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Trials Evolution played by more than half a million players since launch

Trials Evolution has hit another significant milestone, with more 500,000 users playing the game online since its release for Xbox 360 about a month ago.

The game's developer RedLynx shared some interesting details about the game's level editor today. The editor, which allows you to create and share user-created content through the game's in-built Track Central system, has generated a whopping amount of UGC.

“To date, players have created more than 60,000 custom tracks and skill games, using the exact same editor we used to build our own levels within the game,” said Tero Virtala, Managing Director of RedLynx.

“Those same players have recorded more than one million entries on custom Leaderboards associated with user-created tracks, they have given more than 800,000 reviews of UGC within Track Central.”

RedLynx creative director Antti Ilvessuo said the developer spent two years building the editor tool.

“With them, in less than a month, users have created more than 60,000 levels, including both high quality Trials levels and extremely innovative, creative skill games that have truly amazed us. And this is just the start: The editor is extremely powerful and users are still learning it. It’s hard to even imagine what we will be seeing in the near future,” he said.

The game's managed to accumulate a Metacritic aggregate score of 91, which is the second highest score for any 360 game released in 2012.

Trails Evolution released worldwide on April 18 exclusively for Xbox Live Arcade.

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