedex.


The QR Scanner allows you to use the Nintendo 3DS cameras to scan QR codes out in the real world. The truth is, you can scan just about any QR code and the game will read it and do some math in order to figure out what Pokemon to attach to that QR code. Even if the QR data is nothing to do with Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon the game will crunch some numbers and give you something in exchange for scanning it.

More useful than this, however, is that every single Pokemon in Pokemon Sun & Moon's Pokedex - both regional and national - has its own unique QR code. This can be scanned in the QR scanner to help fill in your Pokedex.

Scanning is treated by the game as if you've encountered that Pokemon but not as if you've caught it - but handily once something is in your Pokedex in this manner, you can use your Pokedex to see exactly where in Alola, if anywhere, this Pokemon might spawn. So - let's get down to business and explain how this works:


Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon QR Code List: QR codes for the Sun & Moon Pokedex

First off, the good news is that all of the QR codes from the original Pokemon Sun & Moon Pokedex work here. That's good news, as it basically means you're now able to get nice and stuck in with scanning a full list of Pokemon - including shiny forms - into your Pokedex. Below, you'll find a full list of Pokemon QR Codes, and you can also visit these directly on Imgur if you prefer.

This list includes the full Alola Pokedex from the original Pokemon Sun & Moon, from Rowlet right through to Magearna. All of these codes will work in Ultra Sun & Moon just fine, so get to scanning. There is another benefit to scanning these QR codes, too - more on that in a moment...

Pokemon Sun / Moon QR Codes

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: QR Codes, Island Scan and spawning rare Pokemon

The QR code system in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon does have one other major advantage: every ten codes you scan you'll be able to run an 'Island Scan'. Running this scans the island you're currently on and finds/spawns a rare Pokemon that usually can't be found in Alola - in real terms making it spawn on that island.

This basically means you can catch Pokemon that aren't found in Alola normally in the wild including classic starter Pokemon like Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and so on, though it's limited. You can only scan 10 QR codes a day and you only get one attempt to catch that Pokemon, so be careful not to knock it out.

You'll also want to be careful and considerate of where you use your Island Scan. If you use it on Melemele island, the first, you're going to find lower-level Pokemon. If you do it on later islands, levels will also correspond. Not all non-Alola region Pokemon are available through Island Scan, but a number are - including some of the classic starter Pokemon from previous generations of the series.

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Island Scan Pokemon list

Island Scan works a little differently in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon than in the regular versions of Sun & Moon, with different Pokemon appearing depending on two factors: the day of the week, and which island you activate Island Scan on. Earlier in-game islands will result in lower level island scan encounters and thus lesser, non-evolved versions of Pokemon. Here's what you can find per island and day, plus where about on that island you can expect them to spawn:

Melemele Island Scan Pokemon Spawns

  • Charmander - Route 3 on Sundays
  • Squirtle - Seaward Cave on Mondays
  • Onix - Ten Carat Hill on Tuesdays
  • Horsea - Kala'e Bay on Wednesday
  • Scatterbug - Hau'oli City on Thursdays
  • Bulbasaur - Route 2 on Fridays
  • Litwick - Hau'oli Cemetery on Saturdays

Akala Island Scan Pokemon Spawns

  • Ralts - Route 6 on Sundays
  • Spheal - Route 7 on Mondays
  • Combusken - Route 8 on Tuesdays
  • Honedge - Akala Outskirts on Wednesdays
  • Beedrill - Route 4 on Thursdays
  • Grovyle - Route 5 on Fridays
  • Marshtomp - Brooklet Hill on Saturdays

Ula'ula Island Scan Pokemon Spawns

  • Rhyhorn - Blush Mountain on Sundays
  • Swinub - Tapu Village on Mondays
  • Prinplup - Route 16 on Tuesdays
  • Grotle - Ula'ula Meadow on Wednesdays
  • Pigeot - Route 10 on Thursdays
  • Monferno - Route 11 on Fridays
  • Axeew - Mount Hokulani on Saturdays

Poni Island Scan Pokemon Spawns

  • Eelektross - Poni Grove on Sundays
  • Aggron - Poni Plains on Monday
  • Rotom - Poni Gauntlet on Tuesday
  • Leavanny - Poni Meadow on Wednesday
  • Chesnaught - Exeggutor Island on Thursday
  • Greninja - Poni Wilds on Friday
  • Delphox - Ancient Poni Path on Saturday

With that noted, here are the QR codes again for all the Pokemon in the Alolan Pokedex circa Sun & Moon via Imgur.

You'll want to make sure you have full access to any island you choose to scan via the story too - the spawn only lasts 1 hour, and if it spawns in a location you're yet to reach you'll essentially be out of luck. This happened to me once. I missed out. Don't be like me. Make sure you take level appropriate Pokemon to the wild encounter, too. You need Pokémon that will incapacitate but not kill, not one hit KO powerhouses.


Get Magearna, a Mythical Pokemon, by scanning a QR Code

One special QR code for Pokemon Sun & Moon also works like a dream in Ultra Sun & Moon - and that's the QR code that lets you redeem and get yourself a Magearna, the first new mythical Pokemon of this new generation of Pokemon games. The days of driving to Toys R Us to plug your cart into a machine to download Mew are long, long gone.

Magearna was made available in Japan as part of Pokemon movie screenings, which meant that those guys did have to head out to catch it, all old fashioned like. In the West we’re a little luckier: you can catch Magearna simply by scanning a QR code. The QR code is attached to a free-to-watch Pokemon movie about Magearna that can be seen on the Pokemon website. The code pops up at the end of the movie, but if you don’t want to worry about that we’ve included the QR codes for Japan, North America and Europe below. The codes are region locked, so you'll want to scan the correct one - and you'll only be able to scan it once per save.


In order to scan this code and get Magearna you’ll have to complete the game by becoming the Alola Region Champion. That means you see the new Pokemon League built and defeat Alola’s inaugural Elite Four. Doing this unlocks a new function in your QR Code scanner, and one you'll need for this particular Pokemon.

Once you’ve done that, open the QR scanner in your second screen and scan the code from above that is for your region. You’ll then need to head to Hau’oli City and find the antique shop there. After you’ve scanned the code, a delivery man NPC will hand over Magearna with very little ceremony in general.

Save right away, as this QR code is a one-time use per save game. That’s it! You’re done. Magearna features the ability Soul Heart, the moves Flash Cannon, Fleur Cannon, Lucky Chant and Helping Hand and arrives at level 50 holding a Bottle Cap.

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