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December 2009 Archive

    1. Christmas: we're calling it
    1. BioShock 2: Jordan Thomas on rediscovering Rapture
    2. Hands-on with BioShock 2 in London
    3. EGM to return in March
    4. EA looking to develop in Atlanta
    5. ME2 vid unveils Infiltrator class
    6. Army of Two site lets you design your own mask
    7. MAG gold, open US beta tomorrow
    8. Army of Two's Salem and Rios coming to London
    9. Divinity II demo out for 360 and PC
    10. Cage: Heavy Rain could redefine the term "videogame"
    11. Op Flash Dragon Rising gets Overwatch DLC
    12. Darksiders won't have demo, no DLC planned
    13. Giant shock as PSP-4000 ad turns out to be horses**t
    14. Ubi trademarks Ghost Recon Future Soldier
    15. European Heavy Rain Collector’s Edition unveiled, DLC confirmed
    16. Survey details possible PSN subs charges
    17. Stand-alone Heavy Rain DLC confirmed as Chronicles
    18. Report: StarCraft II beta invite sent to top player [Update]
    19. Japanese FFXIII sells over 1.5 million in week one
    20. UK charts - Modern Warfare 2 is Christmas number one
    21. Interview: Vigil boss David Adams on Darksiders
    22. Darksiders - the first 20 mental minutes in video
    23. Greenberg confirms Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 for FH2010
    24. Japanese hardware - Wii and PS3 pick up end-year steam
    25. Aliens Vs Predator gets February 18 date in Australia
    26. Play Age of Conan, quite literally, for free
    27. Dante's Inferno features physics-based demon penis
    28. Blizzard: "We will definitely work on a console game at some point"
    1. MAG hitting January 29
    2. Zeschuk: JRPGs suffering "lack of evolution"
    3. Un-developed Burnout Paradise DLC included moon-driving
    4. Video - 20 mins of us playing Army of Two: The 40th Day
    5. Red Dead Redemption - new shots
    6. EA is biggest publisher in Europe, says EA
    7. Atari sued over "unauthorised sublicensing" of D&D to Namco
    8. Just Add Water sends second Gravity Crash Christmas card
    9. Home hits 10 million users
    10. Mafia II out in T2's fiscal Q3
    11. US PSN update, December 17 - GT Academy and FFVIII edition
    12. Euro PSN update, December 17 - GT Academy Time Trial edition
    13. God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition announced for PAL regions
    14. Sodium One on Home now
    15. Take-Two loses $138 million in 2009
    16. Aliens Vs Predator unbanned in Australia
    17. FFXIII sells between 1-1.1 million day one
    1. FFXIII - the first 10 minutes in video
    2. Darksiders vid shows flaming armour and chopper-fighting
    3. VG247 readers given 33% off all Rising Star games
    4. Split/Second confirmed for May, new trailer shows Dock level
    5. English Metal Gear: Peace Walker demo out now [Update]
    6. Half-Life 2 is Guardian's game of the decade
    1. PSP Digital Comics go live today [Update]
    2. ACII DLC detailed and priced
    3. Rare 360 theme goes live on Live, postcard brings Rarey cheer
    4. Kane & Lynch: Dog Days trailered, blurry, awesome
    5. Battlefield Heroes hits 3 million registered users
    6. C&C4 video shows full play
    7. The Saboteur gets live action shorts, dead Nazis, sexy fun-time
    8. PS3 passes 4 million in Japan, Wii breaks 9 million
    9. Alien Breed Evolution on Live now, price to be corrected shortly
    10. Dark Void trailer shows dogfighting, rolling about in the air
    11. GT shows off new Darksiders gameplay, Mark Hamill doing VO
    12. Metro 2033: "It's not an open world game"
    13. MMA's Cung Le says "it's in the game" in comedic fashion
    14. Games on Demand launches for PC
    15. Video - Red Dead Redemption to "foster a unique sense of organic gameplay"
    16. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International has spaceships, trailer proves it
    17. LotR: Aragorn's Quest has a trailer
    18. PSP comics getting audio commentary
    1. Over 45 million killed in BFBC2 PS3 beta
    2. Bethesda to publish RAGE
    3. Japanese retailers break FFXIII street date
    4. Nintendo trademarks Cii, Bii, Oii and Yii
    5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat launching Feb 2 in the US
    6. Modern Warfare 2 hit by unlimited ammo glitch
    7. GT5 demo - video of our incredible driving skills
    8. Nintendo trademarks "Zii" [Update]
    9. Hawk: RIDE is not a gimmick
    10. 360 MW2 is biggest selling game in the US this year
    11. GT5 Time Trial demo is only 219Mb
    12. Heavy Rain - tons of new images
    13. New Prince of Persia detailed, first images
    1. Mass Effect 2 sentinel trailer is freakin' amazing
    2. English FFXIII shots are the same but in English
    3. Alien Breed Evolution gets new screens
    4. DSi LL could have been "DSi Executive"
    5. First L4D2 add-on is The Passing, features original survivors
    6. Splinter Cell Conviction Collector's Edition has Sam statue, multiplay reveal on December 16
    7. Sony again mentions "monthly fees" in relation to PSN
    8. Army of Two: The 40th Day demo this week
    9. Germans grab GT5 demo, take big screens and video
    10. UK chart - Modern Warfare 2 in number 1 shock
    11. Spec Ops: The Line announced and trailered
    12. VGAs - Who won what
    13. VGAs - All the news and movies in one place
    14. When Visceral said Dante was locked at 60fps, it wasn't lying
    15. Australia opens 18+ debate to the public
    16. VGAs - Force Unleashed II announced, trailered
    17. Warner to publisher Arkham Asylum 2
    18. Johnny Cullen becomes latest addition to VG247 team
    19. The VG247 Community and Game Awards 2009 - the results
    1. VGAs - Tron Evolution looks pretty much as you thought it would
    2. VGAs - True Crime trailered, United Front developing
    3. VGAs - Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands movie shows movie themes
    4. VGAs - First Crackdown 2 gameplay trailer reveals glide suit
    5. VGAs - Medal of Honor gets awesome debut trailer
    6. VGAs - Halo: Reach trailer shows engine, new armour
    7. VGAs - Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 trailered
    1. Spike 2009 Video Game Awards Liveblog is a GO!
    2. BioShock 2 video details adoption, hacking, dual weilding
    3. Star Trek Online shots looks great, show exploration
    4. Spike's Video Game Awards is tonight, in case you forgot [UPDATE]
    5. US judge denies Bethesda's injunction against Interplay
    6. Report: Even with slimmer model, Sony still loses $37 per PS3 unit
    7. LBP: First annual Sackies commence, awards handed out
    8. Naughty Dog and Double Fine to present at GDC 2010
    9. Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries Reunion gets outfitted
    10. November NPD - PC software down 6.6% yoy, $51.7M for the month
    11. Dark Void video shows how Will "takes care" of the Watchers
    12. Square announces spring release for NieR
    13. Rumor: Casting director says Battlefront 3 still in the works
    14. Indie game on XBL wants to help you learn how to talk to girls
    15. Gran Turismo 5 not heading West until "summer 2010"
    1. New game sales up 15% in November, says GameStop
    2. Sony teases Christmas surpirse for Demon's Souls
    3. November NPD - Full Top 20 software list
    4. UK retailers list Heavy Rain for February 26 release
    5. Mass Effect 2 video shows off the voice talent
    6. Dragon Age: Origins tops Direct2Drive list
    7. THQ: UFC 2010 will be released on May 25
    8. Xbox 360 version of Borderlands gets a patch
    9. Geoff Keighley talks VGAs, loads of surprises to come
    10. BioWare details the Sith Inquisitor for SWTOR
    11. Super Street Fighter IV screens show stages
    12. November NPD - Sony focuses on growth, "appetite and interest" for PS3
    13. Free DLC on the way for ArmA II via patch 1.05
    14. Dante's Inferno - The entire demo in a 20-minute video
    15. US PS movie store update: Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2
    16. Guardian lists pros and cons of each gaming console
    17. Valve updates Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2
    18. Rubber Soul coming to Beatles: Rock Band December 15
    19. EU PS movie store gets Inglorious Basterds and The Hangover
    20. Diablo II patch 1.13 now live on the test server
    21. Reggie says that profitability comes from software in this industry
    22. God of War III is "complete"
    23. Modern Warfare 2 sells over 100k day one in Japan
    24. Greenberg: Reach, not GT5, will win 2010
    25. Japanese Resonance of Fate demo dated
    26. MW2 Javelin patch passes certification
    27. November NPD - DS sets record, US Wii installed base surpasses 23 million
    28. November sales of Tony Hawk: RIDE were poor at best
    29. November NPD - MS says it was the "best November ever" for 360
    30. November NPD - US sales down 7.6% YoY, second best November ever
    1. November NPD hardware - Nintendo tops with DS and Wii
    2. November NPD software - Modern Warfare 2 sells 6 million copies
    3. US PSN update Dec. 10: PixelJunk Shooter, Dracula X Chronicles, Dante's demo
    4. The Beatles: Rock Band sells over 1 million units worldwide
    5. PS3 tops Metacritic’s first annual Game Platform Power Rankings
    6. Mass Effect 2 video shows off preorder bonuses from GameStop
    7. Stats released for MAG Beta, box art revealed
    8. Army of Two: The 40th Day video shows a woman get hit by a bus
    9. Atkinson says you don't "need" to "dismember" people in games
    10. Associated Press lists Top 10 games of the year
    11. Darksiders video focuses on War's awesome steed, Ruin
    12. New Borderlands DLC is called Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot
    13. Harmonix suffers layoff of 39 staffers [UPDATE]
    14. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat gets a February release
    15. Square announces Just Cause 2 Limited Edition as preorder bonus
    16. December Xbox Live Marketplace release schedule revealed
    17. BioWare announces celebrity cast for Mass Effect 2
    18. LittleBigPlanet Trophy list is water-centric
    19. Dante's Inferno dev diary talks seventh circle of Hell - Violence
    20. Euro PSN update Dec. 10: PixelJunk Shooter, Portable Ops, CoD Classic
    21. Sony says "Gem" was a prototype name for its controller
    22. Riccitiello says Nintendo must "innovate" to continue competing
    23. Dante's Inferno PS3 gets demo today and Divine Edition; 360 doesn't
    24. GT Academy winner: "The whole thing is tough"
    25. Riccitiello calls Sony motion controller "Gem"
    26. Darksiders pre-order incentives include weapons, costumes, comics
    27. Splinter Cell Conviction demo confirmed for January
    28. Download first Dante's Inferno comic here, now
    29. Nintendo: Rockstar should continue to market Chinatown Wars
    30. Dante's Inferno: The Animated Movie releasing February 8
    31. DS beats PS2 to biggest-selling UK console crown [Update]
    32. Aliens Vs Predator for February 19 release in Standard, Survivor and Hunter editions
    33. Info splurge: Dead Space 2 set three years after original, multiplayer confirmed
    34. New VGA triad teaser is probably Black Lotus
    35. VGAs to feature new PoP movie clip
    36. FFXIII shots show men, hair
    37. Negative press is keeping EA stock down, says Riccitiello
    38. Mega Man 10 coming to WiiWare
    39. Vote in Eurogamer/VG247 end of the year awards
    40. PS3 Firmware 3.15 out now
    1. Star Wars Legends rated and outed by Australian Classification Database
    2. Kids can now use Facebook and Twitter through XBL
    3. The Smithsonian to exhibit four decades of videogame art
    4. Rumor: New Borderlands DLC outed by Trophy listing
    5. 2K Marin: BioShock 2 is "a little more personal" this time around
    6. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will not restrict party chat
    7. Assassin's Creed II patch hits PS3 today
    8. Co-op and challenge modes detailed for Splinter Cell: Conviction
    9. Multiplayer Beta sign ups for Empire: Total War are GO!
    10. Borderlands' Zombie Island DLC now available for PC
    11. Sam and Max may go into Space during Season 3
    12. A2M reveals Naughty Bear, a murderous stuffed critter with an axe
    13. Spike VGAs to be broadcast in the UK - now die happy
    14. WoW patch 3.3: Fall of the Lich King video released
    15. Activision files countersuit against No Doubt over Band Hero
    16. Soldner-X2: Final Prototype screens show crazy bullets
    17. Home is a year old, get a tree house and visit Santa
    18. New Zelda game will "improve upon" Twilight Princess, says Aonuma
    19. Movies: Milla Jovovich says Resident Evil: Afterlife pushed into 2011
    20. No tax relief for games sector in the UK
    21. Analysts predict Modern Warfare 2 made up 23-25% of November sales
    22. Dragon Age: Origins gets another patch, go download it
    23. Brutal Legend DLC Hammer of Infinite Fate hits December 17
    24. Darksiders: Ask Vigil anything you want to know about the game
    25. Kane & Lynch 2 - want to know anything?
    26. America's Army has cost $32.8 million
    27. Report - 3D gaming to reach 40 million by 2014
    28. Henriksen on AvP: "It doesn't matter what the medium is for me"
    29. Yakuza 4 dated, screens show slapping, scowling
    30. Sledgehammer Games gets site, logo
    31. Woo: Stranglehold movie happening, another game possible
    32. EA Sports has hosted over 1 billion online games this year
    33. Riccitiello: Global gaming audience now "at least" 1 billion
    34. Dragon Age sells over 1 million pieces of DLC
    35. IGN sees Yakuza 3 in English
    36. FFXIII gets 39/40 in Famitsu
    1. Guitar Hero: Van Halen demo now available on XBL
    2. Time Magazine lists the Top 10 videogames of 2009
    3. Dust 514 and EVE will intersect over time with add-ons
    4. John Riccitiello sees piracy as a "marketplace"
    5. China: Online gamers expected to reach 230 million by 2012, per analysts
    6. Modern Warfare 2 snags top spot on Steam charts
    7. Spike VGAs to be without a host for the first time
    8. Common Sense Media lists games to avoid buying for your kids
    9. Modern Warfare 2 hack on PS3 allows impossible scores
    10. Forza 3 moves 1 million units worldwide in one month [Update]
    11. Movies: Gears of War producer chats about his vision
    12. First bit of artwork for Dead Space 2 revealed
    13. Lance Henriksen to star in Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator
    14. Yakuza 3 heading to Europe and NA in March 2010
    15. World of Warcraft patch 3.3 hits today, has new raid and dungeons
    16. PS3 firmware 3.15 update to include PSP Mini support
    17. Red Dead Redemption will have preorder bonus you vote on
    18. Mass Effect 2 will have regular loading screens instead of elevator loads
    19. Half-Life 2 Black Mesa mod will not be released in 2009
    20. Bolt, FaceBreaker, and Trivial Pursuit added to Games on Demand
    21. New RE5 Alt Edition shots surface
    22. Evo 2010 dated
    23. Lego Harry Potter gets first gameplay vignette
    24. GAME shares crash on sales drop
    25. Yahoo! - PS3 is "all fun and games until the battery dies"
    26. Europe thought Army of Two was "ridiculous and tasteless," says EA EP
    27. Ozzie game-handling is "utter BS," says Jaffe
    28. Takeuchi: "Cultural differences" prevent Japanese working with western devs
    29. Viewtiful Joe dev would like to revisit series
    30. Sony patents slew of motion controller add-ons
    1. Kim Swift jumps from Valve to Airtight
    2. Dead Space IP needs a "senior online level designer"
    3. Willits: Rage has "an economy," "recipes"
    4. Dead Rising 2 dev starting on "new action project"
    5. New BioShock 2 trailer shows off Electro Bolt
    6. GTA IV's "massive" size may put punters off DLC, says analyst
    7. Multi-plat Quantum Theory confirmed for Europe next spring
    8. Just Cause 2: What the "laws of physics on drugs" look like
    9. UFC Undisputed 2010 to premiere at VGAs
    10. More FFXIII screens show man in girl's hat
    11. Given chance, Assassin's Creed II's writer would "sharpen" game's opening hours
    12. Quantum Theory no longer PS3 exclusive
    13. Rare drops more Perfect Dark XBLA screens
    14. Total War studio pushing on with console development
    15. More Brutal Legend DLC on the way, says Big Tim
    16. Pro Evolution was Japan's biggest selling game in November
    17. Dead Space 2 announced, detailed
    18. Japanese New Super Mario Bros. Wii sells 936,734 week one
    19. Pachter: US Wii broke 1 million in November, PS3 up 85%
    20. Hawk: Reviews smacked RIDE "before they even tried it"
    21. Interview - Assassin's Creed II devs on launching, pacing and the "Nintendo joke"
    22. Modern Warfare 2 maintains grip on UK chart
    23. The VG247 Community and Game Awards 2009
    24. Japanese hardware - DSi LL dream insta-dwindles
    25. Lara studio reaches out for multiplayer talent
    26. 1UP unveils Wake week, posts preview and new shots
    27. Keighley - Halo Reach is "huge leap forward," will be 2010's "biggest game by far"
    28. EA pulls Fight Night DLC over 360 freezing issues
    1. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker shots and artwork surface
    2. Left 4 Dead 2 SDK could support custom character models
    3. BUZZ! Quiz World arrives for PSP on December 17
    4. Fall of Troy track pack now available for GH5 and Band Hero
    5. Tim Schafer talks Brutal Legend reception, playing online, inspiration
    6. Movies: Former WoW screenwriter chats about his early movie drafts
    7. Halo Legends episode "The Package" arrives on XBL today
    8. Exploration will play a big part in Star Trek Online
    9. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International screens surface
    10. Brazilian Senator wants a ban on "offensive" videogames
    11. Rumor: Visceral teases Dead Space 2 with an inkblot image
    12. EA bringing Dragon's Lair to iPhone this month
    1. MGS: Peace Walker arriving in the US May 25
    2. Aion uses giant rabbits and fire breathing squirrels to ban players
    3. BioWare's Facebook game Gift of the Yeti benefits Child's Play charity
    4. Riccitiello says location and move towards digital led to Pandemic closure
    5. Nintendo downloads: Europe gets Earthworm Jim 2, others
    6. Assassin's Creed 2 glitch traps players in the Hideout
    7. BioWare reveals the Engineer class for Mass Effect 2
    8. Iwata: Majora's Mask was a "turning point" for Nintendo
    9. White Knight Chronicles International Edition hitting the US in February
    10. TOMI: Rise of the Pirate God goes live December 8, has video
    11. Each episode of Alien Breed: Evolution contains unique content
    12. Riccitiello: "The RTS category is due for fundamental innovation"
    13. Paris court rules against Nintendo over flash cartridge case
    14. No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise video is fun stuff
    15. SWTOR site updated with info on the Jedi Consular
    16. Guild Wars 2 video shows the 5 playable Races of Tyra
    17. Rock Band: Slipknot, Green Day, Simon and Garfunkel
    18. FTC praises US games regulatory board for responsible marketing practices
    19. US PS Movie Store update for Dec. 3 has loads of stuff
    20. Darksiders gets boss movie and 10/10 from US mag
    21. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories looks nuts-good
    22. Alien Breed Evolution - four new movies
    23. EU PS Movie Store gets plenty new films
    24. Mass Effect 2 producer: "We’re pampering gamers too much"
    25. Alien Breed 360 hitting December 16
    26. What The Saboteur looks like after nude DLC's applied
    27. Uncharted 2 multiplayer getting Crushing difficulty this weekend
    28. inFamous sells 1.2 million units
    29. US PSN update, December 3
    30. THQ to open Montreal dev studio
    31. Gearbox trademarks "Borderworlds"
    32. Woman smashes PS3 with hammer, puts video on internet
    33. Medal of Honor pre-order open, game releasing "fall", site launched
    34. Mass Effect 2 to ship on two discs
    35. Aliens Vs Predator banned in Australia
    1. Take-Two delays "unnamed" AAA game
    2. GTA does not need to be an "annual franchise"
    3. The Saboteur - watch the first 15 minutes
    4. Borderlands expected to become a "key franchise" for Take-Two
    5. Take-Two says Mafia II is on schedule, Max Payne 3 will be late
    6. Moscow's a nuclear wasteland in new Metro 2033 screens
    7. MAG Beta ends tomorrow with Zipper Challenge
    8. Microsoft announces Lips-tastic December add-ons and a new title
    9. Michael Jackson was a composer for Sonic 3 soundtrack
    10. Rumor: PSP Minis to be playable on PS3 "before" Christmas
    11. Things you didn't know about Borderlands
    12. Traveller's Tales founder says "PSPgo will die" unless games get cheaper
    13. The Saboteur has a "feckin' hard" setting
    14. Dark Void video shows off alternate dimension known as The Void
    15. The Saboteur reviews round-up
    16. The Saboteur PS3 has a 7-minute install
    17. Games on Demand meet Games for Windows Live, now hug it out
    18. NPD Report: 82% of American kids are gamers, teen numbers decline
    19. Day one DLC for The Saboteur has unlockable nudity - gasp!
    20. Riccitiello says Mirror's Edge "deserves a sequel"
    21. Sony not banning MW2 "Javelin" glitch users
    22. Star Trek Online Collector's Edition revealed by GameStop
    23. Euro PSN update, Dec. 3 - Bayonetta demo, Fight Night Round 4 DLC
    24. Belly of the Beast video for Star Trek Online shows space battle
    25. EA launches first-ever EA Sports branded prepaid debit card
    26. Edge of Twilight postponed as Fuzzyeyes deals with layoffs
    27. Confirmed: GT Academy 2010 Time Trial demo is GT5 code
    28. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker dated for UK and US
    29. GT Academy 2010 Time Trial will give "first opportunity" to play GT5
    30. PSone is 15 years old today
    31. Using MW2 "javelin" glitch will earn Live ban
    32. Homefront 2 already planned by THQ
    33. Riccitiello on Medal of Honor - I want the FPS crown back from Acti
    34. British Wii hits 6 million in three years
    35. Treyarch Call of Duty job posting mentions "history"
    36. Medal of Honor beardy cover dude is a real man named "Cowboy"
    37. Akihabara goes FFXIII-mental ahead of December 17 launch
    38. Singstar hits 20 million units
    39. EA: Tiger relationship remains "unchanged" despite "transgressions"
    40. Dyack: "I'm a patriot"
    41. Gamespot gives Rogue Warrior, um, 2/10
    42. Pachter Vs Reggie over Wii HD is analyst's favourite '09 moment
    1. Side quests in Mass Effect 2 contain "handcrafted gameplay"
    2. Capcom dishes details on how to beat Red Eye in Lost Planet 2
    3. Tragnarion announces The Scourge Project for Steam, PS3 and 360
    4. EA releases video promoting Flips for DS
    5. Rumor: Logitech working on UMD drive for PSPgo
    6. Walmart goes price cut bonkers on games, hands out gift cards
    7. MCV ed to take on CVG for Future
    8. Report: Sony to fix Bayonetta issues on PS3
    9. Brink - First proper gameplay movies show mission, killing, greatness
    10. Empire: Total War multiplayer Beta begins December 7
    11. Crackdown 2 teaser posted, full thing to air during VGAs
    12. Medal of Honor - first movie teaser released
    13. PixelJunk Shooter hits PSN next week on December 10
    14. DICE changes Battlefield Heroes' pricing around a bit
    15. Medal of Honor reboot is modern-day shooter, will hit in 2010
    16. Mirror's Edge coming to iPhone and iPod Touch
    17. BioShock 2 screens show Rapture, scary Adam-starved psychos
    18. DS: Glory of Hercules finally coming to the US in January
    19. Taiwanese gamer "finishes" World of Warcraft - sort of
    20. EA exec not only creates games, but cars too
    21. Left 4 Dead 2 updated on Steam, fixes witch and bot issues
    22. Rebellion says PC community helped with the development of AvP
    23. Pets coming to Xbox Live for your Avatar tomorrow
    24. Split/Second movie shows Powerplays
    25. Call of Duty Classic now up on Live
    26. Riccitiello: Digital will overtake consoles next year
    27. Bad Company 2 and BF1943 get system specs
    28. Avatar gets rough review reception
    29. No PS3 lead for Dante demo in UK
    30. First Saboteur review is an 8.2 from IGN
    31. Gearbox hiring for "super secret project"
    32. Hsu and Linn to helm new EGM
    33. Rumour: Edge of Twilight canned
    34. Wii parts firms crater as Nintendo cuts production
    35. EA to cut title roster by 20% for next FY
    36. Serious Sam HD delayed on 360
    37. FFXIII is 50-60 hours long
    1. Rumor: Lighting artist for EA DICE outs Mirror's Edge 2
    2. Standalone DJ Hero Turntable now avialable through Guitar Hero Store
    3. Bayonetta preorder bonuses detailed for UK
    4. Zeno Clash 66% off on Steam - get it yesterday
    5. Lost Planet 2 salamander boss is now called Gordiant
    6. SEGA announces Sonic Classic Collection for DS
    7. Dominion: EVE Online's 12th free expansion released
    8. Harmonix is finished with weekly DLC for Rock Band Unplugged
    9. US version of MW2 and EU version of L4D2 banned in Germany
    10. LOTRO's Siege of Mirkwood goes live, time to venture past Lothlorien
    11. Assassin's Creed II getting two bits of DLC in early 2010
    12. Final video for Dark Void released by Capcom
    13. Fist of the North Star: North Star Musou dated in Japan
    14. Dante's Inferno demo to land on PSN two weeks before XBL
    15. Mythos gets a video, update website, US publisher
    16. Rockstar re-releases new Red Dead Redemption video
    17. FIFA 10 sells over 4.5 million worldwide, Ultimate Team announced
    18. Activison has no plans to release Jurassic: The Hunted outside US
    19. Naughty Dog designer added to speaker list for DICE 2010
    20. Football Manager 2010 updated on Steam
    21. Report: Tennis Ace Andy Murray dumped over playing PS3 7 hours a day
    22. Rumor: ModNation Racers for PSP - no comment, says Sony
    23. Rumor: Internet outs EA's GunHead and Dark Space
    24. Left 4 Dead 2 sells 2 million in two weeks, beats 1 million Live players
    25. SCEE: Get Bloodlines, GT, MotorStorm free with PSPgo
    26. DiRT 2 PC demo released
    27. Euro FFXIII pack art released
    28. India getting Bioshock 2 day and date with rest of world
    29. SCEE blanks rumoured Heavy Rain date
    30. Bethesda: Brink won't be "ready" for spring, more gameplay videos this week
    31. Warhammer 40K MMO - first bits of art
    32. MAG beta - 300 final keys here, now
    33. Original Crackdown on GoD for £15
    34. Thomas: Bioshock 2 to feature "long, slow, empty, scary sequences"
    35. Akira Yamaoka leaves Konami after 16 years
    36. MGS Peace Walker gets Japanese date
    37. BioWare offers help for PS3 soundtrack balls-up
    38. Estavillo subpoenas Bill Gates in RROD case
    39. Japanese retailers pins Heavy Rain for February 18
    40. PS3 sells 440,000 in US over Thanksgiving week
    41. Microsoft's Thanksgiving was "biggest sales week of the year"
    42. Nintendo's Thanksgiving weekend tally: 1.5 million consoles sold in the US