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Genshin Impact - gameplay footage of Yae Miko has been leaked

Just as we've got our hands on some new 2.4 content, a future character has been leaked online.

Just when you think you’ve got your hands full with brand new Genshin Impact content with the 2.4 update, new footage of Yae Miko has dropped online showing the character moving around in game, as well as a quick glimpse at their attacks and abilities.

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While we don’t have any confirmed release date for Yae Miko, the official Genshin Impact Twitter account has posted a brief overview of the character alongside a nice piece of art. Yae Miko is a incredibly important character in the Inazuma storyline, and as such stands out as a deeply desired addition to the roster for the Genshin Impact community.

With this context in mind, you can only imagine how excited people are when seeing this leaked gameplay footage (embedded below). Posted online by reputable leaker Ubatcha on behalf of yet another prominent leaker abc64 (whose jokes have previously been interpreted as genuine to comical effect), this is the first and most detailed look at the character yet.

Here’s a quick recap of what we see in this video. First of all, we get a nice look at some of yae’s regular attacks, twirling around their catalyst and throwing out short range lighting attacks. On the other hand, Yae’s heavy attack appears to be a frontal lightning strike, somewhat similar to Lisa’s heavy.

In terms of elemental abilities, we see Yae deposit some electro crystals while dashing backwards. While we don’t see how these can damage enemies, we do see them link together, potentially allowing for Yae’s lightning attacks to zap a further distance. Finally we get their ultimate ability, a gigantic lighting strike that slams into the ground ahead of Yae Miko and explodes multiple times.

While we’re unsure when exactly the new major update is coming to Genshin Impact (I mean, c’mon the last update literally dropped today) it’s clear we’ve got a radical new addition to our party to look forward to. If Yae is more to your taste than Shenhe, or Yun Jin, maybe start saving up those primo gems.

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