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May 2012 Archive

    1. Rumour - Zynga working on Unreal Engine-based "mid-core" games
    2. Fate/unlimited Codes to be pulled from PSN
    3. StarForge devs launch first playable build
    4. Modern Warfare 3 Face Off mode coming to PS3 on June 15
    5. Max Payne 3 PC out tomorrow, launch trailer released
    6. Tokyo Jungle now available for pre-order through PS Store in Japan
    7. Activision and Infinity Ward reach settlement, terms confidential
    8. Time Stop system and Yuri's story scenario detailed for Level 5's Time Travelers
    9. Storm Legion - RIFT's first expansion to "triple in size" current content
    10. "No more DLC for Gears 3," due to announcement of new Gears game says Epic
    11. Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise out this fall on PSN, XBLA
    12. "Controversial" Hitman trailer recipient of dev commentary
    13. Rumored collector's edition for Aliens: Colonial Marines is now official
    14. Latest Humble Bundle is one of the best yet
    15. Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit trailer shows off monsters
    16. Assassin’s Creed III Ubiworkshop Edition announced, contains graphic novel, AC Encyclopedia
    17. Fez sells 100,000 units through Xbox Live Arcade
    18. Korean Fair Trade Commission raids Blizzard's Seoul office over Diablo III complaints
    19. Rabbids Rumble for 3DS announced for November release
    20. Next Gears of War to be unveiled at MS E3 presser
    21. Ubisoft files complaint against Beiswenger over "entirely meritless" Assassin's Creed lawsuit
    22. Massive Battlefield 3 update goes live June 4-5
    23. F1 2012 shots debut this season's cars, US GP playable at E3 next week
    24. Spec Ops: The Line - 15 minutes of exclusive gameplay
    25. "The more accessible content is, the more likely consumers are to purchase it," says Sony
    26. NetherRealm's DC fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us out in 2013
    27. Mini Ninjas Adventures screenshots released on XBL Marketplace
    28. Quantum Conundrum E3 trailer shows puzzle pandemonium, hits PC in June
    29. First Skyrim: Dawnguard trailer is go, go, go
    30. Zen United: Mesh of Persona 3 and 4 characters in Arena "feels perfectly natural"
    31. Nimoy, Panettiere, others return for Kingdom Hearts 3D
    32. Nintendo downloads, May 31 – 99seconds, Metal Slug 3, Rayman
    33. Take Two boss not worried over lack of next-gen at E3
    34. NPD - Q4 2011 used games sales in UK hit nearly £100M, US $521.2M
    35. Sony announces Sports Champions 2 for autumn release
    36. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron pre-orders net US customers weapons, retro skins, more
    37. Rising Star, Harvest Moon creator annnounce Project Happiness
    38. Mario Tennis 3D: White Yoshi up for grabs this weekend at Tesco
    39. Tokyo Jungle TV ad barks over Tokyo rooftops
    40. Retro City Rampage to feature Meat Boy
    41. Lovefilm launches streaming HD content
    42. Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse to feature co-op, multiplayer
    43. Spicy Horse's BigHead Bash enters into open beta
    44. Gaikai inviting journalists to E3 event, featuring news that'll "change the future of videogames"
    45. Rumour: Ubisoft to unveil Splinter Cell: Blacklist at E3
    46. Dark Souls PC coming to Steam, consoles to get PC content
    47. EA confirms Battlefield Premium, more details next week
    48. Future vet Binns launches Network N
    49. Ridge Racer to get Daytona USA DLC next week
    50. Bilson: Saints Row 4 will have "an even broader appeal" than Saints Row: The Third
    51. Necromorphing: Dead Space 3 gets first screenshots
    52. We Sing publisher snaps up GAME Scandinavia
    53. Jeremy McGrath's Offroad hits console networks in June
    54. Dragon Quest X requires three player-created characters
    55. Crusader Kings II Sword of Islam DLC due with next patch
    56. UnchainBlades Exiv screens show unchanged perspective
    57. Jet Set Radio trailer teases music announces
    58. Sakaguchi: Wii's lack of HD caused problems for The Last Story
    59. Metroid Star Fox crossover rumour put to rest
    60. Zynga wants to be "a lot like Xbox Live"
    1. Three new discovery apps headed to Vita
    2. Quantic Dream “unhappy with everything” about Heavy Rain
    3. Tomb Raider trailer to accompany "very big news"
    4. New Little King's Story headed to US, new trailer and screens
    5. Dead Pixels debuts on PC exclusively through IndieRoyale Graduation Bundle
    6. MLG Summer Season scheduled, League of Legends Arena debuts
    7. Pyramid of Settra, Amenadresh the Steward added to Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes
    8. Report - Shin Megami Tensei 4 headed to 3DS, teaser site live
    9. European Diablo III servers revert to error 37 and 73
    10. Spy Hunter reboot releasing on 3DS and Vita this fall
    11. Neocore teases Van Helsing with video
    12. DrinkBox Studios to release Guacamelee for PS3 and Vita
    13. Activision-Infinity Ward trial delayed until June 1
    14. SEGA announces E3 2012 line-up
    15. Jury finds for Epic "on all counts", Silicon Knights hit with $4.45 million damages
    16. - Tomb Raider pack, Resonance, Sid Meier’s Colonization, more announced
    17. CDP announces Cyberpunk, based on the tabletop RPG
    18. Microsoft to stream E3 2012 press briefing through Xbox Live
    19. Dragon's Dogma storms Japanese charts with 331,064 units sold
    20. ZoE HD Collection shots tease new ZoE1 anime intro
    21. Report - Sony and Microsoft considered, rejected download-only console option for next-gen
    22. Spike TV and GTTV to show 50 world premieres as part of E3 All Access Live
    23. Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault coming this autumn
    24. Rumor - Battlefield Premium fact sheet leaks
    25. Rumor - Quantic Dream's Infraworld back in development
    26. Zen Studios announces CastleStorm for digital platforms
    27. "Nothing to announce" with P4: Golden European release, says Zen
    28. Dynasty Warriors 7 - Empires announced in Famitsu
    29. Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint claims longer playtime than Skyrim, watching paint dry
    30. Mad Riders and Golden Axe now available through XBLA
    31. Sony to cut Vita price in France by €50 starting June 1 for a limited time
    32. DOOM 3 BFG Edition coming to PS3, 360, PC this autumn
    33. Guardians of Middle-earth MOBA game set for fall release on PSN and XBLA
    34. Quick shots - Anarchy Reigns screens show Max, Douglass, Bayonetta
    35. FIFA 13 shots feature men kicking a ball
    36. Square's E3 2012 line-up is heavy on core and iOS titles
    37. Team PES to use Fox Engine for next-gen Pro Evolution Soccer
    38. Rumour: Sony close to “cloud gaming firm” buyout
    39. NBA 2K13 to release in October, pre-orders net NBA All-Star content package
    40. EU PS Store update, May 30 - Gravity Rush demo, Harley, Mass Effect 3
    41. EU PS Store outs Battlefield 3 Premium for June 4 release
    42. Hitman Absolution E3 trailer has nuns with guns
    43. Rockstar San Diego collaborating on GTA V, says CV
    44. Rumour: Sony to announce PlayStation eBook strategy at E3
    45. Rumour: iPhone 5 casing shots appear from factory line
    46. Creative Assembly to give dev talk at Rezzed
    47. Dead Space graphic novel teaser hints of huge things to come
    48. Sony to shut down SOCOM PS2-PSP servers
    49. Red 5 to launch new studio in Cork
    50. Persona 4: Arena console release brought forward in Japan
    51. Rumour: Crysis 2 Steam return due to lack of in-game store
    52. Don’t blame Danny: Bilson’s core games kept THQ afloat
    53. Square opens 25th anniversary portal site for Final Fantasy
    54. Fatal Frame 2 Wii gets six minutes of footage
    55. Myanmar map gets profiled in new Battlefield Play4Free trailer
    56. Dead Space 3 shot, logo appears online
    57. You Don't Know Jack makes its way to Facebook
    58. Capcom advertising more info for Monster Hunter 4, Resident Evil 6 at Summer Jam
    59. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron does the pre-E3 teasing thing
    60. Apple "not interested in being in the console business," says Cook
    61. Xbox 360 hits 67 million sales worldwide, claims 47% market share
    62. Mini Ninjas Adventures slated for June 27 XBLA release
    63. RIFT Conquest developer diary shows added faction system
    64. Rugby Challenge headed to Vita next month
    65. LittleBigPlanet Vita beta invites on the way
    66. Frozen Synapse: Red expansion out now
    67. CVG launches dedicated Australian portal
    68. Sony outlines E3 streaming plans, 200 seats up for grabs
    69. The Sims 3 - Katy Perry's Sweet Treats launch trailer may rot your teeth
    70. Diablo III patch 1.0.2 hits, US servers back online
    1. Assassin's Creed lawsuit fizzles out
    2. Deathless trademark filed by Square Enix Japan
    3. Dead or Alive 5 to use four-point hold system
    4. CCP may offer more goods for PLEX, including EVE Online merchandise
    5. Activision vs No Doubt Band Hero case to go to trial
    6. Crysis 2 returns to Steam as Crysis 2: Maximum Edition
    7. US PS Store and Plus update, May 29 - Gravity Rush, Nico Nico, Harley, ME3 Rebellion
    8. THQ - Bilson leaving firm, Rubin appointed president
    9. Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin releasing June 14
    10. Take a look inside Divinity: Original Sin with new video, screens
    11. XBL Gold is free this weekend, more apps added for Asia, Spain, and Australia
    12. Report - Sony to announce Plus revamp with Vita integration at E3
    13. Second DUST 514 developer diary focuses on mercenaries, fitting system
    14. 2D puzzle platformer Snapshot coming to PS Vita and PS3 this fall
    15. Quick shots - Schilling posts environmental screens of Copernicus MMO
    16. RedLynx to release Trials Evolution title update tomorrow, MP leaderboards being reset
    17. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning being localized for US, releasing later this year
    18. Amazon Instant Video now available for XBL Gold Members
    19. Inversion still releasing in US on June 5, July delay is in Europe only
    20. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate confirmed for 3DS
    21. Forza 4 Xbox 360 bundle announced
    22. Dead Space graphic novel short shows Necromorph attack
    23. Mad Riders launch trailer and screens released
    24. Among the Sleep is played through the eyes of a two-year-old child
    25. Every man you fight dies: Far Cry 3 E3 teaser hits
    26. Donkey Kong champ hits new high score with 1,110,100 points
    27. Resistance: Burning Skies out in the US, launch trailer released
    28. Video - Metro: Last Light gets incredible new gameplay
    29. Konami to stream pre-E3 presser this Friday morning
    30. Quests in TES Online will "give the player interesting choices," says ZeniMax
    31. THQ: Metro: Last Light Wii U "not in development"
    32. Living on a prayer - Metro: Last Light in the flesh
    33. We're aiming to "unsettle the player" with Metro: Last Light, says THQ's Beynon
    34. Criterion co-founder Adam Billyard joins PlayJam
    35. Schilling: Investor for Reckoning sequel pulled out over "devastating" comments made by RI governor
    36. CDP announcing new IP tomorrow, first teaser image
    37. Fable: The Journey to use skeletal tracking system from Milo and Kate, says Lionhead
    38. The British are coming to World of Tanks
    39. SCEE'S Kerri West joins Namco Bandai Europe
    40. Olivier Rameil to head up Atari's mobile and online games division
    41. Harley Quinn, Mass Effect 3 Rebellion kick off XBL Marketplace offerings
    42. Hearth Fire trademark filed by ZeniMax
    43. Excessive Force DLC pack now available for Prototype 2
    44. Square lines up Hitman Absolution tease ahead of tomorrow’s E3 trailer launch
    45. Mass Effect 3: Rebellion pack gets launch trailer
    46. Ice White PSP E1000 announced for Europe
    47. The Witcher 1 listed for PS3, 360 ahead of tomorrow's CDP summer conference
    48. UE4 platforms "beyond PC" TBA, UE3 supports Wii U
    49. P4: Arena fighter concept "an interesting change of direction", says Zen
    50. Sony registers PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale Vita domains
    51. Ultimate Editions introduced for US PSN
    52. Sleeping dragon: Namco turns eyes east for FY2013
    53. Arma III trailer shows off impressive lighting tech
    54. Guild Wars 2: second beta weekend to kick off next week
    55. Treyarch could give "so much more" with Black Ops II over BLOPS 1
    56. LittleBigPlanet Vita beta videos get out
    57. Best in the World: CM Punk to front WWE '13 cover
    58. Yakuza 5's Haruka won't take part in battles
    59. Malicious: Rebirth headed to Vita this summer
    60. Special Report Division is Nippon Ichi's second anniversary title
    61. Far Cry 3 writer name drops Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia
    62. Rock Band Blitz power-up gameplay shown in new trailer
    63. Total War Battles: Shogun "has to be a very accessible game"
    64. Gravity Rush demo arrives on EU, US Vitas this week
    65. More grunt, lower prices top Sleeping Dogs dev's next-gen wishlist
    66. Deus Ex is $2 in Green Man Gaming sale
    67. The Elder Scrolls Online designed to be sandwich incompatible
    68. Pure Chess hits PSN in this week's update
    69. Amazon drops June 30 release on Dragon's Crown
    70. Really Big Sky sequel headed to PSN
    71. Soul Sacrifice fronts some seriously gory spells
    72. Blizzard explains Diablo III hotfix and nerf philosophy
    1. Divinity: Original Sin announced, jettisons third-person view
    2. The Old Republic still has "one of the biggest" dev teams in the industry
    3. The Amazing Spider-Man combat shown in PS Move trailer
    4. The Binding of Isaac expansion out now
    5. 15 songs from Rock Band Blitz revealed
    6. Halo logo shown in place of UN's during BBC report
    7. Rumour: Quantic Dream to show next project at E3
    8. Infinity Ward working on "exciting unannounced title for next-gen consoles'
    9. Avatar Motocross Madness teased by Microsoft, more coming next week
    10. Assassin's Creed III, Ghost Recon: Final Mission outed for Vita
    11. "Remember Me" trademarked by Capcom
    12. Avalanche working on open-world game with Square Enix
    13. Rumour: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 2 in pre-production, being shopped to publishers
    14. Rumour: Apple TV production under way in China
    15. Rumour: 8Realms to close, Jagex to cut jobs as result
    16. No V2.00 trailer for FFXIV at E3, says new roadmap
    17. Dave Scammell heads to Videogamer from Gamerzines
    18. Perry, Livingstone, Phillip Oliver, Braben to talk at Develop
    19. GAME trade-in online checker goes live
    20. Pre-order Max Payne 3 PC from Steam, get LA Noire free
    21. Indie Game: The Movie to get Develop showing in July
    22. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R announced for Japan
    23. Rumour: Battlefield Premium to cost £35, fifth expansion called Aftermath
    24. Borderlands 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown to make Rezzed appearances
    25. Video: Codemasters takes us on tour around HQ
    26. UK charts: GRFS takes top spot, Dragon's Dogma and DiRT Showdown make top five
    27. EVE Online to use Ukash as alternative in-game currency option
    28. Skype job listing mentions "next generation of Xbox"
    29. Kojima to maintain producer role for ZoE sequel
    30. Pachter: On disc DLC is "plain greed"
    31. ManiaPlanet 2.0 now in alpha
    32. Interface keeps RTS out of the mainstream, says CoH 2 producer
    33. Far Cry 3 video shows E3 prepping
    34. 360 dashboard theme shows off new Halo 4 art
    35. Digital Chocolate lays off 180 people, Hawkins stands down as CEO
    36. Hawken demonstrated on Gaikai in nVidia keynote
    37. Xperia Play won't support Ice Cream Sandwich
    38. IndieRoyale All-Charity Lightning pack raises $25K for worthy causes
    39. Silent Hill HD Collection ported from incomplete code
    40. Witcher 2 player choice effects demonstrated side-by-side
    41. Anarchy Reigns character spots highlight Max and Douglas
    42. Planetside 2 shows off massive air combat
    43. Street Fighter x Tekken DLC coming in early June
    44. Star Wars: The Old Republic Q&A confirms ranked warzones in 1.3 update
    45. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning patch axed
    46. Carmageddon: Reincarnation Kickstarter fully funded
    47. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier splitscreen a "miscommunication"
    48. THQ hopes to merge stock to avoid NASDAQ delisting
    49. Day Z patch adds hatchets, heat packs, and women
    50. Try something new: learning to sim with Tropico
    51. 38 Studios creative director expected "a little more help" from Rhode Island
    52. Rumour - Halo 4 multiplayer beta footage leaked as VHS tape
    53. Activision has paid $439 million in bonuses to Infinity Ward
    54. Need for Speed: Most Wanted listed on Twitch.TV E3 2012 schedule
    55. Bungie confirms no Destiny reveal at E3 2012
    56. Tomb Raider's latest trailer gets a trailer
    57. Dishonored blog launched, debuts stealth gameplay
    1. Square - Activison's "gotta be crazy," for giving up True Crime: Hong Kong
    2. Analyst - GTA V to sell 14 million units at launch
    3. Demons Souls servers to remain online for the "foreseeable future"
    4. Quick quotes - "I don't think I'm doing art, I'm doing what I believe in," says Cage
    5. Deadlight - Fear Yourself trailer details story
    6. Spike TV to reveal Lucasarts new Star Wars game live from E3 2012
    7. Mad Riders trailer is "the teaser trailer for the actual trailer of the game"
    8. Max Payne 3 PC specs released, should "run smoothly on a wide range of builds"
    9. 007 Legends screens show Jaws, Goodhead, artwork
    10. Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection hits US PS Store June 26
    11. Source - supposed PS4 spec sheet is fake
    12. Video takes you behind-the-scenes of Metro: Last Light live-action trailer
    13. Play and EB Canada announce Halo 4 pre-order bonus skins
    14. Inversion delayed into July
    15. Zone of the Enders HD gets Japanese release date, screens, special edition
    16. Juliet smacks bosses around in Lollipop Chainsaw promo video
    17. Warner Bros announces Harry Potter for Kinect
    18. Quick shots - Of Orcs and Men
    19. Elder Scrolls Online is recognizable thanks to the lore, says Director
    20. Jet Set Radio heading to the Vita
    21. "38 Studios didn't go begging for a handout from Rhode Island,"says Salvatore
    22. Kojima offers glimpse at new Zone of the Enders project
    23. New Hitman: Sniper Challenge trailer goes behind the scenes
    24. Minecraft sales hit 9.2 million, PC version at 6 million
    25. Platinum claims Anarchy Reigns is delayed in the West
    26. D3 Publisher opens an E3 Countdown site
    27. E3 is still "very much relevant," argues the ESA
    28. Video Games Live to air on Sky Arts tonight
    29. The Secret World delayed slightly, Beta weekend roadmap revealed
    30. Zen United to bring Persona 4: Arena to Europe
    31. Gearbox: "More modern tech" allows Wii U Colonial Marines to be better visually
    32. Future announce Edge Magazine staff changes
    33. New Sony patent details a method to interrupt games with ads
    34. Tin Man Games secure license to develop Fighting Fantasy's 30th Anniversary gamebook for iOS, Android
    35. Etrian Odyssey 4 to get demo with data transfer in Japan
    36. Leading the pack: Activision Blizzard's 2012 prospects
    37. Blizzard details assistance for GAME Australia Diablo III pre-order customers
    38. Dungeon Defenders blends RTS and tower defence with new 'Summoner' class
    39. Street Fighter X Tekken and SF4: Arcade Edition PC patches incoming
    40. Google Play now supports Android in-app subscriptions
    41. GAME Australia lay-offs begin, 60 stores closed
    42. Crimson Dragon trailer is mad lovely
    43. GDC Europe 2012 adds Dead Island session
    44. WWE 13 trailer turns up, shows November 1 launch date
    45. Dead or Alive 5 gameplay footage is a bit of a circus
    46. Steel Battalion short film teaser released
    47. Batman: Arkham City developer diary gives a glimpse at Mark Hamill's Joker
    48. The War is Over: Secret World social game closes, launches AR puzzle
    49. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron dev diary explains Dinobot inclusion
    50. Indie Game: The Movie to be distributed through Steam
    51. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 US pre-order bonuses detailed
    52. FIFA Euro 2012 patch fixes freezes, tweaks matchmaking
    53. APB: Reloaded offers free one-day premium subscriptions
    1. Black Ops 2 modes "cater to different emotional states"
    2. Activision vs West and Zampella case delayed, participants speak out
    3. Because We May indie promotion is live
    4. Skyrim getting mounted combat via free update
    5. Report - 38 Studios and Big Huge closure imminent
    6. Report - Average SWTOR server has 344 players online at a given time
    7. Elephants in Tokyo Jungle can wear roller skates
    8. Civilization V is 75% off, and free to play on Steam this weekend
    9. Diablo III client patch hits next week, real-money AH delayed again
    10. Modern Warfare 3 and Minecraft top XBL Activity charts for May 14
    11. YS Origin hits Steam on May 31
    12. Madhouse's Persona 4 Golden intro is colorful, full of dancing
    13. Go behind the scenes with the making of LBP Vita
    14. Sleeping Dogs 101 video educates you on gameplay features
    15. Konami puts up teaser site for Lords of Shadow 2
    16. Rebellion multiplayer expansion for Mass Effect 3 releases May 29
    17. When Vikings Attack announced for PS3 and Vita
    18. Pitchford - developers shouldn't be adverse to working with licensed IPs
    19. LucasArts showing “unannounced game in development,” at E3
    20. Rumour: Sony to enter into cloud gaming deal at E3
    21. Live-action Metro trailer shows harrowing world
    22. Kojima recounts how an aspiring filmmaker became a renowned game developer
    23. David Cameron plays a "crazy, scary" amount of Fruit Ninja
    24. Persona 4 Arena box art gets out
    25. Nintendo eShop brings more Virtual Console, Madagascar 3, free DLC
    26. Spector had "a four-game storyline arc" planned for Epic Mickey
    27. Walmart game sales data to be included in June NPDs
    28. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances launches worldwide
    29. Ron Gilbert's Double Fine game comes out of The Cave
    30. Developer of fake Angry Birds fined £50,000
    31. "The aim is to include as many PC features," as possible in Minecraft 360, says 4J
    32. UK first plays of Kingdom Hearts 3D, Rhythm Paradise to hit MCM Expo
    33. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for Vita to release in Europe on June 29
    34. DARK - Realmforge’s vampire, action-stealth game gets a teaser
    35. DiRT Showdown reviews up, looking positive
    36. Musical chairs: Intent and Future shuffle staffing
    37. What to expect from E3 2012 (no, not Xbox 720 and PS4)
    38. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Demo out now on Xbox Live
    39. Carmack: There'll be "lots of 30hz games" in the next gen
    40. Ubisoft take Rocksmith on a European tour this Summer
    41. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier launch trailer invites you to join the Ghosts
    42. DiRT Showdown launch trailer shows off smashing fun
    43. Stanford University psychologist blames games and porn for "the demise of guys"
    44. THQ locks on Darksiders, Metro and Saints Row for FY13
    45. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 trailer shows off deadly precision
    46. How to play movie shows off Resident Evil: Chronicles HD on PS3
    47. First Yakuza 5 screens released
    48. First screens of 38 Studios' Project Copernicus leak
    49. Half Life 2: Episode Three hits its sixth anniversary
    50. Darksiders II Wii U features under a "strict gag order"
    51. Nippon Ichi Vita teaser site open
    52. Anarchy Reigns Japanese launch trailer is confused about the date
    53. GAME Australia administrators considering expressions of interest
    54. Assassin's Creed III E3 demo includes six cinematics
    55. Dragon Quest X screens tour ogre homeland
    56. Mass Effect 3 Operation Shieldwall adds Banshees to everything
    57. Report - Reckoning was a "flop", 38 Studios staff unpaid
    58. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance E3 demo teased
    1. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD soundtrack detailed, 50% new music
    2. Star Trek Online player starbases to be five tiered
    3. Bungie's Destiny contract detailed; Marathon reboot in the works
    4. Capcom hopes to shorten development cycles
    5. Tomba is MonkeyPaw's next PSOne Classic
    6. GameFly expands into mobile publishing
    7. Report - Chronicle director signs on for Shadow of the Colossus film
    8. Zen Studios announces KickBeat for Vita
    9. Next Guild Wars 2 beta on hold to implement new hardware
    10. Inside Xbox vets announce formation of Explosive Alan Productions
    11. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Sam and Pat shoot through first 15 minutes
    12. Bank suing Konami and Autumn Games over $15M Def Jam Rapstar credit line
    13. New Soul Sacrifice shots surface on Famitsu
    14. Total War - The Editor modding tool now available as free Steam download
    15. My Little Sister and 3DS top Japanese Charts
    16. Molyneux - expect first 22 Cans project in “about six weeks”
    17. Ubisoft dates E3 conference, Wii U announcements planned
    18. CD Projekt RED to make "major announcement" on May 30
    19. PlayStation Network going offline for scheduled maintenance starting tomorrow
    20. Angry Birds Facebook beta concludes, now play as Angry Bird Friends
    21. Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set, tournaments announced
    22. Darksiders II Wii U graphics "at least as good" as PS3, Xbox 360
    23. Darksiders II: critical path play to last "25 plus hours"
    24. Video - Vigil shows Darksiders II's first level, CrowFather
    25. 38's Amalur IP valued at $20 million, says analyst
    26. Finalists announced for Develop Industry Excellence Awards 2012
    27. GAME confirms cancellation of GAMEfest 2012, event may return in 2013
    28. Microsoft dates Tokyo's Xbox 360 Appreciation Festival
    29. Spec Ops: The Line demo hits PC June 19, system specs released
    30. GameStop announces GameStop EXPO 2012
    31. Closed beta begins for World of Mercenaries
    32. Diablo III sells 6.3 million LtD, 3.5 million in first 24 hours
    33. UK retailers note increase in used sales since GAME closures
    34. Shigeru Miyamoto honoured with Prince of Asturia in Spain
    35. Quick shots - Where wolf? Thar wolf in Menace of the Underdark dungeon
    36. Resistance: Burning Skies shots go bang bang
    37. Shootmania Storm gets debut trailer
    38. EU PS Store and Plus update, May 23 - Future Soldier, Dr Who, Dungeon Defenders
    39. Blizzard nerfs Monk class in first Diablo III Hotfix
    40. NCSoft details Summer Blockbuster Event for City of Heroes
    41. ACB listings indicate Sine Mora PSN release
    42. UKIE to give gamescom, GDC Europe funding through UKTI
    43. Square Enix confirms Sleeping Dogs for Japan
    44. First Lost Planet 3 gameplay footage is very Dead Spacey
    45. From Dust gets Google Chrome version
    46. Fan feedback from second Bravely Default demo implemented into full game
    47. Far Cry 3 Insane Edition to feature Vaas bobblehead
    48. Microsoft files dispute for XboxPhone, XboxTablet domains
    49. Infinity and beyond: Take-Two bets on 2K for FY13
    50. Catholic, Christian, Atheist banned as player names from Diablo III
    51. Firefall dev diary talks sweeping gameplay changes, removal of levels
    52. Alert: PS3 Ghost Recon comes with 6.35Gb mandatory install
    53. Scourge: Outbreak infects PSN, XBLA, Mac this summer
    54. Get Black Yoshi for Mario Tennis Open in UK this weekend
    55. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 2nd announced for 3DS
    56. Far Cry 2, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey comes to GOG
    57. Project X Zone screens show field, event scenes
    58. Anarchy Reigns demo launching on May 31 in Japan
    59. Crimson Dragon hits Japan June 13, new screens
    60. Modern Warfare 3 offers double XP until Tuesday
    61. Guild01 sequel announced, Keiji Infaune on board
    62. Yakuza 5 to have new engine, five playable characters - including Haruka
    63. Tease suggests Sega will publish new Double Fine game
    64. More evidence found for Ubisoft Massive's next-gen MMO
    65. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC to take advantage of DirectX 11
    66. Judge recommends Xbox 360 US import ban in Motorola patent case
    67. Call of Duty: Black Ops II still about mano-a-mano combat
    68. Massive Infinity Ward salaries and bonuses detailed, 90% of top earners jumped ship
    69. Beenox boss: Activision's reputation "probably unfair"
    1. MechWarrior Online closed beta this week, Founder's Packages offered
    2. PSN Charts: Journey tops 2012 to date
    3. Ghost Recon Commander planned as independently profitable
    4. Australian trade body boss warns against effects of parallel importing
    5. Gran Turismo 6 turns up on Sony marketer CV
    6. Mass Effect: Infiltrator now available on Android
    7. Take-Two financials: XCOM slips to FY14, Max ships 3M
    8. US PS Store and Plus update, May 22 - Sorcery, Alex Kidd, Dragons Dogma
    9. Closed beta for World of Warplanes starts May 31
    10. Kung Fu Superstar announced for Kinect
    11. Shadows of the Damned director working on "movie length game"
    12. Marvel Heroes teaser shows a menacing Victor Von Doom
    13. Level-5 files US trademark for Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
    14. Inferno launches for EVE Online
    15. From Dust now available through Chrome Web Store
    16. New batch of Lost Planet 3 screenshots surface
    17. Red Orchestra 2 GOTY content pack announced along with free-to-play weekend
    18. LEGO Batman 2 video shows off the game's open world
    19. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier reviews round-up, new shots, Elite video
    20. Phantasy Star Online 2 to get pre-open beta test, closed beta stats released
    21. Spike TV to air EA's 2012 E3 press conference live
    22. BioWare restructures SWTOR team, announces lay-offs
    23. Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz releasing on Vita in October
    24. Babel Rising is probably first motion-controlled God game
    25. CCP welcomes you to New Eden in DUST 514 developer diary
    26. Emails show eroding relationship between Activision and Infinity Ward heads
    27. Saints Row: The Third - Penthouse Pack DLC out today
    28. Defiance - Trion's mini-documentary details interconnectivity between Syfy series and MMO-shooter
    29. A cold day in Hell: Company of Heroes 2 moves east
    30. Guild Wars 2's microtransaction system won't "upset or alienate" the player base
    31. Dead Island GOTY version coming June 26
    32. Report - former Rockstar London bosses sign on with Activision Leeds
    33. PSA: Alan Wake's American Nightmare launching on Steam tonight
    34. Uncharted 1 and 2 landing on PS Store June 26, UC2 DLC goes free overseas
    35. Sorcery out today in the US
    36. Win chance to become PS Access presenter at E3
    37. Danger Close listened to MoH feedback, addressed "a lot of things," with Warfighter
    38. MW3 Collection 2 launches on XBLMP
    39. 3DS hits 6 million sales in Japan
    40. Dungeonbowl to release on PC June 8
    41. XCOM: Enemy Unknown confirmed for October
    42. Video - XCOM: Enemy Unknown gets new gameplay
    43. Star Wars: The Old Republic update 1.3 detailed
    44. Rumour: Castlevania: LoS 2 coming to Wii U, Vita
    45. Report: 3DS set to pass 1 million UK sales next month
    46. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2's limited editions detailed
    47. Nolan North nabs Star Trek 2 cameo thanks to Uncharted
    48. Angry Birds Heikki teased for June 18 reveal
    49. Offensive Combat announced from ex-CoD veterans
    50. Ridge Racer: Unbounded demo comes to PSN, XBL, Steam
    51. Bat-s**t crazy: Lollipop Chainsaw goes zombie-mental
    52. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 launching in Europe September 14, pre-order bonuses announced
    53. Superbrothers contributing to Sound Shapes
    54. Next three playable characters unveiled for Gilbert-Double Fine game
    55. Aliens: Colonial Marines development time similar to Borderlands, Brothers in Arms
    56. SOE announces Bullet Run, more details at E3
    57. CV lists PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale for Vita
    58. Forza 4 gets Porsche expansion trailer
    59. Kojima: Metal Gear Rising footage coming before E3
    60. Tribes: Ascend update adds more gear for Brutes
    61. Sword and Sworcery coming to Japan next month
    62. Blizzard "dedicated to doing everything" to stop Diablo III hacks
    63. Dishonored "Weapons of Revenge" site quietly launched
    64. Final Fantasy XIII-2 footage shows off less annoying Snow
    65. Fruit Ninja update adds new characters, currency, power-ups
    66. Dungeon Twister adaptation coming to PSN
    67. Nigoro pushing La Mulana WiiWare release "to set an example"
    68. Street Fighter x Tekken Rolento fix expected by mid-June
    69. Minecraft lead prototyping trading, currency
    70. Save on new European Vita bundles
    71. Tomb Raider delay due to "natural evolution" of original development plan
    72. Infinity Blade 2 Vault of Tears update due Thursday
    73. 38 Studios lay-offs confirmed
    74. Former Playfish boss to head London studio
    75. Microsoft issuing refunds for Minecraft splitscreen issue
    76. Report - Silicon Knights vs Epic Games suit worth just $1
    77. Microsoft to allow more frequent XBLIG price changes
    78. Sony Santa Monica not driven by "publisher mentality"
    79. Dead Island developer likens divisive games to sushi
    80. Team 17 co-founder to lead Activision's new UK mobile studio
    81. Rumour - Castlevania: Mirror of Fate due for E3 reveal
    82. Bungie confirms 2013 launch for first Acti-published title
    1. Diablo III accounts hacked and stripped of loot
    2. Metro: Last Light live action teaser released
    3. DMC launching Jan 15 in EU, US; PC version announced
    4. Nintendo's E3 press conference to air on two channels at once
    5. Game of Thrones to spawn Facebook game
    6. Trials Evolution played by more than half a million players since launch
    7. Sorcery's launch trailer explores a magical land
    8. Stainless to give Carmageddon talk at Rezzed
    9. Aliens: Colonial Marines dated for February 12, 2013
    10. DICE: Some Frostbite 2-powered games will require 64-bit OS
    11. How Diablo 3 gave Metacritic a giant middle finger
    12. JAW boss debunks June release for Strange's Wrath Vita
    13. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer introduces new console characters
    14. Ubisoft Reflections, Kuju, Remode, more added to TIGA board
    15. UK charts: Max Payne 3 pips Diablo 3 to number one
    16. Overkill working with Valve on "in-depth" Payday/Left 4 Dead "collaboration"
    17. First 007 Legends trailer confirms Moonraker mission, out October 16
    18. Level up: Darksiders II and the Diablo 3 connection
    19. Lizard wizard: Dragon's Dogma scores looking decent
    20. Namco teases next Tales of with first art
    21. Ghost Recon Commander now live
    22. Pachter: Without used games, industry will "disintegrate"
    23. GameStop mobile site launches, vanishes
    24. Australia: JB Hi-Fi now carrying parallel imports
    25. Ubisoft registers Face Your Insanity domain, likely Far Cry 3 related
    26. Swords & Soldiers Super Saucy Sausage Fest DLC hits Steam this week
    27. Borderlands 2 to address frame rate, voice chat and inventory criticisms
    28. Akai Katana tutorial videos offer pilot training
    29. Square Enix registers Just Cause 4 domains
    30. Tekken creator pours cold water on film report
    31. Mass Effect 3 voice actors confirm new dialogue for Extended Cut
    1. Batman: Arkham City players are still to find some secrets
    2. Rumour - FLCL game in the works for Wii U
    1. QA tester tweets shot of revised Wii U controller with analog sticks
    2. Quick shots - Borderlands 2
    3. Max Payne 3 - first 15 minutes teach you classic Max skills
    4. Black Ops II - latest video shows added scenes
    5. New Medal of Honor: Warfighter video released
    6. Free Android app monitors Diablo III server status
    7. Aliens: Colonial Marines is not a "work for hire project," says Gearbox's Randy Pitchford
    8. Max Payne 3 PC to ship on four DVDs, says E-Xpress
    9. Rumor – Angel, Ogre, Kunimitsu included in Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    10. CD Projekt - Pirated games are not lost sales, DRM is "a lot" for legitimate users to put up with
    11. Nothing "fishy" behind EA's decision to waive distribution fees on Origin for 90 days, says DeMartini
    12. Trademark for Dragonborn filed by ZeniMax
    13. Ebonheart Pact - Dunmer, Argonians, Nords form alliance in The Elder Scrolls Online
    14. First Zone of the Enders HD screenshot's a bit of a tease
    15. Grim Dawn and Moebius meet Kickstarter goals
    16. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-inspired Crysis mod to become standalone indie release
    17. "Next big thing," from Kinect will come as developers gain more experience with it, says Tsunoda
    18. Ron Gilbert teases Double Fine project with Time Traveler concept art
    19. Far Cry 3 Burning Building gameplay trailer released
    20. EA shutting down Dragon Age Legends in June
    21. More Beyond Good and Evil 2 in-engine shots appear
    22. Video - Project Copernicus world fly-through
    1. SEGA Vintage Collection 3 hits XBLA and PSN starting next week
    2. Trademarks for Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 to be refiled
    3. Ubisoft - Over 600,000 players participated in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta
    4. Never-before-seen concept art from Alan Wake American Nightmare released
    5. Prequel to 2010 Tekken film in the works
    6. 38's payment clears, Copernicus MMO out June '13
    7. Quick quotes - Adults need games with intellectual stimulation, says Jenova Chen
    8. inFamous actor confirms role in All-Stars Battle Royale along with Snake and Nathan Drake
    9. Latest DDO: Menace of the Underdark diary introduces the Druid
    10. Distribution fees for successfully crowd-funded titles waived for 90 days on Origin
    11. Game retailers would like to see releases spread out more over the year
    12. Techland's Mad Riders releases on May 30
    13. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City released for PC
    14. Because We May indie sale campaign starts next week on various platforms
    15. Quick quotes - David Cage is "not that interested in technology" or next-gen
    16. Iron Maiden pack hits Rock Band 3 next week
    17. Microsoft offering free 360 with purchase of new PC to students in North America
    18. Changes to housing implemented with Aion update 3.0
    19. Diablo III easter egg is truly something else
    20. Quick shots - Agent 47 drops a car on unsuspecting mechanic
    21. Jagex announces Runescape combat update "The Evolution of Combat"
    22. The Elder Scrolls Online maintains series' quest mechanics, encourages grouping
    23. Beenox explains web rush mechanic in latest Amazing Spider-Man video
    24. Quick shots - Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time character renders and screens
    25. Sights on more - inspired by Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
    26. Valve teasing Meet the Pyro video on TF2 website
    27. Ron Gilbert teases more artwork for new Double Fine project
    28. XCOM: Enemy Unknown dev diary details bringing it into modern era
    29. UK games journos go racing in bangers for DiRT Showdown
    30. Ubisoft holding Steam sale this weekend, Ghost Recon goes first
    31. MGS HD Collection Vita coming to Europe on June 12
    32. Medal of Honor: Warfighter ad to air during Champions League final tomorrow
    33. "Stay tuned" on PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale for Vita, says director
    34. Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls heading to Android next week
    35. Sly: Thieves in Time to get Vita SKU, sim-launch with PS3
    36. Runic to hold massive stress test for Torchlight II this weekend
    37. Kompu gacha freemium systems banned in Japan
    38. Rayman Origins gets 3DS launch trailer
    39. Dragon Ball Sparking Omega to trump series
    40. Deep Silver confirms Yager not on Dead Island sequel
    41. Sega tease points to Yakuza 5 reveal on May 24
    42. DCUO's new shield weapon based on The Guardian
    43. Kid Icarus: Uprising multiplayer meet ups this weekend
    44. Street Fighter x Tekken patch introduces freezing bug
    45. Judge allows anti-trust claims in NCAA vs EA Sports suit
    46. Sony launches PSN pre-loading scheme
    47. Quantum Condundrum's shift device looks like good fun
    48. Metal Gear Rising trailer visits Raiden's past
    49. Infinity Blade: Dungeons gameplay footage sneaks out
    50. Namco Bandai registers a group of "Unitia" trademarks
    51. Gearbox, Disney vets found Fun Machine
    1. Omerta: City of Gangsters due in northern autumn
    2. 38 Studios fails to pay staff, reportedly issues lay-offs
    3. Video: facing Diablo III's skeleton king in co-op
    4. Win 4,000 keys for The Secret World beta weekend 2!
    5. HBO GO now available to Gold members on XBL in the US
    6. Starhawk video takes a look at final days of development
    7. Rayman Origins 3DS to arrive in stores the second week of June
    8. The Aldmeri Dominion faction are all about conquest in The Elder Scrolls Online
    9. Game of Thrones RPG to release in the UK June 8
    10. Analyst - Activision and EA settlement clears Respawn's debut for a FY14 release
    11. Three million accounts created for Spiral Knights
    12. Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta launches this summer on PSN and XBL
    13. Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 2 launch trailer includes Face Off in action
    14. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection releasing for Vita June 12 in US
    15. Vostok went free-to-play online with Survarium in order to secure funding
    16. Divinity devs tease E3 reveal with unrevealing video
    17. Final "Making of Sorcery" video focuses on the game's creatures
    18. Man sentenced to 18 months for distributing virus inside Call of Duty hack
    19. Lollipop Chainsaw Special Edition trailer shows excited men playing with Juliet
    20. Harley Quinn's out for revenge in this Arkham City video
    21. GameStop posts Q1 decline, attributes decreased sales of new and used to aging console market
    22. Vita reference vanishes from Criterion job listing
    23. Epic debuts Unreal Engine 4: first shots and details
    24. First Forza Horizon screen, box-art makes its way online
    25. The Walking Dead sells over one million episodes across all platforms
    26. Nintendo downloads, May 17 - Kirby's Block Ball, Rayman Origins demo
    27. First round of DUST 514 closed beta keys to be distributed tomorrow
    28. NASCAR The Game: Inside Line launching this fall
    29. Gearbox details Borderlands 2 collectors editions
    30. Diablo 3: check your region before you start playing
    31. Dear Esther hits 100,000 downloads
    32. First EX Troopers trailer shows different side to Lost Planet
    33. GMA 2012 officially announced, nominations open now
    34. Namco sets off Tales of Graces F assets tremor
    35. New Black Ops II trailer to air in Champions League final
    36. FIFA team "still worried" over potential PES comeback, says producer
    37. US Diablo III servers to go down this afternoon for two hour maintenance
    38. Turbine: F2P "the only sustainable option"
    39. Portal creator debunks structureless Valve heirarchy
    40. French firm offers free dildos to Diablo 3 widows and widowers
    41. Bethesda sends copyright infringement notice to Skyrim app provider
    42. Rockstar launches free Max Payne 3 DLC with Gorilla Warfare
    43. Project X Zone gets new screens
    44. Blizzard apologises for Diablo 3 launch server problems
    45. Day Z mod drives ArmA 2 sales up 500%
    46. Wasteland 2 Kickstarter rewards surveys sent out
    47. Molyneux's E3 predictions: Bungie announce, Valve appearance
    48. Diablo III Error 37 strikes again, awesome bonus level discovered
    49. Serious Sam 3: BFE, Double D headed to XBLA
    50. Study - 57% of PC users have pirated software
    51. Telltale boss compares adventure game fans to wine aficionados
    52. Tales of Graces F coming to Europe as Day One Edition
    53. Next Tales game shows up in Famitsu scan
    54. Just Dance headed to Wii U
    1. DC Universe Online Last Laugh DLC focused on PvP
    2. GT Academy champion offers tips and tricks today
    3. Smart As brings brain training to Vita this year
    4. $400 million EA-Activision lawsuit settled out of court
    5. Steam remote downloads now available online
    6. Death strikes again in latest Darksiders II video
    7. BioWare taking suggestions for next Dragon Age
    8. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD to include DLC levels from TKPS3
    9. Rhode Island owns 38 Studios IP if insolvency causes closure
    10. SCEA registers domain for Forsaken Souls the Game
    11. Raptr handing out one month of XBL Gold and two free games to rewards members
    12. Modern Warfare 3 and Minecraft top XBL Activity charts for May 7
    13. Respawn not showing anything at E3
    14. Ballmer tops Forbes' "5 CEOs that truly deserve being fired" list
    15. U4iA Games - CoD vets announce Offensive Combat as first title
    16. Halo 4 video discusses multiplayer with Frank O'Connor, shows gameplay
    17. PS4 mentioned on resume of SCEA software engineer
    18. Bad Company 3 and Mirror's Edge 2 mentioned in various resumes
    19. IGN Middle East launched
    20. Mario Party 9 and 3DS retain top spots on Japanese charts following Golden Week
    21. Tribes: Ascend client downloaded over 1 million times
    22. Halo 4 Limited Edition, multiplayer detailed by Microsoft
    23. Rumor - Eidos hiring for next-gen Deus Ex title
    24. Lego Batman 2 renders poke at Arkham City
    25. Quick shots - Crysis 3 artwork and screenshots released
    26. Rumor - Lionhead developing MMO-like multiplayer experience for next-gen Xbox
    27. Trials Evolution - 500,000 units sold since launch
    28. Video: HMV PR boss talks up massive Diablo III launch
    29. Saints Row 4 pops up on artist's resume
    30. May 19 is Kid Icarus: Uprising Multiplayer Battle Day
    31. The Last of Us screenshots and artwork accompany latest trailer
    32. Epic Mickey 2 video goes behind the scenes
    33. EU PS Store update, May 16 - Sonic 4 Episode 2, PixelJunk 4am, Deus Ex
    34. Naughty Dog: Ellie change in TLOU to show "younger teen more fitting to the story"
    35. Monolith Software developing Project X Zone
    36. EX Troopers announced as Lost Planet spin-off for 3DS, PS3
    37. 343's Halo trilogy mapped out for ten years, says O'Connor
    38. "Are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of a girl," asks the next Tales of game
    39. Ubisoft’s 2012: ACIII and Far Cry 3 lead the charge
    40. Dear Esther hits Mac with half-price reduction until tomorrow
    41. Cave cancels two games for PS Vita
    42. Pokemon Black and White 2 gets first trailer
    43. SSFIV: Arcade Edition only $20 at Impulse
    44. Steam update outs new Payday: The Heist DLC
    45. Report - No playable Capcom demos for Nintendo platforms at E3
    46. Report - Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC spotted in the wild
    47. Square Enix more interested in new games than FFVII remake
    48. Rumour - GTA V vehicles list found in Max Payne 3 source code
    49. Diablo 3: you can't log-in and you shouldn't care
    50. Rumour - Volition working on at least one unannounced title
    51. Second Vita Heaven event planned for June
    52. Activision pushes for delay in Infinity Ward trial
    53. See 79 seconds of Persona 4: The Golden
    54. PixelJunk 4AM launch trailer entrances
    55. Star Trek Online adds Ferasans to KDF
    56. Zynga snaps up Shoptown Hero developer
    57. Tex Murphy "Project Fedora" Kickstarter now live
    58. Heroes of Ruin trailer invites you to four-way action
    59. Diablo III trailer catches new players up on past glories
    60. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy screens show off Chaos Shrine
    61. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion back in beta
    62. 38 Studios missed a $1 million loan repayment
    63. Star Wars: The Old Republic free this weekend
    1. Diamante, Pavlovic sign on with thatgamecompany
    2. Classification Board outs Mini Ninjas: Hiro's Adventure
    3. Gaikai and nVidia to stream games to devices without GPUs
    4. The Last of Us: new trailer shows hunter ambush
    5. Legend of Grimrock has sold 17,000 through
    6. THQ - Saints Row titles ship 11M, Devil's Third dropped
    7. Rumor - Guild Wars 2 launches June 28 according to retail flyer
    8. US PS Store and Plus update, May 15 - PixelJunk 4am, Sonic 4 Episode 2, Max Payne 3
    9. "F2P Wii U titles are in Ubisoft's plans for the coming year," says analyst
    10. Ubisoft sale starts today on PSN, Plus members get 50% off
    11. Sony announces bevy of PSP and mini titles releasing through PS Vita Store
    12. Launch trailers - Game of Thrones, Ghost Recon, Sonic 4 Episode 2
    13. Diablo 3′s Auction House a “good service worth paying for”
    14. Rumor - Apple poised to acquire TV manufacturer Loewe AG for $112M
    15. NovaLogic suing Activision over Delta Force trademark violation
    16. Ubisoft FY12- digital sales up 110%, CEO talk next-gen
    17. TERA patch fixes political system, adds blood slider in Europe
    18. Three faction PvP coming to RIFT, testing to occur May 17
    19. Diablo III: Blizzard looking into game-breaking Error 3006
    20. Capcom blames "cannibalism" for less than expected Street Fighter x Tekken sales
    21. David Perry to receive Development Legend award
    22. Barbarian defeats Diablo III in 12 hours and 29 minutes
    23. Mario Kart 7 update released, culls shortcut exploits
    24. Video: Diablo III fans go crazy for launch in London
    25. Far Cry 3 Insane Edition trailer surfaces in Spanish
    26. Pokémon Dream Radar and Pokédex 3D Pro to release through eShop
    27. Hitman: Sniper Challenge now available for Absolution pre-orders
    28. Coming soon to XBLM - Sonic 4 Episode 2, MW3 Collection 2, Kinect Arcade sale
    29. Skyward Sphere launches EVE Online player names into space
    30. Soul Sacrifice screens are all about slashing monsters
    31. First Secret World beta weekend seeing "higher player numbers" than AoC beta weekends
    32. FFXIII-2: Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess, Snow’s Story: Perpetual Battlefield out now in west
    33. Metro: Last Light countdown appears, heads toward live-action movie reveal next week
    34. Sony: "No news" on E3 showing for The Last Guardian
    35. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD footage is all German
    36. BBC Sport app coming to PS3 in time for Wimbledon
    37. FIFA 13 to "capture the drama of real-world football"
    38. Diablo III servers go live across US, AU; immediately fall over
    39. Funcom: The Secret World community "solve anything we throw at them"
    40. Analyst: Sony selling 10 million Vitas in FY13 a "stretch"
    41. Applications for Mercenary Ops closed beta under way
    42. Elder Scrolls Online Daggerfall Covenant profiled
    43. Sony, EA, Shiny vets set up Checkpoint Studios
    44. Child of Eden lead programmer releases Kotomon for iOS
    45. NecroVision dev's latest is The Adventurer
    46. Blizzard denies "dumbing down" accusations for Diablo III
    47. Survey finds more than half of Americans aged 8-64 play games
    48. Tales of Tactics heading to Android
    49. Epic adds 3D support to Unreal Engine
    50. Sonic Labyrinth headed to 3DS eShop
    51. Ubisoft Massive working on next-gen project
    52. Trion Worlds head up for entrepreneur prize
    53. Housemarque confirms, teases new projects in the works
    54. No "compromise" on Steel Battalion's difficulty, warns Capcom
    55. World of Tanks developer expands into China
    56. Free Gotham City Impostors DLC introduces Arkham Asylum
    57. Def Jam Rapstar developer 4mm Games to close
    58. Pokemon Black and White 2 gets new screens
    59. Hitman: Absolution stealth promos "not an exciting way to show stuff"
    60. Nippon Ichi bringing second, unknown 20th anniversary title to Vita
    61. Star Wars: KOTOR, Jedi Knight 2 now available for Mac through Steam
    62. Test Drive Unlimited 2 developer not shuttered after all
    63. Former Xbox boss: "Sony did some really not so smart things"
    64. Kingdom Hearts 3D gets ten minute trailer
    65. Blizzard "not experimenting" with console port of Diablo III
    66. Max Payne 3 Classic Multiplayer Character pack inbound
    67. Amazon notes delay to Silent Hill: Book of Memories
    68. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock dated for PS3, Vita, UK retail
    69. Blizzard offers refunds on GAME Australia Diablo III pre-orders
    70. Lionhead hiring multiplayer designer
    71. Activision hands over $42 million to former Infinity Ward staffers
    72. Capcom “re-evaluating” on-disc DLC strategy
    73. Halo 4 cover art released, new enemy types revealed
    74. Report - Kingdoms of Amalur developer in financial difficulties
    75. Ghost Recon: Alpha short film now available
    76. Treyarch Head: New Engine not required to advance Black Ops 2 visuals
    77. Former Irrational Games and Harmonix devs announce new game
    78. Official: GameStop to sell Steam wallet cards in the U.S
    79. Minecraft Xbox 360 sells more than 1 million units in less than a week
    80. Final Fantasy XIII-2: Requiem of The Goddess DLC launch trailer
    1. Diablo III goes live, devs talk launch, classes, more
    2. "It has begun" - Diablo III installation servers go live
    3. The Secret World: second beta weekend kicks off this weekend with Kingsmouth Calling, Part Two
    4. Hitman: Sniper Challenge - 8 minutes of 47 sniping action
    5. DiRT Showdown trailer encourages us to race hard and party hard
    6. Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown launching on June 5
    7. Rumour: DICE planning Battlefield Premium, Close Quarters launching June 12
    8. Pikmin 2 Wii to land in the US on June 10
    9. UK games market sees more decline in April, FIFA Street top-selling game
    10. GAME Oxford Street faces closure following court order win for landlord
    11. Diablo III video sets up newbies for Hell ahead of tonight's launch
    12. Dragon's Dogma director details quests, information
    13. Cryptic to revamp Star Trek Online PvP
    14. Blizzard to skip fifth straight E3, but will attend gamescom
    15. CD Projekt hiring for new IP and “dark fantasy” RPG ” known around the world”
    16. Max Payne 3 reviews go live, scores point to big buy
    17. Returning to Hell: Diablo III launches worldwide tonight
    18. UK charts: Sniper Elite V2 stays top for second week
    19. Titan Quest sequel shelved for Kingdoms of Amalur
    20. Red Faction II getting PS2 Classics release tomorrow
    21. Famitsu: Next Tales of game a "mothership" title
    22. Square Enix returns to profit thanks to FFXIII-2, Deus Ex, mobile
    23. Arcen Games "wouldn't have been able to stay in business" without Steam
    24. Tomb Raider reboot delayed into 2013, new screen
    25. Diablo III Starter Edition and Guest Passes let you treat a friend
    26. Report – Sony US boss opposed to used games blocking tech
    27. Rumour – Awesomenauts DLC characters uncovered
    28. MechWarrior Online trailer shows a tense battlefield
    29. Administration for GAME AU, stores remain open
    1. Near complete Kyoto build available for free
    2. Wasteland 2 to be built on Unity, but not browser-based
    3. Diablo III community site to add player profiles
    4. Capcom believes Steel Battalion is the most accurate Kinect game yet
    1. Persona 2: Innocent Sin data can be imported into Eternal Punishment
    2. Al Lowe is determined to make things right with Leisure Suit Larry fans
    3. MLG and KeSPA announce multi-year, exclusive StarCraft partnership
    4. Uncharted 3 update 1.11 signals return of The Lab, Elimination mode added
    5. BioWare looking into technical issues with modifiable offhand in SWTOR
    6. SEGA posts decline in boxed product, shifting focus to digital offerings
    7. The Secret World video delves into character abilities and development
    8. THQ still "discussing options" for gamescom, won't have a booth
    9. Bleszinski - Japan shouldn't ignore multiplayer
    10. Report - FarmVille sequel being tested in the Philippines
    11. Video - Jet Set Radio graffiti contest winners showcased
    12. Kingdom Hearts 3D demo to release in North America
    13. Blizzard issues new EU English and German Diablo III downloaders due to missing files
    14. Get Alan Wake and Company of Heroes for cheap this weekend
    15. Tokyo International Forum presentations for Soul Sacrifice released
    16. "If you're going to create something, go above and beyond what's gone before," says Raymond
    17. Over half a million Awesomenauts games played on PSN and XBLA, patch and DLC coming
    18. EA to add more DICE servers to Battlefield 3
    1. Valve and Blizzard settle dispute over use of DOTA
    2. Over 1 million players register for Warface in Russia
    3. Double Fine accepting PayPal donations, releases episode one in documentary series
    4. Latest developer video takes you "Behind the Wall" with Game of Thrones: The Game
    5. Sorcery - third developer video focuses on music and sound design
    6. Rumor - GameStop to start selling refurbished MacBooks
    7. The Secret World gameplay video shows PC Gamer running around Kingsmouth
    8. Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #2 screens and video arrive
    9. Battlefield 3 - First Double XP Multiplayer Weekend runs May 12 - May 13
    10. US Kingdom Hearts 3D pre-order bonuses include three AR cards
    11. Gate Five's $100M lawsuit against Beyonce Knowles to go to trial
    12. Jetpack Joyride goes into beta on Facebook, iOS version downloaded 25M times
    13. Ghost Recon: Alpha trailer and screens released
    14. GameStop pulling PSP games from 25% of stores
    15. Arcade Modes and rewards detailed for Max Payne 3
    16. Street Fighter x Tekken lands on PC today
    17. Quick shots - Harley Quinn’s Revenge screens show bad guys, Robin
    18. Republique hits $500k Kickstarter target with hours to go
    19. Atari reported decrease in FY12 revenue of $51.3M, closes Eden Games
    20. Cross-realm zones coming to Mists of Pandaria beta
    21. Remedy hiring for "future generation consoles"
    22. Beyond Good and Evil 2 environment tech video appears online
    23. Winner crowned in MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Challenge, $1M cardboard check presented by Kate Upton
    24. Borderlands 2: 20 minutes of Maya, Salvador footage
    25. HD required for Minecraft 360 split-screen, Microsoft not issuing refunds
    26. Orgarhythm gets new screens
    27. Details on Realmforge's DARK slink out of the shadows
    28. Hitman: Sniper Challenge - new video, play impressions
    29. Darksiders II Collector's Edition to release in Europe
    30. Sony shares drops to a 32 year low
    31. Rovio announces first post-Angry Birds game: Amazing Alex
    32. Nintendo to wrap up 3D TV service in Japan next month
    33. Rumour: Eidos Montreal's next game features three main characters, swords
    34. Shocker of the day: MW3 leads XBL activity list
    35. Only Sony can save Vita - but it’s not that hard
    36. Dreamcast title seeks Kickstarter funding
    37. Max Payne 3 PC won't use Games for Windows Live, confirms Rockstar
    38. FortressCraft developer hit by DDoS attack, calls police, blames Notch
    39. DOTA 2 beta becoming more popular than Skyrim, Counter-Strike on Steam
    40. Mike O'Brien overwhelmed by Guild Wars 2's first Beta Weekend Event
    41. Xbox 360 most popular video player in US, says survey
    42. Capcom predicting 7 million sales for Resident Evil 6, 2 million sales for DMC
    43. Quest for Glory series released on GOG
    44. Videogame adaptation of Disney Pixar's Brave receives trailer, gets dated
    45. Portal 2 users create over 35,000 maps, Steam holds sale to celebrate
    46. Nintendo to cease production of Aqua Blue 3DS
    47. Latest Super Monday Night Combat update adds Steam Trading
    48. Minecraft claims most day-one XBLA sales but Fez developer unhappy at preferential treatment
    49. Tropico 4 free to play this weekend on Steam
    50. 2012 International Dota 2 Championships announced, shifts to Seattle
    51. NPD April: Prototype 2 on top, sales plummet 42%
    52. Join the Rockstar Community and receive Midnight Club 2 for free
    1. LEGO Lord of the Rings to be released late October
    2. Hyperplayer Mode in 0x10c teased by Notch
    3. Square releases guide for FFXIV players returning via Welcome Back Campaign
    4. Stronghold 3: Gold Edition hits PC and Mac May 25
    5. Blizzard - Diablo III's Auction house will streamline the trading process
    6. Rovio acquires Casey's Contraptions IP, new title releasing this summer
    7. Insomniac "builds franchises," don't expect Outernauts to go "away anytime soon"
    8. Gilbert's latest game is a bit of a puzzler
    9. Rumor - IE coming to 360 with Kinect controls
    10. Sleeping Dogs combat video shows lots of punching, kicking
    11. Dual games ratings system in UK to be abolished by July
    12. First Ghost Recon: Future Soldier map pack lands in July
    13. Resistance: Burning Skies trailer shows off Vita gameplay features
    14. Kirby's Dream Land 2 hits eShop May 17 in Europe
    15. Here's your Madden 13 cover featuring Calvin Johnson
    16. Zombie Tycoon 2 to release next year for PS3 and Vita
    17. Max Payne 3 preps for launch with final trailer
    18. "No plans" for Dragon's Dogma on PC, launch trailer released
    19. Batman: Arkham City teaser for Harley Quinn's Revenge released
    20. Assassin’s Creed III – first gameplay trailer released
    21. Minecraft "profitable in an hour" on Xbox 360
    22. DICE servers disappear from Battlefield 3, rental servers take precedence
    23. Facebook to launch its own App Store
    24. Neocore to release The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing in Q4
    25. Blood being patched into TERA next week
    26. Bethesda announces October launch for Dishonored
    27. PlayStation Vita sales hit 1.8 million worldwide
    28. Trion launches Streaming Client for RIFT, patches game as you play
    29. LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias released on App Store
    30. Avengers: Battle for Earth coming to Kinect, Wii U
    31. Atari mobile games exceed 10 million downloads
    32. One million sign up for The Secret World beta
    33. Kingdoms of Camelot tops iPhone offerings, second on iPad
    34. Hitman Absolution confirmed for Nov 20 global release
    35. Nintendo downloads, May 10 – Sudoku, Monster World IV, more
    36. Hitman: Sniper Challenge official, launching next week
    37. Nintendo DSi, DSi XL get US price-cuts, no plans for UK-EU reductions
    38. HMV makes U-turn on reducing store space for games
    39. Croteam still working on Serious Sam 3 for 360, looking at PS3
    40. Report: GameStop to start selling Steam vouchers
    41. Touch My Katamari collaboration DLC lands onto JP PSN
    42. Report: New LEGO sets confirm LEGO Lord of the Rings game
    43. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City hits 2 million shipped worldwide
    44. Warfighter: EA’s schedule shows solidity in coming year
    45. Sons of Anarchy game happening on consoles, not as "some slapcrap browser MP thing," says creator
    46. ArenaNet holding Guild Wars 2 beta stress test next Monday
    47. First Soul Sacrifice trailer shows how to rip your spine out, use it as a sword
    48. Sony hit hard in FY2012 financials, PS3 sales down
    49. Kid Icarus: Uprising director not on board for sequel
    50. Minecraft Xbox Edition doesn't support local multiplayer for SD TVs
    51. EA COO sees retail as an important part of AAA digital business
    52. Analyst expects The Elder Scrolls Online to be subscription based
    53. Latest Origin beta reduces CPU load, reveals player names
    54. Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #2 to debut Face Off mode, due May 22
    55. Transformers: Prime trailer wants you to think of the children
    56. Rumour - BioShock: Infinite delay related to "networking aspects"
    57. Hitman: Absolution US pre-order bonuses announced
    58. Neverwinter dated for fourth quarter, new screens released
    59. Sony still chasing The Binding of Isaac
    60. Microsoft patents biometrics-sensing control pad
    61. Screens show Ninja Gaiden's Rachel in Musou Orochi 2 Special
    1. Kinect used to help diagnose autism in children
    2. Modern Warfare 3 limited edition PS3 bundle launches May 25
    3. Flower to be featured in Exeter Cathedral service
    4. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance teaser gets political
    5. Riccitiello: Investors need to "catch up" with EA, SWTOR "solid, successful, profitable"
    6. Mass Effect 3 offers bonus packs to PS3 players
    7. Acti-Blizz Q1 FY12: Call of Duty franchise has 40M MAU
    8. Analysts - Infinite slip could allow for 2012 GTA V release
    9. Operation Silencer is your next Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event
    10. Street Fighter x Tekken patch coming May 16
    11. New Republique video released as end of Kickstarter drive draws near
    12. Rumor - SimCity Social is Maxis' new Facebook game
    13. Darksiders 2 - final Behind the Mask video tells Death's story
    14. Retailers list Hitman: Absolution for September release
    15. Third Dragon's Dogma developer diary focuses on the details
    16. Assassin's Creed III pre-order artwork shows missions, weapons
    17. Mario Party 9 and 3DS top Japanese charts during Golden Week
    18. Quick shots - Soul Sacrifice screens are rather horrific
    19. Ur-Dragon event mode announced for Dragon's Dogma
    20. You can now "register and rally" your Max Payne 3 crew through Rockstar Social Club
    21. Angry Birds hits 1 billion downloads, Rovio reports $106.3M in revenue
    22. Deus Ex releasing on PS Store May 16
    23. Majesco to show new Zumba Fitness, Kinect-exclusive NBA Baller Beats at E3
    24. End of an era: Inside Xbox UK to be discontinued
    25. Disney Interactive Group reduces losses, revenue up 13% year-over-year
    26. Next Tales of game announce happening next month
    27. Soul Sacrifice takes place inside a book filled with monsters that were once human
    28. FFXIII-2 Requiem of the Goddess DLC hits May 15
    29. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - documentary style trailer released
    30. Sony wants you to sign up for the LittleBigPlanet Vita beta
    31. Wolfenstein 3D turns 20, gets browser version and Steam sale
    32. Amazing Spider-Man pre-orders include Rhino Challenge, playable Stan Lee
    33. Future reshuffles games team, Clark becomes group senior editor
    34. EU PS Store and Plus update, May 9 - Datura, Spec Ops: The Line demo, Dead Space Bundle
    35. EA Partners, Insomniac announce Outernauts for Facebook
    36. BioShock Infinite delayed to February 26, 2013
    37. Rock, Paper, Shotgun records 2.1 million UB in March
    38. Titan publishing Halo 4 artbook in November
    39. Risk and reward: Minecraft 360 and a loss of magic
    40. Sega makes “commercial decision” to miss gamescom
    41. MLB.TV coming to Xbox 360 internationally today
    42. Minecraft mines its way to XBLMP
    43. Razer refreshes Naga MMO mouse for 2012
    44. Starlight Inception hits Kickstarter target
    45. Path of Exile enters open beta this weekend
    46. Musou Orochi 2 coming to PSP this July in Japan
    47. BioWare launches SWTOR podcast, talks new updates
    48. Virgin hosting 100 Day Game Project, winner showcased at EG Expo
    49. Jaffe posts more Twisted Metal alternative endings
    50. Megaton Wednesday - Persona 4: The Golden to feature bug-catching game
    51. Ni No Kuni: All in One Edition coming to Japan this July
    52. Why we're dropping the ball on mobile game coverage
    53. Sony makes all Uncharted 2 DLC free
    54. Rumour - Dead Space 3 to feature drop-in co-op
    55. First Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection out now on PC
    56. Camouflaj "asked for what was needed" with $500K République Kickstarter
    57. Zynga suing over Pyramidville's alleged trademark infringement
    58. Report - Black Ops 2 setting in violation of Infinity Ward's contract
    59. Fullbright's first game is Gone Home
    60. Soul Sacrifice is the next Keiji Inafune game
    61. Sony opens E3 2012 livestream site
    62. "Blappeture Mesa" Half-Life reference pulled from Portal 2 DLC
    63. Assassin's Creed III "not about America ra ra"
    64. Guild Wars 2 server transfer fee to discourage casual changes
    65. Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter multiplayer going free-to-play
    1. Primal Carnage approaching beta, alpha footage looks sweet
    2. BioShock Vita listed for September release
    3. Angry Birds Space getting closer to Windows Phone launch
    4. Maxis: SimCity "built from the ground-up for multiplayer"
    5. US PS Store and Plus update, May 8 - Modern Warfare 3, Datura, PixelJunk sale
    6. The Last Laugh signals The Joker's return to DC Universe Online
    7. Quick shots - LOTRO update 7 screens show nasty snow beasts
    8. Zynga issues Words With Friends survey as MAU drops by 2 million
    9. PSN Charts: I Am Alive tops April downloads
    10. Perpetual Testing Initiative now available for Portal 2
    11. ZeniMax wants to make "a good game" first, instead of a "good MMO, Elder Scrolls game"
    12. Alan Wake American Nightmare lands on Steam, GOG May 22
    13. Diablo III: Wrath now available for viewing
    14. Pachter believes "a significant portion" Dragon Age 3 team "was reassigned" to SWTOR
    15. Rumor - Resident Evil: Downfall in the works for 3DS
    16. Stainless takes to Kickstarter to fund Carmageddon: Reincarnation
    17. Portal 2 sells 4 million units combined on PC and console
    18. First beta for The Secret World kicks off this weekend
    19. Google Play passes 15 billion downloads
    20. Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?! announced by D3
    21. Motorola's injunction against 360 in Germany on hold as US judge deliberates
    22. Video - Spec Ops: The Line demo welcomes you to Dubai
    23. Namco financials - Dark Souls sold 1.19 million copies in the US and Europe
    24. FF Versus Release: VXIII E3 announce hits six year anniversary, still nothing
    25. Sorcery - second developer video focuses on story
    26. Starhawk map packs to be free, MLG tournament announced
    27. MGS3 Vita gets nine minutes of new footage
    28. Raptr unveils Raptr Rewards program, now in beta
    29. Alan Wake hits GoG
    30. Soul Sacrifice gets teaser ahead of Thursday's reveal
    31. Men of War: The Ultimate Collection announced, includes four Men of War titles
    32. Blockbuster announces new reward scheme, Blockbuster VIP Gamer
    33. Rumour: Microsoft making Kinect Play Fit, accessory Joule to accompany it
    34. No current plans to bring white Vita to Europe, confirms SCEE
    35. Tecmo Koei acquires Atelier developer, Ninja Gaiden 3 ships 630,000 units worldwide
    36. Prototype 2 Colossal Mayhem DLC out, Excessive Force dated
    37. "It’s about time" Kingdom Hearts returned to consoles, says Nomura
    38. Spec Ops: The Line demo now available on PSN and XBL Gold
    39. Valve's Holtman to keynote Develop 2012
    40. PS4 for free: are subscriptions console gaming's miracle?
    41. Beyond Good and Evil 2 in-engine shot appears, fanboys go into meltdown mode
    42. CCP adds Sterling as EVE Online UK subs payment option
    43. Seven days before Hell: Blizzard preps Diablo III launch guide, everyone hypes
    44. UK charts: Sniper Elite V2 takes top spot
    45. Next Halo novel to have ties with Halo 4
    46. Cancelled Starbreeze Bourne project meant to tell story of "a modern assassin"
    47. Machinima raising $30 million with help from Google
    48. Harmonix: Rock Band: Led Zeppelin not in the works
    49. Hitman: Sniper Challenge outed by Game Informer
    50. The Binding of Issac: Wrath of the Limb launching on May 28
    51. Diablo III has more voice acting than any other Blizzard game
    52. Chen: Next TGC game "definitely inspired by Journey"
    53. League of Legends "Mastery Exploit" cheaters to feel ban hammer
    54. Time Travelers confirmed for July 12 Japan release
    55. PixelJunk games drop to $1 for anniversary sale
    56. Darksiders 2: First Edition brings extra content to Austria, Germany, Switzerland
    57. Assassin's Creed III DLC available with Gamestop pre-orders
    58. Japanese social games warned off shady freemium schemes
    59. Crystal White Vita announced for Japan
    60. Tiny Wings developer expects to finish new game soon
    61. Neverwinter takes an action bent because "it's a whole lot of fun"
    62. Botanicula now available on Steam
    63. Starcraft II to introduce global play, multiplayer replays, more
    64. Chen: PS3 owners more likely to be artistic grown-ups
    65. Canada - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier bundle exclusive to Future Shop
    66. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD expected in June
    67. Epic boss predicts AAA games will run in browsers "in another few years"
    68. Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC pack dated
    69. BioWare: "Not one word was written lightly" of Mass Effect 3 Bromance
    70. 2K denies exploit in $1 million Perfect Game promotion
    71. Dragon's Dogma developer diary talks player choice
    1. The House That VG247 Built: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
    2. GT Academy 2012 in full swing; qualifying track screened, promo calls revheads to arms
    3. Rumour - Killzone sequel in production, teaser script leaked
    4. Rockstar Social Club overhauled for Max Payne 3
    5. Wildstar to support player-authored add-ons
    6. First FIFA 13 details and screenshots out
    7. Lucasfilm files mysterious "Star Wars 1313" trademark
    8. Testament of Sherlock Holmes releasing this September
    9. EA 2012 - EA in profit, $80m on next-gen dev in FY13
    10. Capcom full-year figures reveal Raccoon City and Street Fighter X Tekken sales figures
    11. Microsoft goes live with $99 Xbox 360 and Kinect offer
    12. Minecraft XBLA: tutorial level teaches you the 'blocks'
    13. New Assassin's Creed III trailer shows woodland hunting
    14. Major Hitman announcement coming on May 10
    15. Kinect Star Wars demo now live
    16. Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse confirmed for autumn release
    17. Company of Heroes 2 on Eastern Front, out "early 2013"
    18. Amazon Japan now buying used games
    19. Angry Birds netted Rovio €75.4 million revenue in fiscal '11
    20. Spread-bet: EA's shooter play may stymie Black Ops 2
    21. Crytek: "PC players fundamentally only want Crysis to be on PC"
    22. Bank holiday bombshell: Assassin's Creed I and II ensembled with DLC for Japano-release
    23. Bank holiday unnews - El Shaddai re-releasing in Japan
    24. Extra content may push Leisure Suit Larry remake to 2013
    25. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer highlights the Bodark
    26. Square Enix E3 2012 lineup detailed - no Versus XIII
    27. Prototype 2: why Heller should have been the Hulk
    28. Final Fantasy writer, artist and composer team up for iOS RPG
    29. First Max Payne 3 comic available for free in digital form
    30. Diablo III director shut down discussions of perspective change
    31. David Jaffe's next game may involve "a gun and a person holding a gun"
    32. Criterion Games hiring for new arcade racer
    33. Ancel: Beyond Good & Evil 2 in "active creation" for next-gen
    34. League of Legends donating 100% of promo sales to Make-A-Wish Foundation
    35. Rumour - Blockbuster UK lists 25 Wii U games
    36. CCP unapologetic over "p**sed off" EVE Online players
    37. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron "adult oriented", "totally apart" from movies
    38. Kim Swift: Good level design 'manipulates' players
    39. The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy European release delayed
    40. Analysts divided over Black Ops 2's chances for record
    41. La Mulana WiiWare shelving blamed on DLC, certification difficulties
    1. Diablo III Inferno mode twice as difficult as internal testers approved
    2. Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles uses movie assets, designed by filmmakers
    3. Pitchford details how Colonial Marines fits into Aliens canon
    4. Team Meat lashes out at the current state of mobile gaming
    5. LEGO Zelda will be officially reviewed by LEGO
    1. Kickstarter for space combat game by former Lucas Arts dev might not make it
    2. Xbox Live reveals the South Park RPG is called "The Stick of Truth"
    3. Latest CS:GO beta update brings SDK
    4. inFamous actor hints at Cole's appearance in Playstation All-Stars
    5. FilePlanet shutting down after 13 years
    6. Reset developers say they aren't making an "Art Game"
    7. Former Namco Bandai CEO now at Square Enix
    1. Ys Origin hitting Steam in May with English text
    2. Analyst expects Diablo III to sell 3.5 million units in 2012
    3. Unchained Blades hitting eShop and PSN this spring
    4. Game of Thrones preview video shows plenty of gameplay
    5. Agent 47's the culplrit behind a deadly "prank" in these Hitman: Absolution screens
    6. Riccitiello admits social competitors have "lapped EA three times"
    7. Ben Franklin loves the ladies in Assassin's Creed III
    8. Operation Raccoon City moved through 80% of debut shipment in Japan
    9. Video shows early concept footage of Assassin's Creed, more
    10. Video - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance live-action tease seen through Raiden’s eye
    11. Free Radical - Battlefront 3 cancelled by "psychopaths" at LucasArts
    12. Realmforge developing DARK for PC, consoles, new screens released
    13. BBFC lists Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition for June 30 release
    14. EA celebrates Star Wars Day by putting SWTOR on sale
    15. Nintendo patents show charging dock, gun-shell for Wii U controller
    16. Blizzard video goes behind-the-scenes with the making of Diablo III: Wrath
    17. Video - Rainbow Moon looks like it will be fun
    18. Black Ops 2 debut trailer analysis, frame by frame
    19. Irrational "still focusing on" BioShock movie, "but it hasn't consumed us so much"
    20. Rabbids Rumble outed by Australian Classification Board
    21. Sorcery gets first dev diary focussing on technology
    22. The Elder Scrolls Online gets announcement trailer
    23. LOTRO Update 7 brings new skirmish, scaleable Fornost instances, Moria restructuring
    24. Remedy: World of Alan Wake "rather empty" to work as open world
    25. "Briefings" for Company of Heroes 2 begin on May 7
    26. Miyamoto: Vita needs more games for true success
    27. Thatgamecompany set to debut new game this year
    28. Rumour: Next-gen Xbox hitting manufacturing stage
    29. GTTV gives new Max Payne 3 footage, multiplayer details
    30. GOG introduces Thief: Deadly Shadows, Splinter Cell, Anomaly: Warzone Earth
    31. HMV sales down 18% for FY2011
    32. XSEED to localise Ragnarok Odyssey, Orgarhythm for western Vita releases
    33. Minecraft 360 preps for launch next week with new trailer
    34. Guild Wars 2 beta: where old and new fuse for rarity
    35. donating to several charities for World of Tanks
    36. Schappert joined Zynga from EA because "it was where I saw gaming going"
    37. LBP Karting for Vita not in the works, says United Front
    38. Rockstar took Max Payne's past "very seriously" for Marvel comic line
    39. Rocksteady’s Batman games on sale this weekend on Steam
    40. PAX Prime passes completely sold out
    41. Orgarhythm concept trailer tantalises with genre-mashing gameplay
    42. God of War creator describes Ascension as "impeccably executed"
    43. Rumour - Harmonix working on a new kind of music game
    44. Skullgirls PC and PS3 to have cross-platform play
    45. Gameloft notes 14% growth in first quarter
    46. Analysts predict year-on-year decrease for April NPDs
    47. MLG mobile league launches with Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
    48. IndieRoyale debuts May Hurray Bundle with Dungeon Defenders and more
    49. Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse pops up on Amazon
    1. THQ won't have a booth at E3 2012
    2. Rumour - The Elder Scrolls Online GI leak details questing, PvP, combat, more
    3. "Official investigative documentary trailers" released for Black Ops 2
    4. Spike TV and XBL to broadcast Microsoft's E3 briefing on June 4
    5. David Hayter and Jennifer Hale join the cast of République
    6. Players will be up against a militarized SCO in Black Ops 2
    7. GamesAid handed out £29,000 to six different charities in 2011
    8. DDO: Menace of the Underdark closed beta starts May 10 for those who pre-order
    9. Funcom's The Secret War social experience draws in over 200,000 players worldwide
    10. Analysts expect EA to report Q4 fiscal revenue of $960- $980 million on Monday
    11. Harley Quinn’s Revenge artwork is rather neat
    12. Warlock: Master of the Arcane video tutors you on "movement, magic, diplomacy and exploration"
    13. Company of Heroes 2 releasing in 2013 according to PC Gamer UK scan
    14. Latest digital comic for Dragon's Dogma is filled with lizardmen
    15. Video - United Front details level editor, driving mechanics in LBP Karting
    16. Quick shots - Crysis 3 screens show a New York jungle
    17. Second multiplayer trailer released for Max Payne 3
    18. The Elder Scrolls Online to release in 2013 on PC, Mac
    19. Neilsen - Call of Duty buzz up 400% since Black Ops 2 reveal
    20. Enter The Dominatrix announced as standalone expansion for Saints Row: The Third
    21. Agent 47 could be the cause of this "reckless prank" in Hitman: Absolution
    22. Quick shots - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 screens descend
    23. New Lollipop Chainsaw shows off twisted side of Suda 51
    24. Report - Zynga looking to add more draw-able brand items to Draw Something
    25. Report - EA and Nexon teaming up for FIFA Online release in Asia
    26. Level-5 releases 3DS trailer for The Little Battlers: Explosive Boost
    27. The Elder Scrolls special offer lands on Impulse, three games for $60
    28. The Unfinished Swan: Dallas and Chen on PSN indie dev
    29. Nintendo downloads, May 3 - Bird Mania 3D, Super Hang-On, Amoebattle
    30. Amazon: Black Ops 2 pre-orders triple predecessor
    31. Schappert: "It’s going to be tough” for companies that don't adapt to changes in games market
    32. Ghost Recon: Alpha hits Lovefilm, G4 today, out on DVD and Blu-ray May 22
    33. Radical enters 2012 Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer with Prototype 2 drive
    34. Notch calls out EA over its Indie Bundle on Steam
    35. Savygamer turns five, celebrates with indie game sale
    36. Creative Assembly hiring for next-gen on Alien game
    37. Black Ops 2 pops up on Steam
    38. Treyarch: Black Ops 2 near-future setting planned "from the very beginning"
    39. GameCity 7 features Molyneux-curated day, Steam School, more
    40. London Games Festival returns for September 2012
    41. Treyarch teases Black Ops 2 zombies with artwork
    42. Cowboys and spaceships: Black Ops 2 can save CoD
    43. EA: Rock Band iOS to remain alive, closure message sent in error
    44. Non-Life: No E3 announcements from Valve
    45. Bread and circuses: Black Ops 2 is just another shooter
    46. Assassin's Creed concept art shows female protagonist, Prince of Persia
    47. Free Dungeons of Dredmor DLC adds Steam Workshop support
    48. Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter closes on $655,182
    49. DiRT Showdown PC demo now available
    50. Timesplitters developer says shooters don't make money
    51. Datura dev shows off PlayStation-powered VR set up
    52. Skyrim Steam mods have generated over 13.6 million downloads
    53. Activision versus EA FPS Trash Talk 2012 kicks off
    54. Shadow of the Colossus post mortem talks design and more
    55. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy to utilise job system
    56. MechWarrior Online introduces the Catapult
    57. MLB 2K12 Perfect Game promotion closes with over 900 perfect games
    58. Quickflix PS3 Australia adds HBO content
    59. Scarlet Red PS3 hits Australia May 31
    60. Ubisoft investing $505 million in Jade Raymond's new team
    1. Gravity Rush art style inspired by Franco-Belgian comics
    2. Gaikai signs on with WikiPad gaming tablet
    3. Red 5 boss calls console model "broken", "dead"
    4. EVE Online player event burns an entire solar system
    5. Tribes: Ascend has 800K users, no console plans
    6. Rurouni Kenshin headed back to PSP
    7. Quick shots - Max Payne 3 screens show drinking and dual wielding
    8. eSports page added to StarCraft II website
    9. Warner releasing free-to-play Cartoon Universe this fall in US, hits UK in 2013
    10. Windows 8 farewells Live ID, welcomes Microsoft Account
    11. EA Indie Bundle on Steam includes six games for $21
    12. Dragon’s Dogma developer diary focuses on a game of pawns
    13. EA wants to know what you like or want to see implemented into Origin
    14. "Like" PlayStation Access on Facebook, net voucher for two free minis
    15. Inside Xbox production to be discontinued in US, Canada, Australia
    16. N.O.V.A. 3 video shows off the multiplayer
    17. R.A.W. - Realms of Ancient War video introduces you to the wizard class
    18. Max Payne 3 Official Soundtrack detailed, new multiplayer trailer releasing tomorrow
    19. Rock Band iOS App to be unplayable after May 31
    20. Japanese charts – Operation Raccoon City tops software, Vita sales see upturn
    21. Report - Microsoft to release $99 Xbox 360 Kinect bundle next week with two-year gold sub
    22. BioWare switches SWTOR team around to create more PvP, end game content
    23. You can reach out and slap other players in LBP Karting
    24. EU PS Plus update, May 2 - Silent Hill, Max Payne, plenty of full game trials
    25. Analyst firm reports 5 million DAU decline in Draw Something
    26. Nintendo details gameplay features for Pokémon Conquest
    27. Sony adds free month of PS Plus to Starkhawk pre-orders
    28. Trials-like Urban Trials coming to PlayStation Vita
    29. PSN to be brought down for maintenance this evening, next week on May 9
    30. Five senior executives depart GAME as part of restructuring process
    31. Skullgirls launching on PC later this year, hits EU PSN today
    32. Fable Heroes, Awesomenauts launches on Xbox Live Arcade
    33. Quick shots - Persona 4 Golden
    34. Bird Mania 3D coming to EU 3DS eShop later this month
    35. EU PS Store update, May 2 - Skullgirls, Awesomenauts
    36. Motorola wins 360 injunction against Microsoft in Germany
    37. Rumour: Sony looking at multiple sub tiers for PlayStation Plus
    38. RIM pushing for heavier BlackBerry games presence with Sonic, Jetpack Joyride, more
    39. Everybody's Golf Vita update includes new versus rooms, grade system, more
    40. XSEED no longer handling Grand Knights History
    41. Black Ops 2 pre-orders go live, GAME offering MW3 prestige token reward
    42. True self: Atlus confirms Persona 4: The Golden for fall US release
    43. 300 developers are working on Black Ops 2
    44. Amnesia dev: Horror games should "reach into" the real world as well as virtual
    45. Latet SimCity Glassbox video shows off how fire affects the world
    46. GREE buys iOS developer Funzio for $210 million
    47. Black Ops fiction distinct from wider CoD universe, player decisions to impact story
    48. FortressCraft churns out 750,000 sales
    49. Black Ops 2 will support eSports scene, no verdict on dedicated servers
    50. Black Ops 2 Strike Force missions allow for branching story
    51. Nintendo: Digital pricing to be on par with physical
    52. Sony to publish Giant Sparrow's Unfinished Swan
    53. Rumour - Yorda, Elena and Nariko may appear in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale
    54. Dance Central 2 ninja crew unlocked
    55. PEGI rating outs Deus Ex re-issue
    56. Steam client beta adds remote install support
    57. Dragon Age comic mini-series to debut in August
    58. Black Ops 2 Zombies to be “biggest, most ambitious yet”
    59. Madden NFL 13 assets show off new presentation and gameplay
    60. Ten minutes of Lollipop Chainsaw's zombie mashing madness
    61. God of War multiplayer divides analysts
    1. Persona 4 Arena tutorial video shows off fighter mechanics
    2. Nintendo’s E3 2012 conference dated for June 5
    3. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier weapon hidden in short film prequel
    4. League of Legends Season Two finals front $3 million prize pool
    5. Demon's Souls players to determine final World Tendency event
    6. Pick up Bastion for $6 on Steam until May 3
    7. Players killed 153 million times during Tribes: Ascend beta
    8. Spike TV and GameTrailers team up for E3 "All Access Live"
    9. US PS Plus and Store update, May 1 – Velocity, Awesomenauts, Mortal Kombat Vita
    10. DICE CEO feels next-gen's rumored anti-used system "can be a win and a loss"
    11. Sniper Elite V2 - Kaiser-Friedrich Museum, Kill Tally Opernplatz and Schönberg gameplay videos
    12. Over $20m pledged to game Kickstarters but only 25% reach funding goals
    13. Cricketer Flintoff administers aid to Nintendo UK boss Yarnton during marathon charity ride
    14. Skyrim Dawnguard teased, more details revealed at E3
    15. Starhawk is golden, beta testers to receive thank you gifts
    16. Blizzard announces Global Play feature for Diablo III
    17. From now until May 6 QUAKE LIVE premium is free
    18. Dragon War Battle Pack now available for Total War: SHOGUN 2
    19. PlayStation Store Royale Contenders Sale starts tomorrow, ends May 9
    20. Rockstar details Max Payne 3 DLC, first pack arrives in June
    21. Bastion released for Mac via Mac App Store
    22. Mortal Kombat Vita launch trailer hits as game releases in US
    23. Hitman: Absolution trailer shows you the art of the kill
    24. DiRT Showdown video is full of Xbox 360 demo gameplay
    25. Coming soon to XBLM - Minecraft, SSX, Back to Karkand
    26. Little Monster Productions accused of Kickstarter scam
    27. Union Jack Xbox 360 coming May 25
    28. DiRT Showdown demo pops up on Xbox Live Marketplace
    29. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection gets Vita trailer
    30. Newell: Contributions more well suited to Valve than hierarchy
    31. Jane McGonigal, Oprah launch The Thank You Game
    32. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 shots feature the best-looking scopes in games
    33. Geohot met with Sony engineers to describe hacking "methodology"
    34. Morrowind, Oblivion go half-price on Steam this weekend
    35. Cave Story+ coming to 3DS eShop in the next month
    36. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 revealed: every detail
    37. Super Meat Boy's iOS outing to be reflex-based
    38. Dustforce level editor launching today
    39. Australian review recommends $5 million for game funding
    40. Nomura teasing impending Kingdom Hearts announcement
    41. La Mulana western WiiWare release cancelled, PC version still on the cards
    42. Crysis 3 to pack in micro-detail rather than "immense scale" like Skyrim
    43. Total War studio plans for 90 Metacritic throughout development
    44. Blur dev: Racing genre needs new hardware to succeed again
    45. XCOM: Enemy Unknown characters "look like GI Joes"
    46. Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown heading to EVO 2012
    47. Final Diablo III class reveal trailer shows off the Wizard
    48. Crytek: "We'll do what we can" to protect Crysis 3 from piracy
    49. Battlestar Galactica Online turns one, approaches 10 million players
    50. The Secret War updated to be less spammy
    51. Skyrim Kinect patch, DLC information tomorrow
    52. Awesomenauts out this week on PSN, XBLA