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Genshin Impact: What are Key Sigils, and where can I find them?

A unique new collectable found across Enkanomiya, how important are these strange new tokens?

If you’ve journeyed down into Enkanomiya with Genshin Impact’s massive 2.4 update, you’ll have come across a mysterious new collectable amongst the ruins. Key Sigils are a brand new addition to the game with this update, and provide a unique new twist to your typical treasure hunting venture.

But what actually are Key Sigils, and where can you find them? To help answer both these questions, we’ve created this quick guide that will take you through everything you need to know about the collectables.

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Genshin Impact - what are Key Sigils?

Key Sigils are a new collectable found across Enkanomiya exclusively and come in five different forms, each form matching a specific character of the ancient Enkanomiya alphabet. They are hidden throughout the map, with 59 in total up for grabs.

These Key Sigils are used to unlock certain treasures located around the map, which you can spot by keeping an eye out for glowing blue glyphs matching the key sigil symbols. When you find one of these glyphs, you’ll need to have a key sigil of the matching symbol to unlock it.

You’ll know you are close to a Key Sigil, as they will appear as a unique marker on your minimap - as a white diamond surrounding a square. You’ll naturally come across many of the Key Sigils are you progress through the story, but actually collecting them all is an entirely different struggle.

Genshin Impact - Where are all the Key Sigils?

To help you track down those last few Key Sigils, we’ve got marked maps showing all the Key Sigil locations in this section. We’ve broken them down into each distinct area in Enaknomiya, so you can go through and comb each one in order to find any you’ve missed.

It’s worth noting that you should wait until you’ve completed the main Enkanomiya world quest before you go on your Sigil hunt, as many are locked behind mechanics or other quests you don’t have access to immediately.

The Narrows Key Sigils

For The Narrows, it’s worth noting that two sigils located near the central ruins are inaccessible until you’ve progressed further into the region. You’ll gather one as you hunt down fragments as part of the main quest, while the other requires you to complete the Collection of Dragons and Snakes world quest.

Dainichi Mikoshi Key Sigils

All of these are simple to collect - simply travel around the island once you’ve reached the top of Dainichi Mikoshi and destroyed the barrier protecting it in the main story quest. If you’re like me and try scaling the side of the island when you first arrive from The Narrows, you’ll be repealed by this barrier - so be patient!

The Serpent’s Heart Key Sigils

This island is rather straightforward - and you can make the journey across the island and pick up all the Key Sigils as soon as you arrive if you’re inclined to do so! That being said, you’ll be back here a lot in the future, so there really is no rush.

Evernight Temple Key Sigils

The vast majority of these sigils are out in the open world for you to collect. The only exception is the Sigil at the North-East of the island, which requires you to complete the Date’s Challenge World quest to complete. Save this one until you’re done with the main quest, then get your puzzle solving hat ready.

Kunado’s Locus Key Sigils

This island is off limits until you accept the Erebos’ Secret world quest. To pick up that quest, head back to The Serpent’s Heart while the Dainichi Mikoshi is turned off and speak to the shade of Erebos’ by the ruins North West of the island. (again, got a guide drafted for this too - will link later).

Yachimatahiko’s Locus Key Sigils

Same as the previous entry, you’ll need to have picked up the Erebos’ Secret world quest to venture here. Once you do make it, it’s a simple task of running over to the two Key Sigils and snatching them up.

Yachimatahime’s Locus Key Sigils

You know the drill by now! Head to The Serpent’s Heart and pick up Erebos’ Secret to make your way over here. While you’re here for that quest, be sure to pick up the two Key Sigils marked above!

Hidden Island Key Sigils

The hidden island is a weird one. No matter what you do, it doesn’t appear on the map even when you land there. As such, it’s a nice little surprise located in the ocean around Enkanomiya.

To get there, head to the small island East of The Narrows, and walk to the top-most point. There you’ll find a water gate - which you can hop into to traverse all the way to the island.

Once there, the two sigils are along the set path ahead of you. Bear in mind that you can only collect them both once you can turn the lights off in Enkanomiya, so wait until you can do that before you head over.

That wraps up out Enkanomiya Key Sigil guide! For more articles on Genshin Impact, check out our builds for Shenhe and Yun Jin. In other news, gameplay of Yae Miko has been leaked online for our viewing pleasure!

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