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Genshin Impact 2.4: How to unlock the Enkanomiya map

As players descend into Enkanomiya today, here's how to unlock the full map for your viewing pleasure.

If you've woken up today and excitedly booted up Genshin Impact for the highly anticipated 2.4 update, you’ll have no doubt made your way over to the Sangonomiya Shrine and delved below into the depths of Enkanomiya. Once you make it, you might find yourself a little…lost. With no shrines found in Enkanomiya, how are players meant to unlock the full map for the zone?

This guide will take you through exactly how to clear up the fog of darkness covering your map, so you can better plot out an adventure across the subterranean Enkanomiya.

Genshin Impact: How do I unlock the Enkanomiya map?

To unlock the full map for Enkanomiya, you’ll need to progress through the areas’ quest until you reach the vast open cave that makes up the majority of the region. You’ll know you’ve made is at you’ll walk up to a giant cliff, and have to glide down to a large island below.

On that island, you’ll eventually enter a library where you'll meet Enjou. He will guide you towards a ruin nearby that will allow you to decipher the map on the wall next to him. This quest is called “The Subterranean trails of drake and serpent”.

Make your way over to the ruin marked on your map, and activate the two consoles outside the structure. Once you do, head inside and open the chest within. Once you have, simply head back to Enjou, interact with the map next to him, and the whole of Enkanomiya will be viewable on your map!

Now that you can get your bearings, this is an awesome opportunity to travel around and interact with any waypoints you may have missed, go back to complete some puzzles, or just power through the Enkanomiya story!

For more Genshin Impact 2.4 content freshly made for today’s big event, check out our builds for Shenhe and Yun Jin, the two new characters added with the new update.

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