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Genshin Impact best Xingqiu build, weapons, and Xingqiu F2P options

The power of water

Power comes in many forms, and the best Genshin Impact Xingqiu build turns what looks like a pint-sized weakling into one of the most important characters in the open-world game.

Xingqiu doesn't do much on his own, but what he does do is create Rain Swords. These handy sources of extra damage apply Hydro and make setting up powerful reactions easier than ever.

Unlike some 4-star characters, Xingqiu works perfectly right out of the box. You don't need to unlock his constellations to get the most out of him. In Genshin Impact 3.4, you can also invite her to join your party for free in the Fortuitous Invitation event.

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What are the Xingqiu materials?

Xingqiu’s materials for leveling up include Cleansing Heart, mask-series items, and Silk Flower. Silk Flower grows in various spots across Liyue, but you can find them in Liyue Harbor and around Wangshu Inn in particular. Cleansing Heart only comes from the Oceanid regular boss north of Wuwang Hill.

Talent level-up materials include more mask items and Gold-series books, along with Tail of Boreas at higher levels. You’ll obtain that from defeating the Boreal Wolf in Mondstadt.

Is Xingqiu a DPS character?

No, his low base attack and long skill cooldown times mean Xingqiu is ill-suited for a DPS role. However, those skills have long-lasting effects that make Xingqiu a superb support character. Both his Skill and Burst generate Rain Swords, which reduce damage taken, deal Hydro damage, and, thanks to a later passive talent, can even heal the active character slightly.

That's basically Xingqiu in a nutshell. You likely won't have him on field very often, only to activate his skill, and his talents center around Rain Swords too. One raises his Hydro damage and the other grants him the healing effect when a Rain Sword shatters.

Should I pull for Xingqiu?

Yes, even if you have other Hydro support characters, Xingqiu is still worth pulling for. He's one of the most reliable sources of Hydro. Since Rain Swords activate when your character attacks, he's a perfect fit for most catalyst users and characters like Hu Tao who apply elements with their normal attacks. That setup makes him easier to work around than Mona and Kokomi, whose Hydro is limited to one place, and Yelan, who can only activate Hydro support with her burst.

What is the best Genshin Impact Xingqiu build?

The best Xingqiu build is a bit different from most since he gains little benefit from Genshin Impact’s fancier five-star weapons. Xingqiu normally won’t be on the field any longer than it takes to fire off his Skill and Burst.

What is the best Xingqiu weapon?

Sacrificial Sword is the best choice, thanks to its passive skill that gives you a high chance of ending the user’s Elemental Skill if the Skill hits a foe. Sacrificial Sword usually pops up in all the Wish banners regularly, so you may have a higher chance of obtaining this than is usual with paid builds.

If you’ve got a spare Mistsplitter Reforged lying around, it’s also a good fit for Xingqiu. The high attack and boost to critical damage are slightly wasted on him, but the passive skill increases Elemental damage by 12% and a further 8-28% with the Mistsplitter Emblems it grants.

What are the best Xingqiu Artifacts?

Xingqiu’s Rain Swords deal damage based on his Hydro damage, and the user’s damage reduction also scales based on that stat. Heart of Depth is an obvious choice, though only the two-piece set. The four-piece bonus increases normal and charged damage, which is rather pointless for Xingqiu

  • 2-piece: Increases Hydro damage by 15%

Xingqiu’s last passive talent boosts Hydro by a further 20%, so this setup means you’re well positioned to get the most from the Rain Swords.

For the second set, we recommend either Noblesse Oblige (increases Elemental Burst damage by 20%) or Gambler (increases Elemental Skill damage by 20%). Xingqiu’s Burst is better than his Skill, though Noblesse Oblige can be difficult to obtain.

What is the best Xingqiu F2P build?

Xingqiu is so focused around supporting through his Elemental abilities that his F2P build is almost identical.

What is the best Xingqiu F2P weapon?

F2P players probably have at least one Sacrificial Sword floating around, but if not or if you want to save your Primogems for an upcoming banner, forge Iron Sting instead. It increases the user’s Elemental Mastery, while the passive skill boosts all damage by 6-12% after you use an Elemental attack. As with other craftable weapons, you’ll actually have a higher chance of reaching the passive skill’s maximum level, since you can make more of them.

What are the best Xingqiu F2P Artifacts?

Since this build still emphasizes Xingqiu’s Elemental abilities, the Artifacts are the same: 2-piece Heart of Depth and 2-piece Noblesse Oblige or Gambler.

What is the best Xingqiu party comp?

You’ll want a Cryo, Pyro, or Electro character – or all of those – to help generate powerful Elemental Reactions. Hydro Elemental Resonance is mainly for healing, so you’re free to not use another Hydro character.

Chongyun, Fischl, and Bennett are top-notch choices thanks to their AoE Elemental attacks. If you’re looking for a main DPS, Ganyu, Ayaka, Diluc, and Baal would fit the bill as well. It’s a passive relationship either way, since Xingqiu is there to activate Rain Swords and nothing else.

Once you’ve got your Genshin Impact party sorted, it’s time to head to the depths of the ocean. Check out the new Enkanomiya region and plunder all its secrets, including the new book collections and finding all the Key Sigils. If you’re not keen on the current banners, save up those Primos for one of Genshin Impact’s upcoming banners instead.

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