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Forspoken Best Ending: Which portal should you choose?

Which portal should you choose to start Frey's happily ever after?

As you approach the climax of Forspoken, Frey takes back control of her destiny and is allowed to choose the ending of her story. Will she take the left-hand portal and step up as the protector of Athia, or take the right-hand portal back to Earth, her cat Homer and the city of New York?

Unlike some games, your ending choice in Forspoken definitely matters. But given the framing of the story so far, it’s pretty obvious what the canon choice is: you’re supposed to enter the left-hand portal to complete the “good ending”.

However, if you’re here, you’re probably curious as to what happens if you step through the other portal back to New York, or just want a spoiler-free rundown of roughly what happens as a result of your ending choice in Forspoken.

With as few spoilers as possible, here’s what happens if you take the left-hand portal or the right-hand portal back to New York so you can set up the best ending for your time with Forspoken.

But also remember, you can easily save your game right in front of the portals so you can come back and experience both paths for yourself without too much effort.

Forspoken Best Ending: Which portal should you choose?

If you choose the left-hand portal:

  • Frey steps up to claim the mantle of protector of Athia and faces the final boss of Forspoken head-on
  • Choosing the left-hand portal leads to more than an hour of additional gameplay, including boss fights and story sequences
  • After the events of the finale, you can continue to explore Athia in a post-game chapter
  • This is obviously the “good ending” and the canon ending for Forspoken

If you choose the right-hand portal back to New York:

  • Frey returns to her old life and a cutscene plays showing her walking the streets of the city and wistfully remarking, “where do we go now?”
  • The credits roll immediately with no final boss or closure to the Athia storyline

So while you technically have a choice of ending in Forspoken, it’s not really much of a choice, is it? The New York portal is more of an easter egg that you can come back and see once you’ve done the proper ending - which is great by the way - so have fun!

For more on Frey’s adventure in Athia, check out our picks for the best spells in Forspoken and best gear in Forspoken - do you agree with the choices?

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