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Diablo II patch 1.13 now live on the test server


It's hard to believe that Diablo II is nine years-old, isn't it? But what is not hard to believe is that Blizzard is still supporting the title, and continues to release patches and content for the super dungeon game.

Today's a prime example of this support, as patch 1.13 has been released on the public test servers. It includes the addition of character respecialization, and you get this free opportunity once you have completed the Den of Evil quest along with a new challenge included in the "Hell" difficulty mode.

"Players of Hell Difficulty Realm games are hereby warned once again, that a series of new and challenging tests await you! The answer lies within Diablo's Bosses, which span across the world from the Den of Evil to the Throne of Destruction" revealed the patch notes.

The usual list of bug fixes, class changes and balancing were also noted, and if you want to try it out before it goes live (no date yet) , log into the ClassicBeta through when starting up the game.

You can read the full notes through a Q&A through here.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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