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Legends of Runeterra 2023 roadmap: quarterly updates, new champs, and legacy content

Riot's smalelst game still packs a punch heading into 2023.

Legends of Runeterra has just released their 2023 roadmap, revealing the new release schedule for major content updates, balance patches, and champion releases.

A new competitive structure is also being announced tomorrow, which will dish out some exclusive rewards to those who take part in the beta. Path of Champions is getting a bunch of new content via relics and champions, and the game as a whole is due to get some new champion cards exclusive to Legends of Runeterra.

A bunch of Riot gqames were added to Game Pass last year, so link up your accounts if you have 'em!

All of this and future updates are part of a new quarterly release schedule for the game, which will roll out significant updates four times a year. This steady rollout of content should give players a better idea of what to expect as each year progresses.

The content that’ll come out quarterly includes expansions, live balance patches, and variety sets. Expansions will include those hype new champion releases and fresh mechanics, variety sets refer to a small collection of cards dropped to keep the game fresh, and balance patches are tweaks to powerful or lacklustre cards as you’d expect.

In addition, the team behind Legends of Runeterra is working on a method to flex your achievement progress to other players. Whether this will be like the similar system found in League of Legends, or an altogether different feature, remains to be seen. But who doesn’t love showing off?

With Legends of Runeterra kicking around for a while now, this update schedule should in theory keep it exciting for the dedicated fan base that has stuck around all this time.

What do you think? Will this content update keep things exciting enough for you to keep playing? If you’ve not played, is it something you’re interested in? Let us know below!

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