January 2023 Archive

    1. Pokemon Go players have Go Tour: Hoenn Global and Rayquaza to look forward to in February
    2. The Crew: Motorfest takes you to the Hawaiian island of Oahu
    3. The Last of Us, Episode 3 marks the first major deviation from the game – and it couldn’t have gone better
    4. Dead Space Chapter 10: End of Days | Where to find all of the tendrils
    5. Dead Space Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival | How to dispose of the Warhead
    6. Embracer may have sold its Tomb Raider rights to Amazon for a cool $600 million
    7. Final Fantasy 7 at 26: Kitase on being inspired by Nintendo, discarded concepts, and Rebirth changes to come
    8. Playing SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake underwater — how hard could it be?
    9. Disney Dreamlight Valley’s 2023 roadmap teases Encanto, Frozen, and The Lion King additions
    10. Marvel Snap players can battle with friends as of tomorrow
    11. GoldenEye 007 Cheat Codes: All cheats and how to unlock them on Switch and Xbox
    12. People are shocked at how small the DuelSense Edge battery size is
    1. Legends of Runeterra 2023 roadmap: quarterly updates, new champs, and legacy content
    2. The Last of Us show creators explain those big episode three changes
    3. Dead Space Chapter 8: Search and Rescue | How to beat the Leviathan with ADS Cannons
    4. Dead Space Chapter 7: Into the Void
    5. Guerilla Games offers Horizon Call of the Mountain story details ahead of its launch next month
    6. Sony promises PS5s should be easier to get now, alongside an ad that teases something new
    7. Fortnite players on iOS can no longer spend their V-bucks
    8. Life is Strange developer Don't Nod has teased a new game that looks very 90s
    9. Dead Space Chapter 6: Environmental Habitat | How to beat the Leviathan
    10. New Super Mario Bros. Movie teaser trailer shows off Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong
    11. Dead Island 2 will swap out the skill tree for a skill deck
    1. You can check out the first episode of The Last of Us on YouTube for free right now
    2. Amazon is developing a Tomb Raider series with Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge at the helm
    3. PlayStation Plus Essential games for February have leaked once again
    4. After two decades, Kadabra might finally be returning to the Pokemon TCG
    5. Overwatch 2 dev gives an update on ranked issues and more
    6. Xbox head Phil Spencer discusses recent Microsoft layoffs, Activision Blizzard acquisition, and more
    7. Forza Motorsport has reportedly been delayed from its Spring release window
    8. Don't worry, Skate still isn't going to have paid loot boxes
    1. What are you playing this weekend?
    2. 'Very early' footage of a Horizon multiplayer game has seemingly leaked
    3. Steam Base Building Fest is almost over - get in on the deals and demos while you can
    4. GoldenEye 007 players show you how to remap your Switch controls so it plays like a modern FPS
    1. HBO renews The Last of Us for a second season
    2. Far Cry 7 and a Far Cry multiplayer game said to be in the works
    3. Want to play GoldenEye 007 multiplayer online on Xbox? There is a way – sort of
    4. VG247's The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.36: The best game that really needs a remake
    5. Forspoken Best Ending: Which portal should you choose?
    6. Dead Space Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent | How to beat the Brute boss
    7. Dead Space Chapter 2: Intensive Care
    8. Dead Space Remake is stompy, quiet, and faithful to the original – here’s how EA Motive made it so good
    9. Xbox and Switch release date set for former PlayStation console exclusive The Pathless
    10. As GoldenEye 007 hits Xbox and Switch, please stop dumping on other people's nostalgia
    11. Spiders and beetles are up in arms as voting for the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost begins
    12. I was supposed to play loads of Like a Dragon: Ishin, but I spent two hours in chicken racing instead
    13. In remaking Like a Dragon: Ishin, the devs wanted to make everything faster – here’s why
    14. Fire Emblem Engage Stats guide: What every Unit Stat does
    15. Naughty Dog co-president says the studio is "moving on" from Uncharted
    1. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind GOTY Edition headlines February's Prime Gaming lineup
    2. Forspoken Best Gear and Nails: Where to find the best Cloaks, Necklaces and Nails in Forspoken
    3. The Day Before delayed to November due to trademark dispute
    4. Dead Space remake review: A masterclass in survival horror, all over again
    5. The Elder Scrolls Online takes you to the eastern part of Morrowind this spring
    6. Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa locations and Sand Grease Pupa farming tips
    7. Xbox's Hi-Fi Rush has that Dreamcast era vibe, and it could be one of the best games of the year
    8. Dead by Daylight’s adds new Tome and Resident Evil cosmetics
    1. Forza Motorsport built to take "full advantage" of Xbox Series X/S
    2. Age of Empires 2, Inkulinati, Darkest Dungeon, more coming soon to Xbox Game Pass
    3. Redfall set for a May release, new deep dive takes a 12 minute look at gameplay
    4. Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-action game from Tango Gameworks and it's out now
    5. Minecraft Legends gameplay shown off, releases April 18
    6. The Last of Us re-enters the UK game charts as viewership of the series continues to climb
    7. Warhammer 40:000: Darktide Xbox Series X/S release delayed to address feedback
    8. SteamWorld Build set for a 2023 release and there's a demo available now
    9. After the success of Pentiment, you need to try this unassuming new Game Pass addition
    10. GoldenEye 007 comes to Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass later this week
    11. The DualSense Edge is Sony’s best controller ever – and gives the Xbox Elite a run for its money
    12. Xbox Game Pass just keeps on growing and growing
    1. Persona 4 Golden endings and how to get the Golden ending
    2. The next title from Tango Gameworks has leaked ahead of tomorrow's Developer Direct
    3. Here are 6 Forspoken tips I wish I knew before I started playing
    4. Forspoken Best Spells: Which spells should you Spellcraft first in Forspoken?
    5. Want to try Forspoken on PC? There's a demo for that
    6. The best Life is Strange game is on PlayStation Plus right now – and it’s not what you think
    7. Xbox Game Pass is the best thing to ever happen to Monster Hunter
    8. Fire Emblem Engage has some refreshing representation, especially by Nintendo standards
    9. Fortnite The Kid LAROI concert start date: how to watch and event rewards
    10. Elden Ring Reforged mod's latest update might just be what you need to play the masterpiece again
    11. Street Fighter 6 YouTubers covering new gameplay footage hit by copyright strikes
    12. Forspoken: Everything we know so far
    13. Here's where you can buy Forspoken
    14. Here’s how to make Forspoken less irritating
    15. Dead Space's Isaac Clarke is joining roster of gaming legends on Fortnite
    1. Dragon Age Dreadwolf production director departs BioWare after 19 years
    2. Meddling with GTA 5's underwater mod was a titanic challenge – and probably something you shouldn’t do
    3. Nier: Automata Ver1.1a anime adaptation pauses production indefinitely
    4. The Last of Us TV show is doing one thing very differently from the games – and I love it
    5. Forspoken review: Already on borrowed time
    6. Playing Grand Theft Auto V on PC right now could put your computer at risk
    7. It’s time for Marvel Snap to cater to its real audience and get horny on main
    8. Armored Core 6 is getting a lengthy showcase early next month
    9. Granblue Fantasy: Relink finally gets a new trailer, is probably out this year
    10. The Forspoken final boss has leaked online, watch out for spoilers!
    11. WWE 2K23 devs talk on "challenging" Wargames development: "that wait has been worth it."
    12. Dead Space preload times and Trophy List unveiled, revealing alternate ending
    1. What are you playing this weekend?
    2. The Callisto Protocol gets New Game+ in latest patch
    3. The Pale Beyond will task you with surviving a long winter trapped in ice
    4. Marvel's Avengers development ceases with support to end this fall
    1. The Witcher 3 next-gen patch for PC in "final stages," console version coming to retail
    2. Genshin Impact Jueyun Chili locations and Jueyun Chili farming tips
    3. Why Obsidian’s Grounded is the blueprint for survival games’ future
    4. Monster Hunter Rise Bishaten | Weaknesses, Tips, Farming
    5. Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo Guide | Weaknesses, Tips, Farming
    6. Street Fighter 6 has a serious crack problem
    7. Monster Hunter Rise Goss Harag | Weaknesses, Tips, Farming
    8. Monster Hunter Rise Rakna-Kadaki | Weaknesses, Tips, Farming
    9. Sea of Thieves Secrets of the Wilds adventure is live now!
    10. VG247's The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.35: The best game that shouldn't be made into a TV show
    11. Monster Hunter Rise Argosy guide | How to farm items at the Argosy
    12. Monster Hunter Rise Smithy | How to upgrade, Ramp-Up, and Rollback
    13. Baldur's Gate 3 will not be affected by DnD licensing changes
    14. Guilty Gear Strive‘s cross-platform open beta test begins in February
    15. Grand Theft Auto Trilogy finally returns to Steam, with 50% off
    16. 4 ways Outpost: Infinity Siege is shaking up the co-op Survival FPS
    1. Age of Wonders 4 is coming to consoles and PC this spring
    2. Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 delayed
    3. The first DLC for Marvel's Midnight Suns stars Deadpool - check out the trailer
    4. 13 additional games coming to PlayStation VR2 within launch window
    5. Cochise partners with Rocket League for this month's Neon Nights event
    6. EA Sports PGA Tour gets a release date, new details shared
    7. Heading into Lightfall, Destiny 2 needs to make some drastic changes to survive
    8. Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore Location | Where to find Machalite Ore
    9. Monster Hunter Rise Icium | Where to find and farm Icium
    10. PlayStation Plus explained: All the tiers and what you get
    11. Rainbow Six film in the works with John Wick director starring Michael B. Jordan
    12. Monster Hunter Rise: Eroded Skeleton Location | Where to find Bone Piles
    13. Apple Arcade is quietly one of the best things happening to mobile gaming, ever
    14. Monster Hunter Rise Lightcrystal | Where to find and farm Lightcrystal
    15. Monster Hunter Rise Weapons guide | What is the best starting weapon for you?
    16. Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore | Where to find and farm Dragonite Ore
    17. GTA Online Weekly Update (January 19) - bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles
    18. Steam’s Lunar New Year sale is here, after Valve said it wasn’t going ahead
    19. Microsoft and Riot the latest gaming/tech companies to layoff staff - 343, The Coalition, Bethesda all affected
    20. Save 5% on lots of digital games, DLCs, store credit, and in-game currencies on the VG274 shop.
    21. PowerWash Simulator is coming to PlayStation and Switch, with free Tomb Raider DLC
    22. Monster Hunter Rise Mizutsune Guide | How to beat Mizutsune
    1. The best Genshin Impact Yaoyao build, artifacts, and F2P options
    2. I hope Starfield’s financial system is as oppressive as real life
    3. The best Genshin Impact Alhaitham teams
    4. Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug | How to use Silkbind, Wyvern Riding & Switch Skills
    5. Returnal gets a release date on PC and here are the specs you need to run it
    6. The best Genshin Impact Alhaitham build, artifacts, and F2P options
    7. The most downloaded games on the PlayStation Store in 2022 have been announced
    8. Monster Hunter Rise Warm Pelt Location | How to hunt Kelbi and Anteka
    9. If you want a taste of what Final Fantasy 16 will play like, you need to try this PlayStation Plus game right now
    10. Monster Hunter Rise Big Fin Location | How to find and hunt Delex
    11. EA Play's January rewards cover Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, and sports games
    12. Genshin Impact: How to get the Ayaka Springbloom Missive skin
    13. Monster Hunter Rise Guide and Tips for Beginners
    14. Check out some Lies of P gameplay running on AMD's Radeon RX 7900 XTX at 8K resolution
    15. Overwatch 2’s Lunar New Year event adds new skins, Arcade Brawls, and Twitch Drops
    16. One small change in Genshin Impact's new update has fans elated
    17. The Sims 4 reveals two new kits for your Sims bathrooms and bedrooms
    18. Microsoft could be hit with EU antitrust warning thanks to Activision Deal
    19. Genshin Impact best Yelan build, weapons, and Yelan F2P options
    1. Forspoken PC specs and features announced alongside demo update
    2. Genshin Impact best Xingqiu build, weapons, and Xingqiu F2P options
    3. Stray is helping save real-life homeless cats
    4. Genshin Impact best Beidou build, Artifacts, weapons, and Beidou F2P options
    5. Genshin Impact best Yun Jin build, weapons, and Yun Jin F2P options
    6. Persona 4 Golden’s new port is a perfect Japanese RPG time capsule, but as for Persona 3? It’s complicated
    7. The Last of Us is HBO's second biggest debut show ever, behind House Of The Dragon
    8. Switch was tops in the US for December and 2022, so was Modern Warfare 2 - NPD
    9. Metal Gear voice actor, Quinton Flynn, teases upcoming announcements for the series
    10. Bella Ramsay is incredible in HBO's The Last of Us rollercoaster opener
    11. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a Souls-like that gives you a helping hand
    12. The Suicide Squad game will have a battle pass... for some reason
    13. Even more than Elden Ring, Wo Long is one of the most accessible Souls-likes – and not just because it’s on Game Pass
    14. Fire Emblem Engage review: brilliantly meaty strategy RPG combat meets a less compelling world
    15. Valheim developer update details new biome, enemies, clothing, and more
    1. One of the best modern fighting games is getting rollback netcode later this month
    2. Elden Ring YouTuber pits 50 of Caelid's starved dogs against all the bosses
    3. Be careful, Fire Emblem Engage spoilers have already leaked
    4. Genshin Impact 3.4 release time, and everything coming with the Lantern Rite explained
    5. Konami wants more Silent Hill games in the future, if devs have good enough ideas
    6. We haven’t seen The Last of US TV show yet, so here’s a story about a 2-hour The Last of Us Part 1 PS5 trial
    7. Latest The Sims 4 leak shows off new paid kit full of underwear
    8. Yes, Ubisoft is still working on Beyond Good and Evil 2, despite everything
    9. Let’s hope Forspoken is worth its generous PS5 file size
    10. WWE's Undertaker and Becky Lynch coming to Rainbow Six Siege in unexpected crossover
    11. You can't play The Simpsons: Hit & Run on modern platforms, but you can listen to its soundtrack
    1. The Callisto Protocol seemingly hasn't met sales expectations
    2. You can Stream Persona 3 & 4, but make sure to spoiler tag the decade old games
    3. Lost Ark dev Smilegate is working on bringing back all those real accounts it accidentally banned
    4. A huge amount of Valve assets have leaked, including classics like Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2
    5. Google releases its "humble" test title on Stadia for one last hurrah
    6. Assassin's Creed Mirage is smaller in scale because the fans wanted it
    1. What are you playing this weekend?
    2. New Skull and Bones footage shows off "narrative gameplay"
    3. There may be a Dead Space movie in the works, but not from horror master John Carpenter
    1. The Division 2 is now available through Steam
    2. Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Pokemon Go with Bunnelby, Buneary - and Darumaka for some reason
    3. The sadness and uncertainty of a destroyed community: The final days of Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier
    4. Mageseeker: A League of Legends story leaked by Korean ratings board
    5. Latest PS5 software update ensures compatibility with DualSense Edge wireless controller
    6. Xbox in 2023: Starfield is Game Pass’ killer exclusive, and the barren years may finally be over
    7. PS Plus Premium and Extra games for January include Back 4 Blood, Syphon Filter 3, more
    8. VG247's The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.34: The best game that suffers from bloating
    9. Resident Evil First Aid Spray is an actual drink that you can buy, but it isn’t cheap
    10. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to receive new patch… in late February
    1. There are now 1008 Pokemon in the wild
    2. Final Fantasy 16 could be as great as the golden era FF games – if it fixes the mistakes of the modern era
    3. Xbox update will help reduce environmental impact by optimizing updates and downloads
    4. Marvel Snap is incredible, but its cash prices are incredibly stupid
    5. GTA Online Weekly Update (January 12) - bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles
    6. Dead Space Remake's stunning launch trailer shows off Isaac aboard the USG Ishimura
    7. Final Fantasy 7’s mobile battle royale, The First Soldier, has ended service
    8. Who is the best free 4-star Liyue character to pick in Genshin Impact?
    1. Noibat fans will be pleased to know it's the star of Pokemon Go's February Community Day
    2. Bethesda and Xbox to host Developer Direct presentation on January 25
    3. Ubisoft has canceled three unannounced titles and delayed Skull and Bones again
    4. Starfield has a dedicated showcase in the works
    5. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe will have all-new Copy abilities
    6. The Witcher x Lost Ark event brings Geralt, Ciri, and luscious Witcher hair styles to the MMO
    7. Rocket League cheaters are currently using AI in ranked matches
    8. Netflix just added one of 2022's best games for free on Android and iOS
    9. The best Genshin Impact Hu Tao build, weapons, and Hu Tao F2P options
    1. Ahead of the remake, can we all agree that Dead Space 2 is better than the first one?
    2. Monster Hunter Rise, Persona 3 Portable, and Persona 4 Golden coming to Xbox Game Pass
    3. Forza Horizon directors unite to form new AAA development studio Maverick Games
    4. Nintendo in 2023: Is Tears of the Kingdom going to be the Switch’s last big hurrah?
    5. Creator of Mirror's Edge's rad achievements list believes that achievements are bad, actually
    6. Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann is ‘intrigued’ by Elden Ring and Inside’s lack of traditional storytelling
    7. Xbox Showcase reported for later this month, featuring Redfall, Forza, and more
    8. The Last of Us TV show review round up: 'Among television's best."
    1. Naughty Dog is holding off on announcing its next game to encourage a better work-life balance
    2. The Witcher 3: Best abilities for combat, alchemy, and signs
    3. Pre-ordering the Dead Space remake will get you a free copy of Dead Space 2, too
    4. Genshin Impact devs warn against using third party services to protect against phishing
    5. Steam breaks its records for most concurrent and active users, again
    6. Almost a year after Elden Ring changed everything, there’s never been a better time to return to Dark Souls
    7. League of Legends 2023 roadmap: new champs, new reworks, and huge ranked changes
    8. Unannounced, unfinished PS5 game supposedly leaks
    9. Stardew Valley’s 1.5 update for mobile is finally here
    10. Fortnite has disabled the Shockwave Hammer temporarily
    11. Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch: How to unlock Stitch with the three socks
    1. A streamer beat Elden Ring's Malenia on a dance pad and controller at the same time
    2. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion mod brings back the original voice cast
    3. HBO's The Last of Us will show us more of life before the apocalypse hit
    4. Fire Emblem Engage's opening cinematic gives us a flashy look at our toothpaste coloured protagonist
    5. Vampire Survivors' developer made the mobile port to ensure it was free and to curtail clones
    6. Arkane says that Redfall is closer to Far Cry than it is to Left 4 Dead
    7. Bloober Team says Silent Hill 2 fans don't need to worry about it "missing the point"
    8. Deathverse: Let It Die is dying, but not permanently
    1. What are you playing this weekend?
    1. Pokemon Go's Twinkling Fantasy event will abound with Dragon and Fairy-types
    2. CD Projekt settles with investors in Cyberpunk 2077 class-action suit to the tune of $1.85 million
    3. The best time to make a new Discworld game was 10 years ago – the second best time is now
    4. UK console and games sales declined in 2022, according to GSD market data report
    5. Now that it’s back on Game Pass, you really need to give this underrated Souls-like a go
    6. Sony in 2023: PlayStation 5’s exclusives are still untouchable – it’s just a shame about everything else
    7. Yaoyao and Alhaitham are here! Genshin Impact version 3.4 livestream recap
    8. VG247's The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.33: The best game that could have been made by an AI
    1. ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro controller for Xbox features a built-in OLED display
    2. Gran Turismo 7 to get a free PS VR2 upgrade at launch, first look at movie based on the franchise revealed
    3. PlayStation 5 has sold over 30 million units worldwide
    4. Naughty Dog shares The Last of Us multiplayer teaser image, thinks there's "more story to tell" in the future
    5. The Callisto Protocol proves that crunch is dumb and doesn't work - The Thursday Nite Rant
    6. Where to find a Honeybeast in Fallout 76
    7. Fire Emblem Engage is Three Houses turned up to 11, for better or worse – preview
    8. GTA Online Weekly Update (January 5) - bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles
    9. Sony announces Project Leonardo accessibility controller
    10. Apex Legends Spellbound event kicks of the year with a little bit of magic
    1. The Evil Within 2 is one of your free Games with Prime this month
    2. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Life and Force Essence guide - Where to find every max health and Force upgrade
    3. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Stim Canister healing upgrade guide
    4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Terrarium guide - Where to find Seeds for Greez
    5. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Scomp Link and where to find all of the BD-1 Upgrades
    6. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Lightsaber Parts guide - Where to find the Double-Bladed Lightsaber
    7. Wizards of the Coast cancels development of five unannounced games
    8. Halo Infinite player has recreated Skyrim's Whiterun in Forge
    9. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Mantis Paint Jobs and BD-1 skin locations
    10. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Poncho and Outfit Material locations
    11. The best gaming thing I experienced in the holidays? Sonic Prime
    1. Here are the winners of the 2022 Steam Awards
    2. These five games will soon be leaving Xbox Game Pass
    3. Hitman 3 to become Hitman World of Assassination on January 26
    4. Promising FPS Witchfire gets Nvidia DLSS 3 support, but still no release date
    5. Enter the CUMMMFPK Dungeon: The joy of coming to Bloodborne late
    6. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Riolu location: How to get Riolu and Lucario
    7. Xbox Game Pass is hiding a must play game for Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger fans
    8. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Slowpoke into Slowking
    9. Jedi Fallen Order, Fallout 76, and Axiom Verge 2 are out on PlayStation Plus Essential right now!
    10. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Charcadet into Cereludge and Amarouge
    11. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Primeape and get Annihilape
    12. Mystic Messenger email guide: all correct answers for every guest in Casual, Deep and Another Story
    13. Latest Lego Ideas review eyes new Pac-Man and Zelda playsets
    14. GTA Online players pay respects to Ken Block by recreating his classic Ford Mustang
    15. I played Jewel over 200 times last year, but never played beyond level 1
    1. The Witcher 3 On Death’s Bed and how to make Swallow Potion