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Genshin Impact Enkanomiya book locations- The Collection of Dragons and Snakes walkthrough

Struggling to find all the books in this tricky new world quest? This guide will help you through it.

Wandering around Enkanomiya - the latest new zone added with the latest Genshin Impact update - you may have picked up The Collection of Dragons and Snakes world quest. This is quite the head scratcher, requiring players to venture to all corners of Enkanomiya (and beyond) without the quest marker we’ve all come to rely on.

To help you finish up this world quest, and collect the five books required to do so, we’ve created this walkthrough that guides you through each and every step.

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Genshin Impact - Where is Before Sun and Moon?

This one is simple enough! Start off at the Dainichi Mikoshi waypoint near where you first dropped the barrier on the island (south west of the island). There, head to the location shown in the image below to pick up the Antigonus world quest.

Go ahead and complete this world quest, and your main reward will be the book you desire. Nice and easy!

Genshin Impact - Where is Hydrological Studies In Byakuyakoku?

Complete Date’s maze puzzle found at the north east of Evernight Temple. To solve this puzzle, make your way to the two controls looking over the maze which you can reach by jumping down from the nearby waypoint. Once there, alter the maze into the following layout:

Beating the maze will give you one medal, and let you talk to Date. Once you’re done talking to him, you’ll pick up another world quest called Date’s Challenge which will point you to his second puzzle which you’ll have to beat to gain access to his vault.

This puzzle requires you to have the doors perfectly symmetrical with the lights off. There are switches on both sides of the room that allow you to move crystalline walls. Using these plus the two gate switches at the centre of the room, move the walls as follows:

  • The first wall (closest to the entrance) should be on the right
  • The second wall should be in the centre
  • The third wall should be on the left

Once you’ve beaten his second puzzle, shimmy on back to Date and he’ll allow you to open up the door to his vault. Inside, there’ll be a chest with the book you want alongside a key sigil. Nice haul!

Genshin Impact - Where is The Serpent And Drakes Of Tokoyokoku?

This is a nice and easy one, and isn’t even in Enkanomiya! Make your way back to Inazuma, and travel to the Yae Publishing House (exact location found in image below). Once there, you can simply buy the book for 1500 Mora.

Genshin Impact - Where is In The Light, Beneath The Shadow location?

This book is a tad out of the way. Start off at the central Dainichi Mikoshi waypoint and descend down to your right. You’ll want to drop down two levels, until you come across a ruin sentinel laying down by some explosive barrels (you can see the exact map location in the image below).

Blow up these barrels to create a hole in the wall, and go inside to find a simple puzzle. Complete this puzzle, and you’ll gain access to a chest. But this isn’t the real prize…Make your way back to the chest during, and hop onto the wall behind the chest. You’ll be able to activate a hidden message, revealing a pattern you can see below for reference.

With that pattern, head to the main square structure on The Serpent’s Heart and stand in the centre. You’ll notice the blue doors surrounding you match the same symbols found on the wall earlier. Walk into these doors in the order shown on the wall earlier, starting from the symbol with one mark, all the way up five. Do that, and you’ll earn the book In The Light, Beneath The Shadow.

Genshin Impact - Where are Experimental Records?

This book is found on the hidden island in Enkanomiya, found just north of The Narrows. To make your way to this island, jump to the small piece of land between The Narrows and Dainichi Mikoshi. At the top left of this small islet, you’ll see a water gate (like Inazuma phase gates) you can jump into.

Take this water gate, and you’ll be taken directly to the hidden island. Follow the set path once you’re there and you’ll reach the shade of Michiya, who will give you the world quest Tricolor File. Complete this quest by taking out the enemies in the following room, then you’ll earn yourself the Experimental Records.

Once you’ve got that done, you’ll have all the books you need to complete this quest! The rewards for doing so are of course the listed rewards for the world quest - but you’ll also gain access to a secret room in The Narrows library containing several chests and a key sigil. Nice!

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